The Bedroom

     When Li Tian hears the last part of Sara’s sentence, he loses all sense of reason. His tense body is surrounded by an extremely dark aura as he wraps his large hand around Sara’s delicate neck. Locking his smoldering pitch black eyes onto hers they are dangerously filled with jealous rage. He tightens his fingers on her neck as he growls, “Repeat that! Repeat what you just said.. I dare you.” So she does have another man! The little demoness was just using me because of the fucking aphrodisiac! Playing me like a fool with her innocent act.I will chain the little whore to my fucking bed and kill the bastard! 

   He cages Sara’s petite trembling body with his muscular arms, trapping her underneath him like a hungry beast who has captured his prey. Filled with uncontrollable jealous rage he tightens his fingers on her delicate neck, Sara gasps for air and can barely breathe. Terrified she closes her eyes waiting for death. He pinches her chin as he puts his face next to hers, his intense gaze like an icy knife,“Don’t close your eyes, look at me. Who is he?” 

   Surrounded by the pressure from his suffocating aura and terrified looking into his cold dark eyes she believes Li Tian really will kill her at this moment. Unable to speak she puts her slender hands on his trying to loosen his grasp as her crystal blue eyes fill with tears. Still enraged he purses his thin lips spitting out through clenched teeth, “What? You rather die than reveal the man’s identity?” It would be so easy to snap this fragile neck like a twig. “Well Little Whore, I’m not going to let you go that easily.” He suddenly removes his hand from her slender neck and pins both her hands above her head.  Removing his belt in one swift motion he ties her hands together, then uses his knee to spread her snow white legs open. Sara realizes he plans to violate her body, a wave of helplessness comes over her as she pleads , “CEO…Don’t..don’t.. please..” 

   He smirks as he runs his finger down her tempting neck to the top button of the pajama top. He stares into her dazzling blue eyes with a look of contempt on his face, his hoarse voice drips with sarcasm, “That’s not what you were saying earlier, you were begging me to fuck you.” He rips open the black silk pajama top, his eyes filled with possessiveness gazing at her perfect snow white breasts that are covered by his love bites. The stark contrast between her delicate white skin and the torn black slk make her look even more alluring. Sara’s blue eyes are covered in a layer of mist and her curled dense black eyelashes have crystal tears hanging from them as she bravely tries not to burst out crying from his insults. Sara’s  vulnerable appearance and weak protest makes Li Tian’s mood worsen. The little girl looks like a beautiful and fragile fairy who has been bullied by me. Momentarily losing his resolve he considers letting her go, then he shakes his head when the words that pierced his heart Sara muttered earlier echo his head  ‘there is someone I like’.

Becoming even more irritated that he lost his usual self control and his ordinarily decisive mind is in chaos, he blames her for deceiving him with her innocent face.No! she deserves to be punished. How many times has she givin her body to that bastard? I will wipe the memory of every one out of her mind. 

He mercilessly squeezes her plump right breast then pinches her pink bud between his fingers. She can feel his warm breath on her neck as he nibbles on her ear then taunts Sara whispering, “Do you think when he knows I have touched and kissed every part of your delicious body while you moaned in pleasure he will still want you?” Sara can’t hold back any longer as tears start silently falling on her cheeks that are flushed red from his humiliation. Bastard! She turns her head away, Why.. why  me… he is right though.. I don’t deserve a man like Sun Peizhi.

     He continues teasing her sensitive body as Sara quivers responding to his touch she can feel herself getting wet. I am shameless..I hate Li Tian but I can’t stop my body from responding to his kisses and his touch makes me feel like I am on fire. After he greedily kisses and sucks on her breasts he turns her tear stained head to face him. Sara has been biting her lip so she doesn’t moan. He brushes his finger across her bloody lip then sucks the blood off of his finger, “ Little Whore, your body is honest anyway.” He slowly moves his hand down her curves to her lower body then carresses her sensitive spot.

Sara shivers thinking Li Tian looks like the Devil as he smiles while licking the crimson red blood. Disgusted at the sight she tries to put her thighs together but writhing her petite body under him only makes Li Tian more excited. Think you can stop me haha. Little Whore, I am going to fuck you all night and lock you in my villa to have whenever I want! He wants to punish Sara for making him lose control… for not having only him in her eyes. He runs his hand up the inside of her thigh.”Why are you pretending? You know you want it.”

    While he unzips his pants his phone starts ringing, he ignores it but it continues to ring nonstop. He comes back to his senses remembering Long An was taken to the hospital. Angrily taking the phone out of his pocket he sees the caller is Tang Qiang. He looks down at his erection and Sara’s tempting body laying under him and he barks into the phone,” What? I told you I’d be there in a while.” 

