LiMei Hides From Rui

Rui goes into the bathroom standing in the shower he leans against the tiled wall as the warm water sprays on his taut body. He tries to remember last night, drinking at the Black Lotus Club in Xiaobo’s private room who would have drugged him? Why? It was only his close friends in the room and Henri Armand. The Frenchman has no reason to drug him. He met with him last week and sold him the rare herb he wanted so they are on good terms.

    Originally he had refused to sell it but circumstances changed after Huang David discovered an alternative medicinal herb that was less expensive and equally effective. When his team found it in Thailand he immediately contacted him because he is Huan’s friend. It could only have been the smelly bitch who poured my drink. I will make her pay for drugging me!

   First, I need to make sure LiMei wasn’t hurt by me, his heart tightens imagining he might have forced himself on her last night and that is why she left.

    He washes his body then turns on the cold water to try to wake himself up. The antidote had a strong sedating effect and he still feels a little light headed. After he finishes he towels himself off then gets dressed. Delun was right, no need to create any gossip.

   Walking out of the bathroom he is more alert and considers the situation more clearly. “Delun thanks for bringing my clothes. You are right there is no reason to cause a scene when we find LiMei she can recuperate at my house.That would be better.”

   “…” Is he delusional? Even if we find her she obviously left to get away from you. He doesn’t want to upset Rui luckily he appears calm and somewhat composed. “Yeah that is a good idea.”{no… it is wishful thinking on your part brother!}

   Rui puts on his watch, “Let’s go.”

   They walk out of the room, Rui glares at the sleeping man on the chair what a useless guard!

   No one notices them leaving because of the location of LiMei’s room. When they get in the elevator Rui is curious he asks , “She didn’t say anything else?”

   “No only what I told you. Rui you don’t remember anything?”

    “My last lucid memory is arriving at the hospital. I was going to ask LiMei why she lied to me.” Rui can’t remember much after he talked to Xiaobo in the hallway he has no idea what happened between him and LiMei. “Give me her number.”

   “Bro since you aren’t sure what happened…why don’t you talk to her when we get to the apartment.”

    They arrive at the Underground parking garage. Rui hands Delun his keys to his Porsche, “You drive.”

    Across town LiMei isn’t far from the orphanage when she sees a convenience store up ahead, “Driver could you stop at that store I need to buy something.”

    The taxi driver looks at his meter then recalls the neighborhood of the girl’s apartment, “Miss, the charge is already at 400 yuan and it is in double rate right now.”

    “Don’t worry I can pay.” LiMei isn’t worried about the cost she still has quite a bit of money left on her card and some in her Swiss account from when she escaped the Black Sky.

   He pulls into the convenience store parking lot LiMei runs into the store. “Which aisle are your prepaid phones?”

   “All the cell phones are behind the counter I can show you.” Too many kids try to steal them so the manager reminded him to be careful or he will deduct the cost of the stolen phones from his check.

   LiMei grabs the first phone on top, “I will take this one and put 2,000 yuan on it.”

   He stares at her, “Did you say 2,000?” No one requests that much money put on these cheap phones. Why doesn’t she have a regular cell phone if she can afford to spend that much money on minutes.

   “Yes 2,000 I’m not sure of the rates and I don’t want to have to refill it.”

   He rings her up and takes her card.

    “Thank you.” LiMei hurries out the store to the taxi.

   The clerk watches her leave, what a strange girl, the coat she is wearing is expensive and so is her designer purse. Could she be a rich Young Miss who ran away from home?

   LiMei puts the phone in her purse glad she thought of getting the burner phone before she got to the orphanage.

    The taxi pulls up to the front of St. John’s Orphanage LiMei hands the driver her card, “Thank you, sorry for any inconvenience, please add a 20% tip.”

    When she exits the cab she can’t believe the difference in the orphanage there is a building being constructed on the left and it looks like they expanded the school. Happy the money she got from that despicable bartender at the resort was put to good use she smiles brightly.

    Father Lam has been waiting for her to arrive anxious to make sure she is alright. When the taxi pulled up he comes out the front door. “Let me get your bag.”

   “Father Lam!” LiMei is excited to see him and is about to hug him when she let’s out a scream of pain. Without thinking in her excitement to see him she had forgotten about the injury on her arm.

    “Daiyu! What’s wrong?” He cares a great deal about this little girl she is like a daughter to him.

    She tries to cover up her pain, “Nothing..nothing! I strained myself and lifting my arm is painful.”

   “Come inside I can look at it.”

    “Really it is okay. Where is Xiao?”

   “She is finishing cleaning the kitchen from breakfast. Are you hungry?”

