I Need To Leave Catang City Part 1

  Wong Duan immediately calls Little Han and explains the situation. He then calls one of his men to go to the Li Family hospital to impersonate a lab technician. Frustated by the situation he angrily slams his hand on the wall startling a nearby worker, how did the little girl have an accident! She was safely in the restaurant when I left. He narrows his eyes picturing the patio area, there was some scattered snow…definitely no ice.

   He calls Little Han again, “While you are waiting for any activity at the hospital, get the security footage from the rooftop patio at the Waterfront Towers and send it to me.” Wong Duan seldom is reprimanded by Leo because he is meticulous in everything he does so he is extremely upset. I will give whoever caused the Lord’s sister to be injured pain worse than death!

  Yang James opens the door to the security office and motions for Kang Lanfen and Long Jinxi to sit on a black leather couch. Long Jinxi notices him observing them so she exaggerates her condition hoping to win some sympathy from Yang James. She wraps her arms around her chest and shivers as she leans on Kang Lanfen. She coughs, “Mom, I’m so cold and my throat hurts.” Then with an aggrieved expression she softly says, “ I don’t know why Li Tian thinks I would harm Song Sara.” She clutches onto her mother’s sleeve and tears form in her almond shaped eyes. Long Jinxi flutters her eyelashes and sighs , “I don’t even know the woman.”

    Kang Lanfen barks, “Get my daughter a cup of tea to warm her body! I will hold that bastard Li Tian responsible if she gets sick.”

   He doesn’t want to deal with Kang Lanfen, he orders a security guard, “Bring  tea.”

   Kang Lanfen pats Long Jinxi’s arm, my daughter’s acting skills are getting better. She saw her sneak a look at Yang James to see if he was watching. She comforts her, “The tea will be here soon.”

      The security guard arrives with the tea and sets it on the table in front of the two women, “Director James, I checked as you asked with maintenance and the railing didn’t sustain any damage from the storm. Manny sent someone to check for any damage to the rooftop this morning. The only problem was a couple of the patio tables and umbrellas were overturned. The roof had a heavy layer of snow so he had workers clear the snow.”

    Yang James looks over the shoulder of the Head of Security, “Do you have another angle?” I hope not for the stupid bitch’s sake. This angle only shows them talking then Song Sara slipping on the ice. I still want to use the fool to get Song Sara out of the CEO’s life. He takes off his glasses and rubs the crease between his eyebrows,  Now that she is pregnant it is more problematic. Li Tian obviously has feelings for the girl and if she is pregnant with his child….Fuck!  I can’t delete the footage because I don’t want to be implicated.

    “Well, there is a camera by the new restaurant that was recently installed by the owner. I don’t have access.”

   Yang James doesn’t want to deal with Wang Xiaoming or have any damning evidence against Long Jinxi. “Since when does the Waterfront Towers allow private security cameras?”

  The Head of Security scratches his head, “Director Yang, when I confronted the owner he said he owned the restaurant and could do as he liked. Since he wasn’t leasing the space I asked legal and they said to let him install the cameras.”

  Yang James suddenly has a thought, best to let it go. Most likely from the angle of the restaurant it will show Long Jinxi’s actions more clearly. I don’t think with Song Sara’s timid personality she will implicate Long Jinxi because of Long An.

   Long Jinxi almost chokes on a mouthful of tea as she listens to their conversation. I didn’t see another camera. What if it shows me stimulating Song Sara? I didn’t throw the coffee at her but I made it look as though I was going to splash the hot coffee on her face.

 He points to the screen, “What about these workers? The patch of ice should have been taken care of when the maintenance workers cleaned the patio.” He knows the answers but needs to ask so he appears to be thoroughly investigating the situation. 

  “I sent their pictures to Manny and he said they weren’t his men.”

  Yang James wants to frighten Long Jinxi so she doesn’t make any more stupid moves against Song Sara for the time being. “Miss Long, you and your mother can go. But I want you to know the investigation is ongoing. If there is evidence you intentionally harmed Miss Song..well..I think you know CEO Li won’t let you go.”

