Come To Cambodia

Rui sits on the edge of the bed,“Xixin why are you calling me this time of night I thought you were in Cambodia?”

    He stands up from the bed touching LiMei’s soft hand,“Wait, before you say anything else I will take this call in my study.” He leans over and kisses LiMei, whispering,“I’m sorry Baby, it is an emergency.”

    LiMei nods and watches him walk away mesmerized by how perfect his naked body looks and sighing at how close she just came to making a big mistake. What was I thinking? I wasn’t thinking! Every time I’m near him I forget everything and only want him to touch me and hold me. She touches herself where he left his love bites… oh my God what was that! LiMei blushes thinking about Rui, it is a good thing he got that call, I was totally swept away by him. He must have been with a lot of women to know all those tricks to make me lose my rationality.

    In his study Rui listens to Dr. Woo, “Xinghe needs a complicated heart operation and he said the only cardiologist he would trust is you.”

    Rui frowns thinking about his life as a doctor for various syndicates in the Underworld,“Why would I operate on that maniac?”

    “Because he has the rare Silver Caisiera Root you have been looking for and there is another reason but I will tell you when you get here.”

    “Why are you friends with that asshole?”

   “We grew up together and even though we took different paths in life we have a connection to someone. So for that person I can’t let him die.”

   “I have the Qiao Corporation board meeting tomorrow. I can come after that, I will operate but someone else needs to be in charge of his recovery I have some business I can’t leave unfinished in Pushong.” I need LiMei to accompany me to Cambodia and I can take care of the Arabs when I get back.

   “While I am at Xinghe’s compound for the operation you will need to stay with LiMei in Phnom Aural.”

   “Feng LiMei? She can’t come to Cambodia.”

   “Why not?”

   “It would be dangerous.”

    “She said she would go away with me this weekend and Phnom Aural is safe. I won’t let her know I am going to his Compound. He can assign some of his men to protect her.”

   “Rui, think about what you are saying, you want a young girl like Feng LiMei to accompany you? If any of his enemies find out he is being operated on they could abduct her to threaten you.”

   “I can’t do it then.”

   “Rui you are the only one who can perform this complicated operation, I wouldn’t ask you if I had another option.”

   “Is this why you went to Cambodia?”

   “Yes. I wanted to assess his health condition for myself.”

   “Xixin you know I would do it just because you asked me to regardless of the rare herb, but, I want Feng LiMei with me. There has been a situation here in Pushong where I don’t want to leave her without me by  her side.”

   Woo Xixin know how possessive Rui is of LiMei but wonders why he would insist on bring her to Cambodia. “What situation.”

   “It’s complicated.”

   “Rui I will check with Xinghe if he can offer his assurance she will be safe I will let you know.”

   “Email me his information of course don’t use his name, my email is secure but why take a chance. I will book a flight after my board meeting and study it on my way there. He needs to fast for twelve hours anyway. Have his hospital ready to go any special instructions i will inform you I receive his information. 

    Xinghe has a rare blood type as I recall make sure you have a good supply handy, I doubt the extra blood will be needed but it is best to be prepared.”

    “Thank you Rui.” That is one of the reasons he has confidence in Rui, he plans for any contingency.

    “You don’t have to thank me you have never asked me for a favor in all the time I have known you.”

    “I will send you what you need.”


     LiMei put on the pajama top and is laying in the bed wondering who Rui is talking to at this time of night, he has been on the phone for awhile it must be important.

      She drinks some water then goes into the bathroom to wash her face and brush her teeth. Looking in the mirror she smiles at the red marks he left on her neck, she wonders if he has any from her, she starts giggling thinking about it. Oh, if I could marry Rui I would be so happy! 

    She brushes her hair as she turns around Rui is standing there looking at her happy expression, he takes her in his arms, “What are you laughing about?” He kisses her on her head, she wonders if she should tell him..”Nothing.” She peeks at his neck giggling, he has little strawberry marks she left on his skin, her eyes are twinkling as she stares at him.

     He smiles seeing her sneaking a peek at him her green eyes sparkling with a mischeivous gleam. He steps over to the other sink to brush his teeth LiMei watches him as he washes his face, “Rui, I should change your band aid.” The way she says it with a serious tone he teases her, “I think that is a good idea, maybe you can put healing lotion on my neck too. He has a devilish grin as he  looks in the mirror at the tiny marks she left on him earlier recalling her wet tongue on his skin as she softly sucked on it. So cute!

   LiMei starts blushing and he picks her up in his arms, “LiMei do you know how tempting  you look right now?” She puts her arms around his neck, “Rui..” She lays her head on his shoulder as he carries back to bed.

