Don’t Go

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  Kang Mingshun glances down at the cigarette butts littered on the ground by his feet. Damn it’s getting cold out here.He buttons the top button of his jacket and puts the collar up to block the blustering wind. I can’t believe the Boss couldn’t wait to fuck the little girl until we got to the villa. He really seems obsessed with the little chick. He lights another cigarette then takes out his phone that is ringing in his pocket.The caller is Tang Qiang, “Where are you and the Boss? We are waiting outside the villa and it’s fuckn freezin.”

“…” I can’t exactly tell him that the Boss couldn’t keep his d**k in his pants and we had a stop so he could have car sex. Haha…Although it’d be pretty fuckng  funny to hear Qiang’s reaction. “We made an unplanned stop.” He thinks for a minute while looking back towards the parked car, “ We should be there in I don’t know..umm..forty five minutes.”

“Can you ask the Boss what the passcode is so we can go inside?”

Not unless I want to die..“He is busy.”

“Fuckin shit! Whatever.” Pissed off that they hurried to get to the villa, Tang Qiang hangs up the phone.

 In Navarre’s apartment Patrick is in the kitchen cleaning up the last of the dishes, angry about Sara leaving with Li Tian. That bastard hasn’t changed a damn bit. He could sense that Sara was intimidated  and somewhat unwilling to leave.She just didn’t want a confrontation between us. She was visibly uncomfortable, I could tell by how nervously she was holding her wine glass when heard his voice in the living room. He finishes wrapping up the leftovers and placing them in the refrigerator.He decides to ask Navarre about the relationship between Li Tian and Sara. 

   After talking with Li Tian  Navarre returned to his art studio to work on the Midnight Lovers Necklace. Patrick knocks on the door.

    “Enter. “

   “I brought you some coffee.”

  “ Thank you.”

  Patrick sits on the couch and crosses his legs, “ What’s the relationship between Li Tian and Song Sara? “

   Navarre takes a sip of his coffee, “ What kind of coffee beans did you use?”

  “Don’t change the subject.”

  “ Patrick how long have I known you? I know what you are thinking. But, I don’t think Tian has any ulterior motives. Song Sara really is a woman of ordinary status from what I know. He has nothing to gain by being in a relationship with the girl.” Navarre takes off his gold rimmed glasses and rubs his eyes. “To be honest I was surprised myself when he referred to Song Sara as his girlfriend. Also,from what I witnessed he seems extremely possessive of the girl, which is totally out of character for him.” 

    “If she is his girlfriend, why does she refer to him as CEO Li?”

    “Who knows. You seem unusually interested in Song Sara.”

   “I just think she is an innocent girl and shouldn’t be involved with a motherf***r like Li Tian.”

  “Are you sure that’s all there is to it?  When I walked into the kitchen earlier I got the impression you were treating her differently. Is it because she resembles Ning?”

  “Maybe. I don’t know. I just know I don’t want Song Sara to be bullied by Li Tian.”

  “Patrick you are my closest friend and I’m going to give you a word of advice. I think obviously you have residual anger from what happened when you two were in University together. You need to move past it. I thought when you chose becoming a Chef and opening your own restaurants rather than joining your family’s business it was a good choice.You’re recognized as one of the most renowned chefs in Europe.” He teases, “Not to mention your reputation as a playboy even exceeds mine hahaha. So don’t get involved with Song Sara.”

   “So she will be modeling your Midnight Lover’s Necklace at the International Jewelry Competition?”


  “I want an invitation. “

   “I thought you were going back to England tomorrow “

  “Changed my mind. I want to support you.”

   ‘Did you listen to a word I said?” 

  “I don’t plan on causing any trouble. I want to find out more information about Song Sara’s relationship with that bastard. I am thinking of purchasing a small hotel in Loire Valley. I want to check out a location a realtor sent to me.”

