Valentine’s Day Part 2

LiMei wonders why Rui doesn’t respond to her text, well he must be busy with his meeting. She runs downstairs Delun is getting out a big bowl for them to use and a pan to heat the chocolate.

    Nuan is instructing him, “We need a double boiler so the chocolate doesn’t burn, and get out some measuring spoons also a measuring cup.”

   Delun follows Nuan’s orders like an obedient child, LiMei thinks it is funny to watch their interaction from the kitchen doorway. They don’t notice LiMei come into the kitchen so she sits at the granite top island taking a video on her phone. 

     Delun looks over seeing her smiling with her phone aimed at them, he is wearing the Pikachu apron if anyone he knew saw that video he would never live it down. He comes around the corner of the island and tries to take the phone from LiMei but she runs away to the living room, laughing “No.. no you can’t erase is awesome.”

    “Feng LiMei! Give me the phone!” With his long legs Delun catches her easily by the couch and as he grabs for the phone they both trip on the table falling onto the leather  couch. Delun’s long body on top of her, LiMei is still laughing so hard at his panicked expression she can hardly breathe, “Get off me you big oaf!”

    She doesn’t realize the phone is still recording as they fall, later she will regret that. 

     Delun’s face turns bright red, as he raises his arms on the couch lifting his body off of LiMei he points his finger at her, “It was your fault for tripping me.” She pushes him with her small hands laughing “You clumsily tripped on the table. How was that my fault?”

   “Give it to me LiMei!” He isn’t going to give up until she concedes, his pride as a chef is at stake. Wearing such a ridiculous cartoon apron,  how did I let that little brat talk me into it.

   “Fine..fine .” She wants to keep the video but knows he will persist. Frowning at the two people oblivious to her presence, Nuan is watching from the edge of the living room getting jealous of their intimate banter on the couch, she calls out, “If you want to have the chocolates ready we need to get started.” 

     Taking advantage of Delun turning around when Nuan is talking LiMei quickly sends the video to her email. She misses having fun times with friends, she wants to save it so in the future when she is alone again she can look at it and remember this fun day.

   He turns back around, “Erase or..” He can’t think of what to threaten her with, luckily she interrupts, “Watch, I will delete.” She smiles to herself..too naive Mr. Qiao Delun! 

     Where did you get that trusting personality of yours  ? Rui is definitely the suspicious type… You two are so different.

   She stands up from the couch smoothing her hair and fixing her ponytail, “Let’s make those chocolates!” Giggling she runs into the kitchen following her from behind Delun is grinning that bunny apron is really cute on her, that white fluffy bunny tail is too adorable.

   When LiMei gets to the kitchen she sees Nuan is frowning she thinks it is because they made her wait, “Sorry Nuan! Here what can I do?”

   “These candies are called Heart of Gold Truffles. While I am melting the chocolate and heating the heavy cream you can measure the sugar for me and put it in the bowl. Then I will mix the other ingredients with the sugar.” She is used to ordering her assistants so her tone is authoritative. LiMei looks at her thinking I kinda wanted to make the chocolates for Rui. Well then again I want them to taste good. “That is a cool name.”

    Nuan likes the way LiMei isn’t pretentious and has a sweet personality, she is very different from all the other women she knows, she smiles, “It is isn’t it! I brought gold luster dust for some and we can decorate the others differently so there is a variety. 

     Also, I brought some fresh strawberries to dip in chocolate we can decorate with edible gold leaf for your dessert. They are in the brown bag do you want to wash them and pat them dry? The strawberries need to be perfectly dry or the chocolate won’t stick to them.”

    “Wow Nuan, I don’t know how to thank you!” I will do my best to push you and Delun together for being so nice to me. It looks like you aren’t lacking anything I could possibly buy for you. I will try to gift you the incredibly  handsome… one of a kind limited edition Qiao Delun. 

   “Did you hear that Delun? Nuan is so awesome! You two should join us for lunch, I will make my special spicy pork meatballs and Thai chicken.” Oh that’s right Rui will be traveling…hmm..we can have a mild fish soup and chicken with stirfried vegetables too. Rice of course.

   Delun remembers how spicy the food was LiMei made the night she had the barbeque at her little apartment. He looks over at Nuan thinking he has never seen her eat anything spicy. “I will make a couple lighter dishes too since Rui will be taking a trip.

  Nuan looks up from stirring the chocolate,  “He isn’t going to the LE banquet tonight? Where is he going.”

   LiMei is answering her question, “Ca..” Delun stops her, Rui never tells anyone his plans. “He didn’t say, it is for business.”

