The sun shines in the window and Rui opens his eyes to see LiMei  wrapped around him like a Koala Bear, her long black hair  tangled and spread across his chest. Rui tenderly kisses her fluffy head then stares at the wedding ring on her curled up finger. e smiles recalling the crazy sex they had last night. My little fairy wife…you are finally completely mine.

   He gently lifts her arm and frowns when he sees the glaring red marks on her thin wrists and also on her ankles he feels guilty. I’m sorry Baby, I shouldn’t have tied you to the bed. But having you completely submissive was beyond my expectations. I have never had such a rush of ecstasy as I did when you were restrained and begging me to let you touch me. Teasing and fucking you  last night was so damn exciting. The sound of your pleas intermingled with your soft moans made me lose control. 

   Rui goes into the bathroom and runs water in the bathtub. When the bath is ready he sprinkles in a medicinal powder then walks back to the bed. He picks up LiMei and carries her to the bathroom then gently puts her exhausted body into the warm bath water. Rui tenderly washes her body that is covered in red marks then washes her hair. When he is finished he dries LiMei and picks up a tube of medicine from the counter.

  He lays LiMei on the bed then carefully applies the medicine. He holds her hand in his and rubs the medicine on her wrist. LiMei feels the warm medicine seeping into her skin and slowly opens her eyes. Rui smiles, “Woke up?”

  LiMei lowers her head and blushes, recalling last night she quickly pulls her hand from Rui. “I..I can do it.”

  He takes back her hand and kisses her fingers, “Baby, did you forget I’m a doctor?”

  LiMei shyly peeks at him and he takes her into his arms, “Wife, I’m sorry I was out of control last night.”

  She rests her head on his strong chest and he smoothes her hair, “You will feel better after I finish applying the medicine.”

   She touches her throbbing temples then looks up at him with a pained expression, “Rui, my head hurts.”

   He touches LiMei’s forehead and is relieved she isn’t feverish, “I will get you some medicine. I had the cook make you Red Date Porridge and some light dishes, you will feel better after you eat.” On the way to pick up his medicine bag he presses a button on the intercom, “Bring up breakfast.”

   Rui sits on the edge of the bed and says, “Open your mouth.” LiMei obediently opens her mouth and he puts two blue pills on her tongue then holds a water bottle for her to drink. After she takes the medicine Rui helps her put on a nightgown, “It is early. I need to go to Qiao Group before we leave so after breakfast, rest in bed.”

   LiMei has an uneasy feeling as she wraps her arms around his neck and pouts “Rui..could you not go? Could you stay with me?” 

   Rui hugs LiMei and brushes her hair back, “I won’t be long.”

   She doesn’t want to say she is afraid something will happen to him, “I can get dressed and go with you.”

      He has a devilish grin as he gazes into her eyes, “My wife can’t bear to part with me?”

    LiMei suddenly kisses his lips and Rui’s heart starts pounding. He tightens his embrace and deepens the kiss. Holding her soft body in his arms he begins to pant as he pushes her down. He comes to his senses when he remembers last night. Rui stops and caresses LiMei’s cheek, his voice is raspy, “Baby, don’t tempt me. Your body needs to recover.”

    LiMei flutters her eyelashes and there is a layer of mist on her eyes as she clings onto him, “I don’t want you to go.” I won’t feel safe until we are on the Island away from Pushong City. I have such a bad feeling.

   He kisses her damp eyelashes, “Did you have another nightmare?”

   LiMei shakes her head, “No…but..can’t you just call your office?”

   Rui thinks about Chen Wu discovering his stepbrother was paying Bai Chinyu to entrap him. No, I need to deal with those two in person!  He kisses LiMei, “We are going to be out of the country for ten days and I won’t be in contact with the company. I need to make sure everything is in order.” He taps the tip of her nose, “Be good. You need to rest.”

    There is a knock at the door and Rui walks over to take the breakfast tray from a middle aged man. Rui props up the pillows behind LiMei then blows on a spoonful of porridge.

   LiMei tries to take the spoon and puffs out her cheeks, in an aggrieved tone she huffs, “I can feed myself. If you need to go…you should go.”

   Rui moves the spoon and responds, “Baby, are you angry with me?”

   LiMei gazes at him with a complicated expression, ‘…I…nevermind.” I am probably overreacting.

   He teases, “Don’t have a temper. Eat the porridge. I will hurry back as fast as possible.”

   After he finishes feeding LiMei he fixes the quilt around her, “Rest. If you need anything call Hak Byung-Soo on the intercom.”

   LiMei has a worried look on her face as she holds onto Rui’s hand, “Take Hak Byung -Soo and Big Gu with you. I will be fine. I will stay in bed and wait for you.”

   Rui smiles and kisses LiMei’s forehead, “Call me Husband and I will take them with me.”

   She breathes a sigh of relief, “Husband… hurry back.”

  He bends down and whispers in her ear in a playful tone, “My wife is so clingy. I like it!”

  LiMei blushes and Rui chuckles at her cute expression as he grabs his watch from the nightstand. He turns around when he hears LiMei raised voice, “WAIT!”  LiMei gets out of bed and stumbles as she hurries over to him. She wraps her arms around his strong waist and looks up at him with tears forming in her beautiful green eyes, “I love you Rui. I love you so much.. Be careful and come back to me.” 

  Rui hugs LiMei as her head rests on his chest. He looks down at the petite girl in his arms and rubs her soft hair. Lifting her chin he wipes the tears on her cheek with his finger then has an amused expression, “Baby, don’t be so melodramatic. I will be back by lunch.”

  LiMei sniffles then nods, “By later. Okay?”

 “By lunch.”

   LiMei stands on her tiptoes and kisses Rui. He tightens his arms around LiMei and after the gentle kiss he nibbles on her ear. She can feel his warm breath on her neck as he whispers, “My wife, you make it hard to leave.” He can feel himself weakening as he bends down and picks her up and carries her back to bed and tucks the covers around LiMei “Don’t be naughty.”

   After he leaves LiMei stares at the door then takes her phone out of her purse. She hesitates then calls Hak Byung-Soo. When he answers she says, “Hak Byung-Soo this is Feng LiMei.”

   He rolls his eyes, I recognize your childish voice, what do you need? “Yes Miss Feng do you need something?”

  “Please take special care of Rui.” She glances out the window at the heavy snowfall, “Drive slow…” She tightens her grip on the phone, “Watch out for anyone suspicious.”

  Hak Byung-Soo raises an eyebrow, is the crazy girl still drunk? He saw the two empty bottles of wine on the table when he came downstairs. “Miss Feng, I am downstairs. CEO Qiao left and said to guard you.”

  “WHAT! Is Big Gu with him?”


  “Who did he take with him?”

  “He said he had personal business to take care of at Qiao Headquarters. He drove himself without any guards.”

  LiMei’s face instantly pales and she drops the phone as she faints.

  Hak Byung-Soo hears a muffled noise and says, “Miss Feng? Miss Feng?” When she doesn’t respond he rushes up the stairs to the Master Bedroom. He knocks on the door, “Miss Feng?” He knocks louder then exclaims, “FUCK!” and opens the door. LiMei is unconscious on the floor and he puts his finger under her nose. Good. She is breathing. He takes out his phone and calls Big Gu, “Get up to the CEO’s bedroom. The little chick is unconscious.”

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    1. LiMei’s memories surface in fragments in her nightmares. When she is on the Island she begins to question who she really is. Feng LiMei or the mysterious girl in her dreams?😰


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