LiMei Collapses

   The pink cherry blossoms above LiMei come cascading down as she triumphantly swings the glowing sword finishing the Sword Dance. 

    Everyone watching is in a daze trying to comprehend the inexplicable visions  created by LiMei’s —-Sword Dance LiMei breathlessly collapses to the ground into a sea of cherry blossoms.

    Rui’s reaction is the quickest he moves like the wind to her side, panic coloring his handsome face. Sara hurries into the kitchen to get some water for LiMei. Sara moves past Li Tian with the glass of water but he grabs her arm, “Don’t get involved.” Sara glares at him but he doesn’t let go of her arm. “ I said Don’t.” Li Tian intently focuses on Rui and LiMei as he lights a cigarette. The girl must have high level martial arts skill to perform that illusionary sword dance. She might have damaged her qi from the intensity. If she dies because I asked her to perform the sword dance that could be very troublesome.  He exhales and  a trail of smoke rises in the air. Sara heeds his warning because of the worried expression in his eyes and stands next to him praying LiMei will wake up.

    Outside the common room Morgan has taken two long strides forward to rush towards LiMei when Hak Byung-soo seals his accupoint so he can’t move. Brother are you completely stupid?! The chick could die. Do you want to be anywhere near Qiao Rui if she does? Hak Byung-soo saw LiMei’s life force diminishing at the end of the sword dance. The other guards are rendered speechless by the Boss’ terrifying aura and strong momentum. Fuck! The Boss will go insane if his woman doesn’t wake up! The common thread being everyone is very worried about LiMei’s condition after her extraordinary and mind blowing performance. The reasons for the concern is as varied as the people watching the dramatic scene on the cherry blossom covered grass.

  Rui holds LiMei in his arms, his eyes darker than a moonless night as he tenderly wipes off the black blood trickling out the corner of her small mouth with his finger.  LiMei’s pulse is chaotic and she might have suffered some internal bleeding from being inside the murderous dreamlike state.He frantically kisses her pale face from her eyebrows down to her soft lips as his heart pounds in his chest. Begging his most beloved woman to wake up as he brushes her tangled hair drenched in sweat, “LiMei Baby..wake up..wake up.” He can feel her pulse is weak and her breathing is shallow. 

  Overcome by a feeling of helplessness and in a state of shock he can feel his world crashing down around him he channels his internal energy into LiMei.He places his hand on her heart then moves it over her body desperately trying to replenish her qi. She still remains motionless as he hugs her tighter to his chest, a ball of fire burning in his heart He encircles her frail body with his arms as he continues to whisper in her ear, “I love you..I love you..don’t leave me Baby..please don’t leave me..” He kisses her hair like a crazy man as tears form in his pitch black eyes. 

   A few strands of ink black hair messily hang on his forehead covered in cold sweat as he leans over LiMei’s flawless face without a hint of color. His long black eyelashes are wet. No one watching can see the desolate look on Rui’s face as his warm teardrops fall onto her cheek. Rui’s strong broad shoulders are slightly trembling as he nestles her body into his chest.”You have to stay with me…circulate your qi…come back.. you can do it.. I know you can do it..please..”  His only hope is that Dr. Woo’s regenerative enhancement will help her circulate her qi allowing the internal energy he gave LiMei to revive her weakening heart.  

    LiMei’s body slowly responds to Rui’s warm energy spreading through her body, stabilizing her turbulent qi. Her body’s regenerative ability kicks in as Rui predicted it might, repairing the  cellular damage she suffered. LiMei flutters her butterfly like eyelashes then opens her blurry eyes touching Rui’s cheek. She gazes at Rui’s handsome face stained with tears and his red rimmed eyes, her voice sounds soft as she tenderly caresses his cheek, “Rui..why are you crying?” The last thing she remembers is dancing happily.

  Rui hugs LiMei’s frail body tighter into his embrace, “Baby..Baby..”

  LiMei looks up at his forlorn expression, “I’m okay..really…I..I just got carried away while I was dancing then fainted. Probably too much wine..haha.”

  He lifts her chin then gently kisses her lips hungrily wanting to taste her sweetness to know she is really still with him.

   After kissing her like a man who has come unglued he realizes he should take LiMei inside and examine her. He lifts her up into his arms and steps out of the cherry blossoms scattered on the grass.

  Sara breathes a sigh of relief as Rui carries LiMei past them into the house. LiMei is awake and hitting his chest with her hand telling him to put her down. 

   Rui lays her on the couch then checks her pulse. It is normal. “Kang Mingshun, bring me my medicine bag.”

   LiMei’s face turns red when she sees Song Sara and Li Tian walk into the living room. She sits up then whispers to Rui, “Rui! I am fine! Please!” How embarrassing! 

