Rui Meets Father Lam

Rui has a smug look on his face as Leng Shuai leaves his office, it looks like Xiaobo came through for him. Now if Lee Harry will just call with LiMei’s whereabouts. His cell phone rings, “Rui, I found the cedar box you wanted from your old room, I’m at the mansion now, do you want me to bring it to the hospital?”

   “I haven’t heard from my investigator about Feng LiMei so I am going to check on the new Holistic Healing Wing construction then go home. I will meet you there.”

   He walks out to his outer office, “Chiyu, I am going to check on the construction site then go home for the rest of the day. I need you to reschedule the meeting tomorrow with the new Neurologist, Ruan Yumei for Monday.”

   “Dr. Qiao, Since you fired those two nurses did you want me to promote two nurses from the main hospital to replace them or look for a new hire?

   “Use your own discretion I trust your judgment.” Rui leaves as Bai Chiyu watches his back she thinks he seems unusually distracted is it that little slut Feng LiMei?

   When Rui arrives at the construction sight he is surprised at how much of the work has been completed on the first few floors. He inspects the work very satisfied with the progress since he last came to check it out.

      The wing at this rate should be completed in another two months. After he discusses a few of the changes to the original plans with Gong Sinian the owner of the construction company he looks at his watch, Dammit! Why hasn’t Lee Harry found LiMei yet!

   He takes the elevator to the underground garage then remembers Delun drove him to the hospital, fucking shit! He leans up against the wall to call a driver when he sees Henri Armand getting out of the elevator… what is he doing here. 

     Henri spots Rui he would like to keep walking but that would be strange. He had come to visit Feng LiMei but doesn’t want to mention that to Rui. Now though he could find out where she was moved without having to investigate.

   “Dr. Qiao, this is fortunate. I must have missed you by minutes in your office. I was in the area and I wanted to discuss acquiring the Snow Lotus Root Oil your lab has recently perfected for my new cosmetic division.”

   “This isn’t a good time for me I have a pressing matter to take care of right now. I need to call for a driver.”

   “My driver can take you wherever you need to go, we could talk on the way.”

   Rui thinks about it that option would be quicker than waiting for a driver from Qiao Corp to get here.

   “I will take you up on your offer then.”

   Henri and Rui walk over to a black Mercedes Benz and get into the backseat. “Where are you going?”

   “My home, it is located in Huyan Disrict.” He gives the driver the address. “Henri, I thought you were going back to Paris to get ready for your Milan Fashion Show?”

   “On Monday, I am staying this weekend to attend the Leng Enterprise banquet on Friday and Chen Huan and I are going to your family’s resort for the weekend. He has been praising the hot spring there so I thought I would go relax before I return to the hectic pace in Paris. 

    His Hushang Entertainment production team will be there, they are filming some scenes in the mountains by the resort for Kang Jin’s new drama. Since he represents Henri Couture’s Sportswear Division I thought I would check out the filming.”

   “Chen Jianyu mentioned something about this weekend he invited me so that is what is going on.” Rui wasn’t really listening when he was telling him the details.

   “Are you coming to the resort then also?”

   “No, I have other plans this weekend.” Rui wants to find LiMei and spend the weekend with her.

   From the directions Rui gave the driver they will arrive at his home soon and Henri wants to know where Daiyu is. “When I was at your hospital I was impressed with your VIP wing.  I stopped by your office earlier your assistant said you were there checking on a patient, I thought I would see if I could catch you over there. Your security is impressive they wouldn’t let me into the wing or tell me if you were there.

      I should consider sending any models that need work done or have other medical issues to your hospital. Every time they go to a hospital in Europe the news leaks instantly.”

   “The hospital does cater to people who are high profile so it is essential to respect their privacy. The VIP wing ensures their anonymity.”

   Before Henri can maneuver the conversation to Feng LiMei they arrive at the gate to Rui’s villa. Rui thanks Henri for the ride and says, “I will think about your proposal to market the Snow Lotus Root Oil but to lower the chances of someone depleting the limited supply we would need to discuss the subject further. I have found an effective alternative that would work for purely cosmetic purposes.”

   Henri agrees, after Rui gets out of the car Henri takes out his cell phone. “Find out where Feng LiMei went when she left Qiao Rui’s hospital.” He is sure Yun Shi has come up with the same conclusion he has that she was the only one who could have stolen the Golden Dragon. She must have hidden it somewhere in the Black Lotus Club. 

     Damn I was hoping to find out from Qiao Rui where she went. The less people involved looking for her the less chance of Kuang Fu finding out she is in Pushong City.

   LiMei slept soundly still weak from the surgery and exhausted from last night, when she wakes up it takes her a minute to realize where she is. Grabbing a water bottle from the night stand she stretches her arm surprised she can move it without the throbbing pain she was experiencing earlier.

   Uncle Xinghe’s genetic enhancement procedure really seems to be helping me heal faster. She has never had a serious injury before this gunshot wound so never really thought about the procedure she had the last year while she was still with the Black Sky Organization. 

     LiMei wants to check the wound but doesn’t have any medical supplies to change the gauze wrapping.  I guess after I make a few calls I will go see what Father Lam has for medical supplies, with all these children he must have a nurses’ area.

