Sun Woo Shivers In Fear

  LiMei fainted when she heard the gunshots and is lying on the floor of the backseat unconscious.

   Rui reaches down and brings LiMei into his embrace, he nervously brushes her messy black hair off her face, “LiMei..LiMei.. Baby wake up.” He tightens his arms around her thin waist and buries his head into her neck. Rui’s voice is trembling as he desperately pleads, “Please..”

   Suddenly LiMei awakens and pushes on his chest with a disturbingly blank look in her  eyes. He is caught off guard by her indifferent and cold expression and doesn’t immediately react as  she grabs the gun on the seat. She puts the gun on his forehead and her voice is devoid of emotion, “Who are you?”

    Aware she is Qin Daiyu at the moment he suppresses the swirling emotions in his heart and remains calm. He has a soothing tone as he answers, “ is me Rui. Put the gun down.”

  LiMei squints her eyes from the throbbing pain in her head, “Tell the driver to go to the airport.”

  Rui follows her orders and presses the intercom, “Drive to the airport.” After he releases the button he tells LiMei, “You can put the gun down. I won’t harm you.”

  LIMei looks out the window at the dense forest,  “Who sent you?”

  “No one sent me. You are Feng LiMei. My name is Qiao Rui, you are my girlfriend. We were on our way to my villa and we were attacked.”

   LiMei rubs her temple with her free hand,  with different voices echoing in her head she is unable to distinguish who to believe this man or a woman named Qin Daiyu who keeps telling her to escape. She mutters,“…” 

   He can see she is in excruciating pain, “Try to focus to calm your mind. You are Feng LiMei. I love you, I can help you.” He gently coaxes, “Let me help you.”

   Rui’s voice sounds familiar but LiMei is being tormented by the voices in her head. 

   While she is temporarily unfocused he disarms her then presses on her acupoint, instantly LiMei can’t move her body. Afraid she will leave him he puts pressure on her Zedhu Point disregarding what Xinghi told him  I won’t let you become Qin Daiyu and reject me. I am going to make sure you stay by my side.  He whispers in her ear in a deep and hypnotizing voice, “You are Feng LiMei and you are deeply in love with Qiao Rui. You are very happy because you will marry him soon. When you wake up you will forget your past as Qin Daiyu and everyone related to that identity. You will also forget about the attack just now.”

  Rui embraces LiMei and kisses her pink lips,  Baby, you are mine…no one can take you away from me… I am a selfish man and I won’t let you go. He puts the gun back under the seat and presses the intercom, “Go to my villa.” He lovingly gazes at LiMei, you are so sweet and beautiful… I will love and spoil you…it is best you forget your unhappy past. 

   He uses two fingers and presses on the side of LiMei’s neck. LiMei slowly opens her eyes and wraps her arms around him, “Rui, I’m thirsty.”

   Rui reaches and grabs a bottle of water then holds it to her lips. “Baby, I have to look over some documents in my study, do you mind if we eat at home?”

  LiMei smiles at him, “Sure.” She snuggles into his chest, “Rui.”

  He strokes her hair, “Yes.”

  “Do you think once we are married…um…we could start our family?”

   Rui’s ink black eyes light up and he lifts her chin, “You want to have a baby?”

   She lightly kisses his lips then has a dazzling smile as she replies, “Hmm… I want to have your baby.” 

   Rui kisses her deeply and doesn’t release LiMei until they are both breathless. Rui nibbles on her earlobe then in a raspy voice declares,  “I love you so much LiMei.”

  Hak Byung-Soo had called Yang Yi to investigate who attacked them. He told him the location of the overturned vehicle and said the men inside should be dead. As they pull into the driveway of Rui’s villa he gets a call from Yang Yi. Hak Byung-Soo has a surprised expression, “Are you sure?”


  “I will tell Qiao Rui.”

  Big Gu unbuckles his seatbelt, “What did Yang Yi find out?”

  “Well one of the men trapped in the vehicle was dead the other man was hanging on by a thread. Yang Yi dragged him out. He told him he would call an ambulance if he pointed the finger at the person behind the attack. The man was pissed because he was left to die, he gave up the woman in the blink of an eye.”


  “Yeah, turns out the person in the other car was Wang Rebecca. He didn’t know the man in the passenger seat.”

  “I thought that bitch was killed in the explosion on Rushnikov’s yacht.”

