The sky is completely dark  when they reach the other side of the stream, Rui breathes a sigh of relief when he sees the wooden cabin not far away. Since the cabin is some distance from where the ambulance is parked he thinks the men pursuing them will concentrate the search on that side of the forest if they send a helicopter to locate them. Although the helicopter most likely will be equipped with night vision technology the cabin should be hidden by the towering trees surrounding it. 

     The cabin appears deserted but Rui doesn’t want to take any chances by carrying Li Mei directly to the door. “Li Mei, you can  get down now but I want you to hide behind those bushes while I check out the cabin.”

     She let’s go of his neck and unwraps her legs from around his waist sliding off his back. Standing next to him Li Mei wants to protest in case there is a problem she can help, but she realizes from Rui’s attitude most likely he does not know of her capabilities. She glances over the direction he is pointing, if I am behind those bushes  I still will be able to see what’s going on and if he needs me be there quickly. “All right, be careful.” 

   Rui waits until she is hidden behind the dense bushes then slowly approaches the cabin. He listens at the door to see if there is any activity inside.When he can’t hear any sounds he nods his head in satisfaction convinced the cabin is uninhabited. The door is locked so he gives it a kick. When the door flies open from the force of his kick he takes out his phone from his pocket to use the flashlight so he can see what the interior looks like. The furniture inside is covered with a thick layer of dust, it appears to be a fishing cabin, most likely not used recently.

   He quickly opens the door to bring Li Mei inside, to be met with the sight of her standing with her face pressed up against a window. He frowns,  “I thought I told you to wait behind the bushes.”

   Li Mei eyes widen as she effortlessly lies, “I was frightened by an animal howling.” 

   She looks so cute standing there in his suit coat he wants to hug her but he restrains himself. “Well, let’s get inside, it is dirty but at least it will be warm.”

    Li Mei  follows him into the cabin as he holds up the flashlight on his phone she notices a small fireplace. “I saw some firewood at the back of the cabin.We should light a fire so you can get warm. You’ll need to take those soaked pants off or you will get sick.”

   “…”  What was she doing at the back of the cabin? I told her specifically to stay behind the bushes! “We can’t light a fire. The smoke will alert the people following that we are in this cabin.”

  “Oh right I wasn’t thinking.”

      Rui walks over to the table where there is a kerosene lamp after he lights the wick he takes out his phone. “Li Mei sit on the chair I wiped off over there, after I try to make a call I’ll check your  injuries. I’m going to walk back down by the stream to get a signal away from the forest.”


    After he leaves Li Mei picks up the lamp and walks over to a cupboard hoping there are some  clothes inside. She shivers, besides the fact Qao Rui’s pants are wet, I am freezing cold wearing only this hospital gown and his jacket.When she opens the cupboard she is happily surprised to see some flannel shirts and athletic pants folded neatly next to a stack of blankets and towels. 

   Frustrated Rui comes back into the cabin, as expected he could not get a signal. Dammit! We’re going to have to spend the night in the cabin then try to evade the men pursuing us and reach the farm. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t get a signal we’re stuck here until it’s light, then we are going to need to walk to the farm I told you about.” 

   “Well, then that’s what we’re going to need to do. Right now I’m more worried about you in those wet clothes and I’m really cold.” She smiles excited because of her discovery. “I found these in a cupboard, at least we will be dry. There are some blankets also.”She hands him a red and blue flannel shirt and a pair of black sweatpants.  The  clothes might be a little small but at least we will be warm. 

  He takes the clothes from Li Mei thinking she is handling the situation well. He notices she is shivering, “You  change first.” Li Mei glances around the cabin for somewhere to change, Rui’s lips curl up in a faint smile at her shy xpression, to relieve her apprehension he says, “I saw a well out back, I’ll go get some water while you change.” 


   After he leaves she takes off his jacket and the hospital gown then puts on a man’s sweater and athletic pants. Li Mei pushes up the sleeves and giggles as she hangs his suit coat over a chair, the handsome guy is so unbelievably sweet… I wish he was my boyfriend hahaha.. but I’m sure  from observing  his behavior towards me he’s my target. If he was a member of the Black Sky he wouldn’t be so protective knowing I can take care of myself. No matter how good looking some of those men are they are heartless. She thinks about Kuang Bo and his ability to ruthlessly seduce women because of his unbelievably handsome face.He is selfish and cold hearted.While she waits for Rui to return she picks up a cloth and wipes off the table. While thinking about Rui she makes a decision , I’m going to probe him for answers about our relationship. 

