Chapter 23 Sara’s Nightmare

Song Sara sits down at the dining room table across from Sun Peizhi then picks up a waffle anxious to try one. Glancing up she notices he hasn’t picked up his chopsticks but is staring at the waffle on his plate. 

     She ignores him and begins to eat her food, even though she had the porridge earlier her stomach is grumbling. After a few bites she looks up, “ You should eat while the food is hot.”

    He has been hesitating because he doesn’t like sweet food, when he sees her expectant look he has a faint smile, she looks like a child waiting to be praised for her efforts. “I’m sorry to disappoint, I don’t eat sweet food.”

   Sara quickly says, “I think you might like the taste, it isn’t too sweet.”

   “…” I really don’t want to eat this waffle, why didn’t Grandma Mu tell her I don’t like sweets. Sara motions with her chopsticks, “Just take a bite I think you will be surprised.”

   I guess I could eat a little she made the waffles to thank me. He frowns picking up a small bit he puts it into his mouth, as he chews the waffle he is pleasantly surprised the texture is light and the waffle only has a hint of sweetness, combined with the chilled whip cream it’s tasty. He nods his head, “Good.”

   Sara smiles brightly, “I know some men don’t like too much sweetness so I made the waffles with a lighter recipe not knowing your preference.”

   She continues to eat her waffle not noticing the strange look on Sun Peizhi’s face. He silently watches her devour her food without realizing it he puts some of the pork and eggs on her plate. “You must be hungry.”

   “I really am, except for your porridge I haven’t eaten since yesterday at lunch.” and that was the only meal I had in almost two days thanks to the pervert! ” She eats some of the spicy pork Mrs. Mu made, “This pork really has a good flavor! ”After eating a few more bites she sighs, “So full.” Setting down her chopsticks she questions him, “Do the police have any idea about the kidnappers? Why I was targeted? Is it something to do with my engagement to Tzu Yibo? She dabs her small mouth with a napkin her blue eyes widen, ” I mean seriously I don’t have a clue who would kidnap me…was it because Yibo’s family is wealthy? For a ransom?”

   Sun Peizhi eats a piece of egg while staring at Sara with an intense gaze, Li Tian’s girlfriend is engaged to that playboy! No fucking way! He has been away from Catang City for a few years but he remembers Tzu Yibo’s reputation. His face remains emotionless as he thinks about what she said, “The police have a few leads but they didn’t inform me. You will need to stay here for your own safety until they tell me otherwise.”

     I don’t know what the hell to tell this chick and she hasn’t even mentioned the Boss. Shouldn’t she be asking where he is..if he has been notified?

   “So are you an undercover policemen? When can I go back to my apartment?”

   “…”He has a headache, why hasn’t Donnie called yet with an update. I have no fucking idea what to tell this girl. “I work for a private security company I was hired to find you.” He ignores the question about returning to her apartmment

   “By who? Tzu Yibo? Fan Bi? My father?” No my jerk of a father wouldn’t care I was kidnapped, he would just substitute my sister to marry Yibo so he could still reap the benefits from the marriage. It might be hard because she is his illegitimate daughter, they want my mother’s inheritance.

  “That information is confidential.”

   Sara covers her face with her hands trying not to cry. What is going on! He isn’t going to tell me anything.

   Sun Peizhi panics is she going to cry a minute ago she seemed to be taking the situation well. “Miss Song the police will find the kidnappers soon and you can go home.”

   She takes a deep breath trying to compose herself, sniffling she takes her hands away from her face stifling her emotions but a single crystal teardrop escapes rolling down her snow white cheek.

   Sun Peizhi’s heart skips a beat gazing at her misty blue eyes, she looks fragile and vulnerable.

     He shakes his head not used to dealing with a sensitive woman he is at a loss as to what to say, handing her his handkerchief he tries to comfort her, “Miss Song believe me the Boss will make them regret laying a hand on you. They won’t even know how they died.”

   “Huh?” Sara wasn’t listening lost in thought as she was drying her eyes.

