Chapter 30 Dr. Deng

Li Tian gets out of the shower water droplets rolling down his wheat colored chest. After he dries his body still wrapped in a towel he picks up his phone calling his friend Fu Yixing, “I need some Gold level ointment, bring to a villa not far from Lingyun.”

    “That’s impossible, I’m going into surgery now. ” He has changed into his scrubs and is on his way to wash his hands.

   ” Get someone else to perform the surgery you are head of the fucking hospital, that shouldn’t be a problem.” 

    Fu Yixing continues walking down the hallway, “Yeah and that’s why I’m performing the fucking surgery. Have you heard of the singer Ming Jin? He was in an accident and damaged his vocal chords. His father is fucking Ming Niu the head of the Ming Consortium, he demanded I perform the surgery personally or he will pull his investment in my new Research Center. So fuck off. “

   Li Tian speaks calmly as he taps his slender finger on the couch,”Well, if you die…you won’t need that investment will you?” He crosses his legs lazily leaning back on the couch waiting for Fu Yixing’s response.

   Dr. Fu is almost at the operating room, tightening his grip on his phone, what a crazy fucking bastard! exasperated he asks, “What? Did you get injured? It can’t wait for the morning? “

   Li Tian dries his hair that is hanging messily down onto his forehead, “It is not for me it’s for a woman. I need the ointment immediately.”

  Fu Yixing puts a breath mint into his mouth sucking on it he says,  “A woman? What woman? How badly is she injured… bring her to the hospital.”

   “If I wanted to go to the fucking hospital I wouldn’t fucking call you now would I!  Get your ass up here with the ointment.”

    Fu Yixing knows he can’t leave the hospital right now his reputation is on the line… What the fuck! Since when does the cold hearted asshole care about a fucking woman!  Dr.Fu racks his brain yeah Grandpa Deng lives in that crappy small town. 

     “So you say you are not far from Jhuyun? I know an old Chinese doctor, let me call him, he lives in the mountains by that town. Don’t worry he has the same shit I would bring to you. As a matter of fact he is the doctor who formulated the Gold ointment”

   “The ointment better fucking work or you are dead.”

   “…” Dammit! Do you need to threaten me with death everytime you want something from me…of course I don’t want to find out if he is serious. I have known this crazy bastard since we were ten years old obviously our friendship means nothing to him “ First, tell me what kind and where the injury is located on her body.” 

    A middle aged doctor approaches Dr. Fu when he sees him lingering in the hallway on the phone, “The patient has been prepped, we are waiting on you.” He doesn’t particularly like the new head of the hospital; he thinks Mu Yixing is too young and cocky. When he doesn’t get a response he says, “Doctor Fu?”

   Dr. Fu puts his hand over the phone,“Give me five minutes.”

   The disgruntled doctor walks away muttering under his breath, “Screw this surgery up and you are finished at this hospital so by all means take your  time.” It’s probably some woman on the phone he is such a playboy.

   “So where is the injury?”

  “ She has red marks all over her body and I need them all to disappear before she wakes up.”

  Choking on the mint in his mouth he  coughs, “What.. she was bitten by something? Idiot, you need to know what sort of insect it was; you can’t just medicate an insect bite indiscriminately without an examination and testing. Or was it an allergic reaction to a certain food  she ate? Honestly, you should have her checked out, if not here, the local hospital.”

  Li Tian angrily says, ” The marks aren’t from a goddam insect… It’s not an allergic reaction I just need the fucking ointment, asshole! Stop asking so many questions! I’m out of patience,call him if he can’t come over you better get your ass up here. Also, I need a drug similar to an aphrodisiac but not as strong..just something to make a woman feel relaxed and want sex.”

  ??? You just clearly described an aphrodisiac! “I will call him now, give me the address.”

   Li Tian gives him the address, “Yixing, he needs to hurry in case she wakes up.” This might be faster if the old doctor lives by Jhuyun. Good..very good.

   “…”What the hell!  Dr. Fu walks down to the operating room shaking his head, who is this woman? Tian has countless beautiful women falling all over him why the fuck would he need an aphrodisiac?

     He calls Dr. Deng explaining the situation the old doctor reluctantly agrees, before Dr. Fu enters the prep room he texts Li Tian, [Dr. Deng will get to the villa in thirty five minutes.]

   Li Tian glances at the text message from Dr. Fu then puts on casual black pants and a light gray v neck sweater, looking at his watch he is satisfied he can solve the problem of the marks he left on Sara’s body. 

   Dr. Deng grumbles as he tells his wife he needs to make a house visit, “Don’t forget to lock the door when I  leave.”

   Unhappy her husband needs to travel late at night down the mountain road she frowns,“Who are you going to treat this time of night anyway.”

   “A friend of Yixing’s, since they repaired the road after the last storm driving should be fine.”

   She helps him with his coat then fixes the old man’s collar, “You have your cell phone?”

  “In my pocket.”

