Chapter 28 I Take What I Want

The three of them begin eating, Sara uses her chopsticks to put some shrimp on Sun Peizhi’s plate, “Try this shrimp, my friend is a chef and gave me his special recipe.”

   Sun Peizhi has a faint smile seeing Sara’s eager expression, “Looks delicious.” Feeling a blast of frigid air from the other side of the table,  he sees Li Tian out of the corner of his eye glaring at them. Please Miss Song stop! I beg of you just stop before he kills me!

   She can feel the atmosphere becoming cold then notices Li Tian’s eyes narrow as he clenches his chopsticks, Does the iceberg want me to serve him some shrimp too? He hasn’t touched any of the food. She politely places some shrimp on his plate, “Do you like spicy food?”

   “En. Sun Peizhi I want wine.”

   “I will be right back.” He springs up from the table. Sara stares at Li Tian could that arrogant man be any more demanding! He hasn’t eaten his meal and he is ordering him to go get wine, he has a glass of whiskey right in front of him. What an alcoholic!

   Unhappy at being ignored Li Tian decides to tell Sara she is going to Milan with him to see her reaction. He lazily picks up the shrimp with his chopsticks, “I received a call from Zhou Group, so you are accompanying me to Milan tomorrow?” 

   He puts the shrimp in his mouth surprised at the burst of flavor, the woman can cook, this shrimp tastes good. But she should have served me first not the stupid bodyguard if it weren’t for me she wouldn’t have been rescued. {if it weren’t for you she wouldn’t have been kidnapped either.}

   Sara drops her glass of water from her hand when she hears him tell her about Milan, water splashes everywhere, she hurriedly apologizes, “Oh my, I’m so sorry!” Taking a clean napkin she begins wiping his clothes running the napkin across his muscular legs. He suddenly experiences a hot sensation coming over his body as her slender hands brush across his muscular thighs. 

   Realizing her action is inappropriate, Sara’s face turns crimson red as she looks up at him.”Ah..ah..”, quickly taking her shaking hands away she shyly clutches the wet napkin. He looks down at her with a devilish grin,“ I will go change.” She looks adorable like a frightened bunny.

   Sun Peizhi comes back with a bottle of wine to see Li Tian holding Sara in an ambiguous position so he stands in the kitchen observing them. Maybe I was wrong about them they look intimate.

   Sara backs up still staring awkwardly at his soaked pants. Li Tian gets up from his seat as Sara loses her balance falling backwards, he reflexively stretches his arm out catching her body by wrapping his hand around her thin waist embracing her with his strong arms. 

     Sara’s heart is pounding as she inhales his distinct masculine aroma.Pressed to his broad chest he holds onto her waist briefly enjoying the warmth of her soft body before he lets her go teasing her, “Have you looked enough?”

   Sara blushes as she stammers, “I..I.. wasn’t..looking..”

  His lips curl up in a smile  softening his facial features when he sees her shy expression, “I’m going to change.” He can still smell her light fragrance from touching her silky hair as she was plastered to him. Damn! I need to fuck this woman.

   Sun Peizhi comes into the dining room after Li Tian leaves, “Is CEO Li coming back?”

   Embarrassed by the situation,Sara doesn’t mention she spilled water all over him. Still a litle stunned by Li Tian’s handsome appearance when he smiled broadly showing his perfect white teeth she replies, “Yes…yes,  he wanted to change his clothes.”

   ??? In the middle of dinner? Sun Peizhi puts down the three wine glasses, “Would you like some wine.”

   “Yes definitely!”

   Sun Peizhi pours the wine then Sara gulps it down and holds her glass out for more. Sun Peizhi says, “Miss Song this wine has a high alcohol content.”

   “Good!” She quickly drinks down her wine trying to relax. Why was my heart beating so fast when that man held me? The startling news has made Sara lose her appetite, Now I need to go to Milan with him for the Zhou Company? I need to call the company, well I should check my email. If Zhou Mo couldn’t get a hold of me by phone he would definitely have Peng Chunhua email me.

   Sun Peizhi continues to eat his meal, after tasting the fish soup he compliments her skill in the kitchen, “Miss Song you are a very good cook.”

   Sara fills her glass up again, “Thank you! I enjoy cooking. I didn’t know how to express my gratitude for you saving me. I know even though you were being polite you didn’t like the waffles I made this morning.”

   He drinks some wine, “The waffles were delicious, I don’t eat many sweets, but they were light.”

  Sara is feeling the effects of the wine she stares at him starry eyed, he really is very handsome in a heroic way, “Call me Sara.” I wonder if he has a girlfriend ?  So handsome…

   “No CEO Li wouldn’t like that.” Do you want me to get kicked out of my job or killed? I worked very hard to get close to Li Tian so I can complete my mission!