   He realizes his words weren’t appropirate  he rephrases,“They will be captured soon, he will turn them over to the police and make sure they are sent to prison for a very long time.”

   “What happened to the other women on the freighter?”

   “They were found earlier than you and rescued.” If the bitch didn’t say she was you we would have found you at the same time and not be in this situation.

   “That’s good, I was worried about them.” You shouldn’t waste your time worrying. Those women covered up the fact you were hiding somewhere else in the boat. You could have been killed and they wouldn’t have given two shits.

   Sun Peizhi pushes his chair out then stands up, “Miss Song I need to make a few calls, you can watch television or in the back of the villa there are gardens if you want to look at the flowers.” 

   “Is there a computer I can use?” 

   “Sorry, no.”

   “Okay I’m going to clean up then I guess I will watch television. Will you let me know if there is any news. Did you contact Fan Bi to let her know I am alright?”

   “I had an associate inform her.” He sees Sara picking up the dishes from the table he grabs her hand. “Leave everything on the table Mrs. Mu will clean up.”

   Sara looks up at his face staring at him with a determined expression, “Since we are staying here I don’t want her to have extra work.”

   “It would make her uncomfortable for you to do her job.” He knows Mrs. Mu’ s temperament she wouldn’t want Sara to clean up after the meal. It was unusual for her to allow Sara in the kitchen to cook. Sun Peizhi has a commanding tone when he says, “You are recovering from your injury, go rest.”

   “Okay.”Why does his tone sound like he is familiar with Mrs. Mu? maybe he stays here often.

      “Good. If you should need anything ask Mrs. Mu or I will be in my..” He stops before he says my study, “I will be using my friend’s study.”

   “En.” Sara walks into the living room then sits on the comfortable leather couch to watch television.

   Sun Peizhi has a look of irritation on his face watching her walk into the living room. She should be worrying about herself not helping Mrs. Mu or worrying about her friend.

   When he sits at his desk he calls the repair shop, “Marley its me Zhi has my guy brought a motor boat into your shop yet?

    “No, what’s up.”

   “He should be there soon tell him you can repair the boat but it won’t be finished for at least two days.” That should be enough time for this situation to get sorted out. I can’t have that pervert here at my villa hanging around Li Tian’s woman… touching my things. He is such a dirty fuck and the little girl is clueless, too trusting and naive. He shakes his head thinking about her innocent looking face. How she survives as the Boss’ woman I have no idea.

   “Will do brother. You are back then? Come to the Drunken Clam and have a beer with me.”

    “No. I’m not finished with my work.”

   “You know my sister keeps asking about you.” Marley starts laughing looking at his younger sister sitting in the office behind him.

   Sun Peizhi’s face darkens, “Shut the fuck up…we are friends nothing more, stop encouraging Luli in my line of work I can’t get involved with any woman you know that. Why would you want your sister to be with a man like me? What kind of ‘good’ brother is that.”

   “Well you could take out a big insurance policy bro.” Ha..ha.. working for Li Tian can’t be an easy gig.”

   Sun Peizhi has a grin on his handsome face,“You are really an asshole you know that! I have worked for worse men than Li Tian he pays well.” Being his bodyguard let’s me get close to those assholes I need to bust

   “Hey I see a short guy with tattoos coming into the shop, is that him?”

  “Yeah should be, I will hang up now. Do as I said I will talk to you later.”

   Sun Peizhi leans back in his custom black leather chair with his long legs crossed thinking about Marley and his sister. When he was building his villa three years ago Marley was head of the construction crew always bellowing orders to the men. Every other word was fuck…fuck this..fuck you..fucker.. ha ha.. and behind him was a little girl carrying a notebook wearing a bright yellow hard hat.

   When Sun Peizhi saw Luli behind Marley he pulled him to the side and told him to watch his language and why is there a girl who looked to be about fifteen years old at a construction site… she could get hurt. He explained it would only be for a week she would be going back to school she was on break. She went from following Marley around to following him like a little tail. Ever since then whenever he goes to see Marley she attaches herself to him.

