Jealous of Morgan

This chapter is for 18 +

    LiMei is mentally exhausted from the inner turmoil going on in her mind and doesn’t wake up while Rui tenderly bathes her in the warm medicinal bath. When he finishes he wraps her delicate body in a towel. Grabbing the ointment from the bathroom counter he hugs her to the bed. After he applies the ointment to the red love bites scattered on her snow white skin he gazes at her beautiful face. Baby, I am bewitched by your beauty when we make love, I can’t resist marking your sweet body. You are mine.. You can only be mine in this life… He gently kisses her red and swollen lips, then gets the hair dryer from the bathroom. After he dries her long black hair he puts a sheer pink nightgown on LiMei.

   Downstairs Morgan comes out of the bathroom after a long cold shower drying the water dripping down his muscular body with a white towel. He has calmed down considerably but still can’t completely get LiMei out of his head. He has always been a very decisive person and realizes to achieve his goal he needs a plan. Morgan looks at his watch on the nightstand we are leaving at six o’clock for Pushong City what should I do? He dries his ink black hair while considering how he should proceed.

Qiao Rui said Feng LiMei would be admitted to the hospital for tests, that controlling prick won’t allow anyone in her hospital room I’m sure. Maybe I should use that time to go to Catang City. I can check out the company and also consult with Wang Yi about her split personality. I want LingLing to surface but I don’t want Feng LiMei to suffer any serious complications.

   He puts on a black shirt. While zipping up his black pants he recalls the obscene sounds coming from LiMei in the backseat on the way to the villa. He begins to get hard… Dammit! He quickly shifts his focus formulating a plan to take LiMei away from Qiao Rui. Morgan sits on the edge of the bed and makes a call to a mercenary he has worked with in the past. Wu Pei only likes men, I don’t need to worry about him guarding Feng LiMei. Morgan thinks he would be the best person for the job. He is actually overqualified. Wu Pei has worked for Rene in the past so Hak Byung-soo should know him. There should be no reason for Qiao Rui to object. 

  Wu Pei is in a luxury hotel in Shanghai getting drunk and enjoying his first piece of fresh meat in a month. He mutters, “Fuck!” when he hears his phone on the nightstand ringing, interrupting his fun. It could be that bastard Malouf. He motions to the slim feminine naked man lying on the bed next to him to hand the phone to him. He sees the caller is Lin Morgan. What the hell does he want?

      “Lin Morgan.. It has been awhile.” He sits up and lights a cigar.  Wu Pei spreads his muscular legs and the young man coyly smiles showing his perfect white teeth then kneels on the floor. 

   Morgan puts on the low key but very expensive watch. “I heard you finished the job in Seoul and are back in Shanghai. Are you working now?”

     “ Why?” 

   “I’m going to recommend you to the man I am working for at the moment as a bodyguard. It will be for a week, the pay is good but I will compensate you also. I know you don’t usually take simple bodyguard jobs.” 

   “I don’t know man, I am heading to Bali for a month with a friend.” He puts his large palm on the blonde man’s head who is between his thighs. “I got plenty of money, I need to chill.”

  “Do I need to remind you about Zambia?”

  When Morgan says this Wu Pei’s rough looking face instantly pales. He pushes the young man away and growls, “Get out.”

   Shocked by Wu Pei’s sudden terrifying aura the male prostitute hurriedly grabs his clothes and leaves the luxury suite. Naked standing in the hallway he quickly pulls on his pants cursing Wu Pei. He wipes his mouth, fucking asshole!  After he puts on his pink ruffled shirt and shoes he heads for the elevator while dialing the woman who sent him to service Wu Pei.

  Wu Pei looks down at his little brother that is now soft. True if fucking Morgan didn’t save my ass I wouldn’t have Little Pei. He shivers thinking about being tortured by that sick motherf*****r he  met in a bar in Lusaka. Who knew the pretty delicate Young Master was such a perverted sadist. The little shit was angry at his family for forcing him to work in their Zambian office and vented his anger on unsuspecting men he picked up at gay bars. He drugged them and had his bodyguards take the men to his ‘special’ room at his mansion outside the city. Although Wu Pei was able to exact his revenge then kill the disgusting pervert he still has flashbacks. The humiliating torture I endured was worse than anything I experienced on my many missions. “Give me the details.”

   Morgan explains the situation then says, “ I will call you back shortly.”

   Upstairs in the Master bedroom after his shower Rui lays on the bed behind LiMei. Resting his head on his elbow he watches her lush black eyelashes fluttering while she sleeps, so cute! He touches the tip of her small nose then he has a faint smile gazing at her pouty pink lips. He gently kisses LiMei , unable to resist temptation he pulls her petite body closer then tightly wraps his strong arms around her thin waist. Uneasy because of his jealous thoughts about LiMei being attracted to Morgan he whispers in LiMei’s ear, “Baby, you can only have me in your eyes…only me.” He kisses her tender earlobe, his voice trembles slightly thinking about losing LiMei, “ I love you so much..” I wish I could keep you hidden away so no other man could look at you.

