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18+ chapter

    After Rui reprimands Wu Pei he pushes open the bathroom door startling LiMei. He drags LiMei to the sink then lathers her hands with soap. He carefully washes each of her slender fingers then plays with them. Baby’s skin is so soft, white as the finest piece of jade. He sucks on one of her fingers, “So beautiful.”

Suddenly recalling the scene of the bodyguard handing LiMei her clothes incites his rage.How dare he touch my woman! Filled with jealousy he roughly dries her hands. Realizing he used too much strength when her hands redden he apologizes as he gently rubs lotion on her hands, softening his tone he regrets his impulsiveness,“Sorry Baby.”

  Unable to stabilize his emotions Rui’s eyes are red and his anger is still smoldering, “Next time wait for me.” 

  LiMei can feel the dangerous aura surrounding him. The pressure from his intense gaze makes her legs weak. “I didn’t know when you would be back. I thought the nurse was in the room.” 

   LiMei is only covered in a short white towel, he stares at her slender legs and her chest rising up and down under the terrycloth. Furious the bodyguard might have seen her delicate body; he wraps his right hand around her thin waist then presses her against his hard chest. He places his left hand on the back of her neck pulling her forward then kisses her fiercely. Invading her mouth he entangles his tongue with hers then sweeps it around sucking her sweet taste. She puts her arms around his neck and they kiss until LiMei can’t breathe.

   Rui lifts her up and carries her to the bed.I see I need to remind you that you are my woman. He removes the towel wrapped around her petite body. I am the only man who can look at you.  If you are disobedient again… He stares at LiMei with a dark and gloomy expression, do I need to lock you up? You are mine…

   She noticed the flash of insanity in his eyes when Rui first came into the bathroom. LiMei gazes at the burning flames in his obsidian eyes wanting to calm him down. Why is he so paranoid? “Rui…Rui don’t be angry.” Last time they made love she felt more like he was punishing her body. She knows he has an extremely possessive attitude, ” I was wrong.”

   He leans down playing with a strand of hair hanging down on her swan like neck. He sucks her neck then bites her earlobe whispering in her ear, “Baby,do you know what you did wrong?”

   Rui licks and nibbles on her ear while his finger pinches her erect bud. LiMei’s sensitive body is trembling, She softly moans, “Ahh… Rui..I shou..should have umm..waited for you.”

   “Good girl.”

   He takes off his jacket and tosses it on the floor. Rui has a satisfied smile as LiMei reaches up to unbutton his shirt with her small hands. Mesmerized by LiMei’s beautiful face dyed red and her deep green eyes hazy with lust, Rui’s eyes are filled with obsessive desire. LiMei wants to please Rui so he knows he is the only man she loves. She unbuckles the belt then unzips his pants unleashing his dragon. Feeling brave she puts her hand on his hardness and begins to rub. 

   Rui teases, “Hungry?”

  LiMei seductively bites her lip and nods, “Hmm..”

  Rui puts his hand on the back of LiMei’s head running his fingers through her silky black hair as she licks his swollen hardness. He is aroused further by the lewd slurping sounds from LiMei’s saliva as she licks the tip of his throbbing cock .  A rush of heat runs through his body from the intense pleasure, his voice sounds husky, “Nnngh” as she tries to swallow his shaft into her warm moist mouth. He begins to thrust in and out and LiMei gags, unable to take his entire length. 

  When LiMei stops he says in a husky voice, “Umm..Baby, don’t stop..feels good.”

  LiMei puts her hand on his thigh to stabilize herself then he moves her hand up.

  Not sure what to do, she gently fondles them in her hand as he groans, “Nnn.. Mmmm..”

  When he is about to release he holds back, I want to come inside of her little pussy and make a baby. Then she will never be able to escape. “Baby, do you want it?”

  LiMei is dripping wet as he lays her back on the bed, “Hmm…Want..Want..”

  He has a devilish grin, “Baby, you need to say then I will give it to you.” It excites Rui hearing LiMei’s soft kittenish voice saying fuck me.

  LiMei wrinkles her nose, “Pleaseee. ”

  He leans down and kisses her lips still coated with saliva. He licks his lips, his voice is low and seductive, “Please what?”

  “Fuck me…Fuck me… I’m so itchy Rui..please…don’t tease me. ” She puts her small hand on his erection moving it towards her small entrance. 

   “Didn’t you say earlier you didn’t want me in your bed? I need to sleep in the guest room?”

   LiMei wrinkles up her nose, Oh… I did say that. “I…I changed my mind..I want you to sleep here.” She puts her arms around his neck and kisses him, ‘Rui..I need…”

   He spreads her slender legs with his hand and squeezes her wet pussy. He licks his finger, “Little girl are you going to let a man into your room again?”

