Sun Peizhi How…Why?

   Sun Peizhi walks into the bedroom, Sara’s delicate face still has a hint of red but isn’t as flushed as previously, he leans over her thin body pulling up the quilt. Sitting on the edge of the bed he lightly touches her forehead...not burning up but still hot. He gets up then walks into the kitchen to find a bowl to use for some cool water, he fills the bowl then goes into the bathroom to get a cloth. When he is coming out of the bathroom his phone begins vibrating in his pocket. He pulls his phone out then frowns when he sees the caller ID. Setting down the bowl on the table by the side of the bed he then walks into the living room. If I don’t answer the situation with Li Tian will become more complicated. He calmly says“CEO.”

    Li Tian is pacing around his suite like a lion with a thorn in its paw furious he doesn’t know Sara’s whereabouts. His deep voice is unusually agitated,“Why didn’t you answer my calls? Where is Song Sara?”

   Not five minutes ago he finished interrogating Long An, she refused to admit any wrongdoing insisting Song Sara left with Sun Peizhi to get dinner. According to her story they were finished shopping and he didn’t answer so the three of them went their separate ways.

     Giorgio and Nino stood motionlessly to the side listening to the conversation between the two of them hoping he didn’t question them. They both marveled at how Long An could lie so blatantly with a smile on her face to the Boss. Nino couldn’t help but worry for Long An, If he discovers her lies.. he broke into a sweat thinking how they would all suffer for her miscalulation. Both the bodyguards continued to ignore the two people directly in front of them.

    Long An showed Li Tian the dress and jewelry she picked out for Sara. She was gritting her teeth because the necklace and bracelet set was originally for herself.  Long An had already formulated a feasible lie that Sara hurriedly gave her his black card because she wanted to go eat. Unsatisfied with her explanation and still wondering why Sara hadn’t returned to the hotel at this late hour he called Sun Peizhi several times after Sara didn’t pick up.

   Sun Peizhi can tell by Li Tian’s tone he is angry but not in a rage so Long An must have lied about what transpired between her and Song Sara. Not wanting to interfere in case Sara wants to handle the situation in her own way and as to not jeopardize his job before he completes his mission he responds, “We had dinner while she was waiting for a friend she planned on staying with at the woman’s loft  overnight.”

   “What friend?”

   “I didn’t get the woman’s name, I had something I needed to take care of for Zheng Tielin so when her friend arrived I left.” 

   “Didn’t I tell you she needed to have a bodyguard at all times! How could you leave? Do you treat my orders as air!”

    “Her friend had several bodyguards.” Dammit! I need to get off the phone, he has too many questions! “Song Sara has my number but her friend insisted she would drive Song Sara back in the morning in time for work.”

   Li Tian furrows his forehead gripping onto his phone, before he can say anything else Sun Peizhi confidently says, “If you want me to pick up Song Sara, I need her location. Call her and find out where her friend lives and I will go immediately.” He won’t be able to contact her because the phone is off.

   Li Tian decides against that idea. If I bother her this time of night outside of working hours while she is with her friend knowing the little kitten’s temper,she will get angry. I wanted to sleep with her tonight but..I need to be patient so she falls in love with me.  Damn that fucking idiot Long An letting Song Sara leave the jewelry store!  Without any warning he angrily hangs up his phone.

   Sun Peizhi is surprised that the phone call went somewhat smoothly, walking into the bedroom he begins to wipe off Sara’s face with the cool cloth.He can’t help but gaze at her beautiful face, her long black eyelashes are curled casting a slight shadow, her full lips from kissing him are red and swollen. He gently runs his thumb over her lips, I won’t let anyone bully you again Song Sara. This is the first time he has regretted choosing a dangerous job knowing he can never have a woman like Sara. Dipping the cloth in the water again he then wrings it out while thinking about how soft her body felt in his arms.

    While he runs the wet cloth gently over her slender neck and delicate clavicle he can’t help but notice that the crimson red color highlights her flawless skin making her creamy white skin even more beautiful. He restrains the desire rising in his body as he sets the cloth down on the side of the bowl. I need a cold shower and focus on looking over the blueprints of the Bellini mansion. I can’t let myself be tempted.

   His face has a complicated expression as he goes into the bathroom and turns on the shower. Taking  off his tie he  tosses it onto the marble floor then unbuttons his shirt as he thinks about Sara.  I need to find out more about her background and the people who are bullying her, then I will eliminate the obstacles in her life one at a time. First, I should find a way to finance the bakery without her knowing the investor is me, then she won’t need to work for Zhou Group. Then I will introduce her to Lin Xiu Ling she will see that he is a far better man than Li Tian. Although his company can’t compare to Li Group he has no ties to the Underworld and is clean. He sheds his pants then gets into the shower letting the cold water run down his muscular body.

    Although he shouldn’t get his wound wet he looks down at his throbbing erection, damn now is not the time to lose control. He washes his taut body and has no choice but to take care of his physiological problem. Letting out a satisfied groan when he releases he wonders why he can’t control his reation to Song Sara. Shaking his head he steps out of the shower then dries his muscular body, carefully wiping the large gash on his abdomen. I wonder if Tielin has a medicine kit. He wraps a towel around his waist thennhe looks in the cabinets, he finds a large plastic medical box he grabs some disinfectant and a few bandages. When he finishes bandaging his wound he blow dries his hair then goes into the bedroom to find a pair of pajamas to wear.