   Sara saw the news about the freighter explosion on television and wanted to ask Sun Peizhi about it. When she approached the study the door was open a little and heard him say he was Li Tian’s bodyguard. Why would that arrogant tyrant save me? How did he even know I was kidnapped? Now I really I want to go home.

  Her face pales she knocks a the door even though it is ajar,  ” Mr. Sun?… Zhi”

   Sun Peizhi straightens up then puts down the phone, “Miss Song did you need something?”

   She clenches her tiny fists at her side the sweater ‘s sleeves are long so they cover her hands. “I want to go home now.”

   He studies her face her voice sounds calm but he can see worry in her deep blue eyes and her face is very pale. What could she be afraid of? She was fine at lunch. “Is there something the matter?”

   “I’m feeling much better but I think I would be more comfortable at home. Maybe the police could assign someone to guard me there, or my fiance could pay for a private security team.” I can’t say I don’t want anything to do with Li Tian… this man works for him. He saved me and he has been polite Idon’t want to put him in an awkward position.

    Surprised at her sudden request he wonders why she suddenly wants to leave, she seemed resigned to the situation earlier.Her voice doesn’t have the friendly tone she had at breakfast and her hands are shaking at her side. What happened? It’s not really fear in her eyes more like panic.

   “If you tell me what the problem is I could help you.” She said  she feels better so it must be something else that is bothering her.

    Sara gazes into Sun Peizhi’s unfathomable dark eyes, Wow..It is impossible to read what this man is thinking. His voice sounds concerned and sincere but his face shows no emotion whatsoever. His aura is both cold and warm at the same time how can that be! It makes no sense! I want to tell him the truth but how will he react? I’m very confused.If Li Tian had me rescued that would explain staying at this villa the Young Master that owns it must be his friend. Being indebted to Li! I need to get out of here what if he comes here?

   Sara has been standing frozen in one spot staring at him while she is thinking. “Miss Song?”

   She comes out of her trance, “I wasn’t eavesdropping but I could help but hear you say you are working for CEO Li. Although I appreciate the effort you made to rescue me I don’t want to be indebted to CEO Li Tian.”

   “…” Shit! ..CEO Li…indebted? He knits his eyebrows, “Well since you know I work for Li Tian you must know I can only listen to orders from him. I think though you are safer staying here but I will call him if you want.”

   “Thank you.” Sara holds her head feeling dizzy suddenly she faints, before she hits the ground two strong arms catch her frail body.Sun Peizhi carries her over to the bedroom then lays her on the bed. What the hell! He makes sure her breathing is stable then walks outside of the door to call Qiao Rui.

   Worried he paces around muttering, “Answer..answer..”

   Qiao Rui pulls into his driveway, “What?”

   “ It’s Song Sara! She was standing in my study then she fainted.”

   “Most likely she overexerted herself, her body appears malnourished combined with a head injury. Is her breathing stable? Is she feverish?”

 “I did notice her body was hot when I placed her on the bed.”

  “You need to take her to the hospital to be checked out.”

 “That would be problematic right now.”

   Qiao Rui gets out of his car and walks towards his house,“I tell you what you can do, but if her fever doesn’t come down afterwards, you need to take her to the nearest hospital. Give her the medicine I left then put her in a cold bath to see if that brings down her temperature. It is essential to bring her fever down or she could have severe complications. I don’t know why you don’t want to take her to the hospital immediately but you need to consider her life is in your hands. Make the right decision Zhi.”

   “Alright.” He tightens his hand on the phone, Rui is right, he glances at the weak delicate girl on the bed, I need to worry about her life not the consequences with Li Tian and abandoning the mission.

   He goes into the bathroom then runs cold water in the bathtub. He sits on the bed and lifts her head to give her the medicine, she won’t open her mouth. Dammit! She needs to take this, fuck! He puts the medicine in his mouth then pries her lips open allowing it to pour into her mouth. After he finishes feeding her the medicine he takes of her clothes without reacting to the sight of her naked body. Song Sara really is beautiful no wonder the Boss likes her, she has soft jade like skin… a beautiful face..silky long black hair…perfectly shaped pink lips…but she is too thin she should eat more.

