Sara’s Heart Flutters

March 15th is a very special day for me. I met the amazing person who inspired me.❤ His adventurous stories and sense of humor made me find the writer hidden inside of me. I hope my loyal readers enjoy my stories..kira ❤

    A few hours later Li Tian and Sara return from lunch at his business associate, Qiao Rui’s chateau. They enjoyed a delicious and thoughtful lunch prepared by his girlfriend Feng LiMei. Li Tian was able to secure the land he needed for the Mega Mall Project and Sara enjoyed meeting Feng LiMei. Everything went smoothly until after dessert on the patio. Qiao Rui’s beautiful young girlfriend performed a Sword Dance with illusionary qualities then collapsed unconscious. Sara noticed Li Tian’s trepidation to get involved when they witnessed the harrowing scene of Qiao Rui attempting to revive Feng LiMei. 

  She is hesitant to ask Li Tian but when they arrive at his villa she can’t contain her curiosity asking, “CEO Li, you know martial arts right?”

   He walks over to the bar to pour a drink. “I do. Sara, it is best to forget what happened at Qiao Rui’s chateau.”

  “Of course I would respect their privacy. But I am very curious about something.”


   He hasn’t mentioned anything about the Tianshu Sword Dance and she wants to know if he saw and heard what she did.

  “Well, watching Feng LiMei dance I wanted to know if you saw the same illusionary grisly scene I did.” Sara heard ancient pipa and qin music. When Feng LiMei was dancing she saw a horrific sword battle where Feng LiMei killed dozens of black clothed men. Finally killing the last one her clothes splattered in the men’s blood. It was very realistic.


 “Could you hear the sound of a pipa then a thundering qin. Men screaming and wailing as they died?”

 “Could.” He finishes his glass of whisky slightly unnerved by Feng LiMei’s Sword Dance.

  “How do you explain it?”

  “Can’t.” He really has no idea of how to explain what they witnessed. Li Tian believes in mysticism after being trained by a Master but he has never actually seen any metaphysical phenomenon. He knows his aura is very dark and Sara’s bright warm aura balances him and calms his turbulent qi… but to actually see something like a strange vision no..he has never. When a Black Dragon flew out from the hilt of the Tianshu Black Dragon Sword he could feel a cold wind sweep over him from its expansive wings as it circled the cliff. The eerie feeling gave him a chill down his spine.

  Sara can sense people’s auras and if something triggers her ability she has fortune telling  capabilities so she is very open to the metaphysical world. But, what she felt and saw was extremely disturbing. When I get back to Catang City I want to discuss the Tianshu Sword Dance with  Grandmother. She knows a knowledgeable Buddhist monk at the Yunshu Temple.

 “CEO Li..Umm..well nevermind.”

 “Song Sara, I will give a little advice. Do not befriend Feng LiMei. I saw you were getting along well with the woman at the chateau but in the future avoid contact.”

  Sara never saw any darkness surrounding Feng LiMei even when she was dancing in that horrific illusion which is why she is more confused. She had a golden aura as she collapsed onto the cherry blossom covered ground after the Sword Dance. After that comment she doesn’t want to say she asked LiMei to attend the Jewelry Competition.

  “I am going to make a cup of tea and rest until we need to leave for the Jewelry Competition.”

   “That is a good idea. The stylist will be here at six.”

   After Sara walks to the kitchen Li Tian calls Yang James, “Find out all the information you can about a woman named Feng LiMei. Also the Tianshu Black Dragon Sword.”

  “Didn’t you get that black sword to exchange for the land?”

  “Done. I thought Qiao Rui wanted it because he collects that type of shit. But now I am not so sure.”

   “Will do. Also while you are on the phone I wanted to tell you all the retail space and condos have been sold out at the Waterfront Towers. When you get back did you want to hold the opening ceremony.”

  “All sold?”

  “Every one and I held the space you told me not to sell. It got pushed through the zoning board as you expected after you reined in the Long Family.”

  Li Tian finishes his drink, “Yang James do you believe in metaphysics?”



  “You are asking the wrong person…haha…Don’t you remember I told you about my maternal grandmother and her brothers. They were well known exorcists in Shenshuan.”

  “You didn’t answer, do you believe.”

