Chapter 24 Li Tian Arrives

On the waterfront in a large warehouse Li Tian slams a badly beaten man’s head into the wall, “Where the fuck is Viktor?”

   The man’s head has blood flowing out of a wound and his acne scarred face is covered with bruises. Barely able to talk after losing several of his teeth from Li Tian’s blows he spits out blood as he says in a thick Russian accent, “ I..I don’t know. He was here..but suddenly left with Sergi. “

   Li Tian slams his large fist into his face again, his knuckles already covered in the man’s blood, “One last chance asshole if you want to die cleanly. Where were they going?”

   The Russian can’t focus his swollen eyes looking at Li Tian feeling the crazy man in front of him is the devil himself, “ Du… he knows… find him.”

   Li Tian let’s go of the man who quickly crumples down onto the floor. He nods to one of the black clothed men standing nearby, “Kill him.”

   He turns to Donnie who shudders the demonic killing intent coming off of Li Tian is terrifying,“Did you check the other rooms upstairs?”

   “We checked everywhere no sign of Viktor or Sergi.”

   Li Tian loosens his tie, “His associate Madam Olga uses a warehouse on 64th St. let’s go.”

   “Boss we can handle it why don’t you go get some sleep on the yacht.” Donnie has never seen Li Tian disheveled, his fierce looking eyes are bloodshot and his usual clean shaven face is covered with a light stubble. He hasn’t slept since Song Sara was kidnapped and his behavior is erratic. The freighter on fire has caused the dock to be swarming with the police now he is ordering this warehouse full of dead bodies half which he killed personally to be set on fire. 

   Li Tian narrows his eyes as his cold face darkens, “Like you handled finding the girl?’ His lips turn upward in an evil smile as he shoots a man between his eyes as he tries to escape behind Donnie.

  “What the fuck!” Donnie gulps a mouthful of saliva, his heart almost stopped beating unaware of the escaping man for a moment he thought he was a dead man as Li Tian pointed the gun towards him.

   Li Tian glances around at the expensive limited edition foreign cars stored in the building which just arrived for delivery. Someone will be in deep shit for losing this shipment. They shouldn’t have fucked with me letting Viktor hide here.“Burn this fucking shit to the ground and meet me at the other warehouse.”

   “Okay.”Donnie sighs wishing he could steal the Bugati Veyron before they destroy all the luxury cars inside the building.

   Li Tian takes a handkerchief out wiping the blood off his slender hands, disgusted he tosses the blood stained handkerchief in a waste can on his way out the door. Flexing his hand he looks out at the freighter burning in the open water.

   He takes his phone out of his pocket then dials his assistant Yang James. “Get the address where Sun Peizhi took Song Sara after I finish I am going there.” I want to see the little beauty for myself to make sure she wasn’t hurt.

   “En.” Yang James tries Sun Peizhi’s phone, it isn’t turned on. Hmm..he calls Donnie, “Where did Peizhi take Song Sara?”

   “I don’t have address his phone got fucked up so I will try Little Qian.”

   “Get back to me.”

   Donnie calls Little Qian who is walking to the boat, “Yeah.”

   “What is the address where you guys are with the girl.”

      “Shit I don’t know, I’m taking the motorboat to be fixed.”

   “What do you mean you don’t know.”

   “Well it is in the country, a villa owned by Peizhi’s friend who is in Europe somewhere. “

   “Why is his phone off?”

   “Got fucked up. Check the GPS of my phone I’m in a cove not far from the villa and it seems to be the only house around here.”

   “…” Little Qian isn’t as stupid as he looks. “What is wrong with motorboat?”

   “ Throttle problem.” I can’t say we had damage from the explosion.

   “En.” He has the location, who does Sun Peizhi know with that kind of money to own a villa on that many acres of prime real estate. He checks to see who the owner is, huh.. it is owned by a corporation named Dark Moon. I have never heard of them doing business in Catang City. No owner name.. He pushes up his gold rimmed glasses while studying the information…interesting. I will have to dig deeper later for some reason I always get a strange feeling Sun Peizhi isn’t as simple as he appears to be. Well no time right now.

   Li Tian gets into his Mazarati then lights a cigarette, before he pulls out he gets a message from Yang James with the address where Song Sara is staying. soon as I fucking destroy that asshole I will drive there. He takes a puff of the cigarette then races out of his parking spot past a TV Station vehicle.

