This extra chapter is for all my loyal readers!❤ I am happy you enjoy my story!

    Stunned by Long An’s sudden attack Sara loses her balance as Long An yanks on her long black hair. Sara’s blue eyes cloud over with tears from the stinging pain on her face. Before her trembling hand can grasp the wooden railing, Sara’s foot in the oversized slipper slides off the marble step.

    Since there is no distance between them,Sara’s foot trips Long An and she becomes tangled with Sara. Feeling herself falling, Long An desperately grabs onto the silk pajama top Sara is wearing as she tries to reach the railing for support. She clings onto Sara as they tumble down the marble stairs. Holding onto Sara’s waist she wants to use her as a cushion unexpectedly she ends up underneath Sara and her head hits the marble step. Li Tian and Kang Mingshun arrive at the stairs at the same time and reach out to grab the two women who are wrapped together. Since he is closer to Sara, Kang Mingshun grabs her body catching her right before she lands on the floor and Li Tian stretches out his arm grabbing Long An from the other side.

    Luckily Sara didn’t hit her head but her entire body hurts from rolling down the stairs and the ruthless slaps she received from Long An. She opens her misty blue eyes looking up at Kang Mingshun holding her in his arms, then over to Li Tian sitting on the floor holding Long An who is mumbling incoherently in his embrace.When she notices Long An has blood streaming down her face, Sara’s face pales, although Long An attacked her she is worried about her condition. Now that she is sober Sara feels disgusted with herself for losing control and sleeping with Li Tian even though she was well aware he was engaged to be married.  Long An had every right to be upset seeing me in Li Tian’s pajamas. She has a worried expression looking at Long An’s bloody face, she has a large bump and gash on her forehead, “CEO, we need to call an ambulance.” 

   Li Tian  is not a compassionate person in the first place so has no sympathy for Long An believing she brought this upon herself by wildly attacking Sara. But, he knows it would be difficult to explain how Long An was injured to his grandfather. If anything were to happen to her while she was with him, he would be held responsible by both his family and the Long family. Right now he is more concerned about Sara. “Mingshun, go get a wet cloth and the medicine box then go back to the servants’ rooms and get Tang Qiang, we will take two cars to the hospital. You can drive and have him sit in the back with Miss Long. I will drive Song Sara.” 

   Sara  steadies herself as she steps away from Kang Mingshun, “CEO Li, I’m just sore I will be fine. I’m not going to the hospital. Please take care of your fiancee.” 

   He carries Long An over to the couch to wait for the cars to be ready.“No, you’re going to get checked out.” 

  “No I’m not.   I just want to have something to eat then and go to sleep.”I don’t want any part of this mess! Being interrogated …having to explain what happened on the stairs, or dealing with your crazy fiancee when she awakens! I hope I never have to see Long An again!

  He can see that a purple bruise has already appeared on her slender calf. Annoyed she is concerned about Long And instead of herself, he lifts up the pajama top exposing her thigh which has a large red mark. Shocked by his sudden move she pushes his hand away, “ CEO! l what are you doing?”

  He has a wicked smile as he teases Sara,“Shouldn’t you call me Tian? Why are you being shy? What part of your body haven’t I seen?” He knits his brow as he touches her thigh with his warm hand, “You call this nothing?” 

   Sara’s face turns bright red from his intimate action. When she sees Kang Mingshun come into the living room with the wet cloth and medicine box she takes them from him. After she wipes off Long An’s face she carefully bandages her wound. While staring at Long An’s swollen face a guilty feeling comes over Sara,she is childish and unreasonable but who wouldn’t be furious to see a woman wearing her fiance’s pajamas. “ CEO Li,  I think you know it wouldn’t be a good idea if I accompany you to the hospital. Please go take care of Miss Long.” She starts walking to the bathroom to toss the bloody washcloth into a hamper and wash her hands. Sara has a cold and indifferent tone, “You should hurry.”

    He knows he has no choice he is obligated to go to the hospital but has no plans of leaving immediately,from his experience he doesn’t believe Long An is in any immediate danger.“Tang Qiang carry Miss Long to the car, Adrien since you speak French and Kang Mingshun does not,you drive, then when you arrive tell the doctor she fell at her hotel, you are her two bodyguards.  I don’t want to be associated with her accident so make it clear she was alone at the time. You were outside the door and heard her scream.Make sure  if she wakes up she knows it is in her best interest not to mention what actually happened. Call me from the hospital, then I will come. Kang Mingshun you remain at the villa.”

