Chapter 25 Need a Plan

Li Tian touches Sara’s forehead she feels cool  that is a good sign. He takes a towel then lifts her out of the bathtub, she feels too thin even lighter than a couple days ago. Guilty her kidnapping was because of him he hugs her to his body whispering, “I will make them pay for hurting you.” 

     Noticing the bandage on her arm has blood seeping through the gauze he furrows his brow, how did she hurt her arm? He tries to recall if she was injured on her arm when she was being treated in the hospital. No this wound appears fresh, his face darkens first I will change her bandage then question fucking Peizhi.

    He carries her out of the bathroom then lays Sara down on the bed, the old lady left a nightgown …is this a woman’s villa? He takes off the towel running his fingers over the faded red marks he left on her neck and breasts he has an unusual reaction, on one hand he regrets treating her roughly on the other hand he wants to do it again.

     Li Tian tenderly kisses her neck then lifts her thin body putting the light blue nightgown over her head then slips her arms through being careful of where the bandage is wrapped on her forearm.

   After he pulls the quilt over Sara he sees his bag by the door. He goes into the bathroom tossing his dirty and bloodstained suit into the trash he gets into the shower, how am I going to explain my presence… he washes his body as he does he gets hard thinking about Song Sara, FUCK! Just thinking about how delicious she tasted and I can’t control my fucking d**k. He closes his eyes as the warm water sprays on his body picturing her soft body in the bath how beautiful she is, her soft skin like pure white tofu…her innocent face.. long black eyelashes fluttering like butterfly wings. Dammit.. He wraps his hand around his hardness moving faster..faster.. the image of her soft body  pressed under him.. her slender legs wrapped around his waist while he thrust madly into her wet tight tunnel..”nnngh..Uuuu… AHHH…” Finally letting it shoot out growling “Mmmm…” 

     Christ! I can’t believe the little thing has this effect on me. I wish I could pin her to the shower wall right now and fuck her until she screams, he looks down at his lower half. Dammit!

     After he washes himself he steps out of the shower grabbing a towel, this marble tile is inlayed with diamonds, mother of pearl and black onyx who the hell owns this fucking villa, everything in it is extraordinarily expensive he runs his finger across the tile. How does a bodyguard like Sun Peizhi know the owner I wonder, maybe a lover? He dries himself off then wraps the towel around his waist, drying his hair he looks in the mirror touching his chin, I need to shave.

    When he enters the bedroom Sara stirs on the bed, slowly opening her eyes, Li Tian glances over, Shit! He rushes over to the bed and quickly hits her accupoint on her neck and her eyes close. 

     He has an intense look watching her face to see if she is awake, how would he explain being in her room half naked wrapped only in a towel. Sara doesn’t open her eyes and he breathes a sigh of relief, I need to think of a plan dammit to make her fall in love with me..or at the very least want to be in my bed. 

     He walks over to his bag and gets out a pair of casual black pants and a dark gray cashmere sweater after he is dressed he leaves the room. I’m going to find out more information from Peizhi.

    Sara sees the blurry figue of a tall man wrapped in a towel as she falls back asleep, entering a deep dream of the night she was drugged. As Li Tian closes the bedroom door he hears Sara scream and rushes back inside, she is tossing on the bed holding onto the quilt,  her knuckles white from clutching so tightly.

   He comes over and sits on the edge of the luxurious  bed, Sara cries with tears streaming down her face, “No…no..don’t want. Stay away!” 

     His face pales when he hears her frightened voice,she sounds terrified, without thinking he hugs her to his chest telling her in a comforting voice, “Don’t worry I’m here…I’m here.” Patting her head to calm her down  he isn’t sure what to say he has never even tried to comfort someone before.

      She hugs him tightly her petite body plastered onto him his heart starts beating wildly. Sara whimpers, “I’m so scared Yibo…help me.” Li Tian’s body stiffens hearing another man’s name come from her lips, but he controls his temper, “It’s’s over now.” 

     He holds her tightly feeling her soft breasts through the thin nightgown pressed onto his chest he feels a fire burning inside him. He can smell her fresh scent and her soft silky hair under the palm of his hand causes  his dark desire to surge. No, you need to control yourself now is not the time.

   Sara feels the strong arms around her and isn’t as afraid, she is at home on the couch and Yibo is holding her. Sara snuggles into his chest feeling his warmth, his sweater is soft and warm on her cheek, “Hold me Yibo I’m cold.” Li Tian doesn’t say anything just continues to hug Sara, his obsidian eyes are deep and black as an abyss, I will make you forget that insignificant little ant.

   He gently rubs her arms she isn’t cold if anything she feels warm, could her fever have come back that quickly? Tentatively touching her forehead he is relieved, her temperature is normal, maybe she is cold in her dream. Sara’s breathing is steady and he can feel her heart rate has slowed down.

    He twirls a long strand of her hair putting it to his nose inhaling her intoxicating fragrance, so light and sweet. After he lets go of the silky strand he smooths her hair then lays her back down onto the pillow. 

