You Are Coming With Me

The atmosphere in the small office becomes oppressive as the two intimidating men stare at each other without speaking. Xiao can see her husband is agitated, she worries he will cause a problem with his fiery temper, she can see his suspicion as he glares at the visitor. She smiles nervously,“Father Lam, this gentleman was looking for you I thought you were with the couple that was here earlier.” Her pretty face pales seeing the veins popping out of her husbands neck..this isn’t good…

   Qiao Rui breaks the tension, “Father Lam, I am a friend of Feng LiMei’s, actually I am her doctor. I will be honest with you she left the hospital without being discharged and I am very concerned about her injury.”

  Father Lam recalls Daiyu being in pain as she lifted her arm when she arrived. The little girl usually throws herself into my arms but today she only gently held my sleeve. Still… why would this man simply show up. Daiyu didn’t mention anything to me.

   Rui suppresses his aura to appear harmless, the suspicious looks these two are giving him confirms this man is Yama. “If you tell LiMei I am am here she can decide whether she wants to see me or not. {Dammit LiMei you better choose to see me I don’t want to have to try and deal with this killer right now.}

   Father Lam wonders what is going on, but the man’s aura isn’t threatening, maybe I was paranoid thinking he recognized me. I do have a rough appearance for a priest being very tall and muscular maybe that was why he had that expression when he first saw me. Calling her LiMei seems rather intimate did she have a fight with him and run to the orphanage?

   “My name is Qiao Rui, I only want to examine her wound, she had surgery yesterday and leaving the hospital was very impulsive on her part.”

   Father Lam studies Rui’s face and body language he appears to be telling the truth. What the hell! How did Daiyu get hurt and why would she leave the hospital?

  Father Lam’s remains calm,“Have a seat I will go tell her you are here.” Father Lam wants to know what is going on with Daiyu or he would have sent his wife.

   LiMei is sitting on the bed playing Wild Immortals excited this game she has risen quickly two levels by killing her opponents. Her swift annihilation of an entire guild catches the eye of a player named The Drunken Zhen, who is now helping her gain weapons. Oh My God! He just helped me get the Ultimate Crossbow! LiMei laughs out loud, this game is super fun!

   When Father Lam approaches the room he hears LiMei’s laughter from inside what is she doing? He knocks on the door, “Daiyu, it is Father Lam.”

   Oh shit! Well.. I can’t ignore him to play the game she puts her phone down. Answering the door she smiles, “I was going to come see you but started playing a video game on my phone when I woke up and got really into it.”

    So that is why she was laughing. Father Lam isn’t one to beat around the bush, “LiMei there is a man in the office who says he is your friend and doctor.”

   LiMei’s face pales, Rui found her? How? Before she can respond he asks her, “What happened to you? Why were you in the hospital?”

   What the hell Rui worried Father Lam,“It is nothing.”

  “What do you mean nothing, he said you had surgery yesterday and should have remained hospitalized.”

   “ is a long story. I was going to tell you after my nap.”

   “…” You are sitting here playing a game on your phone. “What happened to you?”

   LiMei explains what happened at the intersection leaving out certain details {actually changing the whole story.} She knows how much Father Lam cares about her and she doesn’t want him to overreact, although she doesn’t like Leng Shuai she doesn’t want him killed. She describes the incident as a robbery attempt completely distorting the truth about how she got shot.

   After she is finished talking Father Lam’s face darkens, “Did you forget everything you learned in the Black Sky! How could the Daiyu I know not find a safe way out of the situation!”

   “It was random I was hit by a stray bullet as I was leaving the car. I guess you could call it a freak accident.”

   “So you were shot in the arm? Earlier you were in pain as you lifted your arm.”

   “Yes but it is healing surprisingly fast. Last year Uncle Xinghe performed a gene enhancement procedure on me and look now my arm barely hurts at all.” She takes off her jacket then rolls up her sleeve so he can see the bandage,  lifting her arm and moving it around to demonstrate.

