Chapter 22 Breakfast

Sara has her eyes closed trying to remember what happened to her on the ship after she went to the bathroom. Who are these people? This bedroom’s furnishings are luxurious and have a feminine touch but I have only seen those two men, one obviously is a doctor who is the other man? Is there a woman here who changed me into this frilly pink nightgown? She holds her head that is throbbing then opens her eyes when the door opens.

   Qiao Rui takes a couple long strides to the bed,“Miss Song how are you feeling?”

   Sara’s voice sounds weak, “My head hurts but other than that okay. Where am I?”

   He puts a new drip for her the checks the IV line,“I will let Sun Zhi explain your situation to you, he will be right in with some food.”

   Sara can see Qiao Rui’s reluctance to get involved so doesn’t press him further, she politely says,“Thank you doctor for taking care of me.” Staring at his handsome face he seems familiar to Sara but she can’t think where she has seen him before. This man doesn’t look like a regular physician his clothes are tailored and obviously from a famous designer, maybe Armani. His watch is a Cartier limited edition with diamond inlay.  I can feel his aura is warm yet there is a layer of darkness that makes me want to shiver. Grandma why am I cursed with being able to see people’s auras… 

   While Sara studies Qiao Rui, Sun Peizhi comes bursting in the room carrying the rice porridge hoping he didn’t mention Li Tian. Rui isn’t the type of man to make small talk with a woman but she might bring up Li Tian. “I made you something to eat.”

   Sara takes her eyes off Rui looking at Sun Peizhi, “I’m sorry to trouble you but I’m not hungry.”

   Qiao Rui closes his doctor’s bag, “Miss Song you should eat, your body needs nourishment.” He glances at the bowl of porridge and has a faint smile. “I had some of Zhi’s noodles, his cooking isn’t top quality but it’s edible.” Sun Peizhi glares at him, See if I ever cook any noodles for you again!

   Qiao Rui laughs seeing the black lines forming on Sun Peizhi’s forehead, “Just kidding it was pretty good. I gave him the instructions for your recovery I will be leaving.”

   He sits on a chair at Sara’s bedside holding the bowl of porridge,“Thanks Rui.”

   Sara’s face has a complicated expression, Rui? Qiao Rui the famous doctor from Pushong?Am I in Pushong City? How did I get here and why? Well he wouldn’t be involved in my kidnapping so I should be safe, but who is this man sitting by the bed? Sara’s brain is buzzing …this is crazy, I need to get home and get answers. Bi must be worried sick!

   Sara smiles at Qiao Rui,“Thank you for your care.”

   “I told Zhi  you should follow up at the Li’s Private Hospital as soon as you can. A head injury should be thoroughly checked out.”

   After the doctor leaves Sun Peizhi says, “I’m sure you have some questions but you should eat this while it is hot.” He lifts a spoonful of the porridge to Sara’s mouth.

   Sara blushes and nervously tries to take the spoon from his large hand, “I can do it myself.”

   He moves the spoon before she can take it into her hand,“No let me. Your right arm shouldn’t be moved, you have an injury.”

   Sara reluctantly eats a spoonful although she said she wasn’t hungry she is starving.“Thank you, the porridge tastes delicious.”

   Sun Peizhi smiles as he puts the spoon into the porridge, “ I think delicious is a stretch but thanks. It is one of the few dishes I can cook. This and noodles.” He feeds her another spoonful then wipes the corner of her mouth with a napkin.

   Sara feels although he has an imposing appearance his manner is gentle,  but again his aura is similar to the doctor, a complex mix of good and bad. “What is your name?”

   “You can call me Zhi.”

“Zhi… okay, I guess you know I am Song Sara you can call me Sara.”

    Sun Peizhi looks at her beautiful face as she smiles at him revealing her pure and naive nature, this young girl is too innocent. I could be a bad guy pretending to be nice. She probably has no idea how dangerous Li Tian is because she is too trusting. I seriously wonder how she became his girlfriend. He finishes feeding her the porridge, “Do you want anything else to eat?”

   “ I’m so full that was really good thank you. I need to call my friend she must be very worried about me ”

   “Miss Song the people who kidnapped you haven’t been caught they could be monitoring your friend to see if you contact her. The police want you to stay here in secret, I can have someone discreetly send her a message.” 

