Valentine’s Day Part 1

LiMei rolls over smiling then sees the empty spot next to her, why didn’t Rui wake me up before he left I wanted to wish him good luck for his board meeting. She scrunches up her nose and stretches her arms out as the sunlight pours in the window. Laying there remembering Rui’s touch and kisses she blushes, oh my God I have never felt like that in my life I felt as though I was soaring through the clouds! I wonder what it would have been like if he didn’t get that damn phone call! She giggles thinking about leaving love bites on his neck, I got carried away…”

   Suddenly LiMei jumps out of bed, with all that is happening lately I forgot today is Valentine’s Day! I didn’t get Rui anything and he is always buying me things! Of course I didn’t think we would be together but..what am I going to get him. I want to give him something before he leaves for Cambodia..

   LiMei runs downstairs, she wonder if Delun is here he is a chef he could help her make some chocolates for Rui. Almost tripping as she gets to the bottom of the stairs she sees Delun coming out of the kitchen holding a piece of toast she hurries over to him grabbing his shirt, imploring him,“You need to help me!”

   Looking her wild eyed look and her agitated voice he thinks she wants to escape before Rui gets back he almost chokes on the piece of bread. “LiMei, I can’t help you, Rui told me..”

   Before he can say anything  else she interrupts him with a quizzical look in her shining green eyes as she exclaims, “You are a chef why can’t you help me?”

   “…” What does me being a chef have to do with anything? “Huh?”

   “I want to make some chocolates and fix a nice lunch for Rui before he has to go to the airport. I know how to cook but I have never made chocolates.”

    Delun breathes a sigh of relief, “Shit LiMei! Why didn’t you ask me like a normal person instead of scaring me like that.” He takes another bite of toast, these two never make themselves clear when they talk!

    Why would he say that? Anyway we need to get started. “Will you help me?”

    “I never made chocolates but I’m sure we can find a recipe online, any ingredients we need I can have the grocery store deliver to save time, the chocolate will need to harden for awhile. You know what  I will call Sheng Nuan I’m sure she has a recipe she can send me.”

   LiMei springs into his arms hugging him kissing him on the cheek, “Delun you are the best.”

   He thinks it is a good thing my brother isn’t here to witness you plastered to my chest. He pries her off of him, “Go put on some clothes.” He looks at the pajama top sliding down her shoulder and her bare legs. “I will call Nuan then the grocery store, what did you want to make for his lunch?”

   “Hmm..he will be traveling so probably nothing too spicy, think of a light menu and I will cook it. I should hurry and shower so we can start.” Excited at the idea of making the chocolates LiMei darts through the living room then flies up the stairs. When she is in the bedroom as she takes off the pajama top holding it to her nose she can smell Rui’s delicious scent, what is that he wears anyway it is intoxicating. I think I will keep this and not wash it hahaha…

    LiMei takes a shower as she washes her body she runs her hands over the marks that Rui left behind, recalling his passion LiMei can’t help but feel her body getting hot. Dammit if I could marry him that would be like a beautiful dream, he makes me feel so loved and special.

    Thinking about the way he kissed her she looks down blushing, he even left red marks on her inner thigh. I never knew I could feel that much pleasure. As the warm water sprays down on her body impulsively she pictures Rui and experiments touching herself there letting her fingers imitate his actions. She has a tingling sensation as she rubs herself then moans as she makes herself climax, oh my God..what am I doing? She leans on the tiled wall to catch her breath from her body spasming. Oh my God, that was incredible the images of him in my mind… wuwuwuw! She quickly washes her hair then steps out of the shower.

    Delun is on the phone in the kitchen with Nuan.

   Sheng Nuan was really happy Delun called until he told her he is making chocolates for Valentine’s Day. If they were for her he wouldn’t be asking for the recipe. She can’t hold her jealousy in, her heart tightens as she abruptly asks, “Who are you making chocolates for anyway, is she someone I know?” No way am I going to help him!

   Delun doesn’t notice her jealous tone, “They are for Rui.”

    “…” He could make up a better lie than that. That is stupid!  “ Right...You are making Valentine chocolates for your brother.”

   “Of course not! His girlfriend Feng LiMei, remember you met her, she wants me to help her make them.”

    Nuan sighs, what a relief! She smiles it is funny to think of someone wanting to made that iceberg Qiao Rui chocolates though… “Why don’t I come over to help. I could help decorate them too.”

   “Aren’t you busy in your shop today with people ordering cakes for Valentine’s Day?”

   Actually her bakery Honey Cakes is swamped today but she isn’t going to pass up this opportunity to spend time with her crush. “I have most of the orders completed and my assistants can finish the rest. Also, I have all the ingredients so I can bring them with me.”

   If she has everything and the recipe this is great, I heard making chocolate isn’t that easy from the pastry chef at the resort.“Can you get over here now Rui will be home in a couple hours.”

    She smiles as she rips her apron off  and motions to her assistant to come over, then tells Delun. “I can be there in a half an hour.”

   “Thanks a lot.”

