LTG Jewelry Milan

Sun Peizhi takes a moment after Sara walks away picturing her small oval face with her sparkling sky blue eyes crinkling into a crescent shape as she laughed. How can she maintain such a happy appearance dealing with Li Tian and Long An.

She didn’t show any emotion when she said Zhou Mo gave her to Li Tian. How can a sweet and sensitive girl like Song Sara accept being Li Tian’s woman. Under those circumstances? After I take care of obtaining the flash drive I am going to have a serious discussion with Song Sara about her choice. I can  help her financially to disengage from that cold hearted bastard and introduce her to Lin Xiu Ling.

Sara is in the shower and has no idea Sun Peizhi misinterpreted her words. As the warm water runs down her body she blushes thinking about Sun Peizhi then she frowns, after the beast ruined me I don’t have the right to be with such an outstanding man. She rubs her body roughly with the washcloth, why did that have to happen to me? 

On the balcony Sun Peizhi calls one of his contacts, “Freddie,did you speak to Lucas? Did you get the blueprints of the Bellini Mansion?”

“I got ‘em. You ain’t crazy enough to go in alone like he said are ya?”

“The less people involved in this op the less chance of being discovered.I can walk in the front door as Li Tian’s bodyguard. I just need to have the layout in time to study where the sensors are placed and the possible location they would keep the fucking flash drive once it is delivered.”

“I can meet ya whenever with ‘em.”

Sun Peizhi hears a noise and turns towards the bedroom, “I have to work I will call you later as to where to meet me.”

“Hey Wolf..ya know if ya need any backup..”

Sun Peizhi chuckles at his old nickname damn that smartass Marley sticking me with that name, “Freddie, you should stay at home with that new wife of yours. Isn’t that why you quit.?”

Freddie has a silly grin on his weathered face, “She says havin’ me around all the time is gettin’ on her nerves now that she is pregnant.”

“Pregnant? Hey man Congratulations! Sure it’s yours? Haha.. I remember where you were shot when we were on duty in the Bolivian jungle.”

“Fuck off asshole! Do you think that horney little woman would have married me if I lost my jewels!”

Sun Peizhi hears Sara coming towards the balcony, “I gotta go, I will call with meet up point.” He hangs up as Sara opens the door to the balcony. 

“Mr. Sun, I’m ready.” She looks at her watch, “We should meet Long An.”

Sun Peizhi looks at Sara, she is wearing a white sleeveless dress that hugs her thin waist then flares out with delicate pink flowers embroidered across the bodice. The skirt is flirtatiously  swaying as she moves towards him.

The dress compliments her petite figure and snow white skin  He swallows his saliva as her light fragrance drifts through the air, damn she is so fucking beautiful.When she spoke to him her naturally pink lips opened to show her perfect white teeth and her voice had a soft tone that would make any man want her. Fuck Zhi get your mind off of the girl!

His mind in disarray walks with her through the suite to the door. “Miss Song..”

She smiles looking up at him directly into his deep dark eyes, “Yes?” Her heart flutters, I love his serious tone and the way his deep dark eyes are unfathomable. I can never tell what he is thinking.

“The street will be crowded by the venue, so please although I will be with you I want you to be self aware. Stay to the side and try not to get swept into the crowd.” Don’t let any random man brush against you or get too close! 

Sara has a warm and tingling feeling as he warns her, he exudes a comforting aura. “I will listen to your instructions, but I can’t guarantee Long An will heed your warning.”

Who gives a flying fuck about that eyesore! I’m worried about you in that alluring dress, there will be too many men captivated by your appearance. He calmly replies,”Well, she will have Giorgio and Nino.”

  Sara feels a thin layer of sweat forming on her palms. So he is going to protect me. I mean not that anyone would pose a threat to a little assistant like me but that means he will stay close to my side. Woohoo!

  When they are approaching the door Sun Peizhi stops suddenly,“Miss Song although it is warm out now the weather will get cold later I think you should take a coat. The storms haven’t completely blown over out of the city according to the weather report.” 

“Oh, you are right. I will be right back. She hurries into the bedroom picking up a light coat to bring. That was considerate of him!

When they leave the suite Long An is storming down the hallway with the two muscular bodyguards close behind. She starts tapping her expensive watch, “An were supposed to come to my room fifteen minutes ago!”

Sara shakes her head, “I am here now. Did you decide where we should go for the gown?”

 Both Giorgio and Nino are staring at Song Sara, Sun Peizhi glares at them. This is exactly what I thought would happen. He stands in front of Song Sara blocking their view then turns to her taking her coat from her hands then casually putting it on her, “I think it is too cold outside, you should wear your coat.”