   Tang Qiang has been drinking beer while watching a horror movie and is a little drunk. He couldn’t believe it when Kang Mingshun came rushing into his room and told him what was going on with Long An. Fuckng shit! I did my best to avoid the little nuisance now I have to ride with her in the car. I hope to God she doesn’t wake up when we are in the backseat together. He lifts up Long An then follows Adrien out the front door,leaving Li Tian and Kang Mingshun in the living room.

    Sara is taking her time in the bathroom hoping when she comes out they are all gone. She looks in the mirror at her swollen face and the red love bites trailing down her neck. How in the world am I supposed to model for Navarre looking like this? It seems ever since I met Li Tian I have had bad luck… horrible luck… one bad thing after another. I should have known from the first time I was near him he is my unlucky star.  I need to get far…far away from him. Now that I know I cannot touch alcohol until I can resolve the aphrodisiac in my body I have no reason to come in contact with him. My job as his executive assistant is finished so  although I promised Navarre I would model the Midnight Lovers Necklace…that is all that is required of me even if they are partners…that has nothing to do with me.I need to leave this villa and find a hotel immediately...IMMEDIATELY!

   Sara limps out of the bathroom determined to distance herself from Li Tian and comes face-to-face with him.  He has been waiting outside the door worried about her injuries. Startled thinking everyone had left for the hospital, she looks around the deserted living room stuttering,” Why.. why.. are you still here?”

   “There was no reason for me to go to the hospital; it would only cause suspicion as to how Long An was injured.  I will be going there after I apply some medicine for you.”

    “I told you I’m fine. Just tell me where the ointment is and I will do it myself.”

   “You can barely walk.” He quickly picks her up into his embrace to carry her upstairs to the bed.

  Sara  struggles to get down from his arms, “What are you doing? You need to go to the hospital and be with  your fiance.”

    He tenderly  kisses her on the forehead, “Be good.”

   “CEO…CEO  I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself. This is wrong… very wrong. Go..go  to the hospital.”

   He is very angry with Sara for pushing him away and worrying about Long An. He hugs her tighter, “I don’t give a damn about Long An.” He brushes some loose hair behind her ear. “I only want you.”

   “…” Sara looks up to see his intense gaze, his dark eyes full of affection. She shakes her head No..No..Haha..  I must be imagining…he probably feels guilty she hurt me… no why would he feel guilty… I don’t think guilt is in his vocabulary and I was the one that seduced him. What the heck is going on!

   When they enter the luxurious bedroom he carefully lays her on the bed. Smiling he leans down and taps her on her nose,“Don’t move, I’m going to go get the ointment.” 

    Sara stares at the ceiling, maybe he does feel responsible because Long An pushd me down the stairs.While she tries to figure out what is going on with him he returns with the medicinal ointment and sits on the edge of the bed.

    She reaches to take the ointment from him, “ I can do it myself please, you should go.” He holds it up so she can’t reach it. “I said I would do it.” He put some on his finger and  lightly rubs it on her cheek then down her neck.

     Sara’s heart starts beating faster as he touches her, the aphrodisiac should be under control right now why do I feel like my body is getting hot from him being so close to me ? She nervously grabs his hand, “ CEO you don’t need to do this, it wasn’t your fault Long An attacked me, it is my fault…my fault for seducing you.”

    He gazes at Sara’s embarrassed expression, her eyelashes are fluttering and she is blushing.  She looks so cute. He holds her hand then gently kisses it.  “Yes, it is your fault. So you need to take responsibility for me.” He pushes her down on the bed, kissing her deeply then slides his hand in the pajama top caressing her breast.

   “…” Sara is sober and doesn’t know how to react. Her heart is pounding as she smells his familiar scent but doesn’t want to  have any further entanglement with him. Breathless from his passionate kisses and her body’s natural reaction to him fondling her breast Sara pushes on his chest. “Mmm..nooo.. stop..” Sara is determined to end this with him now. The complicated emotions she is feeling are too confusing. She takes his hand that is squeezing her breast, “ CEO.. please stop.. this isn’t right you have Long An and I…. I…well, I have someone I like.”

  When he hears the last part of her sentence, he loses all sense of reason. He is surrounded by an extremely dark aura as he wraps his large hand around Sara’s delicate neck. Locking his smoldering pitch black eyes onto hers they are dangerously filled with jealous rage. He tightens his fingers on her neck as he growls, “Repeat that! Repeat what you just said.. I dare you.” So she does have another man! The little demoness was just using me because of the fucking aphrodisiac! Playing me like a fool with her innocent act.I will chain the little whore to my fucking bed and kill the bastard!

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