    When he puts her on the bed she sits up swinging her bare legs over the edge, “Give me your doctor bag let me change the band aid.” He has a playful expression lighting up his handsome face, “LiMei you should have been a nurse.” She hits him in the arm with her little fist, “Don’t tease me I used to always help out at my grandmother’s clinic when I was young. ” Her eyes suddenly have a sad look in them as she remembers her grandmother and mother. He sees her changing mood, “LiMei are you okay.” She smiles at him, “Yeah.. I was just remembering my grandmother and mother they passed away in an accident. It was awhile ago. I like thinking about them it is just sometimes…she hesitates, “It hurts alot.”

   He holds her and puts her hair behind her ears, “You have me LiMei.” She hugs him, “You lost your mother too didn’t you?” 

     She looks at the ring he gave her, “I love her ring you gave me it is so beautiful. I have a bunny charm my mom gave me when I was little it is the only piece of jewelry I was able to keep, my stepsister took the rest.” LiMei stops herself why am I telling him all this . “Anyway let me clean your wound and change the bandage”, she uses her sleeve to wipe her eyes.

   Rui wants to comfort her but he knows from losing his own mother there isn’t much he can say to make her feel better right now. “LiMei, I think my mother would have really liked you.” LiMei stops as she is pulling the band aid out of its wrapper feeling guilty she is deceiving him, she isn’t the innocent Feng LiMei he thinks she is.

   She puts the band aid on his cut,“Rui we are are from two different worlds I’m not sure that is true.”

   Rui pulls LiMei onto his lap embracing her, “My mother didn’t judge people by how much money they had or their social position. As a matter of fact your father’s cousin Xixin grew up with her, they were childhood friends.”

   Now LiMei really feels guilty that was part of the story they told Rui when Woo Xixin erased his memory. “Well you are a kind and caring man so she must have been a wonderful mother.” It would be nice if  could be honest with him about everthing but would he still care about me? Probably not he would be shocked.

   Rui can’t resist kissing her right now, she is probably the only person in the word who would call me ‘kind and caring’ I’m known for being cold and indifferent. He tenderly kisses her then lays her down on the bed, “LiMei you said you would go away with me this weekend, I want you to come with me to Cambodia. You said it could be anywhere.”

   LiMei’s face loses its color, Cambodia..I can’t go to Cambodia..I might as well ask to die! She composes herself, “I thought you meant to your resort or somewhere, I don’t have a passport.”

   Why is she lying I saw her passport when we came back from the orphanage and some things spilled from her luggage, like that flip phone with the message from whoever OM is.

   LiMei yawns pretending to be tired, “Rui we should get some sleep don’t you have the board meeting this morning? We can go anywhere else you want to go.” She stretches her arms towards him, he lays down next to her, “Can we talk about it after your meeting?”

   Rui reluctantly says, “Yes we can discuss it then.” He hugs her to him and she snuggles into his chest, his face darkens thinking about her lying to him is she planning on leaving me​? She has to come with me to Cambodia I can’t let that bastard Xinghe die but I can’t leave LiMei in Pushong City she might run away or be hurt by that Arabian pervert Ming Jian hasn’t found yet.

   As he holds her in his embrace Rui smells LiMei’s jasmine fragrance from the bath, he got that for the bath especially for her because when he first met her she was wearing a light and refreshing jasmine scent. 

     He felt a fate with her the moment he saw her laying on the ground after she fell from that boy’s bike. Your beautiful fragile body and pure innocent face caught my eye but it was after I got to know what an honest and sincere person you are  that I fell in love with youYou are all I want.{It is good LiMei can’t read his mind or her guilt level would be off the charts.}

    LiMei slowly falls asleep wrapped in Rui’s arms, he tenderly kisses her lips then closes his eyes thinking although it was frustrating being interrupted by the phone call she is here with me now.

    They both sleep holding onto each other until the alarm wakes Rui up. He wishes the damn board meeting wasn’t set for this morning but at least when it is over he will have his rightful inheritence as CEO of Qiao Corporation.

      LiMei’s one leg is over his and her arm is on his chest, he smiles she is clinging onto him like a little koala bear. Her long black hair is spread over the pillow and the grey silk pajama top is hanging off her delicate shoulder. He smiles as he lifts her slender leg off him then removes her little hand that is clutching onto his waist. If I didn’t have to leave I would love to continue where we left off last night. But, I will convince her to come to Cambodia and we can have a romantic weekend there.

    He puts the covers over her then kisses her lightly and goes to the bathroom to shower. I will let her sleep. I won’t be able to operate on Xinghe until tomorrow so I will book the flight for late this afternoon allowing me time to convince LiMei to go with me. After his shower he picks out a Dior charcoal gray suit and a white shirt with a gray striped silk tie. As he looks at his watches he chooses a limited edition diamond Cartier watch Delun gave him for his birthday. 