   One of the cameramen sees the license plate, “Hey isn’t that CEO Li’s Mazarati?”

   His partner was getting out his video equipment, “Huh?” He looks the direction of the red sportscar speeding away, “ What would he be doing here?”

   “Yeah you are probably right. Do you think the Coast Guard will give us any information about the explosion on the freighter? I think we are the first news crew here.”

   All of a sudden they see flames rising from a warehouse located about two blocks away. “Damn! What is going on down here?”

   “Let’s go get some video of that fire then go see what is going on with the freighter. We definitely will have the first footage of the building on fire over there. Isn’t that where the big luxury automobile auction is going to be held on Saturday?”

    “Oh shit! What if all those cars got destroyed?”

  “Hurry throw that shit in the back..hurry.. get your ass going! Start the truck!” The two eagerly drive over to the warehouse that now is engulfed n flames.

  Li Tian’s phone rings as he exits the road leading to the docks headed for Madam Olga’s building, “Boss, I found a guy in behind the warehouse after I lit the fuse. He is half dead a Chinese security guard who patrols the area around the industrial complex next to the warehouse. We dragged him over to another building. When I questioned him he said the Russians beat him would have killed him thinking he was spying on them but suddenly they took off. The way he described one of the men he definitely was Sergi. He overheard them say something about the plane was ready.”

   Li Tian slams his hand on the steering wheel, “Did he say where they were going? The Ukraine?”

   “He passed out mid sentence.”

   “Fucking wake him up and find out!”

   He calls Yang James, “Call the airstrip see if any private planes are scheduled to take off. The passenger list and destination.”

   “Will do.”

   He makes a sharp turn onto the highway towards the private airport knowing they wouldn’t fly commercial. He throws his cigarette out the window, don’t think you are escaping that easily you slimy bastard! Li Tian accelerates to 140 mph, his phone rings, “Two men fit Viktor and Sergi’s description and the flight plan the pilot submitted was for Milan.” He hesitates knowing that Li Tian will explode, “But Boss… the plane took off five minutes ago”

   Li Tian can’t believe he wasn’t able to get to Viktor before he left the city. Furious he can feel the rage inside of him about to explode, “Contact Commander Long don’t let them get clearance to leave China. Force them to land in Hirachi City.”

   Yang James has beads of sweat forming on his forehead, “Boss.. ahh..don’t you remember what happened with you and his sister An at Zhong’s wedding? I’m not sure he will do you that favor right now the incident was only last month. I heard your little fiancee was forced to go to the United States to study by her parents so you don’t cancel the wedding. That was your idea right to get her out of your hair. You know how Long Jian dotes on his little sister, having her kicked abroad must not have sit well with him.”

   Li Tian recalls the situation at the hotel pool, goddammit! I was tired of An’s stupid tricks, I didn’t push her into the water she tripped on purpose thinking I would jump into the fucking pool to save her. When I walked away how did I know she didn’t know how to swim.

   He knows Yang James is right, Long Jian was drunk at the wedding and wanted to fight him for not giving his sister An face in front of everyone. “Make sure his destination is Milan, find out why he is going there and book me a flight for tomorrow evening. Why would Viktor be going to Milan I thought he would rush back to his Organization for protection.

   Li Tian calls Donnie, “The fucking bastard left town, I’m going to the villa where Sun Peizhi has Song Sara, handle anything else that comes up until tomorrow. I don’t want to be disturbed. ”

   “What about the old security guard?”

   “ I know the old guy he won’t say anything. Give him money, have one of your men take him to the hospital.”

   Li Tian takes a water bottle out of the console, gulping down a mouthful he sets the location for the villa. Frustrated he wasn’t able to take care of Viktor right now he crushes the water bottle thinking of how he will torture him when he finds him. Turning up the music he travels down the road wondering how Sara is doing. 

   Sara hasn’t awakened yet when Mrs. Mu comes back knocking on the bedroom door, “There is a man at the door his name is Li Tian.”

   He looks at Sara laying in the bath, Oh shit!  No fucking way!Li Tian is here? What the fuck! How am I going to explain Song Sara being feverish! Okay, think Zhi.. Maybe he will think it is from her prior injuries, if not I will need to tell him the truth because she might need to go to the hospital.

   Making sure Sara’s head is not going to slip down into the water he rushes into the bedroom opening the door. “Did you let him into the house?”


