Snow is falling as Rui and LiMei exit the Civil Affairs Bureau holding hands. Rui leans down and whispers in her ear, “My wife is so beautiful.”

  LiMei blushes as she looks up at him with her green eyes sparkling, “My husband is very handsome.”

   He has a bright smile touching the red books in his pocket, “Call me Husband again.”

   LiMei softly says, “Husband.”

   Rui picks her up into his embrace and kisses LiMei then covers her head with his black cashmere coat. She buries her head in his warm chest as he takes long strides to the waiting car. Hak Byung-Soo opens the back door of the silver Bentley Mulsanne. Once they are inside Rui brushes the snowflakes off LiMei’s hair and tucks a few loose strands behind her ear.

   Gazing lovingly at LiMei sitting on his lap he hugs her tighter into his embrace. LiMei leans on his chest and can hear his heart beating. Deep in thought because she felt as though someone was watching them when they left the Civil Affairs Bureau she sighs, was my nightmare a warning? She inhales his distinct masculine scent mixed with the woodsy fragrance of his shower gel and closes her eyes. Rui, I love you so much but what if because you are with me something bad happens to you. Who was the man in my dream…why do I have jumbled memories that don’t belong to me?

  Rui notices LiMei shivering and presses the button for the intercom, “Hak Byung-Soo, turn up the heat.”  He runs his fingers through LiMei’s silky black hair, “Baby, I think you will like the private Island where we are going tomorrow. It is very beautiful… the weather is warm there right now… we can lie on the beach and swim in the ocean.” If it weren’t for having to deal with asking Master for a favor and the Snake Woman, Serenity Island would be a perfect honeymoon spot.

    He never mentioned where they were going and LiMei is happily surprised. She looks up at Rui with a relieved expression, “A private Island? So not just anyone can go there?”

   “En. My friend owns Serenity Island. We will be staying with him.”

  She bites her lower lip, “But… I don’t have any appropriate clothes.”

  Rui chuckles, “Wife, didn’t you look in the bags Giselle brought to the villa? There is everything you need.”

   “No. I just picked up this dress and shoes.”

   He kisses LiMei then licks his lips, “I am looking forward to seeing you in a swimsuit.”

   LiMei smiles and her green eyes bend into crescents, “Rui, will you teach me how to swim?”

   He teases,“What reward do I get for teaching you?”

   She wraps her arms around his neck and coquettishly whispers something in his ear.

   Rui’s Adam’s apple rolls and his heart starts racing listening to her promise. He kisses LiMei, sucking and biting on her soft lips he then pries open her small mouth, entangling their tongues. He savors LiMei’s sweet taste until they are breathless. When he let’s her go Rui’s voice is raspy and full of lust, “Baby, I will hold you to that promise.”

   They arrive at the villa and when they enter Rui takes off her coat then his and hangs them by the door. He picks up a pair of pink slippers and bends down to remove LiMei’s high heels. After he puts the slippers on her feet he changes his shoes then takes her hand. “Hungry?”

   LiMei nods and he walks with her into the dining room. LiMei gasps at the romantic scene. There is a beautiful centerpiece of white and red roses on the carved Rosewood table and several candles softly illuminate the room. LiMei’s eyes widen and she has an astonished expression as squeezes Rui’s hand.

   He leans down and kisses LiMei, “You like?”

   She gazes up at him, “Very much.”

   Rui sits down and pulls LiMei onto his lap as Delun comes out of the kitchen. He smiles, “Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Qiao.” Delun sets down a dish of Seafood Pasta, “Sister-in-law I made this especially for you.”

   LiMei’s eyes light up, “Thank you Delun, this is my favorite.”

   Rui is in a good mood and ignores the fact LiMei is smiling beautifully at Delun. He picks up the glass of red wine and holds it to LiMei’s lips, “Wife, this is your favorite wine.”

   LiMei takes a sip, “Rui, you remembered?”

  “Of course. We were in the garden at that little cafe and bar.”

   LiMei kisses Rui, “Husband, I love you so much.”

   He embraces LiMei tighter and in a seductive low voice he coaxes, “Say it again.”