  Kang Lanfen stands up and puts her hands on her full hips and snarls, “Hmmph! Bastard, who are you to threaten me! If Jinxi becomes ill because of him leaving her to stand in the freezing cold, believe me I, Kang Lanfen, won’t let Li Tian go!”

  Long Jinxi just wants to get out of this security office as fast as possible to contact the men she hired. She knows it is a matter of time before they are found. I was careful dealing with them but Director Yang with his ability might find a clue. She weakly coughs and pulls on Kang Lanfen’s coat sleeve, “Mom, let’s go. I think I have a fever and need to go to the hospital.” I will find Song Sara and intimidate her so she doesn’t say what happened.

  Li Tian is in Sara’s hospital room waiting for Bo Ming to finish his examination. He watches as the nurse inserts the needle for the infusion. He anxiously turns to his friend,“Ming, how long does it take for the results of the blood test?”

   “Tian, I ordered it to be handled quickly because she needs x rays.” He carefully touches Sara’s bruised and swollen wrist. I think her left wrist might be fractured. Do you really believe this woman is pregnant with your child?” He was shocked when Li Tian told him according to Dr. Jiang she is pregnant. “What about Long An? Are you going to let Song Sara keep this child?” He grew up with Li Tian and knows his family. He glances at Sara’s flawless face, no doubt she is as delicate and beautiful as a little fairy but he is the CEO of the Li Group and his Grandfather is very strict and conventional. The Li Family will never accept an illegitimate child. When Tian brought her into the hospital he was agitated and extremely worried unlike his usual cold and indifferent demeanor. He must have some feelings for the woman. 

     Li Tian gently holds Sara’s hand, “Ming, this came as a surprise to me. I don’t know what I think to be honest. You know I don’t like Long An. I have been trying to get rid of the marriage contract but with Grandfather’s heart condition I don’t want to anger him.”

     “Do you love Song Sara?”

    Sara is semiconscious and keeps her eyes closed wanting to hear his answer. 


    “Then it would be best if she is pregnant for the girl to have an abortion. The baby would complicate both your lives.”

   Sara’s heart tightens, I might be pregnant?

    Li Tian knows he is right but in his heart he doesn’t want to admit the baby would be an obstacle. When Dr. Jiang said Sara was pregnant, his first reaction was one of sheer happiness. He has a complicated expression, it wouldn’t be fair to Song Sara or the baby, Grandfather wouldn’t accept an illegitimate child and right now I can’t marry Song Sara.

    “Is it safe?”

   “It depends on har far along in the pregnancy she is.”

    Sara feels like she is suffocating, she tries to open her eyes and say something but she can’t. She curses Li Tian in her heart, Bastard! I would never have an abortion! I would leave Catang City and get as far away from you as I can! A baby is innocent! How could you be so heartless! 

   She wants to shake his hand off of hers but she can’t move. Hateful man..Sara struggles to open her eyes, I need to leave… I need to leave…

   Li Tian makes a decision, “Can the baby be taken while she is unconscious?” 

   Dr. Bo is paged and he says, “I have to go see a patient who is in ICU.”

   “If she is pregnant, she can’t keep the baby.”

   “Don’t make a hasty decision. I will return after I finish.”

    Sara is infuriated Hateful man.. Gripped by fear Sara struggles to open her eyes, I need to leave… I need to leave… if I am pregnant he is going to murder my baby!

    Li Tian’s phone rings and he stands up, “Speak.”

    Yang James tells him about reviewing the security tapes and Li Tian walks out to the hallway. “Find the men who loosened the railing. I don’t believe that bitch had no involvement.”

    Sara hears them leave and tears form in her eyes, I thought since he risked his life to save me he had feelings for me. How could I be so stupid!  Does he think I want to trap him by having a baby?  Wake up Sara! WAKE UP!

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