    Delun hangs up and calls the grocery store to have the ingredients for lunch delivered. He barely hangs up when LiMei enters the kitchen wearing a pink track suit Rui had bought her. He stares at her she looks really cute in pink. She has her long black hair pulled up in a pony tail and her creamy white skin is glowing from just getting out of the shower. She only applied a little lip gloss and no other makeup she looks like she is in High School.

   LiMei self consciously pulls up her collar,“Delun what are you staring at me for?”

   He blushes being caught staring at her flawless face, lying he points to her lips,“You still have a little toothpaste by your lip.”

   “Oh.” She rubs her face with her sleeve. “Did you get the recipe from your friend.”

  “Even better ,Nuan is going to come over and help.”

   “That is super nice of her!” {Little does LiMei know she has an ulterior motive for helping.}

   “The groceries for lunch should arrive soon too, do you want some breakfast while we wait.”

   LiMei is really hungry, “Thanks Delun.”

   Rui enters the conference room and ignores the men in the room as they are talking. He sits and looks at his phone, he has a monitoring system he doesn’t usually look at but wants to make sure everything is alright at the house, that fucking useless Ming Jian hasn’t found the other man yet.

    His eyes narrow as he sees LiMei in the kitchen with Delun wearing the pajama top, what is that little girl thinking running around the house like that! The top is falling off her delicate shoulder as she is talking to Delun. He clenches his teeth he needs to finish this meeting and get home. 

     He watches as she runs out of the kitchen, switching cameras he sees her in his bedroom taking off his pajama top, he smiles is she smelling it? He looks at her naked body walking into the bathroom his eyes are riveted on the scene as he leans back in his chair with his legs crossed. Seeing her beautiful slender body with all his love marks he grins, I really made a mess out of her last night. But it felt so damn good tasting her entire body.

    Then he touches his neck that was adorable when she was sucking on my neck with her small wet tongue. Should I look in the bathroom? He sees LiMei get into the shower wishing she was taking a bath, through the slightly steamy glass of the shower he can see her slender silhouette , he sits up leaning on the table, oh shit! is she… she is.. He can feel himself getting hard watching her movements... Holy shit, can I save this? I mean this is wrong but so fucking sexy..her wet body, the water dripping down her small round ass and her long black hair stuck to her back as her hand was touching her body. Now she is leaning with her back arched against the tile afterwards brushing her hair back with her fingers…

    A thin layer of sweat is forming on his body as he watches her wash her hair, thinking he wishes he was in the shower with LiMei instead of sitting in this room full of conniving  old men, he continues to look at his phone. 

     LiMei gets out of the shower and he sees her smiling into the mirror as she touches her neck, dammit that girl makes me want to stay in bed with her making her happy all day! I can’t believe fucking Woo called right before I was going to finally have her completely. I know if we made love she wouldn’t want to leave me.The bad timing of that bastard!

   He is about to text her when the Chairman arrives. He looks up as they announce him, another bastard with bad timing. Of course he made everyone wait for him, the old fart, well now that he is here we can get this farce over with and I can get home.

   Li Mei finishes her breakfast. She pats her stomach, with a satisfied smile she compliments Delun,  “Breakfast was delicious, that omelet was spicy but had a really good flavor! I probably shouldn’t have had so many potatoes, but I couldn’t stop eating them.”

   “LiMei you are too thin you should eat more carbs.”

   “…” Am I too thin? There were a lot of carbs in the wine last night. She is about to respond when Butler Wu announces Nuan is here.

   “Send her here to the kitchen. I am expecting some groceries to be delivered too.”

   Nuan walks into the kitchen carrying two brown bags, Delun takes them from her, “Feng LiMei you remember Sheng Nuan don’t you?”

  “ Hi..of course I do, your cake was the best I have ever tasted!”

   “Thanks. So you want to make chocolates for Qiao Rui?” Nuan still can’t believe that Delun’s cold and aloof older brother Rui has such a sweet young girlfriend, remembering how nice LiMei was when she met her before. “I brought a couple molds so you can make hearts and a couple other designs. I can show you how to decorate them too.”

   LiMei admires Sheng Nuan she is beautiful and talented. And by looking at the way she is staring at Delun with pink bubbles around her beautifully coiffed head she has quite a crush on him it looks like. I will need to help her out, he seems dense.

   Butler Wu enters with the grocery deliveries, “Should I call Cook?”

  “No we are going to use the kitchen Cook can have the afternoon off. Put the groceries away.”

   LiMei wants to get started but doesn’t want to ruin the pretty pink track suit. “Delun, do you have an apron?”

   Nuan quickly says,“Feng LiMei I brought a couple.” She gets three cute aprons out of a cloth bag.

   “Please, I think I told you before call me LiMei.”

   “Okay and please call me Nuan.”

   Delun looks at the aprons she brought, “I will wear the one I have on.”

   LiMei starts laughing at his expression looking at the aprons, there is a bunny apron which Nuan handed her, one with a cute fox girl on the apron Nuan is putting on and the last one on the counter has Pikachu on the front. “Delun you need to wear the Pikachu apron it is too cute! Then I will take a picture of the three of us.”

