Chapter 20 Sun Zhi

Little Qian scrambles over from the front of the boat staring at the soaking wet young girl in Sun Peizhi’s lap. Seeing her deathly white complexion and bluish lips he panics, “Shit! Is she fucking dead?”

   “No but she needs to be treated soon she must have hypothermia from being submerged in the freezing cold water.” He waves his large palm over Sara attempting to pass some of his internal heat into her weak body.

   “ Piezhi dump her overboard we can say… say.. she wasn’t on the freighter.”

   “Shut up you idiot!” Holding Sara’s frail almost weightless body an unknown feeling comes over him wanting to protect the delicate girl in his arms. 

   “We are fucking dead!”

   “I need to think.” It will take too long to get to the boss’ yacht. “Turn the boat towards the shore to the West.” I will call Qiao Rui he is a skilled doctor he brought me back from the brink of death. Motherfu***r my phone is ruined! “Give me your phone.” He waves his hand towards him, “Hurry the fuck up I need to call a doctor he lives in Pushong.”

   Little Qian’s rough small hands are shaking, “Call someone around here man, that is too far away it will take him an hour and a half to get here are you fucking crazy!” He holds onto his head with both his hands, this fucker…Peizhi is a hardheaded bastard he won’t listen to reason..but he isn’t stupid he must have a plan he has survived the longest of all the men around Li Tian.

   “Shut up and steer the boat, he has a helicopter at his hospital, I don’t trust anyone else with the Boss’ woman.”

   “What the hell are we going to tell the Boss?”

   “Let me worry about that. Right now we need to keep this little chick alive.” He gazes down at Sara, she really looks pitiful if the Boss were to see his woman like this who knows how he would react. “Can this damn boat go any faster?”

   “I have it at full throttle. Am I steering the boat towards that patch of lights on the right?”

   “Yeah. I will have someone meet us.”

   Using Little Qian’s phone he dials a number,  “Meet me at the small pier in the hidden cove. Bring blankets and a dry set of clothes. Hurry we should be there in ten minutes.”

   “Yes Young Master.”

   Qiao Rui’s phone starts ringing he reaches over to the nightstand picking up his phone, who the hell would call me at this time of night. Staring at the phone he doesn’t recognize the number reluctantly he answers,“Speak.”

   “I need you to come to my villa in Catang City.”

   Qiao Rui gazes at his beautiful young  girlfriend Feng LiMei  sleeping next to him, “It isn’t convenient for me right now.”

   “Now. Emergency! ”

   “ Zhi!” He recognized the sound of his voice when he answered the phone, what is that brat up to now. Last time he was wounded and almost died in Bangkok, I thought he wasn’t taking any dangerous missions anymore.

   Sun Peizhi’s voice remains calm, “There is a young girl suffering from hypothermia possibly a head injury. What should I do until you get here?”

   A girl? What girl? His brother hasn’t mentioned Zhi having a girl. Well this  should be interesting anyway.“Keep her warm as you can the best way is from body heat lay naked with her then cover in warm blankets.”

“…” Sun Peizhi gazes at Sararepeating in his head, lay naked with the Boss’ woman…lay naked with the devil Li Tian’s woman… How will I complete my mission if I am dead?

   Qiao Rui continues,“Give her warm fluids, I’m leaving now. Any more questions call.”

   Qiao Rui softly kisses Feng LiMei’s forehead not wanting to wake her up he quietly gets out of bed.He leaves a note next to the light on the nightstand where she will easily see it when she wakes up in the morning. Brushing her long black hair off her face he then kisses her cheek. So beautiful.. He frowns What trouble did that brat get himself into now!

   The motorboat pulls into the cove, Little Qian looks around, “Where are we going?”

    “My friend owns this property and is out of the country I stay here when I go fishing. We can stay here until she is better without anyone knowing.” Fuck! I really didn’t want anyone coming to my home! How will we explain our absence not coming back. Well, I will worry about that later first I need to get this girl warmed up without letting Little Qian know I am laying with the boss’ woman. If that stupid slut hadn’t said she was Song Sara I would be on my way to Shenshuan instead of in this mess. I can’t believe I had to call Brother Rui! I will never hear the end of his bitching!

   He spots the White land Rover pulling up, looking over at Little Qian,“There is the car walk up with me to get dry clothes. I’m going to take her to the house you wait here with the cargo I will send the driver back for you as soon as I can.” This will be for the best I can explain to Mu Han the situation and get the girl out of her clothes without Qian knowing.