“…” Both Giorgio and Nino look at each other, Did I just see that cold bastard put Li Tian’s woman’s coat on her with a gentle expression on his face?

Long An swings her purse then pushes ahead of Sara leading the way like a little General, “Hurry up..I want go eat after we finish, Tian sent me a text he needs to have a business dinner and won’t be back until later tonight” She stares at Sara’s chest,“I think with your small shape the dresses by Chloe Design should be the best fit for you. We will go there then to LTG Milan in the Galleria.”

Sun Peizhi thinks that will work out well. After the women finish and come back to the hotel  I can have Giorgio and Nino watch them. The other two guards Chen Wu sent should be here also by that time then I can  meet Freddie.

The group gets into the elevator with several other people, Sun Piezhi blocks Sara so no one bumps into her body. Long An notices his protective stance and gets irritated since Giorgio and Nino are ignoring her talking to each other. I don’t like that arrogant bodyguard but.. As they exit the elevator she whines,”Sun Peizhi why aren’t you guarding me? That fat man in the elevator stepped on my foot and I almost broke my heel. These two morons didn’t budge and I noticed Song Sara wasn’t pushed around because you blocked them.”

Sun Peizhi calmly lies,“Miss Long, since Nino and Giorgio are the senior bodyguards, CEO Li assigned them to you specifically. If you want to call him while he is in the middle of a meeting..”

  Nino and Giorgio stare at Sun Peizhi, since when did we become senior bodyguards.

Long An rolls her eyes, if I call he could get angry and make me go home. “Fine but you two meatheads pay more attention.” She stomps out the front of the hotel,turning to Song Sara  “Did you hire the Limousine? I don’t see it.”

???? When did she tell me to do that. They are probably all reserved anyway with all the celebrities and wealthy people in town for the fashion shows. “Miss Long you.never..”

Sun Peizhi quickly covers for Sara, “CEO Li said for you to keep a low profile so he instructed Miss Song not to hire a limousine.

Sun Peizhi takes out his phone and makes a call a few minutes later a black Mercedes SUV pulls in front of them. “Since we all need to ride together this seemed to be the best choice.”

Sara looks at Sun Peizhi with stars in her eyes, thank you..thank you..I know you just made that up so she didn’t yell at me.

Nino drives through the city expertly weaving in and out of traffic, finally they arrive at Chloe Designs Milan Store. After much deliberation and bickering they walk out with a suitable gown for Song Sara. 

  When they are in the SUV Long An points at Nino,“Go to LTG’s.” Long An is excited, she sent a picture of Song Sara in the Chloe Design she picked out and he gave his approval. So now she gets to pick out her jewelry. 

Exhausted from listening to Long An and trying on dresses Sara sighs and leans her head back wishing she could just return to the hotel and skip going to the jewelry store. “Miss Long the hotel is on the way to the Galleria, I trust your judgment to pick out jewelry for me. Could you drop me off at the hotel.”

Long An would love to ditch Sara but Li Tian said he needed to see the jewelry on Song Sara at LTG’s. “Sorry Missy, much as I would love to go by myself, Li Tian said he needs a picture of you in the store wearing the jewelry.”

Sara wants to kick the back of the seat, Dammit! I want to take off these painful high heels, put my feet up and have a glass of wine..or two..or three..

Long An almost jumps out of her seat when she sees the magnificent jewelry store. A gold sign on the beautiful building with marble columns at the entrance  says Li Tian Group Jewelry Milan. When they pull into the parking lot and Long An can barely contain her excitement. Sara yawns, “Where are we going to eat when you are finished.”

“How can you think of food when we are going to LTG’s? Do you know how lucky you are to wear something from the latest collection by Navarre!”

“Who is Navarre?”

“Urhhhhg, Song Sara do you know anything about anything! He is the hottest most handsome talented young jewelry designer. His jewelry designs were featured in Vogue’s special Milan Fashion Edition!”

“Huh..He is Italian?”

“No you idiot he is French!” Just shut up and get out. Follow me.”

Song Sara looks at Sun Peizhi after Long An exits the car and smiles quietly saying to him, “Cuckoo..cuckoo..” 

He laughs at the mischievous gleam in Sara’s eyes then leans down whispering, “Yeah definitely nuts”

Long An turns around, “What are you two laughing about? Hurry up. Giorgio and Nico don’t crowd me when I am in the store.”

  “My name is Nino, Miss Long.”Didn’t she tell us at the hotel we weren’t standing close enough to her?


Sara whispers to Sun Peizhi, “I would be more excited to see a juicy steak right now next to a glass of red wine haha.”