   “No, I ate before I came. I am really tired though.”

   “I will take you to your room. It is the same one as when you first arrived in Pushong City.”

   “Thanks. I see you expanded the school area. What is the new building?”

   “That is going to be the new dormitory for the children. We are going to remodel the present dormitory converting it to an athletic center.”

   “Wow! That is so cool!”

   “It is all thanks to you.”

   She knew with his abilities he would discover she donated the 300,000 dollars.“Father Lam I was happy to be able to help. You are doing such wonderful work with these poor kids. So many children would be in dire straits if St. John’s wasn’t here. I admire you and Xiao.”

   He has a smile on his usually cold face at her praise. “It is mostly due to Xiao she makes the children feel they have a mother.” Only LiMei knows she is actually his wife because he is in the guise of a Catholic priest.

   They reach the small room Father Lam puts her bag down. He can see LiMei looks exhausted her beautiful face is very pale and there are dark circles under her eyes. Worried about her health he has a doting tone,”We can talk after you rest.” He affectionately takes her scarf off for her and her coat placing them on a chair by a small wooden desk.

   She holds onto his sleeve she appreciates all he has done for her since she came to Pushong City. Looking up at him her eyes misty she nods, “Thanks.” Grateful she met him when she was in the Black Sky Organization. Who knew the cold assassin known as Yama would decide to leave that violent world behind to run an orphanage as an amiable and respected priest.

   After he leaves the room the first thing LiMei does is take her fake identification packet out of her bag hiding it under her mattress. Then she glances around the simple room. relaxing a bit thinking no one can find me here. I can sleep and regain my strength then figure out what I should do.

   There is a knock at the door it is Father Lam’s wife Xiao holding some fruits and warm water. When she comes into the room she hugs LiMei knowing how much her husband loves this young girl, “I won’t disturb you he said you want to rest but here is some warm water and fruit. The temperature has really dropped the last couple days so I brought you another cover too this room can be drafty.”

   Xiao thinking of her comfort warms LiMei’s heart at her kindness, no one has cared for her since her grandmother and mother died. “Xiao, I’m sorry I didn’t come say hello, I didn’t want to bother you.”

   “Girl, you are never a bother.” She laughs, “You know how much we love to see you and it has been awhile. You rest now and come find us later.”

   LiMei wants to burst out crying, she wants to hug her so badly but her arm is beginning to sting. “Thanks a lot Xiao, I will.”

    When Xiao leaves LiMei’s emotions are overwhelming her as she thinks about moving to another strange place where she won’t know anyone. She lays on the bed still wearing the track suit too tired to change, then pulls the warm comforter over her trembling body. 

    LiMei’s tears start to flow down her cheeks thinking about Rui and her life in Pushong City, I really don’t want to leave but what choice do I have? She slowly closes her eyes when her tears finally subside slowly falling asleep.

    After she leaves LiMei’s room Xiao is stopped by one of the teachers they were able to hire last month as she walks back to the Orphanage’s office. “Director, who is that young woman?” Liu Bingbing saw LiMei when Father Lam took her to room at the end of the dormitory. He was inside for awhile, although he is a priest she has a crush on him.“Is she a new teacher?”

    Xiao frowns wishing she hadn’t hired this lustful woman, this new teacher doesn’t hide her obvious attraction to her husband. If he wasn’t pretending to be a priest she knows Liu Bingbing would attempt to seduce him in a minute.

   “She is Father Lam’s cousin she will be staying for a week or so. Aren’t you supposed to be teaching English right now?”

    “I am on my way now.”

   Xiao enters the office, Father Lam is looking at the computer. She hasa worried tone,“ Honey, what is wrong with Daiyu she isn’t as lively as usual.”

   “I don’t know but she will tell us when she wants.” Father Lam is concerned but he knows Daiyu will confide in him when she is ready, for now he is happy she came to him for refuge.

    She must be hiding from someone but who? Did Kuang Fu find her whereabouts?

    Delun glances over at Rui as they are stuck in traffic, “Rui whatever is going on between you and Feng LiMei you can work it out I know she likes you. But you need to think about the board meeting tomorrow you have worked and planned for this since you returned to Pushong.

   Rui ignores him as he dials Xiaobo, who rolls over in his bed to look at his phone. What the hell is that guy calling me for at this time of the morning. “What the fuck Rui!”

   “I want the bitch who was pouring my drink last night sent to Su Wan’s she fucking drugged me with an aphrodisiac.”

    Xiaobo sits straight up on his bed, “Man, you must be fucking with me!”

   “Do you think I would make this shit up?”