    She wraps her flannel bathrobe tightly around herself then follows him into his office as he gathers what he needs from a cabinet.  While he puts the ointment in his bag he furrows his white eyebrows, Yixing sounded anxious, I wonder who this man is to make that cocky brat nervous. He places the powdered medicinal herb in his bag that can be used as a relaxant, I don’t like supplying this herb without a good reason, it has some unusual side effects, but he specifically requested it. He kisses his wife on her cheek, “YanYan I don’t want you waiting up for me.”

   “Honey, you know I can’t sleep until you are home. Can’t this wait until the morning? What kind of emergency is it.” She worries about him driving down the mountain at night.

   “Stop asking so many questions.” 

   They walk to the door and he pulls a red scarf from a hook on the wall, “At least the storm they said is coming hasn’t hit yet. Lock the door when I leave.”

   His wife hugs him as he leaves, “Don’t forget to call me when you get there.”

  “I won’t.”

   Dr. Deng walks out to the garage that is separated from the house while looking at the sky he mutters “I should have known there is a full moon tonight.”

   Li Tian walks down to Sara’s room to see if she is still sleeping considering giving her another sedative. He opens the door, Sara is buried under the quilt, her long black hair spread on the white pillow, his Adam’s Apple rolls at the sight of her delicate face turned towards him. 

     He quietly walks to the bed and bends over studying her face, her eyelashes are fluttering slightly and her cherry red lips are slightly open as she sleeps. Dammit! Why can’t I find a way to make this little thing mine so I can have her tempting body whenever I want. I can’t restrain myself all the time. It is unhealthy! He feels his body reacting to being near Sara. He presses his lips onto hers, I want to fuck her again right now, being this close to her body and unable to savor her sweetness is too frustrating. Fuck it I won’t do anything I will simply lay down on the bed and hold her until the doctor arrives, the sedative should still be in effect.

    He lays down on the bed next to her inhaling her natural fresh fragrance as he touches her hair. Sara doesn’t move as he runs his fingers through her soft strands of hair hanging down onto her delicate collarbone.. If it takes marrying her I will fucking do it. I have never had such a powerful reaction to a woman’s body. 

     Why couldn’t I feel this way about another woman, someone easy to buy,  that would be the easiest solution,from what I have seen of her proud personality she would reject an offer of money. He pulls her closer to him and buries his head in her neck, what is a few more  red marks the doctor will arrive soon. 

    He begins to nibble on Sara’s small white earlobe then runs his hot tongue down her neck kissing her, when there is a knock at the door he immediately moves away from her body then gets up to answer  the door.

   Mu Han thought Sara would answer the door, he has a look of surprise on his face, he quickly composes himself, “The doctor is waiting in the living room.”

   Li Tian goes out the door glancing back to see Sara still sound asleep on the bed. He follows Mu Han to the living room an old man stands up from the couch. “Where is the patient?”

    He curtly responds,“You can give me the medicine.” He doesn’t like Dr. Deng’s attitude he can sense his disapproval as though he can see into his dark soul. 

   Dr. Deng stands firm in his convictions although Li Tian has an imposing manner. “No I can’t, I need to see the patient.” He narrows his eyes feeling Li Tian’s intensely oppressive aura, anyone else might not be able to breathe but he has a high level of cultivation. This man’s yang is very strong in his body. He has a naturally violent nature, how does Little Yixing know him and who does he want the medicine for, if it is for what I think I can’t  in all. good conscience give him the medicinal herbs.

    The old butler looks at the two men facing each other, what is going on.. He can feel the tension between them. “I will make some tea.”

   “Take me to the patient.”

  “Didn’t Fu Yixing tell you who I am?”

  “He did.”

    Worried Sara will wake up he angrily says, “Then you know it is imperative you do as I ask.”

   “CEO Li, I have met many men like you in my life, I am not intimidated by you. I told Fu Yixing I would come down from the mountain this late at night because he asked me to treat a woman as a personal favor. He is my good friend’s grandson so I came. I can not set aside my duty as a doctor because you demand me to follow your wishes. I must first examine the woman to see if it is the correct prescription. How was she injured? Is she agitated? Is that why Dr. Fu recommended the medicinal herbs to treat her condition?”

    Li Tian’s face darkens, what is the big fucking problem..Why the hell didn’t I tell that asshole Yixing the truth, I left love bites all over her this old guy has to examine her. Li Tian clenches his fist at his side, who does this old fart think he is! Whatever, so he examines Song Sara. “This way.”

   Dr. Deng walks down the hallway to the guest bedroom with Li Tian, he opens the door and they enter. Sara is still unconscious from the combination of wine and the sedatives.

   Li Tian stands off to the side, Dr. Deng sees the two bottles on the nightstand and picks them up reading the labels, he turns to Li Tian asking, “Dr. Qiao examined the girl?” Why didn’t Yixing mention that to me.

   “Yes but that isn’t the present issue.”