   “ Fucking shit! That crazy bastard Xinghe used you for an experimental procedure? “

   “To be honest he was hesitant but you know that stupid Kuang Fu when he heard about the procedure he wanted to see if he could make his assassins stronger. He didn’t want to jeopardize any of the men, so he told me I had to undergo the operation. LiMei smiles, “But Uncle Xinghe told me not to worry he is a medical genius, so I wasn’t afraid. This is the first time I have been injured and I would need to see the wound but it feels like it is healing extremely fast.”

  Any hesitation to let Qiao Rui examine her as been dispelled by what LiMei just told him.“Come with me, let the doctor examine you then and change the bandage if you don’t want him to stay after that I will get rid of him.”

  “…” LiMei knows now listening to the overbearing tone of Father Lam’s voice she has no choice but to go see Rui. How the hell did he find me! Seriously, I only have so much damn willpower! “Let me wash and brush my teeth I will come to the office.”

   “I will wait.”

   “Okay I won’t be long.” She would like to shower but her room only has a small bathroom with a sink and a toilet, the showers are located down the hallway.

   While she is in the bathroom she leans on the sink. Dammit Rui! Why did you come here! Obviously I left because I don’t want to see you! Why are you torturing me!

   She has been trying to distract herself from thinking about him since she woke up. LiMei washes her face and brushes her teeth, as she combs her hair images of the night before flash in her mind. Blushing she pulls her hair into a ponytail then applies a little lip gloss. There is no avoiding seeing him now that he is here, she looks in the mirror talking to herself, “Be strong LiMei there is no way you and Rui can be together, face it!”

   LiMei walks out of the bathroom rubbing some lotion on her hands, “I’m ready.”

   As they walk towards the office both of them are silent LiMei can feel her heart beating rapidly in anticipation of seeing Rui. When they get to the office she can see Rui talking to Xiao, what are they talking about? Hopefully Father Lam told Xiao I go by the name of Feng LiMei rather than Qin Daiyu.

   When LiMei comes into the office Rui feels his heart is going to leap out of his chest staring at her beautiful face again. He wants to grab her into his embrace and hug her tightly but he restrains himself.

  LiMei shyly gazes at Rui,“Dr. Qiao what a surprise.”

  “…” Rui composes himself his dark eyes can’t hide his deep affection, “LiMei it was unwise of you to leave the hospital it was my duty as a doctor and as Dr. Woo’s good friend to find you.{I am not letting you out of my sight again little girl.}

   Father Lam can sense the tension between them is she involved with this man? The look in his eyes tells me he is more than a friend to Daiyu. “Dr. Qiao I have a small nurses’ room you can use to check Feng LiMei. There should be all the supplies you need to change her bandage, we have a doctor on call for the orphanage and a visiting nurse. I will show you where it is down the hall to the left.”

   Rui rushed into the orphanage leaving his doctor’s bag in the car, “I brought my bag it is in the car if I need it.” He walks next to LiMei glancing down at her thinking you are not going to escape from me.

   LiMei glances  up at Rui he is staring at her with an intense  look in his eyes. She nervously smiles at him wondering what he is thinking. He suddenly takes her hand in his, she can feel the warmth of his hand as he clutches tightly onto her small hand. What is he doing? She tries to take her hand away and he grips it a little tighter.

   Father Lam notices the possessive action by Qiao Rui and Daiyu’s flushed face confirming there is more to their relationship than Daiyu led him to believe. He worries about Daiyu being involved with a man like Qiao Rui, Father Lam is well aware of who he is in Pushong City. Definitely too high profile of a man for Daiyu, is that why she wants to stay at the orphanage?

   When they get to the room Father Lam decides to let them work out their problems but if Daiyu wants Dr. Qiao to leave after he examines her he will make sure the doctor leaves without creating any problems for Daiyu.

  “If you need anything I will be in the office.”

   LiMei silently pleads to Father Lam with her eyes not to leave them alone. Rui grins as the priest leaves the room seeing he ignored LiMei’s silent protest.

   Without any warning he lifts LiMei up onto the table, then unzips her jacket as she helplessly gazes at him her mind blank. He carefully slips the jacket off still looking down as he lifts her bandaged arm. His voice is low and his eyes are soft as he gazes at her,“LiMei what were you thinking leaving the hospital? Look at your bandage what if the wound got infected? You need to take better care of yourself.”