He has a faint smile, she is really cute. “I don’t know if Long An would listen to  my suggestion but there is a restaurant on Galleria Blvd. whose chef’s signature dish is cote de boeuf with truffles and pasta.”

“Cote de boeuf? What kind of steak is that?”

Oh shit! I shouldn’t have mentioned that, it is the best steak I have ever had but the price is outrageous. She might wonder how I could afford it. “Actually we will be here for a week, maybe you and I can go there without Long An.” Yeah, I can pay without her noticing the price. I can talk to her about a blind date with Lin Xiu Ling and getting away from Li Tian.

Is he asking me out? Sara blushes, go for it Sara, you like him, sound casual, “That sounds nice, it would probably taste even better without Long An whining throughout the meal..haha..”

Sun Peizhi doesn’t notice her blushing because he is looking across the sidewalk at a man in a black trenchcoat staring at them, Who the hell is he? He says, “We should get in there before she throws another fit.”

“You are right.” Sara hurries through the massive glass door looking around the luxurious store for Long An.

Long An sees Sara and pulls her over then tells the man behind the counter to show them Kashmire Sapphire and Diamond Necklace by Navarre called Midnight Lovers. She fell in love with the necklace the moment she saw it in the magazine.

“I’m sorry Miss I can’t.”

“What do you mean you can’t I am Li Tian’s fiancee and he sent me here to pick it up.”

CEO Li’s fiancee? Why don’t I know about this. He didn’t call or mention she would coming into the store today. What should I do? I will put the problem off on Mathilde, I don’t want any part of this. “Miss I need to get my Manager to approve getting the jewelry out of the vault. I will be right back”

  When he leaves to get the manager Long An remembers Sara has Li Tian’s black card. She pulls on Sara.s coat sleeve looking around then whispering, “Give me the black card.”

Sara thinks why not the sooner the lunatic gets what she wants we can go eat. She looks in her wallet and hands the black card to Long An..

 When the man returns with a tall blonde woman who has an air of authority. Long An waves the card at them. “See I have Tian’s black card.”

The woman looks at Long An, “Do you speak Italian?”

“Ah no why?”

“I will speak English then my Chinese is not good.”

“CEO Li did not mention you were coming but since you have his card, I will have Louie bring out the jewelry you requested.”

Mathilde speaks in Italian to the tall thin man from behind the counter, “How can the CEO be with such an uncouth woman! Waving his card like she is in the local dollar store. Did you see the look in her eyes she looks like a greedy little pig.”

“I know I wouldn’t have believed the fat ass is our handsome CEO’s fiancee if she didn’t have his card. Look at her!”

Although I don’t like Long An she is my boss’ fiancee and they shouldn’t disrespect her like that. Also seeing them act superior is irritating thinking they are being clever speaking in Italian right in front of Long An. So rude and insulting!

Sara pipes in speaking Italian in a domineering tone, “I am CEO Li’s executive assistant. I normally wouldn’t intervene but I don’t think CEO Li would appreciate you disrespecting his beloved woman. So as not to upset Miss Long I won’t mention your insolence to ruin her happy shopping experience. But, while she is shopping in the store I will expect you to show her the respect she deserves. Or there will be consequences for your intolerable rudeness.”

Both Mathilde and Louie turn pale as they listen to Sara. Mathilde raises an eyebrow as she stares at Sara  appreciating her imposing  manner. She obviously could have us fired but is giving us a chance to redeem ourselves. This woman’s aura is very strong worthy of being CEO Li’s assistant.{Sara would laugh if she knew what Mathilde is thinking.} 

Speaking in English Mathilde says, “Please have a seat Miss Long, James will be out with some wine and fruit for you while you wait.”

Long An noticed a change in Mathilde after Sara was speaking to them, “What did you say to them.”

“I just told her that you are CEO’s beloved woman and to not forget that.”

“You did?” Long An could tell something was going on for Sara to speak to them in the tone she was using.

“Well, I do think CEO Li should have told them you were coming, then there wouldn’t have been a misunderstanding.”

Long An isn’t a person to say thank you to someone she considers beneath her status so she changes the subject. “After I get the Midnight Lover Necklace. We can look your jewelry then go eat if you are so hungry. I know you really like to eat.”


A handsome man wearing a black trenchcoat  has been standing watching Sara, he has a slight smile as he walks towards the back of the jewelry store. Beautiful..Clever and Compassionate that  woman embodies what I want in a woman to represent my designs. She is Tian’s secretary? I wonder if I can steal her away from Tian to model my designs for the next magazine shoot.

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