   Sara hands LiMei the glass of water she is holding, “Feng LiMei you should let Dr. Qiao check you out. He was very worried when you collapsed. We all were.”

   LiMei takes a sip of the water. She apologizes, “I’m sorry my Sword Dance was disappointing.” Why did I drink all that darn wine first! 

   “Really Feng LiMei your sword dance was amazing!” It was the most mystical dance I have ever seen!

  Rui walks over to Li Tian who has been observing from the side. “Li Tian I don’t think I need to tell you what you and Song Sara witnessed…” Li Tian interrupts, “We had a delicious lunch and conducted our business.”

  Li Tian picks up his briefcase with the deed to the land for the Mega Mall Project then turns to Song Sara who is talking to LiMei, “Let’s go.”

   Song Sara says goodbye to LiMei then bows towards Qiao Rui, “Thank you for your hospitality CEO Qiao.” then meekly follows behind Li Tian. She could feel the tension between the two men and both of their auras were dark.

   Kang Mingshun hands Rui the medicine bag and Rui sits on the edge of the couch to examine LiMei. She tries to refuse saying she feels fine but he insists. “Baby, you really scared me. I need to check your vitals.”

  LiMei thinks Song Sara was being polite when she said the sword dance was good.” Umm can tell me the truth was my dancing okay?” She doesn’t want Rui to be embarrassed in front of Li Tian and Song Sara because of her poor skills.

  “Do you remember any of it?”

  “No.’ She sips the water, “ I remember I experienced a lot of emotions..haha..I was happy then sad.. hurt..angry.. very angry then I had a feeling of well.. it is hard to describe…”

  “Your Sword Dance was incredibly beautiful and very unforgettable.” He kisses LiMei then has a doting smile as he touches the tip of her small nose, “Like you.”

   LiMei smiles happily, exposing her two dimples, “Haha..did you like it?”

  “Very much.” 

   “Rui, earlier Song Sara admired my Pink Lotus Bracelet and said she is modeling the designer, Navarre’s entry tonight at a Jewelry Competition. Can we go? I would like to support her and I think it would be cool to meet the man who designed such an amazing bracelet.”

   He picks LiMei to go take a bath, “I will think about it if you rest.”

   After they take a bath Rui lays LiMei down on the soft bed. He has to restrain himself, I want to make love to LiMei but she needs to replenish her energy. He hands her a cup of mint herbal tea he had the cook bring up to the bedroom.“Drink this calming tea then sleep.”

   LiMei reaches her arms up, “Rest with me Rui.” She has a strange uneasy feeling and doesn’t want him to leave.

   Rui sits on the bed and brushes back loose wisps of black hair hanging down LiMei’s forehead. He has a mischievous smile,“Baby, if I stay I don’t think I will be able to just rest.” He touches his lips on her forehead with a feathery light kiss, “You expended too much internal energy during your sword dance, if you want to go to the Jewelry Competition you need to take a nap.” He tucks her into the covers then holds her small warm hand. He doesn’t want to tell her how frightening the ordeal was when she collapsed after the sword dance. She didn’t simply faint, she almost died. “Be a good girl.”

  LiMei reluctantly watches him leave the bedroom but even covered with the warm quilt she feels a cold chill through her body. She sits up and drinks the warm tea hesitant to fall asleep.

  Rui walks back downstairs going directly outside to where LiMei performed the dance. He picks up the Tianshu Black Dragon Sword that is lying in the midst of the cherry blossoms on the green grass. He carefully examines the hilt and the blade then shakes his head thinking about the illusion of LiMei riding the Black Dragon that flew out from the hilt of the sword. The Black ancient lettering…the cave opening…the mountain. The mountain seemed familiar to me. I think I saw it when I was at a mountain clinic while working for the Serpentine Syndicate. Rui sheaths the sword and is deep in thought as he goes into the house walking to the training room carrying the Tianshu Black Dragon Sword.


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    1. stopping Sara from hurrying over with the water. I think my fav part is Hak Byung-soo sealing Morgan’s acupoint.., “Brother are you stupid ?!?”


      1. Haha 😂 I was laughing, like Hak Byung-soo has the will to live and Morgan was ready to sacrifice all the other bodyguards trying to hide their presence!


      2. Yeah Hak Byung-soo studied martial arts under a Master so when he saw LiMei’s life force leaving her body he thought she was going to die..good thing she is Subject 456 haha..spoiler I think you will be happy badass LiMei returns soon but is she LiMei.. Qin Daiyu or the owner of the Tianshu sword Qin LingLing


    1. She was inside the illusion so it drained her internal energy because the Tianshu Sword is mystical and she has a connection to it. I don’t want to spoil but I hope you enjoy the following chapters.


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