VIP Room

     They arrive in Pushong City, LiMei is sleeping so Rui carries her to a Silver Rolls Royce Phantom. He turns to the bodyguards, “Morgan, you and Hak Byung-soo follow us to the hospital, Cheng take the luggage to my villa. I informed my brother you would be coming. Be very careful with the Tianshu Dragon Sword.” I have to fulfill my agreement with Gunnar Hedwig, find the rare herbs I need  to cure his mother of the Gu poison.

   Rui tells his driver to go to his hospital. LiMei is lying on his lap, he smoothes her hair then touches between her eyebrows. She had another headache on the plane. LiMei denied it but Rui could see by her pale complexion and tense expression she was hiding from him. He wants to find out if the reason is physical or from mental stress and trauma. He called Dr. Woo to meet them at the hospital. Knowing LiMei has secrets that could endanger her life, he doesn’t trust any of the psychiatrists on staff.

   He called ahead and had a VIP room prepared for LiMei so they could go directly to the room. LiMei stirs in his arms and blinks a few times, feeling disoriented. The last thing she remembers is being on the plane resting in the cabin. She slowly opens her blurry eyes, “Rui… we are in Pushong?” 

  “Yes. We are on the way to the hospital”

   She rubs her eyes and looks up at him, “I don’t want to go to the hospital. I want to go to my apartment.”

   He has a determined look on his face, “No. I won’t feel comfortable until I give you a full examination.”

   LiMei pouts and puffs out her cheeks, “Rui! I said I am fine!” I want to relax in my own space. I need to figure out what is going on with me. I don’t want Rui to know that I am having weird flashbacks and disturbing strange voices in my head. He will think I am crazy!

  He caresses her cheek, “Baby, you aren’t fine. I know you didn’t want to tell me on the plane but you had another headache didn’t you? It will only be two days at the most to run the tests.”

   LiMei tries to think of something to change his mind “But..” Rui stops her, “Be a good girl.” He lifts her chin, “You don’t want me to worry do you?”

  “Okay, two days but no more.”

   He lightly kisses her pink lips and embraces her tighter in his arms, “Two days.” I also want a gynecologist to check and see if you are pregnant and if not why. 

   The driver pulls up to the VIP entrance in the back of the hospital so they can enter unnoticed. Rui picks LiMei up and she squirms in his arms, “Rui I can walk! Your staff might wonder who I am.”

  He doesn’t let her go, “You are my girlfriend.”

  “No Rui! It hasn’t been that long since the scandal with Wang Rebecca. I don’t want people staring at me and gossiping.”

   “Who would dare. This is my hospital…do you think they want to lose their jobs? This is a private entrance, no one will see us.”

  LiMei knows Rui does what he wants so she pulls up her jacket covering her face and buries her head in his chest. He kisses the top of her head, “Silly girl, I said no one will see us.”

   LiMei’s voice is muffled by the jacket , Not taking a chance.”

  Rui starts laughing, “You are going to be my wife. Are you still going to hide then too?

  She pops her head out from the jacket, looking up at him with wide eyes, “What did you say?”

  He kisses LiMei then his voice is domineering, “Baby, you heard me. I’m not waiting any longer, I want you to be my wife.”

     LiMei doesn’t answer as they enter the back door, putting her head back under the jacket she snuggles back into his embrace. LiMei’s heart skips a beat, I want to be with Rui always, but for some reason I feel I can’t.

    Morgan and Hak Byung-soo are a short distance away and can hear Rui. Morgan kicks  a metal trash can and it flies across the parking lot. I never thought he intended to marry Feng LiMei! I need to find a soon as possible! Hak Byung-soo watches the heavy trash can barely miss their black SUV, “I told you to give it up..If he is serious about marrying Feng LiMei you are shit out of luck. What woman would trade being Mrs.Billionaire Qiao Rui to be Mrs.Poor Bodyguard.”

   Morgan angrily grabs him by the collar then abruptly lets him go without saying anything. He takes long strides towards the hospital entrance followed by Hak Byung-soo who is shaking his head, Brother you don’t have a chance in hell.

  The four of them enter Rui’s private elevator. Once they are on the 10th floor of the hospital he carries her to the new Holistic Healing Wing. It is unoccupied waiting for the opening ceremony scheduled next month. “You are the only patient on this floor so you don’t need to worry. I had Bai Chiyu assign a few trusted nurses.So you feel at ease one is the woman you liked when you were a patient before, Nurse Ding.”