  “He clearly said her name before he passed out. I called for an ambulance as I promised then left. I considered killing him but from the extensive injuries he suffered I don’t think he will make it to the hospital. If he does I doubt Wang Rebecca will let him live.”

   They get out of the car and Hak Byung-Soo opens the back door. Rui carries LiMei to the villa after they enter Rui says, “Hak Byung-Soo wait for me in my study.”

   Rui takes LiMei to his bedroom and lays her on the couch. “I will start a medicinal bath for you then I need to go to the study.”

   LiMei stretches her arms out and yawns, “Okay.”

   Rui bends down and kisses LiMei then goes to the bathroom.

  LiMei watches him and sighs, “I am so happy. Rui is perfect, I can’t wait to marry him.”

   After Rui places LiMei into the bathtub he restrains the urge to bathe with LiMei and leaves. 

   When he enters the study he has a serious expression, “What did Yang Yi say?”

   “Wang Rebecca isn’t dead she was in the SUV shooting at us.”

   Rui is furious, he slams his hand on the desk and a murderous aura surrounds him, “Are you sure?”

  “I believe the man, he was abandoned and left to die. When he said her name his eyes were filled with hatred.”

   “Find the bitch!”

   After Hak Byung-Soo leaves the study Rui calls Sun Woo. He angrily paces around the room when he doesn’t answer. Sun Woo is examining two women who were delivered to him. He tightens his eyebrows together when he picks up the phone on his desk and sees the caller. He tells a short bald man with greasy hair, “Scram.”

   The short bald man kicks one of the women who isn’t moving, “Didn’t you hear? GO!” He pushes her towards the door. Once they leave Sun Woo calls Rui back, “Yeah.”

   Rui tightens his grip on the phone, “Your incompetence almost got me killed. If Wang Rebecca’s head isn’t brought to me in twenty four hours, I will take yours.”

   Sun Woo begins to sweat and his beady eyes widen in disbelief, “She is dead..dead.”

   “So you said.  You fucking moron..the bitch wasn’t killed in the yacht explosion and is in Pushong City.”

   “I saw her burnt corpse.”

   Rui shakes his head, “Did you have the DNA tested? Match dental records?”

    Sun Woo kicks the table next to him, “I will give you a rare mutton jade Buddha I just received for compensation… and locate the slut.”

   “You have twenty four hours.”

   Sun Woo hangs up the phone and screams, “SHORTY! GET IN HERE!”

   When the short bald man struts into the room and grins, “Yeah Boss?”

   Sun Woo grabs the unsuspecting man’s head and slams it into a glass table. Pressing the man’s head down he snarls, “Bastard! Did you play me? You said the corpse was Wang Rebecca and I believed you!”

   The man’s face is squished on the glass and contorted in pain. “Boss, the body had to be Wang Rebecca. I recognized the tattoo we gave the whore when she was first brought here.”

   Sun Woo lets Shorty loose knowing he was negligent in not confirming her identity. This stupid fool saw the tattoo and assumed the corpse was Wang Rebecca.

   The short bald man rubs his face, “Who was the dead woman then?”

   “I don’t know or care. Find Wang Rebecca and bring her to me alive.”  I will make that bitch pay for putting me in this position. I had a buyer for the white mutton jade Buddha but I can’t offend Qiao Rui. What good is having money if you are dead.

   The short bald man says, “Boss, where do I look?”

  “Start with her brother Wang Kai, he might know something. The pervert was fucking his sister before she was thrown here by Qiao Rui. Then there are the Hamid brothers she was fucking them too. Ivan Rushnikov..well she fucked him over if he knows she is alive he might help. I heard he came out of his coma three days ago.”

Sun Woo shivers thinking about what Rui said, that bastard wouldn’t hesitate to chop off my head. He recalls when he was in the Serpentine Syndicate and Rui’s revenge on a group of gangsters who framed him. Sun Woo’s knees feel weak recalling the bloody scene, the men begging to die and Rui’s soulless smile. It was like an Asura field. Who would think the good doctor possessed high martial arts skills and his methods are unbelievably evil.

   Rui finishes looking at some documents then places them in a drawer. He walks down the hallway and when he is at the top of the staircase he hears LiMei talking to Delun in the living room. 

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      1. Well I’m not surprised she’s still trying to destroy the couple again. You’d think she’d learned the last time 🤣👏🏽


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