Nikolai’s Villa

When Nikolai reaches the edge of the property surrounding his magnificent villa in the outskirts of Milan he pulls through a tall iron gate. The villa is dark and there are no lights on the windy tree lined road. When he approaches a second gate a muscular man dressed in black comes out from inside a small guardhouse.

    Nikolai rolls down his window the Russian guard nervously says, “Boss, we weren’t expecting you until tomorrow. The villa is not ready, maybe you should stay in the city tonight..”

   His lips pressed tightly together Nikolai angrily tosses his lit cigarette towards the guard’s face then Nikolai coldly answers in Russian, “ Asshole,If I wanted to stay in the fucking city would I be here now? Is the electricity on?”

  “Yes.” The startled man’s face is smarting from the burning cigarette ember, fuck that maniac’s temper is insane.

    Nikolai drives away towards his villa without saying another word to the stunned guard who immediately calls the other men while holding his chin. “You motherf***ers better not be sitting around drinking the Boss’ vodka he is on his way up there. He has some woman in the car too.” He noticed LiMei when he leaned down to talk to Nikolai.

     The men inside the house jump up from the table in the kitchen where they were playing cards.  “Hey Dimitri, where are the goddamn plastic bags for this trash.”

    “I don’t know where the fuck they are just toss the empty bottles and cans under the sink.” He takes the ashtrays running to the back of the kitchen then he opens a door tossing the cigar and cigarette butts into the bushes.

    Afraid Nikolai will bust them, a burly man dumps a half empty glass of water on his untucked black shirt and wipes the rosewood table off with it. Sweating profusely he grabs a thin man next to him by the collar, spitting saliva as he speaks,  “You said the devil wouldn’t be here until tomorrow!”

   The agitated man struggles to loosen the grip the fat man has on his collar, he blurts out, “ Listen you fat motherf***er do you think if I knew he would be here tonight I would be sitting here with you assholes with my balls hanging out! Let me go di**head I need to get to the front.”

    Leon lets go of his collar and looks around the kitchen, the Boss probably won’t come in here but the kitchen really smells like ass. He straightens the chairs then sees one of his men is still gnawing on a barbecue chicken wing by the sink. He kicks him in his ass and the man chokes on the wing dropping the bone onto the floor. “What the fuck Leon!’

   “Do you want to die? Go to the front the Boss should be here any minute. And wipe that fucking sauce off your mouth too.”

    Oskar is drunk and takes his time not realizing the urgency. He uses his sleeve to wipe his face and buttons his shirt. Muttering under his breath he holds onto the sink to get his balance.He had loosened his belt when he was eating so he zips up his pants then tightens it.Goddam bastard part of that fuckin’ wing is stuck in my throat! His throat is burning from the spicy chicken wing so he puts his head under the faucet to drink some water. Before he can lift his head his face is smashed into the stainless steel sink. He screams in agonizing pain when the person holding the back of his head bangs it down again several times.. Nikolai says, “You are lucky I am in a good mood tonight.”

   When Oskar hears Nikolai’s emotionless voice he holds back his screams silently lamenting he hadn’t hurried out of the kitchen with the other men. His face a bloody mess, his nose smashed and a huge gash on his forehead he keeps his head bowed listening to Nikolai’s cold tone relieved Nikolai didn’t kill him right there. 

   Nikolai turns to Dimitri. “Throw him to the dogs.”

   Dimitri gulps almost peeing his pants five minutes earlier he would have been in the kitchen too. He nods then drags Oskar out the back door while the bleeding man pleads begging for his life, “Boss..please Nooooo.. “

    The sound of ferocious barking can be heard then a deathly silence as the dogs devour Oskar’s body.

   Nikolai grimaces looking at the blood covered sink, nasty man drinking out of the faucet. He calls to a man standing at the door who is trying to conceal his fear at the scene he just witnessed. Michail has worked for the Naralov Family for several years but still can’t stomach Nikolai’s violent outbursts. The man was drinking out of the fucking faucet? Did he really need to die? He hears Nikolai’s commanding voice, “ Rip out the sink and the countertop have it all replaced by tomorrow.”

   “Yes Boss.”

    Nikolai walks to the couch in the living room where he placed LiMei then continues down the hallway to a bathroom. He scrubs his hands, washing Oskar’s blood off his slender fingers. He stares at the red colored water running down the drain ,what kind of disgusting fuck drinks out of a kitchen water faucet? Repulsive!

    After he is finished cleaning his hands he comes back out and sits on the edge of the couch gently touching LiMei’s long black hair. His voice sounds low and seductive, “When are you going to wake up Sleeping Beauty? I need to know all about you..haha..” 

He stands up, “Alexi,carry the little beauty to the second floor guestroom next to mine.”

  Alexi walks over to the couch grabbing LiMei up roughly. When Nikolai sees he growls, “Carefully she isn’t a sack of fucking potatoes!”

     The huge Russian nods and positions her in his arms wondering who the girl could be. Obviously she isn’t Nikolai’s woman or he would never let me touch her. She is so tiny and beautiful..the doll’s long black eyelashes are fluttering and her flawless face is pale  which makes her pink lips look even more alluring. Although he had several shots of vodka he still has his wits about him so without any further thoughts he gently carries LiMei to the guest room as Nikolai requested. Little does Nikolai or Alexi know LiMei woke up when Nikolai was giving Alexi instructions but kept her eyes shut pretending to be asleep.

