Big Gu rushes into Rui’s bedroom and when he sees LiMei sprawled on the carpet he exclaims, “What the fuck! What happened?”

  “I don’t know. She called me and asked about the CEO then I heard a noise. I came up immediately and she was like this.”

  “Call the Boss.”

   “Fuck no. You call.”

   “Let’s see if we can wake her up. She is breathing.”

  Big Gu stares at LiMei and flinches when he sees the shocking red marks on her wrists and ankles. Maybe the Boss was too rough with the little thing last night and she is just exhausted. “Yeah. Put her on the bed. I will see if there are smelling salts in the medicine chest downstairs.”

   Hak Byung-Soo replies, “I will go see about the salts. You put her on the bed.”

  “Whatever man. Hurry up. If she doesn’t wake up, one of us needs to call the Boss.” Big Gu bends down and picks LiMei up, Fucking shit! Feng LiMei is too thin. It is like picking up a little rag doll. 

   Rui arrives at the Qiao Group and makes a call as he enters his exclusive elevator, “Is it done?”

   The woman who answers the phone has a sly smile as she taps her red fingernails on the desk “Yes. Cheng should arrive soon with the woman.”

   “Xiaotong drank the entire cup?”

   “I waited until he finished then took away the tea set.”

  “Very good. You put the cameras in place, and tampered with the security cameras?” Although I want that bastard to pay, I don’t want a scandal that might affect Qiao Group stock. 

  “Everything was done as you requested.”


   The woman gets up from the desk positioned outside Qiao Xiaotong’s office and walks down the hallway to a restroom. Once inside a stall she removes her skin mask and changes her clothes. She looks at her cell phone and smiles. Easy money. The CEO’s brother seems like a real prick…he deserves whatever is coming.

   Rui gets out of the elevator and walks to his half brother’s office. He enters without knocking and Qiao Xiaotong has a look of surprise on his face then quickly composes himself. “Brother, what brings you to the company?”

   Rui’s lips curl up into a sneer, “Do I need a reason?”

  “Of course not. But, I thought you were busy with your new Holistic Wing.”

  “I’m never too busy to check on the company.”

  Qiao Xiaotong feels a rush of heat in his body and begins to sweat. Maybe it’s because of this bastard’s sudden appearance. He walks over and pours a glass of warm water and gulps it down.

  Rui has a malicious smile, “Are you hot? You are sweating.”

  Qiao Xiaotong coughs, “No. I might be coming down with something.” He loosens his tie, “Did you need something?”

  “No. I just wanted to witness you as uncomfortable as I was yesterday. I didn’t use Bai Chinyu to relieve my symptoms but you might want to. Although the whore might be a little loose and definitely dirty after being tossed by every man at Sun Woo’s. The aphrodisiac in your tea was ten times more potent than the one she served me.”

  Qiao Xiaotong reddened eyes bulge as he lunges forward, “You fucking bastard!”

  The door opens and a bruised and disheveled Bai Chenyu is tossed inside by Cheng. She falls on the ground and bangs her head on the floor, “Dr. Qiao…please let me go.. he made me do it!”

   Qiao Xiaotong kicks her in the side, “Shut up you fucking slut.”

  Rui starts laughing, “ Xiaotong I advise you not to kill her…unless you want to fuck her corpse. Fucking the filthy bitch is the only thing that can save you from having all your internal organs shut down. Oh..this floor has been cleared because of an ‘electrical problem’ so…scream all you want there is no one to hear you.”

   Rui walks towards the door and Cheng holds Qiao Xiaotong back as he frantically tries to grab onto Rui. “Father won’t let you go! It was his idea! Just like before…I had to do what he said.”

   Rui ignores him and opens the door of the luxurious office. Cheng pushes Qiao Xiaotong back and he stumbles backwards, tripping on Bai Chinyu. He has his fists clenched, “Bastard! I will kill you!”

   The door electronically locks when it closes. Rui tells Cheng to set the timer for midnight. He has a demonic gleam in his eyes, fuck all of you. I am not the innocent kid I was when you framed me back then.

   Rui smiles as he walks to the elevator as he pushes the button his phone rings with LiMei’s special ringtone. He happily grins as he answers, “Baby, I said I would..” Big Gu scratches his beard and blurts out, “Boss it is me… Gu…Feng LiMei..”

   Rui’s body stiffens and he interrupts him, “Why do you have LiMei’s phone! Where is she!”

   “Miss Feng passed out.”

  Rui’s emotions are out of control and he impatiently pounds on the elevator button, “She is unconscious?”

  “Yeah. Should we take her to the hospital?”

  “NO! I will be there in fifteen minutes!” 