   LiMei smiles brightly, exposing her perfect white teeth as she exclaims,“Husband, I love you so much.”

   Delun rolls his eyes at the dog blood scene and walks back into the kitchen. When he returns he is carrying a tray with several different dishes. “Enjoy. I am going to Siyue’s Bakery.”

   LiMei drools smelling the delicious aroma filling the room. She stares at the variety of food, “Brother-in-law, you have worked hard. Thank you!” She pinches Rui and he says, “Delun, If you find a suitable restaurant call Han Chang. I will be out of the country for the next ten days.”

   Delun excitedly rushes over and grabs Rui’s arm, “Rui, really? I don’t have to go back to school? I can open my own restaurant?”

  Rui pushes him away, “Don’t make me change my mind. Didn’t you say you are leaving?”

  “Leaving! Leaving!” Delun tears off his apron as he rushes through the living room towards his room muttering, “Yes!” He looks back towards the dining room, it is good Rui married Feng LiMei.“No more school!”

  LiMei starts giggling then kisses Rui, “You made your brother very happy.”

 He wraps his arms around LiMei’s slender waist “Isn’t that what you wanted me to say?”

 “…” LiMei lifts the wine glass to Rui’s lips, “My hubby is the best.”

 Rui kisses LiMei and the wine in his mouth enters hers. After she swallows the wine he picks up a piece of shrimp and feeds LiMei.

  They enjoy their meal and finish two bottles of wine. Rui smiles gazing at LiMei’s hazy eyes and her snow white skin tinged red. He is intoxicated from her alluring appearance as he runs his finger over her cheek. Rui’s lips curl up into a mischievous smile, “Wife are you drunk?”

  LiMei tries to focus her bleary eyes and blinks several times then stutters,“Na..noo..I’m not.”

  He chuckles, “Okay, if you say you aren’t.”

   Gazing at his handsome face she mumbles,“Ru..Ruiii..” She shakes her head, “No..Hubby..My hubby…” She has an enchanting smile as she puts her small warm hand on his cheek, “ You are the most handsome man I have ever seen.” She giggles and waves her finger with the wedding ring, “ I..I can’t believe you are minnnnne.”

   Rui kisses the finger she is waving then hugs LiMei tighter. My wife is so cute when she is drunk haha… He nibbles on her sensitive earlobe, making her quiver. Rui has a demonic gleam in his pitch black eyes as he responds, “Wife, don’t forget you are also only this life you can only be with me.”

   LiMei feels dizzy when Rui suddenly picks her up. She wraps her arms around his neck as he quickly ascends the stairs towards the bedroom. When he lays LiMei on the bed the light blue diaphanous dress rides up revealing her snow white thighs.

Aroused by her fairy like beauty in the light blue chiffon dress Rui suddenly has an urge to bully LiMei. He impulsively takes off his tie and uses it to wrap LiMei’s wrists and tie her to the bed.

Excited by the sight of her shyly fluttering her eyelashes he bends down and in a seductive tone whispers, “Baby, you look so good like this.” 

Sudden panic causes LiMei’s breathing to become ragged and her chest under the thin dress is rising a falling. Rui’s eyes darken with undisguised lust as her erect buds press on the thin fabric. Consumed by overwhelming desire he quickly tears off his shirt and unbuckles his belt. When he unzips his pants exposing his huge erection he lifts LiMei’s dress to her waist. Covering her drenched white lace thong with his large palm he teases, “Naughty girl, you are so wet already.”

   He hooks his finger in the thong then rubs her sensitive spot. LiMei softly moans and Rui’s huge member throbs as she inviting lifts her slim hips towards him. He controls the urge to immediately possess LiMei. Tonight…my wife… I will make you beg for me to fuck you.

Muddle headed from the wine LiMei stares at Rui with misty eyes tinged with lust as he puts his wet finger into her mouth. “Taste. My little wife’s honey is so sweet.”


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      1. Now I’m curious when LiMei does get her memories back, how she’d feel about her marriage. I know she’d definitely be happy among other things.


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