     Actually the police have no idea you are here but I need to follow the Boss’ orders. I don’t know why he doesn’t want you to know he had you rescued and wants you to stay here. I think it would simplify matters to tell you the truth that he sent us to save you.

   “Do you know why I was kidnapped? I lead a rather ordinary life, I don’t know why someone would want to abduct me from the hospital.”

   Ordinary life? You are Li Tian’s girlfriend that definitely is not an ordinary existence. “You were in the hospital?”

   “Yeah I fainted at home and hit my head, you didn’t know that?” I’m not going to tell you the other details about my injuries from being assaulted by that beast.

   “Well no I was just sent to rescue you without any details. Listen you should get some sleep we can discuss more when you wake up. Maybe they will have caught the kidnappers.”

   “Could I bother you to get a message to my friend?”

    “Sure. Give me her information.”

   “Her name is Fan Bi and her number is xxx-xxx-xxxx.”

   “Will do, go to sleep.” Fan Bi? She is friends with Bi Bi? “If you need anything you can use the intercom, #1 will connect you with the room where I am staying .”

   “Thank you again for rescuing me and now taking care of  me”

    Sun Peizhi walks down the hallway to his room then shuts the door. Walking to his bed he mutters,“What a pain in the fucking ass!”After he lays on the bed he puts his hands behind his head thinking, Why can’t I tell Song Sara that Li Tian rescued her then take her to his family’s fucking hospital. I can’t expose myself to Fan Bi! If I call her she will definitely recognize my voice. I don’t trust Little Qian to call her because he is a fucking idiot! Dammit!

    Exhausted from trying to handle the unstable situation he closes his eyes then quickly falls asleep falls asleep when he wakes up he grabs the clock on his nightstand. It’s already nine o’clock? “Shit!” He walks down to Little Qian’s room then knocks on the door when he doesn’t answer he enters, Fuck where the hell is he! He better not have gone to Song Sara’s room! 

     Rushing down to Sara’s room he is about to open the door when Little Qian comes down the hallway holding a piece of chicken. Gnawing on the chicken drumstick he says, “Finally up…I was coming to get you.”

   “Did Donnie call? Check your phone, any missed any calls?” 


  “Double check your phone, you are positive no missed  calls?” Frustrated because his phone was ruined he doesn’t trust Little Qian he sounds annoyed.

  “I told you man I fucking looked.”

   Looks like they must still be dealing with Viktor.

   Grimacing at Little Qian’s greasy mouth he asks,“Where did you get the chicken?”

   “A Grandma was in the kitchen told me there was chicken in the refrigerator when I said I had no time to wait for breakfast. What.. does she and the old man live here even when your friend is away. She asked if I was a friend of the Young Master… haha. I said yes. So your friend is a second generation rich fuck?”

   “…” He ignores that remark, “I will give you the address of the repair shop. Tell Marley I sent you I will wire the repair fee to his account. Stay there until the boat is repaired if you have to stay overnight stay at the Seaside Manor, I have a room I keep there, Room 45. Here is the key. I will contact you after I go into town to get a new phone.”

   Little Qian licks his fingers , “I saw a land line here what is the number I will call it.”

   “Not a good idea.”What a fucking idiot! I am really pissed we had to come to my villa! I will need the maid to thoroughly clean everywhere this dirty motherf***er touched. “I will get new burner phone.”

   “How is the Boss’ chick? I saw she was sleeping. You don’t think she will tell the Boss about what happened do you?”

   Sun Peizhi narrows his eyes, “Did you go into her room?” He tightens his fists, this pervert better not have touched her or he is fucking dead! No he wouldn’t have the balls to touch the Boss’ woman.

   “I didn’t want to wake her up I just looked from the doorway.”

   “No, she won’t say anything she doesn’t remember what happened after she was in the bathroom. Must be some sort of amnesia, from the head injury.”

   “Do you think her memory will come back?”

    “The doctor said probably not, the experience was too traumatic. Even if she did you don’t have anything to worry about, it was my fault I didn’t check when the other woman said she was Song Sara.” He grimaces remembering Little Qian saying to throw her overboard. 

   “ True, but you know the Boss anyone involved gets punished. I’m going as soon as I grab some more of this chicken.”

   “…” They both walk to the kitchen, Sun Peizhi pours a glass of orange juice then sits at the granite top island.