   “…” Is it some sort of secret? LiMei looks at Delun who is making some weird eye movement looking at her. I get it Delun haha..he looks silly… LiMei giggles and throws a strawberry she is patting dry to put on a plate at him. He catches it midair then puts it in his mouth smiling. “Nuan these strawberries are really sweet where did you buy them?” 

   While the board members are voting Rui is looking at his phone, his forehead has dark lines on it watching LiMei playing around with his brother in the kitchen. { Delun..good thing he didn’t see the scene in the living room or you could kiss that restaurant goodbye..haha} 

   Those two idiots certainly look like they are having a lot of fun while I am stuck here with these fucking assholes. Fuck going to the hospital after this meeting I am going directly home! I will send Bai Chiyu an email.

   Look at her laughing and smiling bouncing around in that outfit like a little bunny teasing Delun. Her pouty pink lips open showing her perfect white teeth as she is talking. What the hell is she saying to him he is laughing. Dammit! Why didn’t I have audio installed too! 

    I forgot how the little thing  likes to tease every man she sees! The fluffy white tail bobbing when she bent over to pick up the spoon she dropped on the floor. It’s a good thing Delun didn’t look at her ass up in the air like that… I want to spank that naughty little bunny ass of hers!

   What the hell are they making anyway? He tightens his hold on his phone and his eyes narrow, I don’t see Delun making any effort to talk to LiMei seriously about going to Cambodia with me… they have just been fucking around having a good time. Even Sheng Nuan looks pissed at their antics and they are totally ignoring her! 

     Throwing a strawberry at childish! Look at that stupid look on Delun’s face… grinning like the Cheshire Cat as he eats the strawberry she just had in her tiny little hand. Are they in Middle School? LiMei… When I get home I am taking you directly upstairs and punishing you! I need to text her..[Baby what are you doing now?]

   LiMei is laughing at Delun as he tosses a cherry tomato at her and misses her head  as she quickly dodges it, then the tomato rolls across the floor to Nuan’s foot.

      LiMei doesn’t hear her phone that is still in the living room on the coffee table. She set it down after she deleted the video then returned to the kitchen forgetting about it.

   LiMei has an idea to get them together and relax the atmosphere. As she grabs the tomato off the floor she says,”Delun, why don’t you put on some music?”

   “Ok, what kind do you like?”

    “I don’t care what about you Nuan?”

    “Whatever you want to put on Delun. I’m going to pour the chocolate into the molds now.” LiMei watches her, well so much for me making the chocolate hearts but I can say I made the strawberries.

   He puts on some Western Pop, “How is this?”

   LiMei starts dancing while she is washing some more strawberries putting them in a bowl, “I like it!” She dances over to the counter holding the bowl. “This is fun!”

   Rui sees her shaking her butt, they must have music playing the way she is dancing around. After Nuan finishes pouring the chocolate LiMei grabs her hand surprising her, “Dance with me!” Nuan blushes,”Not taking no for an answer LiMei says, “Come on!”

   LiMei starts dancing in front of her smiling holding her hand and spins Nuan around. {Which isn’t easy because Nuan is taller than her by a head.} Delun leans on the counter with his arms crossed watching them he has never seen Nuan dance so unrestrained her skirt swirling around exposing her long legs. 

     LiMei sees him watching then pulls him over so the three of them are holding hands, “Don’t just stand there like a lump Delun, dance!” Reluctantly he moves his legs to the beat as LiMei lets go of his hand and puts her hands up in the air dancing spinning around. Nuan can feel her face turning bright red neither she or Delun realized they are now holding hands dancing together.

   The Board members can feel the suffocating atmosphere surrounding Rui he looks like he is going to explode at any minute. They have no idea it is not the importance of the vote but the importance of a certain little bunny dancing and playing around with his brother in his kitchen. 

     The vote has concluded and Rui barks at the Chairman, “Make the announcement!”

   His grandfather would like to strangle him right now but he tightens his fists to his side and through clenched teeth he says, “Qiao Rui has officially been elected as CEO of Qiao Corporation.”

   Rui picks up his phone, “Send the transition team into the board room.”

   Suddenly the doors open and several men in designer suits enter the room and come to the front. Rui looks at the board members, “This is my transition team, I will let the new Vice President Yen Stephen take over from here.” The board members who were against electing him as CEO start grumbling among themselves as Rui storms out of the boardroom headed for the underground garage.