   Sara is thirsty and she smacks her lips in her sleep, Sun Peizhi isn’t far from the bed and hears the noise. Still wrapped in the towel he walks over to give her a sip of water. He sits on the bed thinking she won’t be able to hold the bottle, he lifts her head to give her some water. Sara feels her body is too heavy to move but she is thirsty..very thirsty..  not completely asleep but can’t open her eyes. She smells a fresh masculine scent that makes her feel safe and hears the sound of a rapid heartbeat close to her body. Sun Peizhi doesn’t want to wake her up but softly urges Sara, “Drink.”

   She obediently sips the water but doesn’t open her eyes, Sun Peizhi assumes Sara is so sedated and weak from being drugged she is in a semi conscious state. After she drinks a little more he lays her back on the pillow. He gazes at her affecionately as he wipes the water that dripped down her chin while wishing they had met under different circumstances. He can’t resist caressing her soft cheek then gets up from the bed to put on the black striped pajamas he found in the drawer. Zheng Tielin is about the same height so the pants are only a little short.

     Feeling refreshed from his cold shower, Sun Peizhi takes the blueprints of the Bellini mansion from the pocket of his pants then sits on the couch in the bedroom to study them. He doesn’t want to go too far away in case Sara might need him. Studying the layout of the mansion he furrows his swordlike eyebrows, the only possible way to get to the room where they will have the flash drive is through the ventilation system. From the security system diagram Lucas provided they have a highly sophisticated laser grid that is set to fluctuate so it can’t be readily maneuvered around. The time frame between when it is placed in the room is not long according to his source in the Bellini Organization.

    Frustrated by the amount of difficulty involved in reaching the flash drive he leans back crossing his long legs, Diego Bellini is no fool that is for sure. If I can intercept Nikolai Naralov,  what would be most advantageous would be to corrupt the drive without him knowing and have them proceed with the auction.  Then when the buyer  initiates the software it not only fails but identifies the source. It would be great to arrest the perpetrator, maybe bring down one of the major Underworld organizations. The old farts would definitely give me my vacation time!

   He walks out to the kitchen to see if there is any food. He opens the refrigerator, doesn’t look like Tielin has been in his apartment in a long time. He pulls out some moldy food tossing it into the trash. Opening the cupboard he is surprised to see some instant noodles, after they are ready he sits at the kitchen table with a pair of chopsticks. He eats a few bites then takes out his phone calling Lucas, “Have they identified Nikolai Naralov as the person who definitely has the flash drive in his possession?. I have an idea it would be better to intercept him, corrupt the drive then allow it to be sold. When it is used we can capture more of the scumbags in our net.”

    Lucas is sitting in a sleazy bar trying to get information on a human trafficking network. He bites down on the toothpick in his mouth,“ No luck on that.”

   Sun Peizhi can hear the sound of people arguing in the background. “Where are you?”

   “I am in Bergamo.”

   He slurps up the last of the noodles then asks, “Freddie said he was going to Bergamo. What is going on in that shithole?”

   “There was an incident at the Bergamo airport, it involved a plane owned by the Wang Corporation. We thought it was transporting women to sell in Milan. But it turns out not to be the case.”  He drinks his bottle of beer while watching two men in the corner. “Hey you know who I saw at the airport? Fucking Qiao Rui, he was with that asshole Leng Shuai”

  “Qiao Rui, I thought he was in Cambodia, what is he doing in Bergamo?”

   “Don’t know the details but while I was searching the wreckage of the plane he was fighting with Leng Shuai..hahaha..looked like the good doctor got some good shots in too.” He slams his beer when he sees the men in the corner accept money from some gangsters that just walked into the bar. “Hey man, some shit is about to go down. I gotta go. If I can find anything out will let you know but so far no one is talking. Go with the original plan.”

   Sun Peizhi throws away the food container, why is Qiao Rui in Bergamo?  He walks into the bathroom then brushes his teeth, fuck my plan would damage at least one Organization heavily. All I need to know is who has the goddam flash drive. All the information I have received points to Nikolai Naralov.

    He comes out of the bathroom glancing over at Sara then lays down on the couch with his long legs dangling over the arm.. Closing his eyes he is still wondering what was going on with Qiao Rui and Leng Shuai. Leng Shuai as head of the Ghost Blade Syndicate is most likely is here for the auction, he isn’t stupid enough to bid on the flash drive but who knows what else is up for auction. Why is Rui here? He falls asleep not long after he lays down.

   In the middle of the night Sara wakes up to use the bathroom. Half asleep and disoriented she thinks she is back in the suite at the Grand Lattorio Hotel. Sliding off the bed her legs are weak, she thinks the weakness is from the ordeal she went through a few days ago, that she hasn’t completely recovered. She frowns,when am I going to regain my strength!  She turns on the light and makes her way to the bathroom. While she is in there she splashes water on her face touching her forehead she can tell she has a fever. In the morning I will get some medicine. 

When she walks back into the bedroom she notices Sun Peizhi asleep on the couch. What is he doing in my suite? She walks over to look at him closer, she thinks for a moment, I don’t even remember coming back to my hotel room, did he bring me back? Was I drunk? Sara’s face turns crimson red,did I embarrass myself? Suddenly it dawns on her when she looks at what she is wearing.This is a man’s pajama top. Wuhuuu..wuhhuu.. I need to go back to my own suite NOW… RIGHT NOW! Where is my dress? 

   Frantically searching around the bedroom she can’t find her dress. I will just sneak down the hallway to my room. She sees her purse next to the bed and gets out her room key tiptoeing to the bedroom door. Once she leaves the bedroom her mouth drops open at the sight of the luxurious living room. The curtains are partially open and she can see the skyline from the floor to ceiling window. This isn’t the hotel, it is a luxury apartment! Sun

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