   “I want to be friends, I don’t care what he thinks.” She reaches for the bottle and as Sun Peizhi reaches to stop her his hand lands on her fingers that are wrapped around the half empty bottle. Li  Tian’s hands form into  fists at his side as he walks down the hallway witnessing the scene. Is that fucking bastard holding her goddam hand! 

   Luckily for Sun Peizhi he hears him say, “Miss Song I think you have had enough wine, although the wine has a sweet flavor a person can get drunk easily.”

  “Just one more I just received shocking news from CEO Li.” I don’t want to be that demonic man’s assistant what was CEO Zhou thinking! She puts her elbow on the table holding her chin in her hands. “I’m doomed..I won’t survive..I will get fired from the Zhou Group.” She clings onto his arm with her small hand, “My God how do you work for that man?”

   He has no idea what she is talking about, he pours her another glass, he can sense Li Tian has his eyes on them he feels a chill down his spine from the intense gaze. Trying to salvage the situation he says, “You should know Miss Song, CEO Li has many admirable qualities, he is smart, powerful, controls a large corporation,…”

   He racks his brain, what else should I say, “He pays well and he is extremely handsome, women fall all over him trying to climb into his bed, you should be honored he chose you.” 

     Seriously though he is a cold heartless bastard, definitely he is the scariest motherf***er I know, he can kill a man without blinking an eye. His martial arts are unparalleled and it is true women literally have killed to climb into that cold ass bastard’s bed.  I have worked with killers and assassins who have more conscience than CEO Li, underneath that noble looking exterior of his..well..he basically is a heartless beast. 

     Unfortunately, if I want to live I can’t say these facts to you. Only a few chosen people are aware the upstanding head of the Li group is the powerful leader head of an unrivaled Underworld Syndicate. A nice girl like you should stay far..far away from a man like Li Tian.

   Sara is drunk, her face flushed from the wine she has her eyes closed as she rests her face on her hand. “Chose me..chose me? no I work for Zhou Mo..

   ??? Did she pass out? Sun Peizhi sees Li Tian walk into the dining room. At least he isn’t surrounded by a murderous aura, I did a good job of saving my ass there by complimenting the Boss to his woman.

   Sara’s breathing is shallow as she drifts off to sleep. Sun Peizhi wants to clarify the situation when Li Tian motions for him to leave. Without hesitating Sun Peizhi grabs his unfinished glass of wine and heads to the garage. I will go have a beer with Marley at the Drunken Clam and catch up with him. Damn that was too close!

   Li Tian has a smile on the corner of his lips, this worked out better than I imagined, the little thing got drunk from the wine. His mood brightens as he carefully scoops her up into his arms then carries her down the hallway to the guest bedroom. He lays her on the bed then goes into the bathroom to fill the bath. Finally I get to touch this alluring body of hers and hold her in my arms. When the bath is ready he takes several long strides into the bedroom, should I give her the sedative first or bathe her? What if she wakes up… He lifts up her chin then pushes the sedative into her mouth, taking some water into his own mouth he presses his lips on hers sending the small pill down her throat. 

   He eagerly lifts her sweater over her head revealing her snow white skin, he feels the heat rising in him but he suppresses his desire as he unhooks her bra exposing her jadelike breasts. He gulps, restraining myself will be harder than I expected. He can feel himself getting hard as he slips her pants down her slender legs. Once he has taken off the pants he removes her underwear, his unfathomable eyes light up as his fingers linger on her sensitive area.

   Once Sara is undressed he carries her into the bath then gently washes her body.Sara remains sound asleep as he rubs the cloth down her smooth skin. He washes her hair, his deep eyes are covered with a layer of lust, he can’t resist bending down to kiss her cherry red lips. You will be my woman only I can taste these sweet lips… I don’t care what means I have to use, now that I found you are the antidote to my raging qi I won’t let you go. When he finishes he lifts her out of the tub drying her body with the large white towel then wraps her up taking her to the bed.

     Using a blow dryer he dries her long black  hair then he walks over to the closet and brings a pink silk nightgown to put on Sara. 

   This is the first time he has ever taken care of a woman, grasping a strand of her hair he entwines it with his fingers,woman you are so beautiful. I have never known a person who has such a pure aura, maybe that is why my inner rage calms down when I am near you. He lifts her arms slipping the silk nightgown over her head then lays her down on the bed. Sara remains sound asleep, he leans down over Sara staring at her flawless face captivated by her pure and innocent look. As he breathes in Sara’s unique refreshing fragrance his body tenses up recalling their crazy night of passion in his apartment.