   They walk up to the car Little Qian takes the clothes from the driver. “ Peizhi don’t forget about me. It’s fucking freezing.”

   The driver stares at Little Qian’s appearance hearing his informal speech he arches his eyebrows, since when did the Young Master associate with unruly hooligans.  Who is the woman he is holding in his arms? I must tell the Madam immediately.

   Sun Peizhi carefully puts Sara down on the seat looking at the driver he says, “Don’t look back here.”

  “Yes Young Master.”

   Once he is in the backseat he warns the old man,“Mu Han you can’t call me that in front of these people, I said my friend owns this home. Don’t ask any questions because I won’t answer.” His voice is low and commanding, “Also if you inform my mother you will lose more than your job, I will stop paying your son’s illegitimate daughter’s tuition at the University. Put up the divider.”

   Mu Han wants to laugh as kind hearted as the Young Master is he would never do that but that shows he is serious about keeping his actions from the Madam. When he met his granddaughter he felt sorry for her situation and offered to help her until she graduated.

   Hesitating for a moment Sun Peizhi takes a deep breath muttering, “Sorry Miss Song I have no choice if you and I want to live.”

   He gently pulls Sara up then lifts the soaked sweater over her head revealing her lace bra and jade like skin. Gulping trying to think of a distraction he unzips her pants then slides them down her slender legs revealing her underwear. Sun Peizhi has never seen a naked woman let alone touched one, his handsome face reddens all the way to his ears. I can leave her underwear on until we get to the bedroom, then I can take them off under a quilt, He lightly touches her underwear with his slender fingers, they are too cold and wet, I need to remove them also. I will think of this chick as my little sister, yes..I used to help her get dressed when she was little. Think of Song Sara as Little Bai. Taking a towel he dries her delicate body then wraps her in two blankets.

    When they arrive at his secluded villa he tells Mu Han to get some warm water and to bring it to the guest room. Bundled into the blankets Sara is held in his strong arms he walks into the house down the hallway to a spacious guest room. Pushing open the door he wonders if he should put her in a warm bath first. He tries calling Qiao Rui there is no answer, I think I should. He lays her on the couch in the room and goes into the luxurious bathroom running the water in the bath. Being a girl she probably likes the stuff Bai uses when she visits. He puts some floral scented bubbles into the water then walks out to get Sara. Looking at his own wet clothes although he isn’t cold because of his strong internal energy wearing damp clothes make him   uncomfortable. I will lay her in the bath then go shower and come back.

  Placing Sara who remains comatose into the warm water he makes sure her head is propped up on the side so she doesn’t slip into the water. He considers asking Old Mu to keep an eye on her then realizes she would probably be upset if she knew  He nervously glances down at the young girl in the bath, “I will be right back.”

   Walking down the hallway to his room he has a complicated expression, if she seems warm enough after the bath I will just cover her with blankets. I don’t want to have to hold her naked body, that isn’t right. He takes off his clothes exposing his perfect body the only blemish is a large jagged scar across his taut chest. Sun Peizhi gets into the shower as he lifts his head allowing the water to his his ruggedly handsome face his mind wanders, how did such a young and innocent looking girl become Li Tian’s woman it seems hard to believe. He always avoids women from what I can see and definitely has a frightening aura that should scare the shit out of a young girl like Song Sara. Obviously he treasures her to be furious when she was abducted by Viktor, maybe there is a vendetta between those two crazy bastards and the little chick got caught in the middle.  

   After he gets out of the shower he wraps a towel around his waist no reason to get dressed if her body temperature hasn’t risen I will have to warm her with my body. I should wait until she recovers some before I tell Mu Han to go get Little Qian. He has loose lips I can’t let him know I have to warm her body with mine. When he enters the bathroom he studies her face, her lips are not as blue but as he touches her cheek her face is still cold to the touch. He picks up her petite body holding her against his chest. Shit she is shivering! He decides he better not take a chance and do what Qiao Rui told him. He gently lays her on the bed avoiding thinking about what how awkward the situation will be if she wakes up or anyone finds out. Pressing his naked body onto her trembling body then pulling up the warm covers over them. While his body heats up involuntarily from the intimate—-  Sun Peizhi tries to calm himself down  Don’t think about her being a girl think about her as a human who needs you to save her. Yes… 

   There is a knock at the door, Young…” Mu Han stops himself, “I have the warm water for you.”

   Sun Peizhi voice sounds hoarse as he replies, “Bring it in set on the table then go get the man at the cove, don’t let him enter this room tell him the doctor said she should not be disturbed. When Dr. Qiao gets here send him directly here.”

