Escaping Part 1

Thanks for the ko-fi coffees❤ Elena! This extra chapter is the beginning of Sara’s adventure…I hope you enjoy my loyal and awesome friend! ❤

   After Li Tian hangs up the phone his swordlike eyebrows are tightly knitted and his handsome face reveals complex emotions. He has never been indecisive but at the moment his heart is tangled and he is unable to think clearly. Opening a pack of cigarettes as he walks towards the large window at the end of the hallway, he is in a dilemma.Gazing out at the dark clouds forming he lights the cigarette while considering what he should do if Sara is pregnant. If the little girl found out I destroyed our baby would she ever forgive me?  

   He pictures Song Sara in the video Kang Mingshun sent from the Inn. She was swinging a little girl in the air and looked blissfully happy, her radiant smile was dazzling.  She played with the two girls in the snow and laughed in a carefree manner that he had never witnessed before. She was breathtakingly beautiful and her delicate face was full of joy as she pinched the little girl’s chubby cheek. It was obvious she liked children and would be a good mother.

    Li Tian feels his heart tighten,Song Sara is soft hearted and doesn’t understand letting the baby live might be more cruel. Not only would the Li Family not acknowledge an illegitimate child but the Kang Family would retaliate because of Long An. My enemies…A puff of smoke leaves his mouth as he considers the possibility of hiding Song Sara and the baby until he could rid himself of Long An.

   While he is deep in thought his phone rings, when he answers Yang James tells him they have located the two men who loosened the railing. He is giving Li Tian the information and asking how to proceed while in the hospital room Sara uses all her inner strength to open her eyes.

   Sara lies on the bed, her thin shoulders shake as tears uncontrollably flow down her cheeks.. How could Li Tian be so cruel and ruthless? I always knew he was a cold and dangerous man but I never thought he would be this heartless. How could he calmly say to kill my child while I was unconscious without considering my wishes? I don’t want to be part of the Li Family…I don’t want to use a child to bind him to me. I need to escape…if I really am pregnant I can’t stay in this hospital.

   A nurse comes into the room and Sara has an idea, I’m not sure if it will work but all I can do is try. She isn’t stupid she saw Kang Mingshun press an acupoint before she fainted the last time at the hospital. Thinking about where he applied pressure  Sara takes a deep breath and concentrates, either it works or the nurse thinks I am crazy and attacking her for no reason. When the nurse leans over to check the needle Sara quickly pushes two fingers on her neck. The nurse slumps over and Sara has a faint smile thanking Buddha.

    Sara winces from the pain in her left wrist as she pulls the unconscious nurse onto the bed. She is fueled by fear and adrenaline as she locks the hospital room door and hurries back to the bed to change clothes with the nurse. Once she is dressed she covers the nurse and only takes her wallet  from her purse leaving her phone. Knowing that man he could trace me.

   She touches her flat stomach, if I am pregnant I will protect and cherish you. Gathering her courage, she has her head down looking at the chart as she exits the room.

Walking past Kang Mingshun she pretends to be absorbed in reading. When he doesn’t pay attention to her she slowly walks towards the elevator. Sara’s heart skips a beat when she sees Li Tian pacing by the window while talking on the phone.  The hand on the chart is trembling and cold sweat forms on her forehead. I can’t let him catch me… She has a determined look in her bright blue eyes as she steadily walks to the elevator. You can do it Sara!

   The elevator opens and three doctors and two nurses exit. The younger nurse glances at Sara and doesn’t recognize her so she asks, “Are you new?” She is very beautiful and I saw my Dr. Meng smile at her. I need to let her know he is off limits!

   Afraid the woman’s loud voice will alert Li Tian who is only two long strides away Sara buries her head in the chart and enters the elevator without answering. Terrified she will be discovered she leans on the wall. Sara’s heart is pounding, Oh my God!

   The nurse turns to her friend, “So rude!”

   “Maybe she didn’t hear you, she was focused on the chart in her hand.”

   Once Sara is outside the hospital she shivers, all she is wearing in the nurse’s uniform. Sara’s teeth are chattering as she quickens her pace down the sidewalk to the bus stop. She rubs her arms, sooo cold! A handsome young boy sits down next to Sara and takes off his coat, “Miss, wear this.”

   She pushes the black wool coat back, “I’m fine. Do you know when the bus comes?”

   He frowns, “I am wearing a thick sweater, I don’t need the coat, the bus will be here in five minutes. I can’t sit here and watch a woman shivering from the cold.”

   Sara thinks about possibly being pregnant and smiles, “I will trouble you then. Thank you.” Suddenly she hears a commotion in the direction of the hospital and panics when she sees a group of men in black suits. Afraid Li Tian is with them she sinks her body into the coat up covering her face with the collar and leans behind the boy. Please don’t notice me!

   The bus pulls up and she sticks to the teenager as they enter. After she pays she sits down in the back and tightens the collar of the black coat around half her face.  Sara’s heart is pounding as she watches the men rushing down the sidewalk as the bus leaves. She leans back in the seat and nervously clutches the coat. 

   Sara waits until the bus is downtown, I can find a bank and withdraw money so I don’t need to use my credit card. I will buy a train ticket to Bashu City.  Bi is visiting her family and I can ask her to help me hide. Before she gets off the bus she gives the lanky teenager his coat back who is sitting towards the front of the bus. “I live close by, thank you.”

   He takes the black wool coat from her hand then advises, “Miss, you should take better care and not rush out without a coat next time. You are a nurse and should know better.”

   Sara inwardly chuckles at his serious expression, he must only be in Middle School but is such a gentleman. “I know.” She can’t resist and rubs his head, “You are a good boy, your parents must be very proud.” The door of the bus opens and she steps down onto the sidewalk. Clutching the coat filled with a light fragrance of jasmine he has a slight smile as he watches Sara leave, what a silly idiot.

   Sara sees a bank and enters. After presenting her identification Sara withdraws all the money she has in her account. I need clothes and then I am going to find a pharmacy to buya pregnancy test. I need to know if I am pregnant.

   Li Tian is frantic. He met Bo Ming in the hallway as he was walking back to Sara’s room and he told him that she was not pregnant. He was digesting the news when he went into Sara’s room and found she had disappeared. Damn Woman!

    He has an unsettling thought, “Do you think she heard us talking?”

   Bo Ming answers, “I don’t know, she appeared unconscious but…”

   Li Tian pushes past him and confronts Kang Mingshun, “How did you let Song Sara slip past you!” He has a murderous aura surrounding him. He clenches his fist wanting to punch Kang Mingshun but he holds back his anger and growls, “If I can’t locate the woman, don’t show your face in front of me again. Let’s go.”

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