     Brushing her messy black hair off her delicate pale face he can’t resist the urge to kiss her tempting pink lips. He lightly presses his thin lips kissing Sara, tasting her sweet lips he wants more but stops. I am not a patient man Song Sara…but for you I will try. I want you willingly in my bed.

   Li Tian covers her again then leaves the room to find Sun Peizhi.

   Sun Peizhi has been on the phone in his study and meets Li Tian in the hallway, “Boss how is Miss Song?”


   “Do you want something to eat?”

   “I want answers.”

    “Sure.” Sun Peizhi gulps as they continue down the hallway to the living room, the Boss’ aura feels very oppressive right now what questions does he have?

   When they walk into the living room Mu Han has returned from his errands he comes in from the garage clutching a couple brown bags. After he sets them on the kitchen counter he asks his wife, “Who is that man?” 

     Mu Han has worked for the Sun family since he was a boy and has been around powerful men all his life but has never felt such a suffocating tightness in his chest just from walking past a man.

   She pulls him into the back of the kitchen her voice low, “He seems to be the Young Master’s boss.”

   Mu Han has a complicated look on his face, “Do you know his name?”

   “No but the Young Master seemed nervous when he came.” Could he be fooling around with his boss’ woman Song Sara. She frowns the Young Master finally likes a girl and he is putting a green hat on a demonic looking man..not good..not good.

   “Here is the seafood you wanted and the wine.” Since when did the Young Master work for someone? Hmm…I will keep an eye on him.

      Mrs. Mu puts the seafood in the refrigerator,“I wonder if that man is going to stay for dinner?’

       “Well don’t forget what the Young Master said… he is a friend of the owner not the Young Master.”

     She walks over then angrily swats her husband on the arm with the cotton dish towel in her hand “Honey,why do you always think I will run my mouth carelessly?”

    “…” Well… Because you love to gossip and never think before you speak! He hugs her affectionately around her thick waist when he catches her insulted look, she is still as silly as the first day I met her forty years ago. He looks at her tenderly, “Just a little reminder… nothing more.”

    She wipes off the counter,“Well between you and me I think our Young Master is a better fit with that sweet girl than that iceberg man, I shivered when I opened the door for him earlier.”

    Mu Han doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. There she goes again…”Well it is none of our business.” Didn’t she try to play matchmaker with that young woman who follows the Young Master around when he comes to stay here at the villa what is her name.. Luli. He shakes his head I think my Minny is like Young Master’s mother just wants him to settle down and have a fat boy they can hold.

   Mrs. Mu makes a pot of tea, I will bring this to them and see what they are discussing.

    Li Tian sits on the black leather couch looking around the living room the bedroom has a distinctly feminine decoration this room has a sleek masculine décor. He touches the Dalbegia wood coffee table out of curiosity  this coffee table was designed by Louis Bandola and the sculpture in the corner is a one of a kind rare porcelain piece by Qinze.

   Sun Peizhi sits in an antique wingback chair waiting for Li Tian to speak noticing he seems to be assessing the contents of the living room. No way can he find out this is my villa I used a hidden shell corporation to purchase the land and building supplies. It was designed by me and my friend at the Clear Sky Architectural Firm he would never tell anyone. Shit! I wouldn’t have come here but I was worried about Song Sara and it was the closest and safest place to take her after the freighter exploded.

   Li Tian’s tone is cold as he questions him, “Peizhi, how did Song Sara receive the injury on her arm?”

   “Don’t know.” I know very well how it happened but I’m not saying

   He lights a cigarette, Sun Peizhi quickly pushes an ashtray over to him,“Don’t know?”


   “Who examined her?”

   Sun Peizhi debates if he should lie or just tell him, “I knew you were worried so I asked a doctor I know from Pushong City to examine Song Sara. He owed me a favor for some work I did for him last year.” That is a good one Zhi, mentally patting himself on the back.


   “ Dr. Qiao ”

   Qiao Rui? It must be a different Dr. Qiao Li Tian has had dealings with him in the past, he is the top doctor in Pushong, actually he is well known throughout Eastern China. His eyes narrow as he flicks an ash into the crystal ashtray, “Dr. Qiao Rui?”

   Mrs. Mu comes in with the tea and pours two cups, the aroma wafts into Li Tian’s nose, Da-HongPao tea? 

  She politely says, “I thought you might like some tea while you talk.”

   “Thank you, Mrs. Mu is it?” Fuck she brought my favorite Da-Hong Pao tea, the way he is examining the room he looks suspicious. Who let’s their friend crash at their villa and drink their prized tea.

   “…” Are you okay Young Master… I have known you since you were a baby. “Yes, Mu..Minny… Will you two gentlemen be eating dinner here?”

   “Boss?” Sun Peizhi tries to remain calm, sipping his tea, “I have never had this tea before it is really good, is it a local tea?”

