Don’t Worry

This ko-fi extra chapter is sponsored by Starrynight! Thanks alot for your support. ❤A little adventure!

    While LiMei is trying to figure out the best way to deal with the situation the heavy-set man leans directly over her body. Unfamiliar with the ambulance the mercenary has sweat beads forming on his forehead unable to figure out how to strap her down. What a pain in the ass! While watching his awkard movements Rui notices the male nurse doesn’t seem familiar with the straps. When the man inadvertently curses in German then calls LiMei, a stupid lab rat,  he has an uneasy feeling something isn’t right.

   He nonchalantly moves closer getting between the man and LiMei. His voice sounds calm, “The straps on these new beds are tricky, let me help you.” LiMei has her eyes slightly open,Wuuuhuu… What is the handsome man doing? She wants to cry, How am I going to be able to hit the assassin’s accupoint with Qiao Rui’s body blocking the man? Does he want us both to die?

  Suddenly Rui’s body emits a strong killing intent, from this angle he can see the man’s partial tattoo, fuckng Chronus? fucking Chronus is behind LiMei being shot! Now they want to finish the job to retaliate against that Motherf****r Naralov? Rage boils up inside Rui, he doesn’t want to show LiMei how ruthless he can be but he has no choice if he wants to save her. She is pretending to be asleep, hopefully she keeps her eyes shut. Rui hooks the two pieces of the strap together Li Mei wants to scream as she hears it click. The male nurse has a malicious smile on his face thinking how stupid ! The man .. the idiot actually  helped me restrain the woman. But, before he can laugh, in one fluid motion Rui reaches up silently snapping the smirking man’s neck, then pushes his body back onto the seat. After propping him up against the side of the ambulance, Rui takes the syringe that the dead man is clutching in his hand putting it into his jacket pocket.

    Rui hears LiMei gasp, he quickly  places his large palm over LiMei’s mouth as he leans down and kisses her forehead. His warm breath tickles as he whispers in her ear, “ You are in danger, don’t make a sound. Continue to pretend that you are asleep.” He affectionately touches her hair while reassuring her in a soothing voice, “Don’t worry, I will get us out of here.” 

     LiMei’s eyes are wide open in astonishment staring at the handsome man with his face pressed onto her cheek. She timidly nods her head in agreement, then closes her eyes.Oh My God !What the hell is going on? He just killed that man without blinking an eye! Who the hell is he? I thought from what I overheard at the hospital he is a well respected doctor. How does he possess that type of skill? Is the handsome man not my target but… maybe an associate of Kuang Bo’s? Is that possible? 

    While LiMei’s in shock from witnessing what just happened Rui is trying to think of a plan. I assume they don’t want to kill LiMei… possibly use her to lure out Naralov? What did that asshole mean by lab rat? Rui leans back then arranges the man’s body next to him, so as not to cause any suspicion if the driver should look back.There is only the driver so when we get to the destination I can wait to make a move.Rui frowns considering all the possibilities. What if he is meeting other people? That will make it more difficult to escape.I can’t take the chance of using my phone right now and I have no idea where we are going or where we are. 

   Rui moves over to look out the back window; he doesn’t see the Rolls-Royce Phantom following behind the ambulance. Fuck!  What did they do to  Xinghi and Xixin?

    Recognizing a couple signs on the winding highway Rui can ascertain they are headed away from Milan towards Bergamo. That would make sense, from what I can tell when I was at that small airport the airstrip seems to be used mainly for private planes.The security seems lax, perfect for anyone engaging in illegal activity. So, I wonder where they plan on taking us, or do they plan on killing me when they get to the airport.I would only be a hindrance. 

    LiMei Really wants to ask Rui some questions but she is aware should the driver look into the back of the ambulance she needs to remain motionless on the bed.Well at least the handsome man will be able to defend himself when the time comes. When she saw the male nurse’s tattoo and knew they would be in danger she was worried in her weakened state if she would be able to protect him also. Why does Chronus want me? LiMei understands. German and also heard the mercenary refer to her as a lab rat. Have they discovered I am subject 456? I know Kuang Fu isn’t stupid enough to have willingly have anything to do Gunnar Hedwig.