   “Did you fuck her?” He told her to go entertain the South Americans but he never checked on if she did.

   “What do you think?”

   Knowing Rui there is no way he would be with a woman like Veronica even if he was drugged. “So who did you vent on?”

   Rui’s Phoenix eyes narrow with a dangerous glint, “You should shut up now. Compensate me by distracting Leng Shuai for a few days, get one of your associates to fuck with his business or something.”

   “Hey man I will have the shit beat out of that whore until her own mother wouldn’t recognize her then send her Wan’s but the second part… anything else.”

     Rui tightens his grip on his phone “Just enough to get him out of town for a few days. It isn’t like I am asking you to fucking kidnap him!” Rui wants to marry LiMei as soon as he has his people expose the fake marriage on Saturday.

   “Just get him out of town?”


   “I don’t know Rui… Leng Enterprise is having a big banquet tomorrow night at the Crescent Moon Hotel.”

   “Fucking do it.”

   Xiaobo can’t believe that slut had the nerve to drug one of his oldest friends! This week has been hell between the theft and murders at the auction and now this shit! 

     He knows Rui will find a way to fuck with him if he doesn’t do it. If it is only Leng Shuai’s legitimate business nothing to do with the Ghost Blade it shouldn’t be too problematic.

    “I will see what I can do.”

    Rui hangs up the phone. If Xiaobo can get rid of Leng Shuai he can marry LiMei without any interference from the bastard….

   Delun doesn’t say anything he knows not to give his opinion right now. The aura surrounding Rui is filled with killing intent and from what he overheard Rui os controlling his rage, but messing with someone like Leng Shuai sounds dangerous. His brother seems more ruthless since he returned to Pushong City after being away for five years.

   They arrive at LiMei’s apartment Rui says, “Stay in the car, I want to talk to her alone.”

   He runs up the stairs knocking on the door when she doesn’t answer he knocks louder, “LiMei answer the door I want to talk to you. You need to go back to the hospital!’

   There is no response he recalls Delun saying she leaves a key under the potted plant. He lifts the plant up picking up the key. Rui hesitates for a moment then puts the key in the lock entering her apartment. 

     Looking around there is no sign of her she would arrived by now. Where the hell can she be? Forgetting to put the key under the pot by the door he races back down the stairs. He realizes he doesn’t know much about her where would she go, Woo Xixin’s? No, he told LiMei he is in Cambodia.

    After he gets in the car he tells Delun she wasn’t there and asks if he knows where she might be.

    She told Delun her only friend since she arrived is Du Chang but he doesn’t think she would go to a high school kid’s house. “Rui I don’t know her that well, she never spoke about any of her friends.”

   Rui takes his phone out of his pocket, ‘It’s Qiao Rui, I need you to find someone for me. A young girl took a taxi from   Nana’s Coffee Shop down the street from my hospital sometime between six and eight this morning,. I need to know where she was dropped off. ”

   “ Can you describe her for me?”

     He describes LiMei’s face and a description of her height and slender frame but has no idea what she was wearing.

      “Do you know the name of the cab company?”


      “I can do it but without the name of the cab company it will take awhile.”

     “I will triple your fee if you can locate her within the next two hours.”

     “I will get back to you as soon as I have the information.”

    Rui hangs up he has confidence Lee Harry will locate LiMei soon with that kind of money offered. He turns to Delun“Let’s go back to the hospital.”

   “Rui why don’t you go home and wait.”

  “I have something to take care of at the hospital. I need you to do me a favor.”

  “What is it?”

   “Did you get the cedar box from the back of my closet?”

   “Shit! There was so much doing on that day I forgot.”

   “I need you to go get it then bring it to the hospital for me. Don’t let anyone at the mansion see you with it.”


   When they arrive at the hospital Delun drops Rui off at the front entrance rather than at the VIP wing. Rui enters the hospital going directly to his office, Bai Chiyu has already arrived and is working on the computer.

  “Did you fire those two nurses?”

   “Yes I did, they just left the office. Nurse Guyin was furious denying the accusations saying she would file a complaint against the hospital. I explained to her that was her right but she should consider the consequences. If she leaves peacefully she can get hired at another hospital if she attempts to cause trouble she won’t work in Pushong City again.”

   Leng Shuai arrives with Su Ryan at the hospital he was unable to return last night because his brother informed him their little sister was nowhere to be found. 

     Apparently a friend of MoMo’s picked her up at the airport before Xiaosi arrived then she turned off her phone. 

     When they arrive at LiMei’s room Shen Boyin is asleep in the chair in the hallway, Su Ryan kicks the chair, “Wake up you moron!”