   Picking up an apple LiMei snacks on it as she stays under the covers trying to keep warm, Xiao was right this room is a little drafty. Before she went to sleep she plugged her new burner phone in to charge glancing at it, good.. looks like it is ready. She puts the apple back on the plate deciding to call the Old Man in Bashu City if she delays making plans she worries she will change her mind.

   Texting a secret code the old man gave her the last time she saw him she lays back down snuggling under the covers waiting for a response.

   Meanwhile Rui presses the password to enter his house when he walks into the living room he is surprised Delun isn’t playing a video game. He goes back to Delun’s room, he is sprawled on his bed sound asleep. Rui is reminded his brother probably didn’t sleep much last night so he hesitates to wake him up. 

     Looking around the room he sees the carved cedar box on Delun’s desk, he immediately feels his heart tighten he hasn’t seen this treasured box in over five years. He puts a quilt over Delun then quietly walks out to the living room.

   His elderly butler Wu comes into the living room, “Young Master would you like some tea or the cook to prepare your meal?”

     “Bring me some Gyokuro green tea and have the cook fix a light lunch. Delun is resting but have her prepare enough in case he wakes up.”

   The old butler has been with Rui since his mother was alive she brought him over from her maternal home, he recognizes the old cedar box Rui is holding in his hands, it was his mothers. He is surprised Rui still has it the old man was looking everywhere for it when Rui left. Butler Wu is curious as to what is inside but knows his place. “Very well I will tell cook.”

  “Wait.. Wu…”


   Rui is still staring intently at the carved box, “Was my mother ever happy with Qiao Muzhe?”

   “It isn’t my place to say but your Aunt Xinru would know.”

   “Never mind.” He remembers his mother when he was growing up… I never saw her smile at my father, a smile that went up to her eyes. She always looked afraid when she was around his father as though he could crush her at any time.

   That is one thing I really love about LiMei the way she smiles when she is happy with her pure and innocent face full of love.  He affectionately pictures the way her beautiful green eyes sparkle and the way her cute dimples appear when she laughs.

   Rui opens the cedar box looking at the contents, on the bottom in a velvet pouch is a simple beautifully engraved gold ring with tiny diamonds around the miligrain that was very special to his mother. He doesn’t know who gave it to her but every time she looked at it she would smile as she caressed the ring. 

     She never wore the ring always keeping it in this box, only taking it out occassionaly in the privacy of her bedroom.

   I need to find LiMei ask her to marry me and put my mother’s favorite ring on her finger. He picks up a picture out of the box of his mother she looks to be about sixteen and she is with a young man in a military uniform, on the back it only has a heart drawn with a pencil inside the heart are two initals WX.

   He closes the lid placing the box on the glass coffee table not wanting to get lost in painful memories. His heart is heavy thinking about his dead mother and LiMei being missing. He leans his head back with his arms behind his head, “LiMei where are you?

   Butler Wu comes into the living room with the tea, “Your meal should be ready shortly.”


   Rui dozes off when his phone rings waking him, he fumbles in his pocket then answers, “You found her?”

  “Yes she is at St. John’s Orphanage.”

   “An orphanage?” What the hell would she be doing at an orphanage?

   “It took me this long because she used a small independent cab company. I confirmed the cab driver took her to an apartment on Oak St. then they stopped at a convenience store on the corner by the river bridge finally he dropped her off at the door of the orphanage.

      I talked to the driver personally he said when they arrived at the orphanage a priest came out to meet her then took her bag and she went inside with him.”

   “Okay. I will send your payment it took you longer than two hours but I will pay half the bonus.”

   “If you need anything else let me know.”

   Rui hangs up he picks up the cedar box and runs up the stairs to his bedroom placing the box in his bottom drawer. He picks out a set of casual clothes and takes a quick shower. After he is dressed he dashes down the stairs as the butler is coming out with his food to the dining table, “Your meal is ready, are you leaving?”

  “Yes, wake Delun up and see if he wants to eat.”

   He goes to the garage getting into his Porsche relieved LiMei has been located. He pushes in the address of the orphanage into his GPS and opens the garage door. The villa’s gate opens automatically as he approaches he speeds up entering the street anxious to see LiMei.

   At the orphanage LiMei picks up her regular phone to play a game, she sees she doesn’t have any missed calls at all. Didn’t Rui and Delun wonder where I went? Not even Leng Shuai that idiot tried to call me. Maybe I overestimated how much I meant to those people..haha. Well, at least no one is looking for me I can recover… get the Golden Dragon and head for France with my new identity.

   She starts playing a new video game she found the other day. Until she can figure out how to level up in Demon’s Treasure it is too frustrating to be robbed and killed all the time by those damn guilds! LiMei is getting into the game when the burner phone rings.

   She waits to hear the Old Man’s voice before she says anything, her heart is pounding as the phone is silent. Then she hears the Old Man’s voice, “Did the fish get delivered to your market?”

   LiMei responds,“The delivery was missing the shark fin I ordered.”

   The Old Man laughs, “Daiyu…I didn’t think I would hear from you again.”