   She hugs his waist,“Really? You remembered? You are so very thoughtfu!” 

  He touches the tip of her nose with his finger, only to you..“Will you cooperate then?”

  LiMei smiles up at him acting coquettish as she holds onto his jacket , “Well, will you stay here with me?”

  He kisses her lips then teases LiMei, “This new wing is designed for families to visit. Each of the VIP rooms has an extra living area and bedroom.”

 ???? I meant to sleep with me. 

  Rui sees her pouting, she always scrunches up her little  nose and puffs out her cheeks, so he whispers in her ear, “The patient’s beds are also quite comfortable and roomy.”

  LiMei blushes, “I think you could stay in the extra bedroom.”

  They arrive at the VIP room. Rui tells Morgan and Hak Byung -soo to wait outside.”Don’t let anyone enter.”

He locks the door then carries LiMei to the bed.He leans his body down on top of her and has a mischievous gleam in his eyes, “Baby, do you really want me to sleep in the extra bedroom?”

   LiMei puts her arms around his neck, “Well…convince me to change my mind.”

   Rui laughs and kisses her half parted lips inserting his tongue into her mouth he kisses her until they are breathless, “I will do my best.” He takes off her jacket and unbuttons the first two buttons of her blouse exposing her lace bra as LiMei unbuckles his belt. She is unzipping his pants when there is a knock at the door. LIMei pushes him away and he grimaces, “Ignore it.” He continues to unbutton her blouse and LiMei protests,”Stop. Maybe it is a nurse or a doctor.”

   He kisses LiMei then gets off the bed, “I’m going to get rid of whoever it is.” He zips up his pants and buckles his belt walking to the door. LiMei quickly buttons up her blue silk blouse.

   He unlocks the door, his voice reflects his annoyance, “I said I didn’t want to be disturbed.”

   Dr. Woo and Xinghi are standing there, they have been anxiously waiting for LiMei to arrive from Paris. Xinghi gives Rui an icy look, I want to see my little Daiyu now. Rui motions for them to move away from his bodyguards. “She has memory loss and she won’t recognize you. She has no idea she is Subject 456 or what that means.”

  “I want to see for myself.”

   Rui knows he can’t argue with Xinghi, “Fine. Then we need to go to my office and talk.”

   Rui opens the door and LiMei is sitting on the couch, “LiMei, you remember Dr. Woo don’t you? We visited the TCM clinic he runs.”

   LiMei smiles brightly, “Of course I remember then we went to that awesome Thai restaurant.” She stares blankly at Xinghi, and the three men can clearly see she doesn’t recognize him. Xinghi says, “I am Dr. Huang, a neurologist. I will be examining you tomorrow.”

   She stands up and politely bows, “Oh, well nice to meet you.”

   Rui tells LiMei, “I need to discuss a few things with them in my office. It won’t be too long. If you need anything, press the button by the bed.”

   The three men leave and LiMei sits back down on the couch, Dr. Huang? Why does he seem familiar? He looks so distinguished… I’m sure I would remember such a handsome older man. His aura is very strong. LiMei’s head starts pounding as both LingLing and Qin Daiyu battle inside of her mind. LingLing knows those two men are bad news for her existence. Qin Daiyu is excited to see them. She wants to come back and leave Pushong City with the Golden Dragon.  LiMei’s subconscious is actively suppressing Qin Daiyu so she can be Feng LiMei and forget her unhappy past. Qin Daiyu is considerably  weaker than LingLing who is a new entity that LiMei’s psyche barely recognizes.

  LiMei can hardly stand the excruciating pain and she staggers into the table as she tries to get to the bed to call for a nurse. Morgan hears the noise as LiMei falls to the floor and rushes into the room. He picks her up and carries her to the bed, Morgan is about to push the button for the nurse when she grabs his hand.

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  1. Why did I think that was the case! Rui is awful 🤣 and Black Sky is terrible but at least they considered LiMei’s overall health, though for completely selfish reasons.


  2. …to forcibly keep LiMei with him…I swear, if LingLing just ups and beats the hell out of Rui for his plan, I’ll die laughing.


      1. I mean has he ever thought of that awkward moment when your kids ask, “‘hey dad, how did you convince mom to stay with you?’ ‘Well kids, I erased her memories and took away her birth control and locked her down before anyone else’…” I mean if that isn’t awkward idk what is.


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