   He carefully unwraps the bandage cleaning the area happily surprised the wound is healing well. The dried blood on the bandage made it appear as though she had torn the stitches. He takes the gauze from the cabinet gently wrapping her slender arm. 

   LiMei quietly watches him not knowing what to say. After he is finished he goes to the sink to wash his hands, he dries them then walks back standing in front of her not allowing her to get down from the table.

   Rui leans into LiMei his face so close she can feel his hot breath on her cheeks his voice low and seductive, “What am I going to do with you?”as he caresses her cheek. LiMei can feel her skin tingling, her mind is racing, dammit! This happens every time he touches me! She blinks a couple times trying to think of something..anything to say! When she hesitates with her pink lips parted Rui can’t resist pressing his eager lips onto hers kissing her gently, then whispers, “Do you know how worried I was when I woke up and you were gone?”

   LiMei is sitting on the examination table and Rui has his hands on the table caging her in with his strong arms. She looks like a captured little bunny her beautiful green eyes wide as she stares at his worried expression. “Rui..I…You.”

  He brushes her hair behind her ear,“If I hurt you last night please forgive me. I’m very sorry I don’t remember much after I returned to your room but I know I was drugged.”

    LiMei breathes a sigh of relief he didn’t realize I gave him the antidote.She waves her arms, “Rui you didn’t hurt me that isn’t it. But you are a married man what we are doing isn’t right.

   His eyes narrow thinking of that stupid bitch Wang Rebecca,“You don’t want to be with me because you think I am married?” Rui can’t wait any longer he needs to tell LiMei the truth. He is about to tell her when there is a knock on the door, “Daiy..I mean LiMei I’m sorry but one of the children was hurt while playing soccer and I need to bandage him.”

   Rui reluctantly answers the door, his voice faintly impatient, “I can take care of him.” Rui figures it would be faster  then he could finish talking to LiMei to tell her the truth. The sooner LiMei knows it is a fake marriage the better, I should have told her immediately.

  Xiao comes in with a cute little boy about six years old who is crying. Xiao holds his hand while she points to Rui. Her voice is soothing,“Little Cheng this is Dr. Qiao. Don’t be afraid he will bandage your leg for you. ”

  LiMei gets off the examination table and sits in a chair while Rui looks at the little boy who has a bloody leg and is limping. He  gently lifts the little boy onto the table calming the boy down, “What is your name?” When the boy doesn’t answer Rui calmly tells him, “You can call me Dr. Rui. Does it hurt when I touch you here? The boy nods, Rui touches another spot, “How about here?” The little boy shakes his head no.  He puts on some gloves, before he disinfects the boy’s wound he reassures him, “This will sting a little but it will only last for a minute.”

   LiMei admires Rui as he comforts the boy calming him down talking about soccer while he bandages his leg. He is being so gentle while talking the boy through it so he isn’t afraid. LiMei’s heart tightens watching the scene, Rui would make a really good father. She sees him brush the boy’s hair back then lifting him off the table, “I will have to come back and watch you play soccer on a Saturday when I have time.”

   Rui explains to Xiao,“I checked his ankle it doesn’t seem broken or badly sprained but if it becomes swollen or his foot turns red take him to a doctor’s for x rays.” He tells Xiao without sounding judgmental, “When the younger children play soccer you should have them wear shin guards to prevent this type of injury in the future.”

   “Thank you Dr. Qiao.” Xiao has a good impression of him he was kind and gentle when taking are of Little Cheng. The boy shyly smiles waving goodbye as he leaves holding Xiao’s hand.”Dr. Rui…my name is Cheng.”

LiMei chuckles as Xiao and the boy leave “What a cute kid.”

   Rui washes his hands, “LiMei come back to my house with me I have some things I want to clear up with you.”

  LiMei comes out of her daze imagining having a cute kid someday. “I don’t think I should. Isn’t your board meeting tomorrow?”