   Rui is mesmerized by her delicate oval face. You are perfect.. He takes her small soft hand in his and plays with her slender fingers. He touches his mother’s ring on her finger. You need to marry me LiMei. He twirls a strand of her hair and puts it under his nose. Inhaling the refreshing scent of jasmine that only belongs to his beloved woman a burst of heat quickly runs through his body. Rui’s heartbeat quickens wanting to make love to LiMei. When LiMei instinctively snuggles into his arms like a small kitten his body reacts as she rubs against his lower abdomen while getting comfortable.

Rui hurriedly takes off the towel around his waist tossing it onto the floor by the bed. His hardness presses against LiMei’s bottom that is only covered by the thin pink nightgown. His hand reaches up from around her waist caressing her soft breast under the nightgown. Toying with her erect bud with his fingers stimulates LiMei, she moans in her sleep and Rui lips curl up into a satisfied smile. My little girl is so sensitive.

He lifts up her long black hair and kisses the back of her swan like neck then sucks on her earlobe. Rui knows LiMei always gets aroused when he nibbles on her ear. She quivers from his touch and he lifts her nightgown revealing her round snow white cheeks. He rubs and squeezes her tofu like skin and his breathing becomes unstable. He inserts his finger between her flower petals finding her tight entrance, haha so wet already.. He slowly enters LiMei with his throbbing erection, gently moving inside of LiMei as her walls tighten around him. He groans in pleasure as her nectar drips down his pillar onto her slender thighs as he hits her sensitive spot. Damm..I want to fuck her tight little p*ssy so hard and deep but I don’t want LiMei to wake up.

He restrains the urge to plunge into her depths continuing to thrust in and out slowly while his thumb rubs across her swollen nub. LiMei awakens from the strong waves of intense heat suddenly running through her body. When Rui sees she is awake he changes position and eagerly lifts up her round ass . Holding onto her slim hips he begins to pound into her tight little flower hole. LiMei’s seductive soft voice sounds breathless and excites Rui as she moans in pleasure ,”Ahh..too deep..too big..Ahhh.”

   Listening to her soft cries pleading for mercy brings out Rui’s inner demon. He wants to make LiMei addicted to the ecstasy he can give her while having sex.“Too deep? ..Baby your hungry little hole is sucking in my c*ck. ” He controls his movements, teasing her with shallow thrusts, “Well then..if you don’t want.. I will..”

   LiMei’s face is crimson red from the intense pleasure, she makes obscene noises as her small hands clutch the sheets, “Ruiiii! Ummm.. Don’t stop…so itchy…pleeease… want it…WANT..Ahhh.”

   Rui has a devilish gleam in his dark eyes, “Say my name again..”

He slaps her bottom leaving a large red handprint punishing her because he saw LiMei looking at Morgan..

   LiMei is experiencing both extremes.. pleasure and pain, “RUIII! RUII! AHHH…HURTS!”

“I should stop then…” He pulls out his thick shaft then teases LiMei only rubbing the tip of his hard pillar on her entrance.

“NO! NO! DON’T STOP..I.. I.. PLEEEASE…” She wiggles her bottom, PUT… BACK IN..HURRY!

   He listens to LiMei begging him and slaps her tender skin again as he thrusts deeper, his voice sounds low and sexy, “Hmmm..Give it to my naughty little baby then..” His thick throbbing erection fills LiMei up and she whimpers. Her kittenish moans always drive Rui to the heights of ecstasy. His heart is racing as he leans down putting his large hands on her tender breasts molding and squeezing. Touching her breasts while thrusting deeply inside LiMei sends an indescribable rush of fiery heat surging through his body. So fucking tight..

Suddenly the thought of LiMei with another man drives him crazy. I saw a flash of infatuation in her beautiful green eyes while looking at Morgan in the car. He stares at her with a scorching gaze while fiercely ramming into her tight tunnel, sweat dripping down his chest. Fueled by jealousy he finds the right angle to give her the most pleasure then increases his tempo making LiMei violently tremble as she claws at the black silk sheets. “AHHH! Ummm…”

Imagining LiMei being unfaithful, another man tasting this sweet little body that belongs to him…LiMei smiling at anyone other than him with her luscious pink mouth and sparkling green eyes.Rui momentarily becomes unhinged letting his mind be darkened by possessiveness and his desire to monopolize LiMei.