   LiMei has no idea Rui is on his way and in a jealous rage and chuckles as Delun and Nuan realize they are dancing together. Nuan suddenly takes her delicate hand out of Delun’s as her face turns crimson red. Delun thinks she looks cute with her shy expression, “Nuan it isn’t like we haven’t danced together before..haha..” His teasing makes her more self conscious, she never raises her voice but in a loud voice says, “Shut up Delun! Start cutting up the vegetables or lunch will never get ready.”

   LiMei comes over and hugs them together playfully, “That was fun!” The atmosphere lightens as the three of them start laughing. LiMei is curious, “Who was that band?”

Delun says “I have no idea Fang Liquin was over the other day she just got back from England and programmed some music while we were playing video games.”

Nuan almost drops the spoonful of chocolate in her hand as it starts trembling, “Fang Liquin is back from England?”

  “Yeah she got back last week.”

    Nuan has a complicated look on her face LiMei wonders who this Fang Liquin girl is to Delun. A love rival for Nuan?

    The temperature in the room lowers a few degrees again, jeez this might not be easy getting these two together. I don’t want to ask who this girl is right now I will find out from Delun later. “Nuan, the strawberries are dry should I dip them now?”

    “Yes, I will bring the bowl of chocolate over, the hearts will take a while to set in the molds but we should decorate them now too.”

    Delun goes back to cutting the vegetables unaware LiMei is scheming to get him and Nuan together.

    Rui races across town in his black Porsche his hands gripping the steering wheel wondering what those two are up to now without him there. It is quite a little party they are having while I am gone. LiMei didn’t even bother to read my text! Looking in his rear view mirror he sees a police car with its lights flashing behind him, dammit! He finds a place to pull over. The policeman comes up to his window and Rui rolls it down.

   “License and registration. Do you know you were going 140 mph? “

   I know damn well how fast I was going, now you are holding me up I need to get home and spank that unruly little bunny girl! Rui hands him his information frowning, hurry up and write me a ticket.

   The policeman grins looking at the ID then looking at Rui, “Qiao Rui.. Demon Lord of Pushong Private High School?”

   “…” What the hell. Who the fuck is this guy. Rui takes off his sunglasses to look at the policeman, He recognizes his face, shit it is that little idiot Chow Donnie “How did you become a policeman with all your family in politics isn’t that a little conflicting?” Also when did you get so muscular you were a scrawny little nerd in school.

   Donnie laughs, “You still have a sharp tongue”, He hands him back his information, “You can go. But seriously I had to use all the horsepower my police car had to catch you, I don’t want you getting into an accident driving like that.”

   Chow Donnie hasn’t changed always trying to be a nice guy. “Hurry up and give me the damn ticket.” Rui shakes his head, “It isn’t a good idea to let people go. It might end up badly for you.” He takes back his ID and registration.

   Chow Donnie usually wouldn’t let someone off but he remembers Qiao Rui saving him a few times from bullies at school. “Qiao Rui you haven’t changed either.” He writes him a ticket then hands it to him, “Drive safe.”

    Rui pulls back onto the highway and shoves the ticket in his glove box with the other ones. He steps on the gas and flies down the road anxious to get home. Did he just read my mind that is exactly what I was thinking. I never would have thought he would become a low level policeman. He was such an overachiever in high school he would bring everyones score down so they all hated him. Little does Rui know Chow Donnie works for Han Weisheng undercover in Pushong City.

   LiMei has finished dipping the strawberries and is applying the gold leaf.  Nuan is starting to decorate the hearts with gold luster dust. “LiMei I melted some white chocolate too you can drizzle across the strawberries for a nice effect.”

   Delun is snapping a couple pictures LiMei asked him to take, he figures as long as he isn’t in them wearing this stupid apron it is fine. LiMei wants to document her Valentine’s Day, it has been five years since she was able to enjoy one.

   Watching Nuan concentrating on the decorating the chocolates LiMei is impressed,“Nuan you are so talented! Those hearts are looking beautiful.” 

    She walks over holding a half eaten chocolate covered strawberry in her hand. Nuan is bending her head down as she sprinkles the gold luster dust , LiMei whispers in her ear, “You should give some heart chocolates to Delun.”

   Startled Nuan’s eyes get wide and the gold luster dust in her hand she is about to sprinkle flies up onto LiMei’s face which is close to her cheek, getting into her eyes and nose, LiMei jumps back, “Aahh..” Right then as she she is rubbing her eyes Rui comes bounding into the kitchen over to her side, blinking and fluttering her long black eyelashes with one eye open LiMei says, “Rui..?” She has chocolate on her nose and lips, her face is covered in a thin layer of gold dust.