   “Remember what I told you keep a low profile while you are in Jhuyun. “

   He grabs three pieces of chicken shoving them in his pocket, “Peizhi I’m not stupid.” Little Qian shakes his head as he leaves through the front door. I don’t want to get busted for destroying the freighter. If it weren’t for the stupid girl hiding in the bathroom we would have followed the plan and been back at the docks before anyone noticed the fucking fire on the freighter.

   After Little Qian leaves Sun Peizhi goes to his study then opens a drawer of his desk getting out a burner phone. He has several in case he needs one, tearing off the wrapper he sets it on his desk. I will call Donnie to see what is going on with Viktor and tell him to call Han Bi to assure her Song Sara is safe. Knowing BiBi she will complicate things looking for her friend. Impulsive would be a good word to describe that little troublemaker.

   There is a knock on the study door, “Young Master.”

   He opens the door, “Mrs. Mu what do you need?”

  “I was wondering what you and the young lady would like for breakfast.”

   “Anything would be fine for me, but make something mild for the girl.”


   “Can you check and see if she is awake for me I need to make a couple calls. Don’t refer to me as Young Master in front of her, call me Sun Peizhi. I told her this villa belongs to a friend.”

   “As you wish.” That is strange the Young Master has never brought any woman to the villa and he doesn’t want his identity known?

   Mrs. Mu leaves the study to check on Song Sara, when she knocks she says “Miss, Mr. Sun wanted me to check on you may I come in?”

   Sara just came out of the bath and is drying her hair. Sun Peizhi told her she could wear anything in the closet so she picked out a casual pair of pants and a light blue sweater. “Could you wait a couple minutes I am getting dressed.”

   “Certainly.” Mrs. Mu stands outside of the door. The woman’s voice sounds sweet and melodious I wonder who she is to the Young Master?

   Song Sara hurriedly puts on the pants and the sweater, they are a little large on her petite frame but they feel comfortable.

   “Come in.”

   Mrs. Mu walks into the room, “Miss would you like to come eat breakfast?”

   “No, I don’t want to trouble you.”

   “It is no trouble at all, Mr. Sun will be having breakfast and would like you to join him in the dining room.”

  Sara does want answers from him, “Okay, I will be out after I dry my hair.”

   “Very well. Is there anything else I can get you?”

   Sara smiles,“No, thank you.”

   When Mrs. Mu walks down the hallway she sees her husband Han. “Honey, did you see the woman the Young Master brought to the villa? She is very beautiful and has a pleasant personality from what I can see.”

“ Minny the situation seems complicated don’t be saying anything you shouldn’t.”

  “What do you mean complicated?”

   “You know the Young Master values his privacy he wouldn’t want us meddling in his affairs.” Mu Han  saw the situation clearly when he picked them up last night in the cove. The boat was damaged and the smell of smoke was strong. Not to mention the young woman was soaking wet as though she had been in the water and the little man with the Young Master looked like a gangster with all those tattoos.

   “Well…you are right about that it… seems every time he comes to the villa this past year he locks himself up in the study working. He used to fish and hunt now he seldom even takes the boat out. I was just hoping he found a young lady so he isn’t lonely.”

    Mu Han lovingly pats the top of his wife’s head, “The Madam has plans for him so don’t worry.” The last time he spoke to Madam Sun she told him she has arranged a matchmaking date for Sun Zhi next week. Mu Han has worked for the Sun Family for many years and knows Sun Zhi’s mother is anxious to find him a wife. But knowing the Young Master he won’t bend to her wishes maybe he likes this girl.

   They go into the kitchen, “ Han are you busy?”

   “I was going to drive to town for supplies since the Young Master will stay for a few days.”

   “Good, pick up some lobster and shrimp.”

   “Anything else?”

   “If I think of anything I will call you.”

   “I’m going then.”

   Standing by the stove Mrs. Mu puts some oil in a pan she hears Sara come into the kitchen, “Miss, have a seat in the living room I will call you when breakfast is ready.”

   “Can I help you?” Sara has never been one to dwell on misforturne, she likes to be positive and get her mind off of her problems. When she woke up she felt better and thought she might cook something to thank Sun Peizhi for saving her. Also if he warms up to her over breakfast she can find out some answers. 