   “…” Mrs. Mu has a faint smile I will play along with the Young Master, “Since you are the Young Master’s guest I brought you his favorite tea. No you can’t buy it at the grocery store.”

   Sun Peizhi gives her a sly look that says good acting Grandma.

   Li Tian nods then says, “I will be spending the night then I am going to Milan.”

   “Three for dinner then Mrs. Mu.”

   After she leaves Li Tian doesn’t have a chance to continue interrogating Sun Peizhi because Song Sara weakly steps into the living room. She has put on the clothes she was wearing earlier, Li Tian glances up she looks pitiful swimming in that sweater and the pants are dragging on the ground, but more importantly I haven’t had time to think of why I am here. He gives Sun Peizhi a meaningful look, think of something now!

   Sun Peizhi is about to say something when Song Sara stumbles, Li Tian jumps up from the couch catching her in his arms, how did she wake up so soon after I pressed her Zedhu point. Sara blushes as she feels his strong arms around her. 

    She gazes up his handsome face almost touching her nose as he bends over, “CEO Li..? Wh.. wh..what are you doing here.”  After the words leave her mouth  she realizes it isn’t any of her business, “Sorry..sorry..” she touches her head, “I’m a little dizzy.” Li Tian picks her up princess style  carrying her to the couch, Sara stares wide eyed at him, Oh my God!

   After he sets her down on the couch, he smiles, “Miss Song should you be out of bed Sun Peizhi told me you are recovering from a fever.”

    Sun Peizhi doesn’t want any part of this awkward conversation, “I will go get some more tea.” He hurries out of the room to the kitchen. Li Tian offers Sara his tea cup, “I haven’t had any and it was just poured, drink.”

   Sara takes the cup from him she came out because when she woke up she was thirsty. She shyly smiles at him, “Thank you.” He doesn’t have the cold aura that surrounded him the last two times I came into contact with him for the Zhou Group.. Is he friends with Sun Peizhi… seems unlikely.

     Her hand shakes, Li Tian notices then takes the cup from her, “You must be feeling weak from your ordeal, let me hold it for you.” He takes the cup from her brushing his fingers across her warm hand he feels a little jolt of electricity. Her tiny hand feels so soft almost boneless, his eyes soften as he looks at her hand, her little wrist he could break with the slightest pressure. Sara embarressed quickly says, “I’m fine. I can hold the cup.” Who is this man and what did he do with the arrogant tyrant ha ha. He holds it while she drinks, well he isn’t listening to what I said I guess he is CEO Li.

 He quickly formulates a plan.“Miss Song I need to apologize to you.” It will explain his uncharacteristic kindness, he thinks about how he treated her at the Zhou Group.

   Sara drinks the tea quickly so he doesn’t have to keep holding the tea cup for her, what did he just say? Apologize? Am I dreaming, she wants to pinch herself. This is too freakin strange, what is going on?

   He remains serious but his lips curl up slightly at Sara’s adorable shocked expression her deep blue eyes are so beautiful I am going to gamble… it is the truth after all. She doesn’t ever need to know I was going to her hospital room because we had sex the night before and I was trying to verify her identity. “When you were kidnapped.. I was unable to stop them from leaving with you.”

   Sara stares at his handsome face he looks serious, ” I barely know you… you don’t know me…it had nothing to do with you..”

   Li Tian’s eyes turn black and he feels his heart tighten I know you… I know every inch of you. How could you not remember making love with me? He calms himself circulating his qi to stop his rage from exploding.“I ran into your friend Han Bi and accompanied her for dinner at a Japanese restaurant down from the hospital, her brother is an old friend of mine. At dinner she wasn’t feeling well and because of my deep friendship with her brother I offered to bring the takeout to your hospital room she ordered for you. When I was in the parking lot on the phone I saw your abduction.” He tries to think what to say next, damn usually I’m good at thinking on my feet.

   Sara thoughtfully listens to him her hands clasped in her lap, “Did you send Mr. Sun to rescue me?


   “Well thank you he was very brave.” Memories came back flooding back to her of when he rescued her from the bathroom on the ship then plunged into the water with her. She was fading in and out of consciousness at the time from her fever. While she was sleeping the situation became clear in her mind.

   Li Tian is speechless does the little idiot think I just sit behind a desk ordering men around?That’s it! It sounds like I didn’t do anything! I fucking blew up the freighter, burned down two warehouses and wasted twenty men personally. I don’t think her thank you even sounds sincere.

  “He was doing his job.” Li Tian could strangle Sun Peizhi right now, if he had rescued her to begin with it wouldn’t have been such a dramatic rescue. Does she like him now, the hero saving the beauty.

   “Do you know if they have caught the kidnappers? I would like to go home.”Why does he look angry now.

  “They recommend you stay here they haven’t captured the kidnappers  yet.”

   “I would like to talk to the police.” I don’t want to stay here I want to go home.

   Shit! This isn’t going the way I planned. “ I will call and see if there are any new developments in the case”

   “I will trouble you then.” 

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