Feeling Confused

   Sun Peizhi hears Sara walk out in the living room and sits up wondering what he should tell her about what happened last night. He gathers his thoughts then stands up stretching his legs to relieve the stiffness from being cramped while lying on the short couch. He walks out to the living room startling Sara who is in a daze looking around the luxurious apartment. This is obviously a single man’s apartment, the typical  black and white color scheme with a very masculine vibe. Trying to process how she got here Sara is rubbing her temples  when Sun Peizhi quietly enters the room, he startles her while she is deep in thought. Sara’s knees buckle as she turns around suddenly to face him. When she starts to fall he quickly stretches out his long muscular arm to catch her before she hits the floor, hugging her petite body to his broad chest.

   Inhaling his distinctive scent and because her body is being firmly pressed onto the man she likes her heart begins beating rapidly. Sara’s shy expression shows her embarrassment while  being held in his tight embrace. Due to their awkward position her pajama top slides down exposing her snow white skin. Sun Peizhi’s ears turn red at the sight, he quickly helps her stand then steadies her body as she pulls up the pajama top. Clutching the red silk top tightly between her fingers she can’t look him in the face. Trying to dispel the ambiguous atmosphere he gently says, “You should sit down. I will get you some water.”

     Holding her thin arm he guides her to the living room couch then walks to the kitchen to get the water. When he returns Sara gulps down some of the water her slender hands trembling. The night is a blur after they went to the Medici Club and Liza showed up unexpectedly. What should I say?

   Sun Peizhi decides he will tell her the truth so she doesn’t worry something happened between them. I won’t mention her behavior or that we kissed. No reason to upset her further; she looks like a frightened little bunny. He sits in a leather wingback chair across from Sara with his hands on his knees. “You were drugged at the Club, I brought you to my friend’s apartment so Li Tian wouldn’t see you in your condition. I called a doctor and he gave you an antidote then you went to sleep.”

   Sara timidly looks up from her water glass blinking her big blue eyes, “Drugged?” Sara blushes thinking about when she was drugged and the beast ravaged her body. She breathes a sigh of relief, It seems as though Sun Peizhi really is a true gentleman not taking advantage of my vulnerable condition. 

   Never having comforted a woman before he is somewhat at a loss for words. She must be very embarrassed by her shy expression. “I don’t know any details.Luckily the doctor arrived quickly and was able to help you.”  I don’t want to implicate her friend since I have only a gut feeling it was that slutty bitch who drugged her last night.

   Sara’s face pales and she has a knot in her stomach, looking at his complicated expression, I can tell he is hiding something from me. But I don’t want to know what it is..I really don’t… Feeling confused because she has no memory of what happened she can’t think of anything to say so she quietly sips the warm water avoiding eye contact. Distressed by the idea he must have a terrible impression of her now Sara’s deep blue eyes become misty. I finally found a man who I like and..

      He can see she is beginning to cry and his heart tightens as he gazes at Sara. Her body is slightly quivering and her long black eyelashes are fluttering covered in a layer of crystal teardrops. When her teardrops begin streaming down her delicate face his face darkens, Goddam those bastards doing this to an innocent girl like Song Sara. Black lines form on his forehead as he desperately tries to find the right words  to relieve her sadness. “Miss Song you should get some sleep, this will stay between us.. Li Tian will never know. No one will ever know. It wasn’t your fault this happened.”

    Sara looks up at his worried expression,her heart breaking knowing the circumstances weren’t as simple as he is saying.  She doesn’t respond and stands up from the couch gulping down the words she would like to say. Still weakened from the sedative and drug a wave of dizziness hits her and the room starts spinning. Her delicate body suddenly collapses from the mental and physical stress. Sun Peizhi sweeps her frail body into his arms and carries her into the bedroom. What the fuck…her body feels cold to the touch. Is this a side effect of the drug or antidote?  She is ice cold!

    After he lays her down he fumbles around in the pockets of the black pants he took off earlier for Dr. Lu’s number. He grabs his phone nervously glancing over at Sara on the bed, he dials the doctor’s number. The old man has been a doctor for many years and is a light sleeper knowing he could get an emergency call anytime. After a few rings  he answers, “Speak.”

    “It is Sun Zhi, Song Sara woke up then fainted. Her body’s temperature is way below normal.   What should I do?”

   “She isn’t feverish? Her body temperature dropped?” 


     Dr. Lu scratches his short white beard. “That is unusual but not life threatening. The antidote  fighting the poison in her body isn’t completely breaking down the drug as it should. It isn’t life threatening but you need to keep her warm. Her body is in a condition similar to hypothermia, give her a hot bath then you will need to use your body temperature to warm her body. If that doesn’t work you need to send her to the hospital for further treatment.”

    “Okay. Thank you.”

     Sun Peizhi puts all the blankets on her body then goes in to fill the bath. When the bathtub is full he walks over to the bed and takes off Sara’s pajamas. He picks up her naked body rushing into the bathroom then he gently places her in the heated water. Damn.. he laughs to himself as the water splashes onto him, it would have been easier to have sex with her. 

   He runs a warm wet cloth over her forehead,then lets her soak for a while in the warm water while sitting patiently on the edge of the bathtub. He knits his brows while staring at Sara’s innocent face, you should be able to realize your dream of owning a bakery and be able to distance yourself from people that want to use you or bring you harm. Live your life happily…

  When he thinks she has soaked enough he lifts her out of the water then dries her body. He carries her to the bed.  Knowing she probably can’t hear him he still tells her, “ I need to warm your body. I don’t think you would want to go to a hospital.” He takes off his pajamas and lays his naked body next to Sara wrapping her in his strong arms to transfer his body heat. So he isn’t tempted by the fragrant soft body in his arms he begins to meditate. Exhausted from the last couple days he slowly falls asleep with Sara pressed against his chest.

   After sleeping for a couple hours Sun Peizhi wakes up, Sara’s head is resting on his chest, her arm around his waist. He looks at her slender leg that is draped over his thigh. Gazing down at the beautiful woman in his arms he has a faint smile, what expression would you have on your adorable face if you knew you wrapped herself around me like an octopus? He pictures her small face turning crimson red and resists the urge to chuckle.

   As he tries to take her leg off him Sara mutters, “Nooo..so warm.” She tightens her arm around him snuggling into his warm chest like a soft little kitten. Sun Peizhi can feel his body having a reaction and tries to move her hand that is dangerously close to igniting a fire that won’t be easily extinguished. He doesn’t want to wake her up or the situation would become extremely awkward; they still need to have contact when he takes her back to Li Tian.

   He gently lifts her arm and rolls away replacing his body with a pillow. Sara buries her head in the pillow and continues to sleep. Once he is off the bed he quickly walks to the bathroom for another cold shower, he glances back at the bed, she is the only woman who I haven’t been able to resist. What is it about her that makes me want to press her underneath me and crush her bones into mine. If I didn’t learn the meditation techniques to suppress my desire I don’t know what I might have done last night!  He feels his body heating up as he recalls the deep desire he felt while kissing her soft pink lips and her unique sweet  taste… Goddammit! I need to stop thinking about that little woman!

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