LiMei’s Sword Dance

This is a bit of a fantastical chapter. I love the Jianghu and the legends surrounding the rivers and lakes so..LiMei’s Sword Dance is mystical .. I hope you enjoy!

   The four of them walked to the table, Rui took LiMei’s hand as she was about to sit in the chair next to him. He pulled her directly onto his lap and she blushed, shaking her head no as she pushed his chest with her tiny hands. LiMei’s voice sounded aggrieved as she scolded him in a low tone, “Don’t be a rascal!”

   Rui’s lips curl up as he lets her go so she can sit down. He chuckles at her flushed cheeks and her beautiful green eyes wide in embarrassment. LiMei sits with her back straight smiling bashfully at Li Tian and Sara as the cook brings in the dishes.

   Song Sara thinks LiMei is very sweet and wants to lighten the atmosphere, “Smells delicious, what kind of soup is that?”

  Rui has a touch of pride in his deep voice as he replies, “Ask Feng LiMei she cooked all the dishes.”

   Song Sara exclaims, “You like to cook?” Sara loves to bake also…she likes LiMei more and more.

  LiMei blushes shyly fluttering her curled black eyelashes, “I do. I hope you enjoy, these are simple dishes but I wanted to cook for Rui and you.”

  “Thank you.”

  “The soup is a nourishing Herbal Chicken Soup, my mother taught me the recipe. Rui has a medicinal herb garden so I picked some herbs this morning. I know travelling can be tiring, I added Dang Shen and Dang Gui. It has a little sweet taste from the honey dates I added.”

  Song Sara tastes the soup and her blue eyes light up. She nods her head in satisfaction. “Feng LiMei, the soup is absolutely delicious.” She can feel the fragrant chicken soup warming her stomach as she eats.

  Li Tian agrees, “Miss Feng the soup is quite delicious.”  He glances over at Rui who is feeding LiMei a spoonful of soup. Is this a fucking dog blood drama! What a fucking show off! Just wait until I tame Song Sara! I will invite the arrogant bastard to my mansion in Catang. I have seen Song Sara’s stupid blog… she can cook! 

  LiMei has been drinking wine and feels very relaxed around Sara. Li Tian is being amiable so she says, “Song Sara, I noticed you had your hand on your stomach earlier, try the Ginger Soy Fish, the ginger will help with your digestion. I usually make this dish for New Year’s but I thought since fish symbolizes great fortune and prosperity I would make it for our first meeting.”

  The  Ginger Soy Fish is pan seared, served with Ginger Sauce and white rice. The fish is flaky and the sauce has a mouthwatering flavor. The other dishes are also praised for their varied tastes and textures so LiMei is happy.

  The conversation during meal is very harmonious. Both men are satisfied with the business transaction and the women are getting along very well. When the meal comes to an end LiMei says, “I made Mango Pudding for dessert I thought we could sit outside and enjoy the garden if you would like. The cherry blossom trees and the flowers are very beautiful right now.” 

  Li Tian can see Song Sara is enjoying spending time with Feng LiMei so he decides to be indulgent. He had planned on leaving directly after the meal but isn’t having a bad time. Song Sara has paid more attention to him today than usual even putting food onto his plate. “We have time. Feng LiMei, I heard you mention a Sword Dance. Do you think you would honor us by dancing?”

  LiMei’s eyes sparkle and she grabs Rui’s hand looking pleadingly into his deep dark eyes, “Could I? The Tianshu Dragon Sword is so beautiful!”

  ??? It is a plain black sword.

 “If you want.” He would like to see LiMei dance but he wishes it could be an audience of one..only him. 

  The cook comes to take away the dishes and LiMei asks, “Rui should we go out to the garden now?”

  Rui looks at LiMei’s excited expression and leans over and kisses her pink lips, “Whatever you want.”

  Song Sara stares at Rui with a soft gaze thinking he is so affectionate and sweet to Feng LiMei. Indulging her whim…praising her cooking…the way he looks at her adoringly. Han Bi told her when she said they were going to Qiao Rui’s chateaux for lunch that he is an arrogant bastard worse than Li Tian. Her friend Yan Katie went to his hospital for cosmetic surgery and he ridiculed her in front of her boyfriend. But Song Sara thinks there must be more to the story Qiao Rui doesn’t seem like a cruel person. His aura right now is very peaceful.

 Li Tian notices Song Sara admiring Rui and wishes he hadn’t said they would stay.

 Rui goes to the living room to get the sword and LiMei leads Li Tian and Song Sara outside. Song Sara sighs when she sees the beautiful ancient style garden. “I feel like I am in China.”

   LiMei smiles, “Rui designed the gardens himself. He comes to France to visit his brother Delun who attends a Culinary School in Paris. I think Delun lives in the dormitory during the week and here on the weekends . He has a Game Room upstairs that is pretty amazing.”

  Rui hears Game Room as he walks out and has a devilish grin remembering them making love there last night.

   The cook brings tea and the Mango Pudding in crystal cups placing the desserts on an ornate wrought iron table with a heavy glass top. LiMei walks over to Rui, “Wine?”

   Rui smiles looking at her glassy green eyes and flushed face. He pulls her over behind a large flowering bush then whispers in her ear as he squeezes her little butt.“Baby, we should send them off and you can dance naked for me upstairs.” LiMei giggles, “Rogue..”She takes his warm hand off her bottom.He hugs her tightly inhaling her sweet fragrance while kissing her sweet lips. LiMei opens her mouth letting his tongue twirl around inside her small mouth. When she is breathless he lets her go and takes her hand walking back to the patio.

  Rui tells the cook to bring out a bottle of 2006 Vidal-Fleury that would go well with the Mango dessert.

