Chapter 21 Li Tian’s Girlfriend

Sun Peizhi rubs his eyes looking at Qiao Rui, “Yeah right!” He hurries out the door to get his clothes making sure Little Qian doesn’t notice him naked coming from the bedroom where Song Sara is sleeping. That might be hard to explain to that idiot.

   Rui takes a bottle of water from his bag and drinks while staring at Sara on the bed. It looks like the color is coming back to her face and her lips are pink again she should be alright after the drip finishes.

   Once he is dressed Sun Peizhi walks to the living room Little Qian has fallen asleep on the couch holding the remote in his hand. He punches him in the arm,“Wake up! I need to call Donnie!”

   Little Qian startled awake by the punch yells, “What the fuck Peizhi!”

   “Hurry up and give me your phone it has been too long to call Donnie as it is!”

   When Little Qian hands him the phone he dials Donnie, he formulated a plan to explain the situation while he was getting dressed. When Donnie answers he remains calm, “Hey Donnie..” 

     Before he can say anything else Donnie interrupts him, “You got the Boss’ woman right?” Donnie heaves a sigh of relief he has been worried since they haven’t called and the burning freighter was on the news


   “She wasn’t injured?” Donnie palms have a thin layer of moisture on them while he grips the phone in his hand.

   “No she is fine, she was hiding in a bathroom.” Sweat forms on his forehead, a little lie a little truth. I hope to God Li Tian doesn’t want to speak to her right now.


   “What?” Sun Peizhi can’t believe his ears,That is great news! 

   “It is a fucking good thing you didn’t come back here right away the dock is swarming with police investigating the explosion. They are checking all boats coming into the harbor. Where are you?”

   “We had engine trouble some of the freighter’s debris damaged the propeller we barely made it to shore about 30 km from the waterfront. I know a guy that lives out here we are at his place.”

    “Who the fuck is this guy? Do you trust him?”

   “Don’t worry about it Donnie,  I did some work for him before he left the country, he is in Europe I broke in through a window. He won’t even know we have been here.”

   “I have some instructions from the Boss. Do not mention him to Song Sara, he has his reasons. I have no idea what those reasons are because he never tells me anything. As far her rescue..say you were looking for the abducted women… be vague. Right now Li Tian has gone personally to find Viktor to settle the matter of the kidnapping. So by that fact alone you should be aware of that little chick’s importance to him so guard her with your life!”

   “I will. She is safe here.” Sun Peizhi breathes a sigh of relief this couldn’t have gone any better! Hopefully she can fully recover in a couple days.

   “Wait for me to call you before you return. The authorities will be looking for any boat that may have been involved with the explosion.”

   “Will do.”

   After Sun Peizhi hangs up he goes to the refrigerator to get a beer, “Little Qian it looks like we got lucky Donnie said to wait for his call to return. I lied and said we damaged the propeller and were forced to find a place to dock closer to the freighter.”

   “Peizhi while I was waiting for the driver to come back I noticed the boat’s body does have some damage, nothing major but obviously from the explosion.”

   “I know a guy in Jhuyun about 50 km down the coast, you can take the boat there tomorrow and have him fix it. He does work for me sometimes so he is cool.” He gulps his beer, “I’m fucking beat.”

   “Yeah this was a fucking nightmare. If anything happened to that little bitch we would be fucking dead.” He puts his feet up on the coffee table, “How do you know the guy who owns this place? He must be very rich.”

   He kicks Little Qian’s leg, “Get your goddam feet off the table. Put the beer on a coaster there is one right next to the bottle for fucks sake!” That coffee table was flown in from Italy and was hand crafted by the famous furniture designer Louis Bandola especially for me. You have no idea how hard it was to find the Dalbergia wood.

    “Whatever man.” He places the beer on the coaster, “Satisfied so your little bitch friend won’t be upset.” 

    “…” what an uncouth little asshole!  “The doctor is in with Song Sara . Get some sleep you can use the last guest room on the right then leave in the morning to take the boat to be repaired.”

   “I’m going to finish this beer first and watch the end of this movie. Last room on right?”

   “Yeah.” Sun Peizhi walks down the hallway to Sara’s room when he opens the door Rui has a wet cloth wiping Sara’s forehead.

   “Rui how is she?”

   “She is improving with the drip, she has a fever but that is to be expected. How did she injure her head?”

   “I don’t know.”

   “How did she get hypothermia?”

   “She fell into the water.”

   “Zhi why were you in a boat this time of night with your girlfriend?”