  Sweat beads are trickling down Tang Qiang’s forehead while standing a short distance away from Long An’s bed in the emergency room, “Boss, it is a fucking emergency! You need to get to the hospital as soon as possible.”

   FUCK! Li Tian reluctantly gets off the luxurious bed, he growls at Sara, “Don’t move.” Walking towards the balcony he furrows his eyebrows as he questions Tang Qiang, “Why? What happened… is Long An all right?” Her injury didn’t look life threatening but if anything happened to the nuisance  it  would create a shitstorm. 

  Tang Qiang starts speaking rapidly, glancing around to see if the doctor is approaching he lowers his voice. “Miss Long only has a concussion but that’s not why I’m calling. When she woke up she started screaming in Chinese that your mistress Song Sara pushed her down the stairs at your villa.  She keeps repeating Song Sara tried to murder her, she wants the doctor to call the police. ”

    “What the fuck! Does the doctor speak Chinese?”

    “No, but he sent a nurse to get someone who does.” 

   “Are you a complete idiot?  Adrien speaks French that’s why I sent him with you, have him translate… completely different from what she is saying.”

    Tang Qiang scratches his head. “ When the doctor was examining Long An he got a call and left.”

   “…” Dammit! Where the fuck did that asshole go? I have to get over there to the hospital to get the situation under control. He lights a cigarette while staring out the window, “Warn Long An, if she spouts any more nonsense she will wish she was dead.Did Sun Peizhi retrieve those photos from your phone?”

“I talked to him about an hour ago he said should be done soon.”

“En.” After he finishes his cigarette he lazily walks back over to the bed, Sara is lying motionlessly staring blankly at the ceiling. Li Tian leans down gently tracing his finger down her tear stained face, “ I need to go to the hospital.” He decides to frighten Sara, “Don’t get any ideas about leaving. Long An is saying you attempted to murder her by pushing her down the stairs.” He waits for her reaction but Sara remains quiet avoiding making eye contact with him.

   Sara doesn’t want to talk to him, since he got up from the bed she has been trying to compose herself and think of a plan to leave  the villa.  He doesn’t want a scandal; he is trying to intimidate me by what he is saying. Underneath her arrogant appearance Long An is definitely afraid of the CEO and her family doesn’t have the ability to go against him. Sara gathers her inner strength, as soon as he leaves I’m getting as far away from him as I can.I knew he was a dangerous man but I didn’t know he was such a pervert.I would have been better off finding a stranger to relieve the effects of the aphrodisiac. He is a psycho! It was my fault for seducing him but that doesn’t give him the right to abuse me. If I didn’t promise Navarre I would model the Midnight Lover Necklace I would leave for China tomorrow. 

   Satisfied Sara won’t try to leave the villa he puts on a clean black shirt then sits on the edge of the bed. He leans over Sara looking at her red eyes and teary face. He reaches his long arm across Sara grabbing the tissues on the nightstand. After he gently wipes her face he kisses her forehead. “Behave and I won’t make you cry.” His dark eyes soften as he brushes her long black hair behind her ear, “I will be back as soon as I take care of the situation at the hospital.”

    Sara wants to curse him but in order to leave she needs her hands untied. She coquettishly holds up her bound wrists, in an aggrieved tone she softly pleads, “CEO can you untie my hands, it’s very uncomfortable.”

    He removes the leather belt revealing deep red  grooves on her delicate thin wrists. Li Tian’s heart tightens as he lightly touches her skin that has been rubbed raw from the belt. Hiding the feeling of remorse for hurting Sara that is surging inside of him he looks at Sara, his handsome face devoid of emotion. The little thing needs to learn the consequences of betraying me. If it was anyone else she would be sent to Wu’s as a prostitute or dead three times over already…But I need her pure yin and I have no intention of sharing her addictive body with any other man. Letting go of her small hands his eyes have a frigid demonic quality as he lifts her chin. Li Tian kisses her soft lips, licking and biting them in a domineering fashion. Sara tries to resist but he pries open her mouth inserting his eager tongue to taste her sweet flavor.

Sara pushes her hands on his strong chest but that only makes him deepen his kiss. Sara is breathless and her heart is pounding after the lingering kiss. Li Tian has a devilish grin seeing how flustered Sara looks, knowing Sara’s sensitive body responds instinctively to his kisses. “Take a bath and wait for me in the bed.” Full of confidence that Sara won’t leave he gets up and saunters towards the door. Sara can’t control her frustration and anger, he is crazy if he thinks I will obediently wait in his bed for him to torture me! She impulsively throws a pillow hitting him in the middle of his broad back. After he closes the bedroom door his eyes show some tenderness and warmth thinking about Sara childishly throwing the pillow. It will be fun taming the little wildcat. 

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