   He glares at Delun who has turned around from refrigerator when he heard LiMei’s exclamation. Rui looks at her shaking his head, “I can’t leave you for a minute.” LiMei’s eyes are watering and she rubs her eyes with her hand that isn’t holding the strawberry, Rui takes her hand away from her eyes, “It will make it worse if you rub it, dummy.” Rui picks LiMei up into his arms without saying anything to Delun and Nuan he carries her out of the kitchen.

   “…” Both Delun and Nuan look at each other thinking the same thing,Rui seems angry… very angry.

   When they get to his bedroom Rui puts her down on the bed to get a wet cloth from the bathroom. When he comes back he sits next to her on the bed, gently wiping her eyes that are covered in gold. He can’t help but smile looking at the chocolate on her lips from the half eaten strawberry in her hand. He wipes the chocolate from her nose then seductively licks the chocolate on her lips. LiMei hasn’t recovered from the shock of him showing up unexpectedly, she thought he wouldn’t be home until later this afternoon. Now the surprise is ruined!

   Rui can see her knit her eyebrows together, what did I ruin her fun by coming home so quickly after the meeting? I have the urge to push her down right now and punish her. He rests one hand on her waist and presses his other hand on her back engulfing LiMei in his embrace then gives her a tyrannical kiss. 

    Prying her small sweet mouth open entangling her tongue with his tasting the chocolate and strawberry flavor mixed with their saliva he feels his body heating up. I will have you this afternoon, I can’t wait any longer I am going insane desiring you ..thinking about you constantly.. wanting every bit of you to be mine. When she is breathless he lets her go then whispers in her ear his jealousy rising to the surface, “Baby, did I spoil your fun?” He nibbles on her ear then slides his tongue down her neck sucking and biting her soft skin.Unable to breathe LiMei mutters, “What? You just..just..” Before she can say anything else he silences her with another fierce kiss, damn her I am addicted to her taste I can’t get enough of her, seeing her laughing and teasing with Delun I wanted to.. He continues to deepen his kiss molding her body onto his. LiMei is responding her body remembering the ecstasy of the night before but his kisses remind of when he is angry with her they are demanding and domineering.

   She can sense his dark mood and wants to know what is going on with him before they continue, when he let’s go of her lips so she can breathe LiMei looks into his deep dark eyes trying to read him, “Rui, did something happen  at the board meeting?”

    Yes something went wrong..very wrong..I watched you teasing my brother with that alluring face of yours…seductively dancing around the kitchen shaking your ass with that adorable bunny fluff. No one should see that look but me!

   He controls his emotions,“No I am CEO of Qiao Corporation.” He is about to kiss her again when impulsively she throws her arms around his neck, “I am so happy for you! Today can be a double celebration!” Almost talking to herself she mutters, “But, my chocolates aren’t ready for you yet..” She looks at him with a sad look on her beautiful face then at the squished chocolate strawberry that fell out of her hand when he grabbed her to kiss.

   Is that what she was upset about she was making me chocolates?

   LiMei then exclaims looking at the strawberry on the floor, “OH NO! It will stain your white carpet!” She picks it up off the floor and runs to get a wet cloth. He watches her bunny tail as she hurries away, dammit I really overreacted, it is good she is a little idiot and doesn’t know. And of course she has no idea I was watching the monitoring system earlier.

   When she comes back he grabs her onto his lap wrapping her in his strong arms, “Forget the carpet I have maids that will clean it.” He brushes her loose strands of hair behind her ear, “You were making me Valentine’s chocolates?” His heart skips a beat looking at his sweet little bunny, he received a lot of Valentine’s gifts over the years but this is the first time he is excited about receiving one. LiMei looks so fucking adorable in the soft pink outfit with that insanely cute bunny apron, I know exactly what I want for Valentine’s Day. He can feel his body reacting with her little movements as she gets comfortable on his lap.His eyes have a lustful gleam as he fantasizes about stripping his little woman of her clothes leaving only the bunny apron..then her slowly taking off the apron revealing her perfect body to him

   Hearing him say it out loud LiMei blushes, “ I wanted to surprise you but they aren’t ready yet. I made some chocolate strawberries… He licks his lips as he runs  his slender finger over her tempting lips, “They are quite sweet and delicious.”

    “…” it takes LiMei a minute .. that’s right I ate half of one before he kissed me.. She gazes at him as he has a devilish grin on his face. Well at least he is smiling now he seemed angry when he came home.

   He lifts her chin his dark eyes have a passionate flame in them as he gazes at her pink lips, “Do you know what I would really like for Valentine’s Day?”

   Rui softly kisses LiMei then whispers in her ear…

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