    “We were looking at the moon.” Stupid answer but what can I say I blew up a freighter and she was on board we had to escape by jumping overboard.

   “How did she fall into the water. And when did the cold and aloof Young Master Sun Zhi become such a romantic?”

   Sun Peizhi grimaces,“Long story. Thank for coming I don’t know what I would have done if anything happened to her.”

   “Who is she?”

    “Just a girl.” My fucking boss’ little girlfriend!

    Rui wants to tease him because from Sun Zhi’s concerned expression the girl must be important to him. “You were laying naked with her holding onto like a precious treasure and she is just a girl?”

   Sun Zhi’s face turns red all the way to his ears being reminded of holding onto Song Sara both of them naked. “You told me to! Don’t repeat that to anyone!”

   Qiao Rui has a devilish grin on his handsome face.“I’m just kidding, sharing your body heat probably saved her life, hypothermia is a very dangerous condition. You should learn a lesson and not be careless that was foolish being out in the water at this time of night.”

   “How long before she is completely recovered?”

   “You should take her to the private hospital owned by the Li Family I think it is the closest to here as soon as she awakens and is stable. She should have a CAT scan and be monitored for few days.”

   Sun Zhi’s face pales, Li Family hospital that will never happen! After she is improved I will drive her into Catang to another hospital if she needs more treatment.

   Rui looks at his watch. “ Your girlfriend is out of danger. I will change her drip in about a half hour then I am returning to Pushong. I will leave some medicine with instructions. He shows Sun Piezhi a tube of Snow Lotus ointment. “I put this special ointment on her arm where she has a long gash. I will leave it for you to use so the wound doesn’t get infected or scar. Don’t let her get her arm wet and change the bandage later today.”

    Sun Peizhi has heard of this ointment from his mother after she had a leg injury Rui gave her a tube she said it is amazing. “Rui I really appreciate this, my mother said this is your lab’s new product and is bar far the best on the market.” He starts chuckling picturing his mother praising Rui, “She loves to brag about you, I think she loves you more than me.”

   Qiao Rui pats him on the back smiling, “I am a doctor after all and you won’t join the family business.” He spent summers with the Sun family when he was young and has remained close to the family. “ Be sure and tell Auntie Biyu anytime she needs more to contact me. We are developing a new face cream with a similar formula she will like. I will send her some herbal supplements too.”

   Sara starts moving, both men walk towards the bed. Qiao Rui says,“It appears she is waking up that is a very good sign.” He looks at the drip which is almost finished then touches her forehead. “I will take her temperature but it appears her fever has lessened.”

   When Qiao Rui touches her forehead Sara opens her eyes, her voice is hoarse, “Who..who are you?” She begins coughing and Sun Peizhi quickly grabs a water bottle from the side table, “Here…drink this water.” 

   Now she turns to Sun Peizhi, “Who are you..where am I?”

   “…” Qiao Rui stares at Song Sara with an intense gaze, could she have amnesia from the bump on her head?

    Sun Peizhi has been in a trance gazing into her deep blue eyes thinking he has never seen such beautiful eyes and her long black eyelashes are fluttering mesmerizing him. She had been unconscious since he found her on the freighter. He comes to his senses when she says who are you looking straight at him. How should I respond with Qiao Rui standing here. Dammit! He quickly says, “Rui could you wait outside?”

    “Sure but then I need to change the drip then get back to Pushong City.” He removes the empty bag and closes the IV. He walks out into the hallway, I wonder if LiMei saw my note, maybe I should call , no I don’t want to wake her up. Little Qian comes down the hallway headed to his room. When he passes Rui he asks, “How is the Boss’ girlfriend?”

   Boss? Does this little gangster work for Zhi?. “Zhi’s girlfriend?

   Little Qian has had several beers and has a loose tongue, “The Boss… you know Li Tian’s girlfriend.” Who is Zhi?” He notices the questioning look on Qiao Rui’s face. I should threaten him so he makes sure she lives. Little Qian’s height is much shorter than Qiao Rui but he puffs out his chest trying to intimidate him “Is the little chick gonna make it… if not we all die including you for not saving her little ass.”

   Qiao Rui has a condescending tone he spent years in the Underworld this little instigation would never intimidate him. “Her condition has improved.”

   Little Qian decides to see for himself opening the door to the bedroom, Sun Peizhi runs over pushing him out. Song Sara is using the bathroom, “Little Qian she just woke up and is frightened if she sees you too she might freak out. I am trying to explain the situation.”

   Little Qian falls backwards stumbling out the door, “What the fuck Peizhi! I just want to see for myself!”