   The cabin has a small kitchen area so she walks over carrying the small kerosene lamp. The kitchen is equipped with a wood-burning stove and in the cupboard are some pans, dishes, canned goods and a variety of  spices. When she opens the next cupboard her eyes light up there are several bottles of wine. She rubs  her empty stomach, this is great! I am so hungry and the wine should loosen his tongue.

    Rui  comes in the door holding a bucket of water and sees Li Mei  putting two glasses and a bottle of wine on the small table. She looks up. “ Hurry and change. I found some food in the cupboard and this wine.  Oh..and can you give me a lighter? There’s another lamp in the kitchen.”

    He sets down the bucket of water then picks up the bottle of wine on the table. He frowns, “ Li Mei  you can’t drink wine with your head injury.”

   Smiling, she pushes him as she takes the wine bottle out of his hand, “Well, go and change into the dry clothes, we can discuss that afterwards.  I will fix something for us to eat. I’m starving.”   I saw some noodles..I wish we could light the stove… I will ask him after he changes.

   After he puts on the flannel shirt and sweatpants he walks up behind Li Mei  tempted to wrap his arms around her slender waist. “ What did you find to eat?”

   “ There are noodles,rice, canned goods, dried mushrooms and beef jerky.” Do you think we can light the stove to make some noodles? That won’t take long to cook.” Li Mei hands Rui a piece of beef jerky

   “I’m sorry I think it would be too dangerous, someone could see the smoke from the cabin.”

   Li Mei angrly bites off a piece of the jerky, “ I know you’re right, I’m just so darn hungry.”

   He pats her on the head, “When we get back to Milan, I will take you wherever you want to eat.”

   “Okay, but now I really want a glass of wine, my head feels fine and it might relax me.” 


    Rui drinks his glass of wine while watching Li Mei reluctantly eat the cold food. He can’t help but laugh when she makes a face as she puts down her chopsticks. She gasps and starts coughing,“ I never should have added the dried chilis to spice up the beans.” Li Mei is flushed from the heat of the chilis and her green eyes are sparkling. Gazing at her delicate features he is momentarily mesmerised by how beautiful she looks. He desperately wants to hold Li Mei in his arms and kiss her red lips glistening from droplets of wine.

    Li Mei can’t help but notice the passionate fire in his dark eyes, her heart starts racing uncontrollably. She can feel an undeniable attraction to Rui. I want him to kiss me..I really want him to kiss me..She nervously gulps down the rest of her wine, now is as good a time as ever to ask him what our relationship is. “I have been wanting to ask you…” her head begins to throb and she suddenly falls unconscious onto the wooden table. Rui is shocked as rushes over and picks her up into his embrace.What the hell? She was fine when I examined her before we  sat down to eat.As a matter of fact she appears to be healing extremely fast. He carries Li Mei over to the bed and lays her down. “ Li Mei..Li Mei.. Baby.. can you hear me? Dammit! Why did I let her drink the wine? He holds LiMei’s thin wrist, her pulse is slightly fast, then opens her eyes to check. Rui recalls in the hospital the same thing happened, she suddenly became unconscious. What exactly is the cause?Does she have some pressure in her brain after being shot?Complication from the surgery?He lovingly holds her in his arms and kisses her forehead, “ Baby, please wake up.” He feels helpless,we have no choice but to wait until the morning and then go to the farm to get help. She needs to be examined in a hospital. 

   He lays her down and gets a wet towel to wipe her face.God damn those motherf*****rs Lieo M should be at the clinic right now!! Not in some godforsaken cabin in the woods! Rui sits on the edge of the bed and covers Li Mei with the blanket. He caresses her face then lays down next to her holding her in his arms. He whispers, “Please hold on till I can get you to a hospital.”

   Qin Daiyu can hear a strange man’s voice, where am I and who is the man holding me. She  can hear a helicopter in the distance and has a feeling she is in danger. Suddenly she rolls over on top of Rui and presses her arm across his throat. Leaning over him her beautiful green eyes are filled with killing intent, “ Who are you handsome? Where are we?” The last thing she remembers is she and Kuang Bo were in the Washu Mountains on assignment.  When he doesn’t say anything, Qin Daiyu has a threatening tone as she hits his accupoint immobilizing him, “Answer me.”

     Stunned Ru doesn’t know what to say. He just stares incredulously at Li Mei who has a murderous gleam in her eyes as she runs her finger down his cheek, “If you want to live tell me…where is Kuang Bo?”  

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  1. So, just making a guess, but did Nikolai messing around with her memories have the worse backlash after her getting shot in the head and now everything’s a mess? Because it seems like everything time she tries to remember him or her feelings for him, she immediately forgets and turns hostile.


  2. Oh I can imagine. No only is she staring him down dead, but also mention a notable name from an underworld organisation he’s all too familiar with.


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