   Dr. Deng can sense a strange nervousness coming from Li Tian. He picks up Sara’s wrist checking her pulse, “Was she drinking then took these sedatives?”


   “That is a very dangerous combination.” He gently opens her eyes to check her pupils. Li Tian stares at him with a domineering look, don’t wake her up!

   Dr. Deng sees the red marks on Sara’s neck then gives Li Tian a disdainful look. Taking out his acupuncture needles from his bag  he inserts them in certain areas of Sara’s neck and chest. “Did she recently have intercourse with you?” He knows the answer to that question.


   Dr. Deng has some concerns after seeing Sara,“Can we step out into the hallway before I continue my examination CEO Li.”

  “You drained this woman of  great deal of her pure yin by having sex with her while she was unconscious. I believe you are aware of your own unusual physiology, but you might not be aware of this woman’s unusual circumstances.”

   “Doctor don’t be absurd.” How the hell does he know I fucked her while she was unconscious. We could have had sex before she passed out.

  “You did. Yixing told me you are his friend so I am going to give you some advice. CEO Li you have rage issues and a high level of dark yang in your body. Miss Song on the contrary has a very pure aura which I believe you are aware calms your turbulent qi down. It is a strange phenomena, her pure  yin when it comes into contact with your yang enables the swirling qi in your body to slow down to a normal fluctuation relieving the stress in your pulsating meridians. Obviously you craved intimacy with her body for that reason and didn’t care you could potentially destroy your chance to overcome your demons by your lack of restraint if she were to discover your deviant behavior. You want the Golden ointment to get rid of the traces of your actions, am I right?.”

  “What the fuck are you saying old man.” Is this asshole fucking psychic!

  He calmly continues, “Dr. Deng..not old man..” It is rare for me to see someone with as pure an aura as this beautiful young girl has, I should try to reason with this egotistical maniac. Although I would like to teach him a good lesson and beat the crap out of him but Yixing might pay for my rash behavior, he did mention this asshole threatened him.

    “What I am saying is if you want your yang to stabilize over the long term your girlfriend needs to want to have sex with you. If she loves you and wants to please you her body will release her unique pure yin, when it mixes with your extremely dark yang you will have a euphoric more more turbulent qi.. You spend a great deal of energy to suppress your antisocial tendencies..rage impulses..this will certainly make your life easier to control. Do you understand what I am telling you. For the first time in your life being unselfish will give you great pleasure and relief from the symptoms you suffer from the imbalance within your system. The happier you make Miss Song the more your selfish wishes will be fulfilled.”

   “Sounds like a bunch of bullshit to me.”

   Dr. Deng laughs, “I am only telling you this because Yixing said you are his childhood friend. As to whether you believe me or not that is up to you. But I will tell you the stars must have been aligned for you to have the good fortune to have destiny with this young woman.” Unfortunately for the yound woman you might be her unlucky star.

   He shakes thinking about what Dr. Deng just said then starts laughing, Ha ha..What did Yixing tell you I have insomnia and rage issues.The other shit you just fucking made up.”

   “No. You have subtle dark circles under your eyes from continued lack of sleep. You get Snow Lotus Oil facials twice a week so they aren’t too noticeable. When I refused to give you the ointment immediately you could barely control your urge to rip my leather bag from me and take out the medicine yourself. Your heartbeat increased and your eyes narrowed momentarily.

   You calmed yourself down by controlling your breathing and briefly meditating by staring at the landscape painting directly behind me on the wall to clear your head. I will take a guess you focused on the small bird on the third branch. It took you approximately forty five seconds to get your shit together. You were in a panicked state the girl would wake up. Since her major injury on her arm was already taken care of by Dr. Qiao the only reason I could assume you were concerned, well… that she would see the red marks you left on her body. When I took her pulse I deduced the rest and it is evident to anyone around her she radiates warmth from her pure and innocent aura. Anything else you would like me to clarify? We have time she won’t be waking up for a couple more hours.”

  “Who the fuck are you anyway.”

  “Yixing’s godfather.” Of all his accomplishments in his life this is what he is most proud of being.

  “I don’t know if I believe all this fate crap but if what you told me is true, if she truly loves me my destiny can change?” His Master told him he would die in an unpredictable violent manner if he didn’t meet his destined woman.

  “ Should.” I don’t know if you have the ability. “Here is the Golden ointment, the marks should disappear immediately, but I’m not giving you the medicinal herbs you requested from Yixing.”

   Li Tian has a faint smile looking at Dr. Deng, “Not too many men are still alive who have the balls to say no to me old man.”

   Dr. Deng shakes his head, Why is Yixing friends with this arrogant asshole,  I need to talk to him. He turns and walks down the hallway, fate was on this stinky brat’s side that I came instead of Yixing. Raised by monks in the monastery outside of Pushong City he grew up studying the Dao and has special skills which enabled him to understand the situation between Li Tian and Sara. 

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