  “Song Sara is using the bathroom, move it!”

   Sun Piezhi sees Qiao Rui standing there watching them with a complicated look on his face. Motherf****ng shit ! I don’t want to explain the situation to Rui! He was almost out the door … damn that little punk Qian! Sun Peizi’s height of 190cm and firm muscular body he effortlessly drags Little Qian by the collar down the hall to his room shoving him inside. Cursing him under his breath, “Idiot!’ How did I get paired up with this moron. “I have it under control you’re drunk you will scare her. Do you want the little chick telling the Boss you frightened her? She barely woke up five minutes ago! Get some fucking sleep so you can take the boat to be repaired in the morning.”

   Little Qian has never seen Sun Peizhi angry and gulps the fucking beast picked me up like a rag doll, “Okay, calm down I won’t fuck around, you take care of the girl I will take care of the boat.”

   “Good because she is frightened enough by seeing me and if she sees your face she might think we kidnapped her for some evil purpose.”

     “…” What is wrong with my face? Just cause your face looks like a goddam model doesn’t make me ugly! “Okay.”

     “Get some sleep.”

       Sun Peizhi walks back down the hallway Rui is waiting for him, “Something you want to tell me?”


    “That girl is Li fucking Tian’s girlfriend? Are you insane to mess with her?”

   “I’m not messing with her I swear. It is complicated.”

   “Since you called me to come here I deserve an explanation don’t you think?’

   “Let me check on the girl then I will tell you what I can meet me in the kitchen.”

   Sun Peizhi walks into Sara’s room she is propped up on the pillows on the bed drinking a bottle of water. “Miss Song, I will explain everything after I get you something to eat, you must be very hungry after your ordeal.”

   Song Sara looks at him although he has an imposing figure his eyes are clear and honest. I really have no choice but to believe he doesn’t want to harm me. She smiles sweetly,“Thank you.”

   After he leaves the bedroom he slowly walks towards the kitchen how am I going to explain this situation to Qiao Rui. I was hoping he would leave without me needing to explain. It was going well until that stupid Qian blurted out she is Li Tian’s girlfriend.

   “Are you hungry Rui? I’m going to make some porridge for Song Sara and some noodles.”

   “So the girl’s name is Song Sara and she is Li Tian’s girlfriend?”


   “To be honest she doesn’t look like his type and I have never heard of him having a girlfriend.”

   “I don’t know anything.”

   “ When did you start working for Li Group. Zhong told me you were in Army Intelligence.”

   He looks around to make sure Little Qian isn’t lurking around, Damn why would Zhong tell Rui I confided in him so he would cover for me with mother! “No I finished my stint in the Army since I was discharged have been a bodyguard for Li Tian.


   “Rui stop asking so many questions.” He stirs the noodles, “The noodles are ready do you want a bowl? The porridge will take a little longer.”

   “I will have a bowl as I recall your noodles are pretty good after I eat I will check on the girl then leave. Zhi, I’m going to give you a piece of advice, even if you don’t want to work for Sun Group you should find a different employer than Li Tian. The man is ruthless and wouldn’t hesitate to have you killed on a whim.” He picks up his chopsticks, “You are like my brother so I am warning you about that bastard, he is a dangerous morally deficient prick.

    I have several companies under me you could work at any one of them. If you like being a bodyguard I have a security company you could manage for me. Although with your impressive qualifications I don’t know why you would want to be a bodyguard.” He eats some noodles, “Good as I remember!” Qiao Rui wipes his mouth with his napkin narrowing his dark eyes, “I take it your family isn’t aware of your job so I won’t mention I saw you, but discuss your decision with Zhong.”

   Sun Zhi has been listening and feels guilty he can’t tell Rui the truth, “I appreciate your discretion. I will talk to Zhong the next time I am in Pushong City.”

   He gets up from the table to check on the porridge changing the subject he smiles, “Zhong told me you have a woman you like, what kind of woman captured the elusive Qiao Rui?”

   Qiao Rui puts down his chopsticks then has a very tender expression on his face, “I’m working on capturing her right now but she won’t commit to me.”

   “That’s a stunning revelation Pushong’s most famous doctor and newly appointed CEO of Qiao Group has girl troubles. I have witnessed  women lining up just to talk to you and you ignored every one. Haha..I would like to meet the woman that made Qiao Rui fall in love! She must be beautiful.”

  “Quite beautiful.” Qiao Rui stands up, “I’m going to check on the girl”

   “Okay, I will be in with the porridge in a few minutes.

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