   “No! Never!” She squirms and whimpers as he rubs her nub with his thumb.”Ruiiii…Ahhh..”

  He is unable to continue teasing LiMei he can barely control his urge to feel her tight tunnel around his hardness. Rui enters LiMei and she gasps, “Ummm..”

   Thrusting wildly Rui wants to mold LiMei into his bones as the beast within him takes over. He loses his rationality as he tosses LiMei until she passes out while pressed under him. Satisfied after he hits her cervix repeatedly then shoots his hot and thick essence into her depth he kisses her damp cheek. He presses his lips on her ear, his voice sounds raspy, “Feng LiMei, you are mine…only this life and the next I will never let you go. If you are disobedient again I swear I will lock you up.” Rui covers LiMei’s body imprinted with love bites that declare his sovereignty with the quilt. He tenderly kisses her forehead then gets up and walks to the bathroom.

   While he fills the bathtub, LiMei has a dream. She is working at the Crescent Moon Hotel when she sees Rui walking into the ballroom. She silently follows Rui as he walks into a ballroom, then hides behind a pillar watching him. He looks incredibly handsome when he smiles at a stunning woman wearing a shimmering evening gown. Taking her arm they greet several people and the woman holds out her hand, a huge diamond ring sparkles on her finger. Rui tenderly brushes a loose strand of hair behind her ear then kisses her cheek. LiMei can hear him, “ Darling wait here, I am going out for a smoke.”

   The beautiful woman holds onto his arm, “I will go with you.”

   Rui kisses her then has a pampering tone, “It is too cold. I won’t be long.”

   LiMei tightens her small fists and decides to follow him. When she sees he is alone in the garden she approaches him. “Rui.”

   He inhales his cigarette and turns around when he hears movement behind him. He glares at her with a tinge of ruthlessness in his eyes, “What are you doing here? Didn’t I warn you not appear before me again.”

  “Let me explain.” She puts her trembling hand on his arm. “Please Rui…I love you so much.”

   He shakes off her hand with a look of disgust on his face.“Leave or don’t blame me for being impolite.” He throws his cigarette on the ground stepping on it with his black leather shoe.

   Tears start streaming down her face, “Give me a chance to.. You said you loved me.” She has only seen this side if Rui when Wang Rebecca schemed against him. He thinks I am no better than Wang Rebecca? I knew he would hate me when he found out I am Qin Daiyu. I betrayed his trust.

   “I want you out of my sight.” He motions for his bodyguard Hak Byung-soo to drag her away. “I loved Feng LiMei…You aren’t Feng LiMei. Haha..There is no Feng LiMei…” He pinches her chin making her meet his eyes filled with hate. “You are lucky I didn’t kill you when I found out about your deception. Bitch, if you don’t want to die stay the fuck away from me.” He shoves her and she stumbles to the ground at his feet.

He angrily reminds his bodyguard as he storms away “I said throw the slut out. Do I need to say it twice!”

    LiMei clutches the pillow in her arms while sobbing. When Rui comes out of the bathroom he hurries over and sits on the bed, He pulls LiMei into his arms tightly embracing her naked body. He sounds frantic, “Baby..Baby..what’s wrong?” He kisses her face and uses his tongue to lick her tears, “I’m here, don’t cry. Don’t cry. Did I hurt you?” 

   She opens her eyes and looks up at him through her tears, “Rui…don’t hate me…don’t hate me… I’m sorry.”

   He kisses her tangled hair and puts his hands on her cheeks gazing into her eyes, “LiMei baby, you had a nightmare.” Rui hugs her closer, “I love you LiMei..I love you so much.” LiMei’s body is shaking uncontrollably while she curls up with her head resting on his chest. He lifts her head up, he lovingly kisses her lips then holds her clammy hands in his warm palms,“Tell me what you were dreaming about.”

  LiMei tries to calm down but the dream was too vivid, she can’t stop trembling. Since Qin Daiyu’s memories are being integrated into her mind she has been conflicted and feeling guilty. She knows her relationship with Rui is based on lies. The dream was brought on by her fear of losing him when he discovers the truth.

LiMei shakes her head, I can’t say.. 

He rubs her back then gently hugs LiMei’s shivering body into his arms. He smoothes her hair as he carries her to the bathroom. He trys to comfort LiMei. “It was a dream LiMei..not real. I’m here. I promise I will never let anyone hurt you.” He has a worried expression gazing at LiMei’s terrified appearance. He wipes the sweat beads off her forehead with his finger.The medicinal herbs in the water help should her relax. Rui feels helpless because LiMei won’t open up to him.What was she dreaming about that frightened her so badly?





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