     She can’t help but think this situation is really wierd. A beautiful villa…a famous doctor treating her…and this man Sun Peizhi..who exactly is he besides being  her savior… 

   “ You should go sit in the living room, watch some television. I will call you when breakfast is ready.”

   Sara smiles at Mrs. Mu as she pushes up the sleeves of her sweater, “I would like to help, I enjoy cooking…you would be doing me a favor… making breakfast will get my mind off of things.”

   What does she mean by get her mind off things? Well, I can’t ask. “If you want you could cut up some fruit here is the knife. The fruit are on the bottom shelf in the refrigerator.”

   Sara’s eyes light up when she sees whip cream in the refrigerator, “I could make Belgium waffles with whip cream strawberries and blueberries.”

   Surprised the Young Master’s guest wants to cook Mrs. Mu hesitates then agrees, “I will get the flour and ingredients out for you. Tell me what you need.”

   Mrs. Mu can’t help but smile watching Sara making the batter for the waffles. This girl really knows what she is doing I thought she just wanted to play around in the kitchen to distract herself.

   Admiring all the top of the line appliances and the layout of the kitchen Sara turns towards the old woman at the stove, “Mrs. Mu this kitchen really has everything, it is awesome. The design is both beautiful and practical. I’m jealous!” If I could get my cake business going I would love to have a house with a kitchen like this one. So beautiful!

   Mrs. Mu eyes are sparkling with pride, she loves Sun Peizhi like her own son. She and her husband never had any children of their own and she dotes on him. “The Young Master built this villa to his specifications, he worked with the architect overseeing every detail.”

   “He must be a perfectionist from what I have seen of the villa all the furnishings, everything has a luxurious but understated design.”

   Sara admires the attention to detail in the kitchen, “Mrs. Mu could you hand me the vanilla?” Sara whips the cream adding the vanilla when Mrs. Mu hands it to her.

   Seeing how natural Sara looks in the kitchen she asks, “Miss Song how did you learn to cook most young ladies don’t step into the kitchen.”

   “Ha ha.. Long story! But I love to bake and cook, someday I want to own my own Bakery Cafe. The waffles are ready how is everything else coming?”

   “Almost done.”

  ” Mrs. Mu the pork and egg dish looks amazing! I would like to have the recipe. Did you add chilis?”

   “Yes the Young master likes spicy food the best.”

   “He might like my famous Spicy Pork Ribs with Chili sauce. I will give you the recipe.”

   Mrs. Mu smiles, “I would like that!”

    Sun Peizhi has been standing by the dining room watching Sara and Mrs. Mu unable to take his eyes off Sara, how did such an adorable girl get tangled up with fucking Li Tian of all men.

   He lazily walks into the kitchen, “Smells delicious.”

  Sara says, “Go sit in the dining room I will bring the dishes.”

  Nervous when she sees Sun Peizhi she stammers, “ Miss you have done too much go sit I will bring them to the table.” Mrs. Mu gulps what will the Young Master think about the girl helping me in the kitchen!

  Sara wrinkles her forehead why does she sound nervous? “Nonsense. I will help you…you have worked hard!” Sara says, “You get the plates and chopsticks. I will start bringing the food.” Sara feels at ease she and Mrs. Mu have been getting along well in the kitchen. She laughs as she enters the dining room with Mrs. Mu,, “It is not like the Young Master is here! Haha..”

   Mrs. Mu’s face pales as she looks at Sun Peizhi, oh my word! He is sitting right there!

   Sun Peizhi has a complicated look on his handsome face, her smile is blinding as she teases Mrs. Mu. I have never seen Mrs. Mu laugh like she was in the kitchen with Song Sara. She just met her how can she be so friendly to a cook, I would think Li Tian’s girlfriend would be more arrogant and haughty. A more important question how can she be smiling and laughing after the ordeal she was just through. Sun Peizhi prides himself on being able to read people but is baffled by Song Sara’s attitude. What kind of girl is Song Sara, I don’t think I have ever met someone like her before. What game is she playing she has nothing to gain by being nice to a servant and a bodyguard.

  Sara has no idea of all the thoughts running through Sun Peizhi’s mind. After all the dishes are on the table Sara puts a Belgium Waffle on his plate topping it with  whip cream, strawberries and blueberries, then takes a deep bow, “I made this to thank you for rescuing me and telling my friend I am safe. Mr. Zhi, enjoy!”


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