   The elevator opens and Rui’s voice is shaking, “Monitor her, if her condition worsens before I get there call 120.”

   “Okay Boss.”

   When the door to the elevator opens Rui rushes in and Cheng follows behind him. Rui slams his hand on the wall of the elevator, I shouldn’t have left the villa. I knew LiMei was weak but I wanted revenge. When the elevator reaches the Underground Garage,Rui says, “Cheng, I changed my mind. Kill Bai Chinyu and make sure the evidence points to Qiao Xiaotong.” I would be home with LiMei if you two didn’t design me yesterday…

   Rui speeds down the highway towards his villa weaving in and out of traffic. He calls Hak Byung-Soo, “What is LiMei’s condition?”

  “The same.”

  “I will be there in five minutes.” He turns on the windshield wipers as the snow begins to fall again. Taking a cigarette out of a pack in the console he reaches for a lighter then breaks the cigarette in half. LiMei doesn’t like me to smoke.  He honks his horn as a truck swerves into his lane and quickly turns the wheel to avoid a collision.

   When he arrives at his villa he stops the Bugatti Veyron in front and hurriedly exits the car. He nervously presses the passcode and runs inside then takes the stairs two at a time. Rui’s heart  is racing as he bursts through the door still wearing his black cashmere overcoat and leather shoes. Big Gu is sitting on a chair next to the bed wiping LiMei’s pale face with a wet cloth. Rui grabs the cloth from him and sits on the edge of the bed.

   Rui hurriedly takes off his coat and tosses it on the floor then hugs LiMei to his chest. “Baby..wake up.” He touches her forehead and she doesn’t have a fever. He glares at Hak Byung-Soo and Big Gu, “What happened?”

   Hak Byung -Soo can feel intense pressure emitting from Rui’s body and gulps. If I tell him I upset Feng LiMei… “I don’t know. I heard a strange noise and rushed into the room. Miss Feng was on the floor.”

  Rui gently wipes LiMei’s face as he tells him,  “Hand me my medicine bag over by the couch then both of you get out.”

  Hak Byung-Soo hands him the bag and follows Big Gu out the door. When they are downstairs Big Gu asks, “Why didn’t you say you were on the phone with the little chick?”

  “Shit! Are you stupid. I don’t want to be involved. Right before she passed out she was upset because I told her the CEO left the villa by himself. She seemed to be extremely anxious and agitated. Man, I think she passed out because of what I said. Like a severe panic attack or something.”

  “Hmm…well I don’t think her condition is life threatening. That could be the case I guess. A panic attack.”

   Upstairs Rui takes out his silver needles and inserts two by LiMei’s clavicle. He then lifts LiMei’s hair and inserts one in the back of her neck. When she has no reaction Rui’s hand is trembling as he takes another needle. He calms himself down then inserts the thin needle between her eyebrows then quickly removes it. LiMei’s body twitches and she begins to involuntarily blink. She tries to focus but closes her eyes again. Rui removes the remaining silver needles then embraces LiMei, his voice trembles, “Baby. …Wife…please wake up.”

   LiMei can hear his voice and wants to open her eyes but can’t. She feels she is trapped in a suffocating fog and can’t navigate her way out.There is a heavy scent of blood in the air as though she is in the middle of an Asura field. Rui’s voice is muffled drowned out by strange voices echoing through the dense mist.

  Rui’s hand shakes as he takes out another silver needle and holds LiMei’s small hand. He kisses her slender fingers then gently turns her hand so the palm is facing up. He inserts the needle between her index finger and thumb then waits a few moments before taking it out. LiMei flutters her long black eyelashes and Rui takes a deep breath. “Open your eyes, LiMei.”

LiMei slowly opens her eyes and looks dazed. When her mind adjusts she angrily stares at Rui then pound her fists on his chest. She starts crying uncontrollably, unable to stabilize her turbulent emotions. “Liar! Liar! You are so bad! You promised me you would take the bodyguards with you.” She has no strength left as she weakly holds onto his lapels. She sputters, “What if something happened to you?”

   Rui hugs LiMei and his kisses rain down on her face. “ Baby, I’m sorry, don’t cry.”

  LiMei clings onto him, “Rui…I’m afraid…” She can’t stop her tears as she tightens her thin arms around him. “Stay here..don’t go anywhere.” 

  He kisses the top of her head, “I’m here..Baby, don’t cry.” He lifts her chin and licks the salty tears on her cheek, “I won’t leave you again, I promise. We will go to the Island as soon as the plane can be cleared for takeoff.”

   She leans on his chest listening to his heartbeat as he pats her back to calm her down. Rui buries his head in her neck and breathes in her unique sweet fragrance, LiMei… you scared me to death…if anything happened to you… 

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