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  When Sara and Leo leave the clinic Sara is overwhelmed by the amount of supplements the doctor prescribed. She laughs, “Leo I feel like Dr. Ling overdid with all these supplements! I am usually in good health but the business trip with Li Tian was well…very tiring.” I feel like like I was In a tv drama..drugged…kidnapped..Sara shivers, I am so happy to be home!

  “Sara both Dr. Ling and the nutritionist said you have a weak constitution and need to take better care of your body.”

  They get into the backseat of the Rolls Royce Phantom. Sara feels grateful to Leo, “Well, I want to say thank you again, I hope I didn’t delay your business. I really don’t know how to repay your kindness.”

  “Sara, I am happy to help. Like I said before I am not familiar with Catang City so meeting you was my good fortune. It is so incredibly boring to be in a city where the only people you deal with are business associates. If you don’t mind spending time with me and showing me the sights you can consider it repayment for my small effort on your behalf.”

  “It would be my pleasure!”

  “Well after you conclude your business at Zhou Group perhaps we can have dinner.”

  “ I would enjoy that but my roommate is returning from Bashu City,I promised to have dinner with her this evening.”

  “She could join us. I was able to reserve a private room at The Golden Dragon. The owner, Wang Xiaoming is also the chef, I have heard the food is delicious.”

  “Wang Xiaoming? He opened his own restaurant?”

 “Do you know him?”

  “Well, he is an acquaintance. I know his mother and have met him a few times.”

  “Do you think your friend would like to go?” I would like to meet this girl to see if she is worthy of being Song Sara’s friend.

 “If you don’t mind I will check with Han Bi and see then get back to you.”


  They arrive at the Zhou Group building. Sara takes a deep breath looking up at the imposing tall building. The driver gets out of the luxury car and opens the door for Sara. She smiles at Leo, “Thank you for the ride, I will call you.”

   He watches Sara walk into the building then takes out his phone that is ringing, “How much longer for the results?”

  “Two hours at the most.” Leo is very sure the results will be as expected. When Sara filled out the forms at the hospital he noticed her birthdate is the same as his. He realized they must be twins that is why he feels such a strong connection from the first time they met at Alexandre’s Club. When I have the results in my hand I am going to confront her…our grandmother and get an explanation!  

   Sara swipes her employee badge to enter and walks to the elevator. A secretary she works with happened to be returning from getting coffee and saw Sara exiting the Rills Royce Phantom. She hurries up to Sara, “Song Sara hold the door!”

   Peng Chunhua rushes into the elevator, “Did you just get back from Milan?”

  Sara doesn’t want to talk to Peng Chunhua she is the biggest gossip in the company. “Is CEO Zhou in his office?”

  “Should be he has a meeting scheduled soon. You didn’t answer me, I saw you get out of a luxury car, is that CEO Li’s car? How was it working for him? He is so handsome!”

   Sara decides to lie unwilling to give the annoying woman any information. Anything I say will be distorted then spread through the office like wildfire. “I never saw Li Tian. I worked with his assistant Yang James on the project. The company driver sent me back.”

   Peng Chunhua sips her coffee, “Wow, a Limited Edition Rolls Royce is a company car…so luxurious! You never saw Li Tian? I wanted to get some inside news! I saw on Weibo he and his fiancee are rushing to get married. I wonder if she is pregnant. They make a well matched couple. He is strikingly handsome and she is a beauty. Did you meet Long An? She looks so gentle and sophisticated. ”

  “…” Sara wants to vomit listening to Peng Chunhua ramble on about Li Tian. Long An.. gentle? What a joke! She is an extremely scheming and vicious woman. You are right she and Li Tian are well matched, both of them are despicable!

   Irritated Sara isn’t responding Peng Chunhua shakes Sara’s arm, “Song Sara! Did you hear me?”

  “Sorry, I have jet lag. We can talk when I come back to work. I only stopped by to deliver some paperwork.” My resignation.

   They step out of the elevator together, Peng Cunhua mutters, “Stingy..she must have some gossip.”  Hmmph! Song Sara is always tight lipped. I bet she knows about CEO Li and Long An’s situation and refuses to tell me! Bitch! Sara walks past the secretaries outside of Zhou Jason’s office. Peng Chunhua hands a coffee to a woman Sara doesn’t recognize sitting at a desk. The two women are whispering about Sara but she ignores their jealous gazes.

She confidenly knocks on the door. Zhou Jason is sitting at his desk looking over the damage report from the fire at the construction site. Sara feels her heart stop for an instant. The sunlight coming in the floor to ceiling window is shining on him, he looks incredibly handsome,. He is wearing gold rimmed glasses and has a serious expression looking down at some documents in his hand. She notices his faint smile when he looks up. “ Sara, you are back.”

   Sara’s heart is racing listening to his deep voice saying her name. How long has it been? This is the first time I have seen him in what? Two years? Her heart flutters as she stands motionless gazing at him. He seems to look a little more mature which adds to his peerless good looks.

The atmosphere is awkward as they gaze at each other, Zhou Jason feels guilty and Sara feels betrayed. He breaks the silence, “I didn’t think you would come to the office today. Aren’t you tired from your trip? You should rest.”

  Now that she sees Zhou Jason again Sara wavers, if I continue to work at Zhou Group I can see him every day… No!  Why torture yourself.  Sara suddenly feels dizzy. She gave blood at the clinic and the doctor ran stress tests also. Suddenly experiencing the after effects Sara’s body feels weak. That is probably why Dr. Ling said to go home and rest..I need to sit down. 