   His thoughts are as if he is studying a beautiful painting without the hint of desire. When he was on his last mission he went through training to enable him to control his physiological response to a woman’s naked body. 

     The enemy was known to use aphrodisiacs and beautiful women to seduce any man who threatened their organization. So as he methodically undresses Sara his only concern is that he is able to bring down her fever by soaking her in the cold bath. Li Tian is aware of his background which is the only reason he trusted him to watch over Song Sara. He has confidence in his self control and that Sun Peizhi wouldn’t be sexually aroused by her rare beauty and her unique allure, she can appear innocent then seductive at the same time.

   Sun Peizhi carries Sara into the luxurious bathroom then gently submerges her delicate body into the cold water then kneels at the side of the bathtub to ensure her bandaged arm doesn’t get wet. Wiping her forehead with a cloth he stares at her beautiful face hoping to see a change in her fiery red complexion. While he gazes at her suddenly Sara starts moving her body in the bathtub. Her eyes are still closed but Sara is writhing while muttering, “ please stop ..hurts..” Crystal tears begin to run down her flushed cheeks, he leans over to keep her from getting her arm wet. As he does Sara pushes Sun Peizhi’s hard chest, “Get away! Get off me! You beast! What are you doing!”

   “Miss Song stop moving around you will get your injury wet.”

   It is as though she doesn’t hear him and according to Qiao Rui she needs to stay in the bath for awhile. He holds her arms up, “Calm down.” She splashes water everywhere getting his clothes soaked.

   Lost in her feverish dream tears are rolling down her cheek  trying to get her hands free, her voice hoarse, “Calm down..calm down? beast you took my first time..” Sara’s slender body trembles as she sobs, “Why? Why? What did I do to deserve this.”

   Sun Peizhi’s handsome face turns black, What the hell happened to her on the freighter? Wait it couldn’t be from on the ship she has no new bruises but I did notice she does have some that are fading. Did this happen before she was kidnapped? Is that why she was in the hospital? She was raped! No wonder Li Tian has gone insane chasing Viktor down himself..someone had the fucking audacity to rape his woman. Motherf****ers!  He gazes at the distraught look on Sara’s face, she must be reliving the torment because of the high fever.What should I say? I have no fucking clue! Fucking fucking shit!

    He decides to hold Sara to try and comfort her, tenderly brushing her wet hair out of her face, “It will be alright it is over now,  Li Tian will avenge you.” According to Donnie when he called, they killed over thirty of Viktor’s men in two warehouses and burnt them to the ground. But Viktor and Sergei weren’t there, they had escaped.

    She suddenly opens her deep blue eyes full of sadness, blinking her long wet eyelashes as she furiously rubs her body still in the midst of her nightmare,  “I’m dirty..his scent won’t wash off as hard as I try.”

   Sun Peizhi looks at her pitiful appearance while he listens to her sorrowful words and his eyes narrow with a murderous glint, what perverted sicko could ruin such a pure young girl like Song Sara. Bastard! I hope the boss tortures him before he kills him! He grabs her hands in his large palms, “I’m here… I will wash the memory off your body, don’t worry you will be clean ..very clean when I am done.”

   “Really?” She shyly looks up into his handsome face with her misty deep blue eye softly asking him, “You can do that?”

   “Yes.” Sun Peizhi feels an unusual emotional response to her pain which he can’t understand. He decides he will press her accupoint then use his training to hypnotize Sara into forgetting her traumatic experience. Seeing her apprehensive look he tenderly touches her cheek, “Be a good girl and relax.” then uses his fingers to press her accupoint. His soothing deep voice enters her subconscious, “Relax and sleep… close your eyes.. think of something that makes you happy.. when you wake up you won’t be in pain… you won’t remember what happened to you or the man.”

   Sara drifts off into a dream replacing the pained expression on her face with a faint smile as she pictures herself in the kitchen of her own bakery.

   Sun Peizhi can see the change in her expression feeling relieved he wipes her face with the cloth. Song Sara I hope you forget and can be happy in the future.

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