“Understood.” Shocked by the scene Mu Han can’t believe his eyes, the Young Master is in bed with that woman! Who is she?

   Sun Peizhi gazes at Sara should I try to wake her up to give her some warm water or should I keep holding her until she doesn’t feel cold to the touch. Dammit! I should have asked Rui!

   He continues to hold her tightly, this feels more comfortable than I thought it would, her snow white skin is so soft and she smells good. Inhaling her fresh scent he plays with her hair like a child with a new stuffed animal admiring her perfect features… Song Sara you really are like a beautiful doll, the boss is lucky to have you. Hugging her with his arms around her thin waist his eyes slowly close.

   Little Qian has brought in the crates and the silver suitcases leaving them in the living room. Looking around the luxurious furniture and room decorations he thinks Sun Peizhi’s friend must be wealthy. Maybe if anything happens he can get us out of the country.

   Mu Han walks over to him, “Mr. Sun said for you to wait for the doctor in the living room. Can I get you something to drink?”

   “Got any beer?”Where is Peizhi?He rubs his chest, I need to fucking relax. I feel like I’m gonna have a goddam heart attack! The boss must be pissed we aren’t back yet. Did Peizhi call him? No he couldn’t I got the phone. Should I call him? No way let Peizhi handle it. As long as the chick is alright we should be good. Where is the doctor?

   The old man brings a beer to him, “If you need me call me on this phone press 3.”

   “Okay.” He leans back on the couch, dammit! this really wasn’t how I expected this would go down tonight gulping the beer down picking up the remote to watch television. Flipping through the channels he stops on channel 15, live coverage of the freighter burning highlights the news coverage. Sweating he decides to call Donnie he and the boss must wonder why they haven’t returned with the girl if they see this report. You can do it..don’t wait for… go get him have him call. He slams the beer down wiping his mouth with his sleeve he takes out his phone, I will explain we have the girl she will be okay. But what if she isn’t going to make it… yeah wait for the doctor then call.

   Walking  towards the kitchen to get another beer he hears the doorbell. He hurries to answer the door, that must be the doctor!

   Qiao Rui impatiently rings it again, Little Qian opens the door as Mu Han comes into the living roomgreeting him, “Dr. Qiao this way.”

   Little Qian wants to follow when Mu Han stops him. ” Wait here.”

   Used to taking orders Little Qian says, “Well, we need to call the boss when the doctor examines the woman tell Peizhi to come out here.”

   Qiao Rui lips curl up he wants to laugh,  Peizhi? Good name.

   Mu Han points to the guest room,” The Young Master and young lady are in there, call me if you need anything.”

   Qiao Rui has long legs and takes a few strides over to the bed, smiling looking at Sun Zhi sleeping with the woman in his arms. He is the younger brother of his good friend Sun Ah Li. Qiao Rui chuckles so the brat got himself a little girlfriend. He taps him on the shoulder, “Zhi I need to check the girl wake up.”

   He feels too comfortable holding her body, drowsily  muttering,”Go away.” he wrinkles his forehead then brushs Qiao Rui’s hand off of him placing his arm back around Sara.

  Qiao Rui removes his arm from around the girl, I don’t need him bothering me anyway while I check her vitals and put her on a drip. I will wake him up after I stabilize her condition. Glancing around the room he goes over to the walk in closet Zhi’s sister Sun Bai probably leaves clothes here for when she visits. He finds a pair of pajamas then returns to the bed moving Sara to the other side of the bed  slips the pink nightgown onto the naked girl. 

     He puts on  gloves then inserts a needle into Sara’s thin arm for the IV drip. He takes her vitals the girl has a high fever and a bump on her head. Her oxygen level is slightly below normal and her heartrate is low but that would be expected.  I wonder what happened to her. I don’t think her condition is life threatening at this point it is good he got her body temperature up laying with her. I should take her back with me to the hospital for a CAT scan and observation. Qiao Rui covers her with the quilt then goes to the bathroom to get a cloth to wipe off Sara’s face.

    While the doctor is in the bathroom Sun Peizhi feels restless without Sara’s soft body in his arms and wakes up to see Sara connected to the IV . He rubs his eyes then yawns as he springs out of bed. Oh great Rui must be here she will be okay!. He looks around,Where is he? 

   Qiao Rui comes out of the bathroom looking at Sun Peizhi standing in the middle of the room naked with a bewildered  expression.

   “Zhi put some fucking clothes on!”

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