    While both LiMei and Rui are making their own mental preparations, the ambulance stops. Rui can see they on the side of a two lane road by a forest. The driver turns slightly to speak through the small window into the back of the ambulance, “They will be meeting us in fifteen minutes. If you want to step out and have a cigarette go for it. I’m going to call my wife.” The driver has his hand on his crotch. He likes to have his wife talk dirty to him to relieve his stress when has a break at work.

   Rui puts his hand behind the dead man’s head making it appear as though he is nodding yes. He thinks this is a good time for them to make an escape into the woods; it might be the only chance. Once he sees the man is occupied on the phone he taps LiMei on her shoulder then puts his finger to his mouth signaling her to be quiet. He takes out a few items from his medical bag, and two bottles of water from the side of a cabinet sticking them in his pocket. He glances up front to make sure the driver isn’t looking then motions towards the door for LiMei to follow. 

   As soon as he jumps down from the ambulance he holds his hand up to help LiMei. Noticing she is only wearing a hospital gown and cotton socks on her feet Rui frowns. While they are standing in a blind spot behind the ambulance he takes off his suit coat and puts it on LiMei, after he buttons it up he quietly says, “ Hop on my back I’ll carry you.”

   LiMei softly says, “ I can run, don’t worry.”

   Rui doesn’t take no for an answer, “Don’t be ridiculous! You are injured just get on so we can go. if you tried to run in those thin socks you will cut up your feet. It will be troublesome.”

    LiMei reluctantly gets onto his back and puts her slender arms around his neck as they head into the forest.Rui knows he needs to get as far into the forest as he can before they come looking for them.Although the ground underneath his feet is muddy and uneven he keeps a steady pace as he moves through the thick trees. Lightly treading over broken twigs and underbrush they rapidly disappear into the forest. He wants to put as much distance as he can between them and the highway where the ambulance is parked. He knows it won’t be long until the driver discovers they have escaped.

   Listening to his rhythmic breathing LiMei is surprised at how strong and agile Rui is as he maneuvers through the thick underbrush. When she saw him in the hospital room he seemed like an elegant gentleman, someone quite unlike the powerful rugged man who she is holding onto right now.  LiMei rests her head on his muscular back, she can feel a thin layer of sweat on his neck as she clings onto him. Inhaling his unique fragrance mixed with his sweat is intoxicating and seems very familiar. 

   Rui knows if those men have any tracking skills at all it won’t be hard for them to follow ther trail because he doesn’t have time to erase his footprints in the muddy ground. He continues heading to the South thinking he saw a large farm as they were driving down the highway. But by his estimate the farm is probably 3 km from where they are located. LiMei thinks Rui must be getting tired but knows he won’t stop until he thinks they are out of danger. She impulsively put her lips to his ear whispering, “Thank you.”

    When he feels LiMei’s soft lips and warm breath on his neck it sends a wave of pleasure through his body. His heart is pounding finally being with LiMei again even if they are in an extremely dangerous situation he feels strangely happy. He smiles enjoying her petite body pressed against him and the sound of her sweet voice. Using this opportunity to be even closer he tells her, “Hold on tighter.”

     LiMei does as she is told and tightens her slender legs around his waist.I think I hear men coming. Should I say something? They are quite a distance away, would that reveal my martial arts skill? but.. She decides to make a suggestion, “ I was raised in the mountains and I think I hear a stream or creek down to the right. Do you think if we walk in the water for a while..umm.. Would that would that be a good idea?”From the sound of the water it doesn’t sound like a river…It would be a problem if the water was too deep.I can’t get my wounds wet.

    Rui notices birds flocking into the air to the left of them. They must be gaining ground on us. With his high martial arts skill he heard the sound of men’s voices a good distance behind them a few moments ago. What LiMei suggested might work to help lose the men following . Then once we get to the farm I can call someone to come get us. It would be useless to call while we are in the forest.

    ” That is a very good idea.”

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      1. Ah it’s like that movie the Vow, where the husband has to make his wife fall in love with him again, after she lost all her memories of him!


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