   Shen Boyin opens his eyes rubbing his neck, “Boss..Boss! Feng LiMei knocked me out!”

   Su Ryan glares at him how could Feng Liei knock him out in her condition.“What? What are you talking about?”

   Leng Shuai immediately enters LiMei’s room looking for her, how the hell did she leave after having surgery only yesterday?

   He takes a few long strides and is standing at the nurse’s station. DuoDuo sees Su Ryan and the bodyguard who was asleep in front of Feng LiMei’s door behind him.

      She gets excited seeing Su Ryan again as she is about to greet them Leng Shuai in a threatening tone confronts her, “How did Feng LiMei leave the hospital in her condition?”

   DuoDuo’s eyes widen… Oh my God! She is missing?  Dr. Qiao will be furious. It is imperative she remain calm and not give out any information even though Su Ryan might get angry she needs her job.”Mr. Leng why are you here? Feng LiMei is under doctor’s orders not to receive any visitors.”

  “…” She obviously left the hospital, what is this girl hiding?

   DuoDuo can feel her heart pounding in her chest, “Mr. Leng since you are not a relative of Miss Feng’s I can’t give out any information about her according to her patient rights.”

   Both Leng Shuai and Su Ryan can see the sweat beads forming on her forehead obviously she doesn’t know anything. Su Ryan feels sorry for the little nurse she has fear written all over her expressive little face.

   “Where is Qiao Rui’s office?”

   Since that is a reasonable question she replies, “His office is located in the Main Wing on the sixth floor.”

   He turns and leaves when DuoDuo sees them enter the elevator she calls Rui in a panic. Bai Chiyu answers the phone. DuoDuo isn’t sure she should tell his assistant, “Miss Bai, this is Nurse Ding on the fourth floor Dr. Qiao asked me to call if there were any developments with his patient.”

  “What patient?”

  “Feng LiMei.”

   Bai Chiyu recognizes that name she is the little girl he was involved with before he got married. Why is she in the hospital?”

   “What is the problem?”

   “Miss Bai Dr. Qiao asked to be informed personally. Could you connect my call to him?”

   Dammit! What is that little slut in the hospital for this time? “Let me see if he is available.”

  “Thank you.”

    Bai Chiyu puts DuoDuo’s call on hold then dials Rui’s inner office, “Dr. Qiao, Nurse Ding from the VIP wing is on the phone.”

     “Put her through.” He knows what she is going to say.

    DuoDuo’s voice is shaking, “Dr. Qiao, Feng LiMei…she…she left. Your brother was in her room told me you would be returning and would page me if you needed me. I have no idea what happened.”

   “Don’t worry she is recovering at another facility.”

    “Oh that is a relief. I thought she just left the hospital.” Duo Duo pats her chest in relief.

   “You can work your regular shift  I will still pay you the additional salary we discussed. If there isn’t anything else..”

   “No wait! Dr. Qiao a man named Leng Shuai came to visit her and is on the way to your office right now!”

   “Thank you for informing me.” He smiles as he hangs up the phone at least he has a lead on LiMei, and Leng Shuai will have no clue where to look. Any minute the bastard should be getting an urgent call from his main office in Hirachi City according to Xiaobo.

   Leng Shuai bursts into Rui’s office followed by Su Ryan and Shen Boyin, “Where is that bastard Qiao Rui?”

  “CEO Leng!” Bai Chiyu was startled by their sudden intrusion.

   “You wanted to speak with me?” Rui strolls out of his office with his hands casually in his coat pockets.

   His calm and arrogant manner pisses Leng Shaui off he still is angry about him taking LiMei from the Seaside Hospital in Shingu City while he was knocked out by him.”Feng LiMei! Where is she?”

    “I have no idea. She checked herself out of the hospital early this morning against my recommendation.” He isn’t going to give Leng Shuai any reason to think he is still involved with LiMei. Delun is right he needs to take control of the Qiao Corporation first then he can have his team reveal the fake marriage was a scheme by Wang Rebecca.

   Leng Shuai’s phone starts ringing irritated he pulls it out of his pocket. He can’t ignore the call the ringtone is the one he set for his father’s calls.“I’m busy I will call you back shortly.” 

      He is glaring at Qiao Rui trying to read his expression. His father is angry about the emergency board meeting, “Brat! Don’t you hang up this is urgent!”

   He has no choice but to motion to Su Ryan and Shen Boyin to follow him out the door. Once in the hallway he says, “What is so urgent that the Director can’t handle it in my absence.”

  His father explains the urgent situation black lines forming on his forehead Leng Shuai responds, “I will catch the next plane to Hirachi City.”

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