   Gently running his slender finger down her soft  face his heart starts beating rapidly, I need to possess this woman, with my power whether she is willing or not, I can keep her by my side. He pulls her body close to him kissing her forehead then her perfect eyebrows moving his hungry lips down to her mouth he kisses her gently. I want you..I need you your body… Sara’s soft breasts can be felt through the thin nightgown, fuck it..I can’t wait..what I want I take damn morality.

   He quickly lifts his gray cashmere sweater over his head  throwing it to the side he presses his bare chest down on top of Sara. Slipping his hand up under the pink nightgown Li Tian begins caressing her breasts while sucking on her neck. Goddam she tastes so fucking sweet. He licks and sucks her neck leaving a trail of red marks, when  he reaches her  delicate collarbone his kisses become hotter. I can’t fucking wait..I have never been so turned on  I want to devour her entire fucking body, her taste is like an addictive drug. His kisses become wilder and unrestrained as he slides her nightgown down over her breasts not caring what the consequences might be for forcibly taking her right now.

   Reaching down he rips his belt off then unzips his pants exposing his huge throbbing erection,  I  need to be inside her body. His breathing becomes ragged as he lifts the pink silk nightgown up to her chest spreading her slender thighs with his hand. His eyes are red and beastlike as he slips his finger inside of her moving around pushing in and out until Sara’s love juices flow soaking his finger.

     After he pulls his finger out he licks it, ummm.. He guides his hardness into her then begins pumping wildly leaning back and moaning as he satisfies himself plunging into her without restraint.

   Sara is dreaming of the night she was at the beast’s apartment above the Club and can’t wake up. She feels her insides are on fire and her body experiencing strange sensations. In her sleep she wrinkles her forehead and wants to scream but is unable to open her mouth to utter a sound. Sara tries to picture the man from that night but can’t she only feels the heat of his body as he ravages her relentlessly. After awhile  she feels a weight on top of her but she can’t lift her arms to push the heavy object off of her body.

   As he releases inside of Sara, Li Tian grunts and his body quivers from ecstasy… this feeling I have with her body under me is unlike any sexual experience I have felt before.. He is overcome by an unusually strong euphoric feeling, ahh..damn.. feels so fucking good.. He rolls off of her body laying next to Sara then he pulls her thin body close to him. Staring at her flawless face as he breathes in Sara’s unique refreshing fragrance his body relaxes, all his natural agitation disappears. Fuck I need this woman no matter what it costs.

   He quietly holds her warm body as his dark aura dissipates, why is it only you that makes my body calm down? Hugging her soft body he feels engulfed in a warm glowing light allowing the always turbulent qi within his body to stop rushing through his meridians. Absorbing her spiritual qi as he released his essence inside of Sara gave him a feeling of being outside of his cold and tense body as if floating in the clouds.

  He brushes her silky hair off of her forehead then kisses her, I know for sure now you are my destined partner the Master told me about when I was young. The only woman who can make me feel pleasure… such intense desire to be inside of you. Your aura cleanses mine when I am intimate with you. Kissing her lips he pries her small cherry lips open sucking on her sweet tongue deepening his kiss his eyes are filled with blazing desire. When Sara looks unable to breathe he stops kissing then bites and licks her soft lips. Gazing down at her alluring appearance, her cheeks are flushed and her lips red and swollen he is consumed by hos dark desires. I want to have you over and over again and never let you out of my sight. If I have to imprison you I will do it. I can’t let you out of my grasp. I will kill any man who dares to try and take you away from me. He tightens his hands around her waist, mine..mine..

    After holding Sara in his arms for awhile he gets up from the bed then enters the bathroom, taking a towel he puts warm water on it, I need to clean her body so she doesn’t realize we had sex. When he returns to the bed Sara remains motionless from the combination of the wine and the sedative. He affectionately wipes off the sweat on her forehead and beautiful face then spreads her snow white legs, unable to resist the temping sight in front of him he possessively kisses her sensitive area then  he cleans the sticky fluid that leaked from her body When he finishes wiping her body he returns to the bathroom tossing the cloth into the trash then washes his hands.

   Satisfied from having sex with Sara he walks over to the bed sitting on the edge he looks at her sleeping , gently kissing Sara’s lips he whispers, “Next time little thing you will be my willing partner.” 

    He picks up his sweater from the floor to return to his room to shower, as he leaves he glances back with a wicked smile on his handsome face, I was your first man and I will be your only man in this life.

     You will stay beside me unless you want to die along with anyone who dares to touch what belongs to me.

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