Panting heavily Rui’s voice is low, barely audible, he sounds possessive and insanely jealous as he runs his finger down her smooth back then uses his large hand to squeeze her ass , “Baby, your perfect little body is mine..your tight little pussy is mine…all of you is only mine..” If you look at another man I will lock you up like a canary and kill the man.

Before he sinks into madness he reassures himself watching LiMei’s body shudder uncontrollably as her flower cave swallows his entire length, only I know how to please you Baby.. where your seductive body is the most sensitive. Rui increases pressure while pinching her erect bud as he ruthlessly moves inside of LiMei. Honey is pouring out onto the crumpled silk sheets as LiMei climaxes again. LiMei’s mind is muddled from the intensity of his thrusts, she feels dizzy. “RUIII…SOOO BIG..TOO BIG…MMMM..”

  LiMei’s lewd sounds and breathless voice excites Rui he growls, “Baby..NNGH..URGGH..” Rui’s throat is dry and his voice sounds hoarse, “Can’t stop..Baby, your greedy little hole won’t let me stop..” He is like a savage beast devouring his prey as he torments her body with his huge pillar hitting her cervix.

    When she reaches the peak of desire she screams out, “RUIIII! RUIII!” LiMei’s body is flushed red and she is soaring into the clouds as Rui expertly manipulates her body.

Rui’s dark eyes are blazing with a red tinge consumed with paranoid possessiveness, “Tell me you love me LiMei..” as he pounds into the same spot over and over leaving LiMei muddleheaded.

LiMei’s body quivers uncontrollably and she feels dizzy from the overwhelmingly intense sensation. “AHHHH!!!! RUIIIII!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! LOVE YOU!!! ONLY YOU!!! UMMMMM…”

   Satisfied, Rui’s heart is beating wildly as he plunges deep into her slick tunnel again. LiMei’s sensitive body has been stimulated to the extreme from Rui’s insatiable lust and she blacks out with her head in the pillow.. He growls like a wild beast as he releases his essence deep inside of LiMei, “NNNGHH…Baby… so fucking good..” Rui grabs her wet mound then licks her sweet honey from each of his fingers “This delicious pussy is only for me…”

Rui turns LiMei over onto her back, holding her tightly to him while gently wiping the sweat from her forehead. He brushes her tangled damp hair off her cheeks and chuckles as he wipes the drool from the corner of her mouth. “Baby, you are so beautiful…” He embraces LiMei, pressing her spent body against him not leaving a gap between their bare bodies. “I will never let you go.”

Morgan pulls on his black boots and walks out of his room to speak to Rui. He passes Hak Byung-soo in the hallway but doesn’t say anything. He walks up the stairs to the Master bedroom and knocks on the door. Rui has just finished showering and is wrapped in a towel walking to the closet. When he hears someone knocking on the door he frowns, he doesn’t want LiMei to wake up. Opening the door he sees Morgan, he furrows his eyebrows and steps outside leaving the door ajar, “What is so urgent it couldn’t wait until we are leaving?”

  Morgan apologizes, “Sorry, I need to speak with you immediately. I have something I need to do in Catang City that can’t be delayed. It will take a week, I found a replacement his name is Wu Pei, he can meet you in Pushong City. He is extremely skilled and reliable. Rene is familiar with his work so you can verify his qualifications with him.”

  Rui thinks that will be good. It will give LiMei time to forget Morgan’s heroics while saving her from the kidnappers. “If Rene vouches for the man I am fine with you taking a leave.”

 “I will confirm with Wu Pei. Should I have him meet you at your hospital? I will wait until he arrives before I leave.”

 “ Yes.  I am taking Feng LiMei directly to the hospital. Anything else?”

   “No.” Because Rui hasn’t closed the bedroom door completely Morgan can see LiMei wearing a thin pink nightgown sprawled on the messy bed as he speaks with Rui. Her long black hair is tangled spread across the pillow and her face is flushed. Even with a quick glance I can see the red marks on her jadelike skin. He acts as though he doesn’t see anything not showing any emotion on his face but inside his emotions are in turmoil.

   Rui goes back inside of the room. He impulsively left the door open to test Morgan. He wanted to see if he had any reaction upon seeing LiMei’s appearance. He is relieved that Morgan remained his usual emotionless self. If he showed any interest I would have to deal with him. LiMei is my woman.

   Morgan goes back to his room and angrily hits the wall with his fist. Fuck! That arrogant bastard purposely left the door slightly open. He wanted me to witness the aftermath of him fucking Feng LiMei. I need to endure and find a way to eliminate Qiao Rui from Feng LiMei’s life. It will be good to distance myself until I can get a plan in place, otherwise I’m not sure what I might do. 



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  1. Morgan’s starting to remind me of a maniac. It will be a pity if he turns from a positive guy into a villain.


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