Blind Date

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    Lin Qing is lying on her stomach getting a massage and she complains to her friend Lau An. “I forgot how unbelievably cold and indifferent Morgan can be.”

   Lau An replies, “You haven’t got over him?” She frowns as the masseuse exerts pressure on her back. Turning her head she angrily reprimands the masseuse, “Lighter! You are going to break my bones!”

  “I thought if I married his brother Heng I would be happy, their looks are seven points similar. I thought I could be close to Morgan when he returned from military duty. I never considered the possibility he wouldn’t come back after completion. Do you know how shocked I was when Heng told me Morgan decided not to enter the company and became a bodyguard. A bodyguard! He graduated at the top of the class in University and is considered to be a financial genius.”

  Lau An adjusts the rejuvenating mask on her face, “Morgan is an enigma that is for sure. I never could tell what he was thinking with his emotionless face. When you switched your attention to Lin Heng he seemed like a better match for you. I really hoped you would have a better outcome.”

  “I thought so too but I can’t get Morgan out of my head. When I heard he was coming back…well…I made a plan to seduce him.”

  Lau An motions to the masseuse to stop. She sits up and stretches then curtly tells the woman,“Leave.”

  “Are you stupid! He isn’t the type of man to fall for a scheme. I know since you have been working in the Entertainment business you see it all the time. Chen Huan tells me stories of women using dirty methods to climb into his bed. Do any of those women have a good ending? Sweetie, Lin Morgan is your husband’s brother! You could lose everything!”

  Lin Qing fixes the towel wrapped around her as she sits up. “Lau An, I have been in love with Lin Morgan since I was in High School. No one can compare to him, he is excellent in every way, handsome, brave, strong and the smartest man I have ever met. I pretend Heng is Morgan when we have sex. Maybe if I can sleep with Morgan I can make him mine.”

  “Don’t delude yourself, that is wishful thinking. He has never been linked with any woman, although so many beautiful women chased him at University. I really think he doesn’t like women…he is gay.”

  “Don’t be ridiculous. I don’t want to bring up the incident in University. He is a straight man but has tremendous self control. Mother has arranged a blind date for Morgan and he is willing. She told me that he decided to enter the company because he wants to settle down and get married. That is what stimulated me to get him into bed now before he finds a woman he likes.”

    Morgan is sitting across the table from his blind date, Tang Diana. He wanted to cancel but his mother insisted he must go. Tang Diana is wearing a light blue dress she bought especially for this blind date. When her mother said she had arranged a meeting with Lin Morgan she couldn’t believe it. Now seeing him in person she is ecstatic. Lin Heng is handsome but the man sitting across the table has a godlike appearance. Phoenix eyes with long black eyelashes, sexy thin lips and chiseled jaw. He exudes a very powerful masculine aura.

She has been working at Lin Group and heard he is the new CEO of Lin Entertainment. When she mentioned the blind date to Lin Heng he encouraged her to pursue his brother. He told her in order to gain a position at Lin Entertainment she would need his approval.

  “Mr. Lin, thank you for the flowers. They are very beautiful.”

  He looks up from the menu with an indifferent expression, “Do you have any taboos?”

  “No. I am not a picky eater. I heard their signature dish, Lobster Allende is excellent.”

  The server comes over, “Would you like to order a cocktail or wine?”

  “Miss Tang, do you have a preference?”

  “I like any white wine.”

  “Give Miss Tang a glass of Domaine Monchart . I will have Chevas on the rocks.”

  Tang Diana gazes at his handsome face as he orders. The pictures I saw of Lin Morgan don’t do him justice. He is more handsome in person and his powerful aura enhances his appeal. I wonder what kind of woman he likes, nothing in my research gave any details.

  Morgan feels very uncomfortable noticing her pupils dilating,she is trying not to show it but her eyes are greedily sizing me up. She is very beautiful but I don’t feel attracted to her at all. The woman seems very self assured and is saying all the appropriate responses, like a well built machine. He sips his drink and an image pops into his mind, he can’t see the girl’s face but she is laughing giving him a warm feeling. He is brought back to reality when Tang Diana says, “I don’t know if your mother mentioned, but I work at Lin Group.”

  “Yes she did. What do you do there?”

  “I am in the Marketing Department”, but I want to work in the Entertainment Company.She tells him about her degree and work experience. She smiles as she continues to drone on highlighting the contributions she has made to the company.

    He finishes the glass of Scotch, Damn,why did I ask? The server walks over and takes their food order, Morgan orders another Chevas. Boring woman. She obviously wants me to offer her a job at Lin Entertainment. That will never happen. I want to leave now but mother will get angry. The next blind date needs to be someone who has no connection to Lin Group or the Entertainment Industry.

  Tang Diana has no idea that her well rehearsed performance is falling on deaf ears. She daintily lifts her glass of wine. After taking a sip her eyes are watery, she thinks she looks innocent and seductive. Most men can’t resist this look. She smiles while complimenting his choice, “ I don’t usually drink alcohol, but this wine is light and refreshing.”

  That is hard to believe, being in the Marketing Department she must have to attend business dinners where drinking is expected. So she is boring and a liar.

  Morgan is tired from flying back then dealing with Nikolai Naralov he is becoming impatient. Halfway through dinner he receives a call from Wu Pei . He decides this is his chance to escape. “What? A problem with the contract? I will go to the office now.”

  Tang Diana looks up as she cuts a piece of steak when she hears him on the phone. She is prepared to offer to go with him when he says, “Unfortunately, I need to leave. Please enjoy the rest of your dinner.” He immediately stands up from the table and quickly walks away before she can respond.

  “…” Tang Diana watches Morgan’s back as he takes long strides through the restaurant. Hmmph… Asshole! She angrily takes out her phone then hesitates. Pursing her red lips as she crushes the flowers Morgan brought. Insulted by his hasty departure in the middle of the blind date she decides to make the call, “Heng, are you sure your brother isn’t gay? He spoke more to the handsome server than to me.”

   Morgan gets to his car and calls Wu Pei back. “Speak.”

  “What was that about?”

  “Don’t worry about it. Why did you call?”

  “Fucking Qiao Rui is crazy! Didn’t you tell him I don’t like women?”

  “What happened? What did you do?”

  “I didn’t do anything man. The little chick was calling out for the nurse and she had left for an emergency. I went into the room and she was taking a bath and needed her clothes.”

  Morgan’s veins bulge in his neck and he tightens his grip on the phone.“You saw Feng LiMei naked?” For some unknown reason Morgan is getting angry at the thought.

  “Fuck no! The little girl was in the bathroom and reached out her hand.Seriously man, the door was only open a fucking crack. Qiao Rui came into the room and he saw me with her clothes and her hand on mine. Before I could react and explain he came flying towards me. Dude, he looked like an Asura from Hell as he grabbed her clothes then growled, “Get the hell out!”  He rubs his jaw, I am not going to say I wasn’t able to block his fist.

  Morgan lights a cigarette, “ Goddammit! Didn’t I warn you he is extremely possessive of Feng LiMei! Did he fucking fire your ass?” I can’t go back to Paris.

  “I was going to say fuck it and leave then I remembered the $50,000. So I waited outside the room and apologized. I told him that I am gay. He calmed down and reminded me to keep my distance from Feng LiMei.”

  “Keep that in mind.” He hangs up and opens the door of his Land Rover when he parks at a convenience store. He throws his empty pack of cigarettes into the trash. Qiao Rui really is crazy when it comes to the little chick. 

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