  Zhou Jason notices Sara’s face is pale and she looks dazed. He immediately stands up and hurries over to Sara. He has a concerned expression, “You don’t look well. Sit.” He helps her to the couch,  “I will have Secretary Peng bring you some tea.”

   Inhaling the familiar scent of agarwood as she leans on his strong body and the sound of his gentle voice, Sara is brought back to when they were a couple at University. Zhou Jason would bring her dinner when she was studying late at the library. He would say she is too thin and shouldn’t skip meals. When she was sick he would run to get her medicine and cook porridge. She gazes up at him and her deep blue eyes get misty, so many happy memories.

   He sees her fragile condition, “Sara, you shouldn’t have come to the office.” He takes out his phone, “Bring in a cup of wolfberry tea.”

    Sara feels better now that she is sitting down, “You don’t need to bother, I feel better. I think I just need to sit for a few minutes. I gave blood earlier that is probably why I got a little lightheaded.”

     Secretary Peng brings in the cup of tea and sets it on the low rosewood table in front of the couch. Zhou Jason tells his secretary to take the papers on his desk and make three copies. He picks up the steaming cup of tea and blows on it then holds it to Sara’s mouth shocking both Peng Chunhua and Sara.

   Sara immediately tries to take the cup from his hand but he won’t let her. He gently touches her hand on the teacup sending a jolt of warmth through Sara. “Your hands are trembling, it is hot. If you spill the hot tea you will burn yourself.”

   “I think that Secretary Peng got the wrong impression. You don’t want any rumors with your marriage coming up.”

   Zhou Jason continues to feed her the tea. “If she wants her job she won’t be so bold.” He has a gloomy expression and sounds apologetic, “Sara…I wanted to be the one to tell you about my marriage. You left on the business trip as soon as I arrived to take over as CEO. I planned to tell you when you came back to work.”

   Sara doesn’t want to appear pitiful in front of him, she sounds cold, “You don’t need to explain anything to me. We were over a long time ago.”

   The last part of her sentence stabs his heart, ”Sara, it wasn’t my choice to leave you then, there were extenuating circumstances.”

   Sara recalls the heartbreaking scene when he broke up with her right before graduation, “Whatever the reason, it is in the past. You are getting married. I wish you all the happiness in the world. But, that brings me to why I came this afternoon. I am resigning immediately.”

  Zhou Jason sets down the teacup. He furrows his eyebrows,“You came to resign?”

    Sara avoids making eye contact so he doesn’t see the sadness in her eyes.“Yes. I don’t think Zheng Lan would appreciate me working at Zhou Group. If you remember she and I had enmity in college which stemmed from our relationship. Now that you are marrying her it doesn’t seem appropriate for me to remain at Zhou Group. My presence will only cause turmoil.”

  Zhou Jason impulsively turns Sara holding her shoulders to look at him. He momentarily loses his self control, behind the gold rimmed glasses glasses his eyes narrow, “Do you think I care what Zheng Lan thinks or wants?” I love you Sara! I never stopped loving you…I have to marry Zheng Lan to take down her family.  I can’t say that… it isn’t fair… He quickly reins in his turbulent emotions returning to normal, “You are an indispensable member of Zhou Group. Father is in the hospital and I am still acclimating myself to being the CEO. The Mega Mall Project is essential and you are the most knowledgeable. If you still feel this way after the project is completed I will give you a generous compensation.”

  Sara’s resolve is being weakened, he is sincere… but staying by his side would be painful. 

  He can see from Sara’s changing expressions she is conflicted , “I don’t want to pressure you. Why don’t you think about it. Whatever decision you make I will accept.”

  “How is your father?”

  “He had a heart attack while he was in Pushong City. Luckily he was at Qiao Rui’s Hospital and they operated immediately. He was transferred yesterday to Catang Central Hospital for the duration of his recovery.”

   “Can he have visitors?”


  “I will go visit him tomorrow then make my decision. I don’t want to add any stress to him. Your father has always treated me well.”

   Zhou Jason smiles, “Father would like that.”

  Sara no longer feels dizzy, “Thank you for the tea.” She stands up, her voice sounds soft, “Jason…” No..I don’t want to know the answer. “Nevermind.” She walks towards the door.

He follows Sara and opens the door. “Rest well. Let me know your decision.” Zhou Jason knows Sara very well so he doesn’t question her about her unfinished sentence. She doesn’t want to spend time with me but she feels she owes father. ..She has a strong sense of responsibility…she will stay until the project ends.

After Sara leaves Zhou Jason has a smile on his face, I have missed you sweet Sara.


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  1. Ahhh 😱 Zhou Jason, you bastard!!! Our darling Sara can’t handle all these shitty men. Good thing Brother Leo is there 😭


    1. Jason just wants to be near Sara, he isn’t going to pursue her haha..He broke up with Sara to protect her. He works for Leng Shuai remember..shady business. He only is at Zhou Group until his father recovers.😳


      1. It’s such a selfish thing for him to do. And he technically played matchmaker to Sara and Tian. But I feel hope when she fines out she’s pregnant, that’ll give her some happiness in this chaotic period 🥺


      2. Very selfish…but Sara is his first love too so I sympathize. I think it is hard to let go of a ‘first love’.He has to marry Zheng Lan for various reasons and is not happy. 😰


      3. Oh yeah I definitely get that. Just he can’t use Sara’s sense of responsibility to keep her at Zhou Corp. it’s really not fair to her and she needs to move on, since he knows that he can’t be with her. Still, I LOVE the drama!


      4. Well like you said Jason is selfish! Next chapter Bi meets Leo…and Zheng Lan is introduced. Li Tian makes a scene…lolol


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