     Once he is dressed he walks over to the bed, he doesn’t want to wake LiMei up she must be exhausted. He leans over touching her hair that is hanging on her face and moves it off her forehead then kisses her soft cheek, “I love you LiMei.”

   After he goes downstairs he sees Delun in the kitchen getting a glass of juice. Good he is awake I need him to make sure LiMei doesn’t go anywhere while I am gone.

   Delun sees Rui coming into the kitchen, “I was making some breakfast do you want some before you go?” He walks over to the stove where he has a bowl of whipped eggs.

    “Sure I have time I want to talk to you too.” Rui sits at the kitchen counter watching Delun pour the eggs into the pan, then he adds sliced vegetables and some ham.

   Delun says, ” This egg dish  is called a Southwestern Omelet I think you will like it.”

   When the food is ready he brings two plates over and pours some orange juice for Rui, “Are you nervous about this morning? That was quite a bomb you dropped yesterday about your fake marriage.”

   “I’m confident I made sure to secure the votes I need and I dismantled the old man’s counterattack. I have something I want to discuss with you.”

    Delun puts an omelet on Rui’s plate and some fried potatoes, “Do you want toast?”

    “No, this is good.”

    “What do you want to discuss?”

    “LiMei is sleeping upstairs in my bed and I want you to make sure she doesn’t leave the house before I get back from the board meeting.”

    Delun almost spits out his orange juice, in your bed? I thought she was going to distance herself from you. When you took her to dinner how did you convince her to go to bed with you? I know better than to ask him any questions, but Damn! That girl has no willpower when it comes to Rui. “Bro..I mean if she wants to leave what am I supposed to do?”

    “Stop her if you want that restaurant after you graduate.”

    Why does he always hold that over my head? “I will do my best…” He takes a bite of the potatoes, “Pass me the water, those chilies are hot!”

    Rui pours him some water and puts the glass in front of him, “By your best I’m sure that means she will be here when I get back I don’t have time to look for her again.” Subtly reminding Delun he didn’t tell him when LiMei called him after she left the hospital.

   “…” Rui is crazy when it comes to that girl. I have never seen him like this, I kinda miss the Rui that ignores me on a daily basis. “How long do you think the meeting will take?”

    “I would say about an hour and a half then I need to stop by the hospital to give Bai Chiyu some instructions I am going to Cambodia tonight.”

   “Why are you going there?”

    “A patient.”

    “Why don’t they come to your hospital?”

    “Don’t ask so many questions. I want LiMei to meet for the weekend so after the surgery we can be together. Unfortunately she has to work at the Crescent Moon Hotel tonight so she will need to come tomorrow morning. I need her passport so find it in her luggage for me while I am gone.”

    Delun drops his fork, Now he wants me to snoop in her personal belongings? I want the restaurant but she is my friend I don’t know if I can do that. “Why don’t you ask her for it when you get back.”

    Rui glares at him, Idiot if I could ask her don’t you think I would have? I’m going to pretend I found it in the backseat of my car from when I put her luggage in there at the orphanage. She lied and said she doesn’t have one. Stop asking so many fucking questions! “I have my reasons.”

    “No I can’t do that Bro, she is my friend I can’t. I wouldn’t be able to look at her afterwards.”

    Rui looks at his brother’s face it’s true he is a straightforward and honest person he would find it difficult. I will tell Delun a little about last night to convince him to do it. “LiMei could be in danger if she stays here, she was kidnapped last night because of that crazy bitch Wang Rebecca. I was able to save her and the police arrested one of the men involved but the other one hasn’t been found by Ming Jian yet.

     She doesn’t want to go for some reason but I won’t feel safe unless she is with me. Woo Xixin called me this morning, the patient needs surgery and I can’t delay too long. I have extra security around the house but these men who Wang Rebecca hired are professionals, I don’t want her going to work tonight but she insists she needs to so I have men to shadow her.”

    Delun stops eating, no wonder Rui is worried, he takes a gulp of water,“How about I convince her to go with you that would be better than your idea.”

    “Do you think you can?”

    “I think so, you should concentrate on the board meeting right now, leave LiMei to me I think until Ming Jian can find the other man she would be safer away from Pushong. Why didn’t you tell me this in the first place?”

    “I don’t know..anyway I am counting you. I need to go.”

    “I will convince her. Call me after the board meeting.”

    “En.” Rui stands up and goes into the bathroom to brush his teeth. Looking in the mirror he has a serious expression on his handsome face, nothing will stand in the way of me becoming CEO and marrying my little bunny.

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