  LiMei sips the wine and stares at the sword eager to unsheath it. After they finish dessert Rui says, “Are you sure you want to dance?”


   LiMei picks up the Tianshu Black Dragon Sword and happily walks out to an open grassy space under several cherry blossom trees. The alluring sight is very picturesque. LiMei wearing the feminine pink silk qipao and the wide chiffon white pants swaying in the breeze under the lush pink blossoms. Her flawless face and the long black hair held up by the white jade hairpin then cascading down her slender back is stunningly beautiful. She looks like a fairy descended from heaven standing admist the beautiful vibrant flowers.LiMei’s innocent and pure appearance is in stark contrast with the lethal looking long sword black as obsidian.

She bends her head fluttering her eyelashes staring at the imposing black sword. LiMei’s jade like slender fingers tenderly caress the blade like a long lost lover. She slowly slides her fingers down the long sword then looks towards Rui. Smitten by how devastatingly seductive Li Mei looks while carressing the sword’s blade his eyes darken watching LiMei. Li Mei’s deep green eyes glimmer with golden flecks that look like small flames as she mentally prepares to dance.

  Rui’s heart beats uncontrollably thinking about his beloved woman preparing to dance regretting his acquiescence . He wants to get up and grab LiMei into his arms… tell her he forbids her to dance for anyone other than him. 

   LiMei takes a deep breath, closes her eyes envisioning the amazing woman, the true owner of the Tianshu Black Dragon Sword. A legend who was both an assassin and genius doctor of the Jianghu. Once she immerses her mind in the legendary world of rivers and lakes LiMei holds up the long black sword towards the white clouds drifting past in the bright blue sky.

After only a moment LiMei gracefully leaps into the air spinning around brandishing the black sword. The pink qipao hugs her chest and accentuates her tiny waist as the flowing white chiffon makes it appear as though she is on a billowy cloud. LiMei’s raven black waist length hair swirls around her lithe body as the Tainshu Black Dragon Sword slashes in wide strokes.She agilely wields the weapon while wantonly dancing. Decisively lunging forward then spinning in circles as the sword whirs through the air. The Tianshu sword responds to her momentum and appears to be a shimmering black blur in the blue sky as she leaps, rotating her slender body in the air. LiMei is like a delicate nymph flirting with the gods to the sound of an enchanting pipa.

Suddenly the harmonious lilting pipa merging then being overshadowed by the sound of an angry qin can be heard. The scene is changed to a cliff in front of a of a formidable mountain.

All three watching from the patio are mesmerized witnessing the scene. Morgan and Hak Byung-soo hear the qin music drifting through an open window in the common room. Curious the two men step outside to see who is playing an ancient song of the Jianghu. Morgan stands frozen watching LiMei’s seductive dance and Hak Byung-soo rubs his eyes not believing what he is seeing.

   Kang Mingshun and Cheng are standing at the far edge of the patio as are the two men who were guarding LiMei. They can’t take their eyes off the incredible dreamlike image. 

  All the people watching clearly hear the murderous sound of the qin but no one is playing an instrument. The scene in front of them is both terrifying and inexpicably beautiful at the same time. Men dressed in black are wailing as the ethereal beauty mercilessly cuts them down with her flashing black sword. The music becomes thunderous and the melody sucks the breath out of the spectators The clash of swords can be heard as the assassins she once considered her brothers strike from all angles. The beautiful woman evades the pursuers’ poisonous blades by spinning and attacking from behind. Like a wisp of smoke she reappears in front flashing a playful smile before sending them to meet Yama.

  LiMei bends her flexible body backwards as she dances with the Tianshu Dragon sword then slowly spins in circles. She looks like a fluttering diaphonous pink butterfly, but each graceful movement lands a lethal blow to her opponents. 

   The female Asura sweeps through the violent scene, crimson blood splattering on her clothes and snow white face. She descends from the sky in a rain of blood as she slices through the last assassin coveting her Tianshu Black Dragon Sword.

Lifting the sleek black sword dripping with blood to the heavens LiMei’s dazzling smile stuns the onlookers.The smile seems to hide a deep pain and sadness. The gentle innocent face at the beginning of the sword dance is now fierce and determined covered in the treacherous men’s blood. LiMei’s once clear and pure eyes are now cold and sharp after facing her enemies.

The Tianshu Black Dragon Sword vibrates and LiMei can barely hold onto the vibtating black sword exhausting the last of her internal energy as she grips it tightly. The qin’s melodious sound rises and the sound of drums can be heard as the pristine mountain quakes and opens a cave . A ferocious bone chilling roar can be heard as the Tianshu Black Dragon Sword reveals golden lettering down the blade and emits a blinding bright light.

The Black Dragon etched on the hilt vividly comes to life spreading his giant wings soaring into the sky then circles the cliff. LiMei leaps into the air and the Black Dragon swoops down allowing her to ride on his back as she hugs his thick neck. After circling the cliff The Black Dragon lands then reclines docilely beside LiMei.

    The cherry blossoms above LiMei come cascading down as she triumphantly swings the glowing sword finishing the awe inspiring Sword Dance. 

    Rui and the others are incredulous at the inexplicable visions created by LiMei’s Sword Dance. Everyone is in a daze trying to comprehend what they saw when a breathless LiMei collapses unconscious to the ground into a sea of pink cherry blossoms. 

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  1. Definitely.LiMei’s jade hairpin has a dragon laying next to woman carved on it. Who will rush to her first as she lays in the cherry blossoms? Rui? Morgan? or Song Sara? Haha


    1. Hmm 🤔 well Rui should be the mostly likely since he’s a doctor, but I’d like it to be Song Sara getting to LiMei first, and Morgan awkwardly going and Rui spotting him 🤣👏🏽


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