   “Good. Listen to me stay in the bathroom with Song Sara she is soaking in the bath to reduce her fever. Do not call me Young Master! Do not say anything. You undressed her and put her into the bathtub if it comes up. I put some of Bai’s clothes on the bed to, do you think you can help her out of the bath and dress her?”

   “It shouldn’t be a problem that girl looks light as a feather.”

   “Okay, remember what I said, I am just a guest of the owner.”

   Mrs. Mu has a complicated expression listening to his instructions, what is this boy up to anyway! He has acted strange ever since he came, I thought the little girl was his girlfriend.

   Sun Peizhi hurries down the hallway and opens the front door calmly saying, “Boss I wasn’t expecting you.” He can’t help but notice Li Tian’s messy appearance, it looks like he rushed to the villa after taking care of Viktor. He must be worried about Song Sara.

   Li Tian glances around the living room, “Where is Song Sara?”

   Sun Peizhi decides he will tell the truth it can’t be hidden from him, “She developed a fever and is soaking in the bathtub. The old housekeeper is with her.”

   “A fever? How the hell did she get a fever?”

   “Didn’t you say she was abducted from the hospital and the room on the freighter where she was locked was very cold. I had a doctor examine her he said if the fever doesn’t come down to take her to the hospital. He left medicine.”

  He stares at Sun Peizhi with an intense look, “Why wasn’t I informed immediately?”

   “I knew you were busy and didn’t want to distract you unless it became necessary to take her to a hospital.”

   Li Tian grabs Sun Piezhi by the neck using a great deal of force, “Who gave you the guts to withhold her condition from me!” His glazed eyes have a murderous glint and with his hair messily hanging down his forehead  he looks insane.

   Sun Peizhi doesn’t try to resist as Li Tian squeezes his throat taking his punishment, I’m fucked but I don’t think he will kill me over it.

   He suddenly removes his hand his voice hoarse,“Take me to her now.”

   Sun Peizhi leads him down to the guest room, “She was restless from the ordeal and having a nightmare so I used acupuncture to relax her before Mrs. Mu helped her into the bathroom.” If he knew I saw his woman naked he really might try kill me.

   He knocks on the bedroom door, “Mrs. Mu.”

   She has been watching Sara in the bathtub, she is still sleeping and her fever seems to have come down.

   Mrs. Mu answers the door staring at Sun Peizhi and the tall handsome man with him, is he another doctor? He doesn’t look like one he is wearing a designer suit but it is wrinkled and dirty. His ink black hair is uncombed and he has an extremely cold look on his face.


   Stunned by his oppressive aura and cold tone Mrs. Mu stands frozen in place unable to move.

   Sun Peizhi pulls her arm and they start to leave before they do Li Tian tosses his keys to Sun Peizhi, “I have a change of clothes in my trunk bring them in for me.”

   Sun Peizhi nods, when they are by the living room Mrs. Mu shivers whispering, “Who is that man?”

   “…” Didn’t I just tell her not to ask any questions. “Remember what I said no questions.”

   “En.” She can still feel her old legs trembling from being near Li Tian.

   Sun Peizhi goes out the front door to Li Tian’s Mazarati getting a bag from the trunk. Does he plan on staying here? Once he takes out the bag before he shuts the trunk he notices a faint smell of gunpowder, curious he lifts the black carpet then a black metal piece. As to be expected of someone like Li Tian, There are three gun cases under the carpet metal cover but one gun has been casually tossed next to them. Shit is that the latest weapon from Isreali Special Forces? His eyes light up, Motherf****ng shit! It barely was developed by them last month. He resists the urge to pick it up admiring its sleek lines, Li Tian definitely should not be underestimated.

   Li Tian takes a few long strides anxiously entering the bathroom to see Sara laying in the bath her long black hair cascading over the back of the bathtub. He can feel a primal heat rising in his blood  as his heart starts beating faster.  She is so delicate and beautiful… He bends over touching her forehead then gently brushes strands of her long wet hair off her soft cheek. The cool water and medicine brought her temperature down it seems but she still is warm to the touch. I should have asked Sun Peizhi how long the acupuncture will last… I can’t have her wake up until I can figure how to explain my presence. Well if she starts to wake up I could press her accupoint, for now I just want to look at her.

   His deep obsidian eyes are filled with desire as he lightly kisses her soft  pink lips then whispers in her ear, “You don’t know little thing how hard it was to find you. I won’t let you leave me again. ”

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