    Who the hell are these Russians? The men who grabbed me in Cambodia were Chinese. Where am I? LiMei’s head is throbbing from the ether but she tries to consider her situation.  from what the ‘Boss’ said I don’t think they plan on harming me..right now anyway.

    Alexi lays LiMei down on the bed then tosses a cover over her then leaves immediately not taking another look in her direction. When she is sure he has left she sits up in the bed. Shit! This room is luxurious, the bed is huge and the furnishings look very expensive. Could Kuang Fu have hired the Russians? But he wouldn’t treat me this well putting me in such a deluxe room, he would throw me in a dirty basement. LiMei stands up weakly then slowly walks to the floor to ceiling windows to look out. I’m on the second floor… It looks like there is a large lawn then a high wall. Beyond the wall considering the height and size of the trees it must be a wooded area. Those type of trees don’t grow in Cambodia and the style of architecture looks European.

    LiMei hears footsteps outside the door and hurries to get into the bed pulling up the covers and closing her eyes. Nikolai walks into the room holding a glass of vodka. He walks to the bed and sits on it, he can tell by LiMei’s breathing she is awake and most likely just got back into the bed the carpet is very thick and shows the impression of her tiny feet.

    He has a faint smile looking at LiMei pretending to be asleep. He speaks Chinese with a slight Russian accent, “So Little Assassin you are awake, da”

   LiMei doesn’t know whether she should continue pretending or not. Whoever this man is he must be sharp to notice I am faking being asleep. She decides to open her eyes when she does; she is stunned by the man’s  godlike handsome appearance who is sitting on the edge of the bed. Lord this man is unbelievably handsome who the hell is he? What does he want with me? does he know I was an assassin? He must be connected to Kuang Fu. .

   LiMei sits up clutching the cover, “Who are you?”

   He playfully touches her messy hair and she backs away from his hand, he smiles most women would love for him to touch them, “Who am I..Good question..But I don’t want to answer.”

    “…” LiMei’s eyes widen, he has a seductive tone oozing sex appeal… jeez… his  testosterone level is off the charts. Ruggedly handsome with a muscular body and those dark and mysterious eyes. 

    He can see her complicated expression..part admiration..part questioning..but no fear..that’s strange. “Am I more handsome than Leng Shuai?” Let’s see if she responds to me mentioning her lover.”

    Leng Shuai? Does my kidnapping have something to do with the stupid tyrant? Obviously this man knows I know Leng Shuai or he wouldn’t bring his name up.. so I can’t act stupid. “You are..a different kind of handsome. A more..dangerous…” Yes..You Sir have more of a demonic handsome, like you could completely devour a woman’s soul with those dark and deep eyes of yours. LiMei can’t help but laugh at that thought. 

   He leans in closer to LiMei, “You don’t seem frightened of me Little Assassin.”

   “Why do you keep calling me that? I am just an executive secretary..I think you have me confused with someone else.”

   “I don’t think so.”

   “Honestly Handsome, if you think you can get a ransom for me you are wrong. I am not important enough to anyone for them to pay for my return.” 

   He notices her voice is hoarse; she must be thirsty. He lazily walks over and gets a bottle of water from a table, “Here.”

    LiMei takes the bottle from his large hand thinking his hand reminds her of Rui..Wuuwuu Rui.. he must be going crazy wondering where I am. I hope he didn’t kill Cheng and Morgan over my disappearance, “Thanks, I am really thirsty.”

   His voice low tinged with  a dangerous undertone, “Well.. if no one wants to pay for you… what am I going to do with you?” He lifts her chin with his long slender finger looking into her beautiful green eyes teasing her, “Little Assassin, your body is well..not as developed as I like..” He has a devilish grin waiting for her reaction,  haha..what an amusing girl.

    LiMei puffs out her cheeks and purses her pink lips wanting to say something about his rude appraisal as he looks at her chest but holds her tongue , damn this rude jerk.. But right if I have no worth why would he keep me alive?  She thinks about the Golden Dragon, I could tell him I will pay for my release. But I don’t have it yet.. “How much do you want to let me go? I have money.”

   Nikolai is having fun playing with LiMei. He has a genuine smile on his handsome face, his obsidian eyes light up showing a rare moment of softness, “Oh good..I can take your money too.”

    LiMei wants to slap the smug look off the demon’s face.  LiMei’s mind is racing,that’s it I’m going to escape now I have one silver needle in my hair. But I’m too weak right now he looks like his reflexes would be quick and he could disarm me before I stuck the needle into his neck. I will wait. I don’t think he seems like he has any killing intent towards me right now.

   Nikolai wonders what LiMei is thinking. Several emotions just crossed her adorable face in a fleeting moment he also detected a murderous gleam in her catlike green eyes. 

   His phone rings in his pocket,he looks at the caller, “Little Assassin, I need to take this call. You should take a bath then rest. Don’t bother thinking about escaping. I have several hungry dogs that might have not been completely satiated after devouring a useless… well..their dessert earlier.”

   After he leaves LiMei shivers,  so incredibly handsome but what a demonic aura! She lays back down on the pillow with her thin arms tucked behind her head staring at the ceiling..Rui..I’m sorry I didn’t listen and stay in the hotel to wait for you.

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