Bloody Mess

    Nikolai pulls LiMei behind him then tells her, “Wait downstairs.”  LiMei’s hands are trembling as she grabs the handle of the door of the upstairs office then runs out into the dimly lit hallway. Tripping as she hurries down the metal stairs she stumbles into the rusty metal railing, her blood splattered dress rips as it is caught on a sharp edge as she tries to balance herself. Hearing gunshots echoing behind her, she shivers and her legs are shaking as she continues down the stairs, 

   Oh My God! Oh My God! She holds her hand over her mouth as she gags trying not to vomit from the scene she just witnessed.The pungent odor of blood mixed with cigarette smoke combined with the horrific images of the tortured dead girl, the greasy man with his tongue severed and his eyes gouged out plays over in her mind. The other bloody deaths in the room pale in comparison to what Nikolai did to the pervert named Barish.

Once she reaches the bottom of the stairs several men are entering the building through the side door. They are laughing and talking in Russian, she glances behind her for Nikolai when she hears footsteps on the metal stairs hoping the person is him. He nods his head to the left and LiMei ducks under the stairwell crouching down with her hands around her knees.

    One of the men notices Nikolai coming down the stairs and nervously reaches into his pocket but his reflexes are too slow. Nikolai grins as his bullet pierces the man’s heart and he falls to the ground. The other two men begin to shoot as Nikolai hops over the railing landing over to the right away from where LiMei is hiding. He aims and shoots the shorter man in the head blood spraying from the wound as he collapses backwards into the last gangster. The yellow haired gangster’s gun goes off as he falls,the bullet entering Nikolai’s right arm. Nikolai grits his teeth I need to take advantage while Ivan tries to shove the motherf****r’s body off of him. 

   He curses under his breath, “ Fucking Shit!”  My gun is out of goddamn bullets . He takes out his black dagger grimacing in pain as he lunges towards the unsteady man. Blood is pouring out of the wound in Nikolai’s arm where the bullet entered, drenching his shirt.

     Ignoring the pain from his injury as Ivan tries to shoot him, Nikolai prevents him from getting a shot off by ramming into his chest, stabbing him in his shoulder. The gun rattles onto the floor as they begin to fight. Undeterred by the dagger embedded in his shoulder the big gangster has an advantage because of his massive strength and size. Ivan wrestles Nikolai to the ground and Nikolai struggles to punch him in the face. The man speaks Russian with a gravelly voice as he taunts him while using his weight to pin Nikolai on the concrete floor. “So pretty boy, you like to be bottom? I will play with you before I kill you.” He strokes Nikolai’s cheek with his rough dirty hand. Nikolai’s eyes turn red as rage surges within his body. He kicks up at the huge man on top but the exrutiating pain in his upper arm and loss of blood has weakened him. The man winces displaying an ugly expression then hits Nikolai in his jaw with his large fist. LiMei witnesses the scene thinking Nikolai is at a disadvantage because of his injury, it looks like the Russian will beat him to death. LiMei clutches the edge of her dress, I don’t want to die here! I want to see Rui again..even that stupid Leng Shuai! 

   She sees the gun on the floor. Can I grab it before he notices me? Otherwise I think I won’t escape from here. She shivers picturing the half naked young girl in the cage upstairs who was tortured to death.. and the dolls..all those dolls..  Her hands are sweaty as she gauges when she should make her move. You are Qin Daiyu..You can do it …remember Bo’s training. She takes a deep breath and takes off her sandals so as not to make any noise. She watches as they fight rolling on the floor. NOW! DON”T HESITATE! LiMei silently moves her tiny bare feet towards the gun on the ground controlling her breath and movement. She stretches her arms to grab the gun when the man on top of Nikolai sees her from the corner of his eye. He reaches his hand out grabbing onto her leg tripping her while still holding Nikolai down with his massive arm. Nikolai swings his fist while the man is distracted, hitting him in the side of his head. The man growls in pain then head butts him. Nikolai’s eyes roll back into his head falling unconscious. 

   The man has an evil smile as he grips LiMei’s creamy white leg, “Barish Rushikov will give me this pretty boy once I deliver you to him, little doll. He especially likes tiny dolls with soft skin.” He starts to get up off Nikolai so he can grab LiMei. She cringes while staring at his evil smile, Dammit if I had my silver needles… 

   She tries to wiggle her leg out of his grip and he laughs as he pulls her closer to him. “Nowhere to go except to a gold cage upstairs little slut.” He doesn’t notice by pulling her towards him just a little more she can reach the gun on the side. A little more..a little more.  LiMei can feel the handle of the gun as she puts the skirt of the dress over the weapon.

He is on his knees still holding her leg staring at her delicate face wondering how much the pervert will pay for such a tender white doll. She feels under the skirt and has the gun in her hand, I will need to be quick and shoot him in the head or he will definitely be able to strangle me before he dies. LiMei in one smooth action draws out the gun and pulls the trigger. The ugly gangster falls onto her thin body crushing her with his weight, LiMei gasps for air then uses all her internal energy to push Ivan off of her body and roll out from under him.