   She puts on the bunny apron it even has a fluffy round bunny tail, “I will be right back I am going to get my phone.” She runs out of the kitchen. Rui is bored with the meeting, two of the board members are arguing their points which is fruitless because Rui has all the votes he needs but they need to follow their company’s rules allowing arguments to try to sway the vote before it is taken. 

     He looks at his phone, what is Sheng Nuan doing in the kitchen? LiMei isn’t there he didn’t let her go did he? Anxious he pans around then goes to the camera in his bedroom, Rui sees her bending over her purse, he can’t help but laugh out loud she is wearing a bunny apron over a Chloe velour pink track suit and as she is bending over looking the fluffy white tail is moving back and forth. LiMei looks like an adorable little bunny girl. I hope she is still wearing it when I get home I want to personally take it off of her.

    LiMei takes her phone out and puts it in her pocket. He thinks she is going to close her purse when she pulls out the flip phone staring at it frowning then she types something. Who the fuck is she messaging on that phone! He is starting to get jealous and irritated, he hurriedly texts her, [LiMei what are you doing?]

   LiMei hears the phone in her pocket vibrate and she tosses the flip phone back into her purse then closes it. Taking out her phone as she looks at the message she smiles, Rui is watching her..good..she is happy to see I sent a text.

   Everyone at the conference table has been watching Rui on his the punk is texting someone smiling! His grandfather slams his hand down on the table, “ Qiao Rui you aren’t the CEO yet put that damn phone away!  Lau Zeman was asking you a question!”

   Rui sneers at him, “Nothing that old windbag says is going to change the outcome so why should I care what he is saying. Get on with it I have somewhere to be.” He owns enough shares of the voting members companies to ensure his victory easily. Lau Zemin embarrassed sits down why didn’t their scheme to destroy this bastard five years ago work! Who knew he would come back strong enough to seek revenge. How did he become so powerful who is backing the fucking prick. Lau Zemin’s knuckles turn white as he clutches the folder in his hand, seeing Qiao Rui now I wish I hadn’t taken part in ruining him five years ago.

      Rui is enjoying watching his grandfather and Lau Zemin squirm, even his grandfather has no idea of the investments Rui has made over the last few years. Rui’s wealth and power is more than his grandfather can even imagine thanks to what his college roommate taught him, he invested at the right time then manipulated the companies growth.  The two of them forcing him into the Underworld for five years to pay off his school debt  Rui learned how to be ruthless and wield power behind the scenes. Today they get paid back tenfold.

    All his supporters are happy with their profits and have no reason to block him becoming the CEO of Qiao Corporation. A few were friends with his mother and her family and resent the way Qiao Muzhe treated her ultimately causing her untimely death. He looks down at his phone smiling [I got up a little bit ago Delun made me breakfast smiley face]

   He chuckles I love it when she puts those cute emojis on her texts. He is about to text her back when the door flies open and Wang Che charges towards the front of the boardroom, Rui’s bodyguard quickly stops Wang Che before he gets close to Rui.

   Wang Che’s gray hair is uncombed and his eyes are bloodshot he starts shouting as the bodyguard easily restrains him, “You bastard where is Rebecca?”

   Rui starts laughing looking at his grandfather, “Do you think his theatrics will sway the vote, get real old man.”

   He turns back facing the disheveled man, Rui’s voice is emotionless, “Wang Che I have no idea where Wang Rebecca is nor do I care.” He nods to his bodyguard to throw him out. 

     Wang Che glances over at the Chairman for support  he promised him he would help Wang Electric  if he broke into the board meeting making accusations at Qiao Rui.

   Rui notices the brief eye contact between the old men, his voice is dripping with sarcasm, “ Looking over at my grandfather won’t help you. Wang Che I don’t know what the Chairman promised you for disrupting this meeting but in forty five minutes he won’t even be able to help himself.”

    Rui’s frighteningly dark aura scares Wang Che, his heart tightens and begins gasping for air. I am company is falling apart without the contract with Qiao Corporation for the telecom equipment….I have over extended myself …now that brat I raised Wang Kai will take over Wang Electronics for the loans I owe him.

   He collapses in the bodyguard’s arms. Rui casually stands up and walks over, “Put him on the couch, call 120.” Checking his pulse and his heart rate Rui concludes it is a panic attack but he had to check  he doesn’t need him dropping dead of a heart attack. Although he wants to ruin him he doesn’t want to see him dead he is just another old man manipulated by his shrewish mistress.

   All the men at the table are shocked by the scene. Rui walks back to his seat, “ Calm down, As you all are aware I am a doctor, it appears Wang Che suffered an anxiety attack most likely from realizing his scheme he concocted with the Chairman wasn’t going to work. As a precaution I called for an ambulance but his condition is not life threatening.”

    His calm demeanor settles the atmosphere, the Chairman is glaring at Rui, that would have been the perfect excuse to delay the meeting, his paln B could be put into action. Although he hadn’t planned on Wang Che turning bright red and passing out that was a good touch, how did that bastard calm all these men down so easily.

   Rui puts both hands flat on the table and narrows his dark Phoenix eyes, “Vote.”

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