   “I went with my Great Uncle Ru when I was ten to exorcise a woman ghost from a newlywed’s home. I have never been so terrified in my life. More so than when I was in the Army facing the enemy.” Yang James takes off his gold rimmed glasses and leans back in his chair. ” Great Uncle Ru was supposed to train me but I ran into the woods when he started chanting and putting talismans inside the house and the room had an spooky feeling. Scared shitless I hid behind a rock when and… I am not fucking with you Boss I saw my Uncle thrown out of the house and float in the air. I pissed my pants and started crying.” Now it seems ridiculous but I was fucking ten. “Then I heard a gentle woman’s voice whispering, “Don’t cry little boy. When my husband returns from the war we…” Then I heard the woman’s shrill scream as my Uncle approached chanting and throwing a yellow talisman in the direction of the voice..  I fainted and later my Great Uncle was laughing telling my mother I had no talent. I was afraid of a third level ghost and peed my pants. The old fart still taunts me whenever we have a New Year’s gathering.”

   “So you do believe?”


  “Okay. Get the information I asked and send me an email. As far as the Waterfront Tower opening, find an auspicious day.”

  “Will do.” Auspicious day? When did the Boss ever…what the hell happened in Paris…

  Li Tian hangs up and sits down on the couch crossing his legs. He leans his head back then closes his eyes thinking about Song Sara. His phone rings when he answers he says, Julien.”

  “The Midnight Lover’s Necklace is repaired. I will bring it to the Competition and meet you there at eight.”

  “Julien the judges that were bribed have been exposed and the Competiton will be fair. I know you have been striving for this prize and I think it is within your grasp.”

  “Thank you Tian for your support. If I win it will not only benefit me but it will open the door for LTJ to move into the American market.”

  “I had my men in New York find a suitable store to renovate for a Spring Opening.”

  Julien smiles having Li Tian as a powerful backer has helped him establish himself as a well known young jewelry designer. “ Tian, your confidence in me is well..very much appreciated.”

  “It was my pleasure to thwart that bastard Phillipe’s attempt to ensure his son Albert’s victory. Besides the fact I think you will win on your own merit even without those men’s votes, I hate men who stoop to cheating to win.”

  “Did Miss Song decide on a dress?”

  “Yes. I think it will compliment the necklace well without distracting the judges.”

  “Then we will see you at the Etienne Hotel at is in the Versailles room correct?”


  Sara took a shower then fell  asleep.  She is awakened by a knocking sound. Slowly getting up she stretches then slowy walks to the bedroom door, “Yes?”

  “Miss Song, my name is Brittany Brimmette, I am here to dress you for the event.”

“ Oh.” She rubs her eyes, is it six o’clock already? It feels like I just barely fell asleep. She opens the door and a pretty young woman walks in holding a dress followed by another older woman with a makeup case.

  Sara is half asleep as they dress her and put on delicate makeup. When they finish she is happy with the result the light blue beaded gown has an elegant fishtail and a beautiful simple design. The heart shaped bodice is not too low  but will showcase the necklace. The waist is snug and the slit on the side only exposes my calf. After the hairstylist fixes Sara’s hair she puts a sparkling diamond clip on the side sweeping up half the curled black hair hanging to her waist. The woman says, “You have beautiful silky hair Miss Song.”

  “Thank you.”

   She smiles brightly at the stylist when she stands and looks in the full length mirror. “I like it!”

“Miss Song, you are very lucky to wear this dress, CEO Li had it designed specifically for you by Chloe as a rush job. The CEO is not only incredibly handsome and powerful but so considerate. I have admired CEO Li for a long time, I used to work for him at LTJ Paris. He always appeared so unreachable and aloof when he would come to the store. I had no idea he could be this thoughtful. Li Tian is definitely a woman’s dream man. Haha..”

  “,…”  CEO Li had this amazing dress made especially for for me? Sara looks at how the incredibly beautiful dress fits her perfectly and her heart flutters.

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  1. Haha..he doesn’t like to be in the he wonders about why Qiao Rui wants the sword. Not to mention as a martial arts practitioner about Feng LiMei ..he is intrigued.😳


    1. Yeah with her memory loss, she doesn’t give off that feeling, and during her sword dance she was possessed by something otherworldly just about!


  2. Yeah.. I think all women possess many different traits inside. Today I celebrate that fact.haha.. LiMei enjoys being with Rui and pleasing him. This could be part of the reason her mind is suppressing her abilities. But the Sword Dance is only the beginning of changes..


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