  “I’m glad to hear that because I have a very good working relationship with him. He has opened up many doors for me since I began designing for LTJ..So, although I find his personality disagreeable at times I consider him my benefactor.Unlike you,who grew up in an affluent family I was raised in the poorest part of Marseille.Which all those arrogant bastards like Philippe constantly remind me. If they weren’t afraid of Li Tian’s retaliation they would attempt to crush me. If I can win this competition I can finally get international recognition making it more difficult for them to ridicule me for my lack of a formal education.  I would appreciate you not putting me in the awkward position of having to choose sides.” Navarre finishes his coffee and sets down the cup, then with a serious expression on his face he warns Patrick. “You know very well his capabilities if he chooses to destroy someone.”

    “I am not afraid of Li Tian, I am not the same person I was in University. Also, I have no intention of disturbing the tenuous peace between the Li family and mine. If I had wanted to lock horns with that ruthless son of a bitch I would have accepted the position of CEO when my father offered it to me. I am quite happy with the life I chose. Julien are too thin-skinned. You are by far the most talented jewelry designer I know, why you let someone like that asshole  Philippe get under your skin I have no idea.”

   “People like him make me feel I am living in a house of cards they could knock over anytime they want. Do you think I would be as successful as I am if the public knew my background?”

   “I think you put too much emphasis on social status. By the fact that Johan took you as his only student, personally teaching you his techniques, demonstrates he valued your talent.”

   “You are still naive. If the conditions I grew up in and  my family’s connection to the Underworld were to be exposed it doesn’t matter if I was involved or not.They would spin the story however they want, throwing dirty water on me. Could I survive the scandal? Possibly… but I don’t want to take the chance.I have worked extremely hard to get where I am today. If it takes turning a blind eye to Tian’s methods, unless he crosses my bottom line, I will.” 

   Patrick is aware of the struggles that Navarre has been through so he tries to understand his trepidation. “Well I hope you don’t come to regret your decision to partner with such an unscrupulous and dangerous asshole.” Patrick stands up and stretches his long legs, “ Did you want another cup of coffee before I leave?”

    “No, but call me tomorrow. I would like to go see the property with you. I have done as much as I can until I receive the sapphires and diamonds I need to finish the repair.”

   “I plan on going around ten o’clock. Would that be convenient for you?”

  “Yes and I will drive. I haven’t had a chance to test my new Lamborghini on the open highway.”

    “Very good.”

    Meanwhile outside Paris, Li Tian gently removes his folded suit jacket from underneath Sara’s head, trying not to wake her up. He carefully covers her half naked body then places her across his lap. Hugging Sara he lightly kisses the top of her head. He smoothes her messy hair then tucks it behind her ear. She snuggles into his strong  arms making herself comfortable. Still asleep, Sara rubs her face on his chest mumbling, “Ohh.. so warm..”

  He can’t help but smile when he hears her softly murmuring. He texts Kang Mingshun, who is presently cursing Li Tian under his breath. When Li Tian tells him he wants to leave he quickly walks back to the car. Shivering from standing in the bitter cold, he opens the front door and gets into the driver seat. He bends his stiff fingers as he puts the key into the ignition.Damn!I can’t believe how long the Boss was screwing the little chick.  It couldn’t have been that comfortable doing it on the backseat. I thought I was going to freeze my fucking ass off. He turns on the heater and pulls out of the parking lot.

   When they arrive at the villa, Kang Mingshun opens the back door and Li Tian carries Sara to the entrance of the villa. He glares at Tang Qiang, “What are you  waiting the goddamn door.”

  “…” Tang Qiang has his hands in his pocket to keep them warm.  Do you think I’d be standing out here if I knew how to get into the villa. “Boss, I don’t know the passcode.”


   Tang Qang unlocks the door and Li Tian immediately takes Sara up the stairs to the Master bedroom. As he lays her down onto the luxurious bed Sara drowsily flutters her long black eyelashes as she opens her hazy blue eyes. She seductively clings onto him looking like a lazy kitten that just woke up. “Don’t go.”

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