   “Yes, and that is exactly why you should come with me. If you don’t I won’t be able to sleep worrying about you and I need to be well rested for tomorrow. Let’s get your bag then go have some dinner.” Rui heard her stomach grumbling while he was changing her bandage.

   How does Rui know I brought a bag with me? He takes her hand to leave the nurses’ room with a determined attitude to make realize they are meant to be together. LiMei knows it is no use to try to argue with him, maybe they should calmly discuss what has happened between them.

   When they get to the office Xiao has returned and is telling Father Lam about Cheng’s injury. LiMei feels a slightly embarrassed about Rui’s demonstration of affection he won’t let her hand go no matter how she tries to wiggle free. She is about to say something when Rui assertively says, “LiMei will be coming with me.”

   Father Lam sees LiMei shyly looking up at Qiao Rui with undisguised  love in her eyes. Damn girl! Why did she get herself tangled up with the heir of the Qiao Family! If she gets photographed and Kuang Fu happens to locate her..he doesn’t want to think of the consequences for the foolish little girl!

   He isn’t going to interfere right now but he wants to try and talk some sense into Daiyu. “I will come with you to get your bag, Dr. Qiao please wait here.

   Rui has no problem waiting he can tell LiMei is willing to leave with him. Xiao decides to make small talk with him while they are waiting. “You were very good with Little Cheng do you like children?”

   His brows knit together he doesn’t want to converse with this woman but she must be a friend of LiMei’s so he can’t be rude. “I’m not a pediatrician so I don’t usually come into contact with children.”

   “…” That was a strange answer.

   LiMei and Father Lam are almost at the dormitory, “LiMei what is going on with you and Dr. Qiao? You need to remember you aren’t safe, you can’t afford to be in a high profile relationship.”

   “Oh..oh..Father Lam it isn’t like that Dr. Qiao is married.” She doesn’t want to try and explain their complicated relationship. “We are friends,  he is worried about me and has an important meeting tomorrow so I don’t want him to be upset. If you don’t mind I will come back Saturday.”

   Qiao Rui is married and he came to get LiMei? When they enter the room and LiMei is putting the burner phone and her toiletries back in the bag Father Lam wants to talk some sense into LiMei.“Girl, don’t be stupid! That man was looking at you in a very possessive way don’t try to fool me, I saw the way you looked at him. Do you want to die or even worse if you are caught by that psycho Kuang Fu?”

   “Father Lam it is true I care about Rui very much that is why I am leaving Pushong City next week. I have some matters to take care of {get the Golden Dragon and sell it} then the Old Man gave me another identity I plan on moving to France.”

   Rui didn’t want to wait in the office talking nonsense with the boring woman and came to find LiMei they were taking too long. He is outside when he hears Father Lam and LiMei talking. He only hears the last part of the conversation”I plan on moving to France.” His face darkens, LiMei wants to leave Pushong I won’t let her leave me!

   He steps back from the door then sits on a wooden bench in the garden outside the dormitory waiting for them to come out. His heart is pounding thinking of LiMei’s words. Why do you want to run away from me! No you can’t…

   LiMei and Father Lam finish talking and come out the door, LiMei sees Rui waiting in the front of the garden, she says to Father Lam, “Thank you and tell Xiao thank you also.” then hugs him tightly. Father Lam glares at Rui, “LiMei tells me you were married recently, congratulations.”

  Rui’s lips curl up in a slight smile as he takes the bag and LiMei’s hand looking at LiMei with a doting expression responding, “Save your congratulations for when I marry the woman I love.”


   Rui holds LiMei’s hand tightly as they walk to the car, “Where would you like to eat?”

   LiMei can’t help but think about what he just said, “Rui about what you said to Father Lam..”

   “LiMei, I told you when we get to my house I will explain everything to you.”

   Father Lam stands in front of the orphanage frowning watching Rui and LiMei walk hand in hand to the car. He has a complicated expression as he sees the expensive black  Porsche pull out of the parking lot, he loves Daiyu and can’t help but be concerned about her identity being exposed if she stays with Qiao Rui. Dammit! That girl deserves to be happy after everything her father then the Black Sky Organization put her through but is Qiao Rui the right choice?

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