   Still holding the gun in case any other gangsters arrive she tries to lift Nikolai then notices his arm. She rips part of her skirt off to wrap around his wound to try to stop the bleeding, he needs to get to a hospital, his face is deathly pale from blood loss. Why did he send his bodyguards to take care of that saleswoman instead of bringing them with him. He must have been planning to kill the pervert, I could feel his killing intent the moment we entered the office. Such a macho maniac thinking he could do it himself! Yeah, why did he bring me along! Well right now we need to get out of here. She gazes at his pale handsome face, there is no denying you are an incredibly handsome man. Too bad you are insane.

   She looks at the door, I could drag him out but… I think we would be safer behind the stairwell until I can find some help. What if there are more men out there. LiMei drags him behind the stairwell and tosses some old newspapers and a piece of cardboard she sees in the trash on top of him. Once he is stuffed to the back of the stairwell she takes off his shoe and throws it at the light on the ceiling breaking it. one entering will be able see him.

She reaches into Nikolai’s pocket and takes out his phone. Staring  at the lock screen ???What the hell? Ignoring the picture she picks up his finger then presses it onto the screen unlocking his phone. Quickly scrolling through his contacts until she sees the name Dimitri, that was the man at his villa, he should be reliable, he spoke English too.

  Dialing the number LiMei furtively looks around to make sure no one is coming into the building. When Dimitri answers he says, “Boss I got the python and it hasn’t eaten in a week”

   “…” LiMei speaks in a low voice, “ Listen don’t interrupt.Your Boss is shot and by himself. I don’t know where his guards are. He needs to go to a hospital. I’m afraid to go out and get the address, there might be more men outside, all I can say is it is a rundown 2 story building probably owned by a man named Barish Rushikov.”

   Dimitri starts cursing while speaking Russian then comes to his senses. “I know the building. Someone will be there in ten minutes.”

  “You better hurry up, he is unconscious and losing blood. He is behind the stairwell, any longer he will probably die. I will wait with him.” LiMei hangs up. She wants to leave but has no idea what awaits her outside and doesn’t know if Rui and Leng Shuai would be safe if she deserts Nikolai.

   Dimitri recognizes LiMei’s voice; wouldn’t it be better for her if the Boss dies, he looks at the python in the steel cage in the back of the SUV. He barely dials a number when the three bodyguards from earlier burst through the metal door of the building with their guns drawn. LiMei is startled when she hears the door bang open but recognizes them from when they dragged Yvette away.  She thinks they will shoot her if she walks out so she sits by Nikolai holding his cold hand. I look harmless like this I hope. I think I look like I even like the crazy guy.

  The first man dressed in black that comes around the corner motions to the other bodyguards. He frowns seeing Nikolai under the rubbish LiMei put on him, he glares at LiMei how dare you  little slut dump that shit on the Boss like that! He loves cleanliness the most! Speaking Russian his voice sounds worried as he instructs the men to carefully pick up Nikolai. He grabs LiMei by the arm holding her tightly dragging her along behind him. LiMei winces from the pain, “I saved your Boss! Could you let me go!” He continues to drag her to a Black Land Rover then throws her in the back seat. The men bring Nikolai and carefully put him in the back with her  gently placing his head in her lap. A man who speaks English tells her with a heavy Russian accent, “Keep pressure on the wound. If the Boss die.”

   LiMei gulps cursing them in her heart while looking down at Nikolai’s head in her lap, how is this on me! He was dead for sure if I didn’t save him from that monster! You should have been protecting your Boss! 

   The Land Rover screeches out of the parking lot. LiMei has one hand pressing down on his wound and the other one steadying his head on her lap. My God his hair is so soft, looking at his handsome face as he is unconscious her mind wanders, sleeping you look like a beautiful Immortal but in that room you looked like an Asura come from Hell as you killed and mutilated those men. What turned you into a killer… no one begins life with that much rage and anger inside of them. LiMei can see sweat forming on his forehead, that can’t be good. She calls the man in the front, “Do you have a water bottle? I need to wipe his forehead.”

   Anton turns to the back seat and hands her a cold water bottle. LiMei says, “A cloth of some sort?”


   LiMei tears a  clean piece of her dress and pours some cold water on it then gently wipes off his forehead softening her expression. You are such a nut. I know you did that to Barish because he grabbed me, but why do you have such a crazy reaction? What grievance do you have with the Rushikovs weren’t they your partners in the Bosnian operation? Kuang Bo told me we were at the warehouse because Kuang Fu owed the old man Rushnikov a favor. I hope what you need me for doesn’t involve them. 

   Anton can see LiMei’s tender expression as she looks at Nikolai, who is she to the Boss. He throws his cigarette out the window as they pull into the parking lot of a small clinic. She really saved the Boss? I don’t believe it. He sneers, A little thing like her, what could she do.

   Two male nurses come out of the clinic with a stretcher as the driver opens the back door. They lift Nikolai onto it then quickly wheel him in the front door. Anton grabs LiMei and shoves her into the clinic she trips and falls onto the ground, What the hell!  After they enter, a woman in a nurse’s uniform whose hands are trembling  puts a Closed sign on the window. 

    LiMei stands up then follows them as they wheel Nikolai into an operating room.  When the red light goes on above the door she sits outside looking up at the three Russians guarding the operating room. If he dies I think from your worried expressions you know you won’t have a very good ending either.

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