   “I didn’t think I would need your help again but this could be profitable for both of us.”

  “What do you have in mind?”

   “I acquired a Golden Dragon statue from the Qing Dynasty and want you to sell it for me. I will split the money 50/50 with you after I send the base amount it was set for at the auction of 100 million to the owner of the Black Jade Club, I don’t want anyone looking for me. Even with a profit of say twenty million each you would never have to work again.”

  The Old Man doesn’t say anything. His fingers are tapping on his desk, his son walks in the room the Old Man motions for him to leave, “Shut my door.”

  LiMei,“Old Man… are you there?”

   “I’m here. Daiyu didn’t you say you wanted to lead a normal life what the hell are you doing with the fucking Golden Dragon! Half the Underworld is looking for it!”

   LiMei wants to cry from his tone he sounds unwilling, her whole plan is based around selling the Golden Dragon, “So…you won’t be able to sell it for me?”

   “I didn’t say that it just won’t be easy. There is one exceptionally powerful person who is putting feelers out, if he acquired it no one would dare to question where he got it.”


   “The question is if the sale was made do you want to bring it to Bashu City for an associate of mine to deliver it to the buyer or would you be able to handle it in Pushong City. “

  “If you can set everything up and accept the payment I could deliver it. I’m not afraid, I haven’t used my skills since I arrived here but I still have them.” LiMei laughs thinking well… I did get shot running away from a gunfight.

   “Daiyu you know that bastard Kuang Fu is still looking for you. If he wasn’t having internal problems you might not be able to hide from him if you don’t blend into the crowd.” 

   “That is one of the reasons I want to sell this statue and use another identiy to relocate. Okay, I have the statue hidden and am going to have to retrieve it. I wanted to know if you could handle this before I went to get it. It is in a safe spot but removing it might have a certain degree of difficulty.”

   “Then I will set things up on my end without making any commitment and wait until it is in your possession to finalize any deals.”

   “Thanks. I will call you.”

   “Daiyu protect yourself if anyone discovers you have it… you are a smart girl.. I don’t need to spell it out for you.”

     She gulps thinking about  Kuang Fu,“I know.”

   LiMei hangs up..YES! I knew he could do it, calling the Old Man was a good idea. Now, I need to figure out how to get into the Black Lotus Club to retrieve it from the back of that toilet.

   Since she isn’t in pain any longer from her arm LiMei continues to play her video game. While she plays she runs different scenarios over in her mind on how to get the Golden Dragon. I could go to the Club dressed like I am out for a good time then I could..wait maybe they are hiring, after all the shit went at the auction the owner probably lost some of his help that were if you work at a place like the Black Lotus Club you know what the job entails. am I going to get in there?

   While LiMei relaxes playing her game trying to figure out a plan Rui pulls up to the orphanage. He tries to remain calm LiMei must know the priest if she came here with luggage. 

     He composes himself as he parks the car then casually walks up to the front door. When he enters he sees an office on the right, a pretty woman wearing plain clothes is looking at a computer. There is no sign of the priest or LiMei where are they?

   Xiao sees a handsome well dressed man staring into the office, usually if people come to adopt a child they a couple she looks around for a woman. Hmm..I wonder what he wants? She has a pleasant smile as she greets him, “Hello, can I help you?”

   “I would like to speak to the priest.” Rui isn’t sure if there are more than one priest but this is a start.

   Xiao wonders why he is looking for her husband. “Father Lam?”

   “I’m not sure his name but a friend of mine came to visit him today, Feng LiMei?”

   Xiao wonders who is Feng LiMei? “I am not familiar with anyone named Feng LiMei.” Rui’s face darkens dammit I can see by your face you are hiding something. {He isn’t aware she is worried about her husband being discovered here by the Syndicate he left, also she only  knows LiMei as Daiyu.} Xiao looks at his expensive casual clothes and his elegant demeanor, he looks like a wealthy Young Master type. Xiao furrows her brow as she looks at him, although this man doesn’t look like a member of the Syndicate you never know who they might send.

   “I’m sorry Father Lam is occupied with a couple looking to adopt. If you leave your name and purpose of your visit I can have him call you.”

    All of a sudden you can hear Father Lam’s voice as he steps into the office. He is holding a toolbox in his hand, “ Xiao,I finally fixed that damn broken pipe in the boy’s shower.”

   “…” Xiao’s brown eyes widen since when can you fix a plumbing problem that quickly!

     He sets his toolbox down eyeing Rui suspiciously, “Who are you?”

   Rui momentarily has a hint of shock on his face he quickly hides, this priest is Yama an assassin for the Falcon’s Head Syndicate, I repaired his heart after he was shot multiple times three years ago. Even dressed as a priest I can see he is suppressing his true self, I would never forget his demonic aura and that face. What is he doing at an orphanage dressed as a priest? A man doesn’t just leave the world of assassins easily, is he here on a mission?

   Father Lam’s fists tighten at his side as he notices the brief change of expression on Rui’s face. Who the fuck is this bastard? Who sent him? If he is here to kill me this motherf***er is the one who won’t leave here alive.

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