Plane Ride

LiMei follows behind Rui out the door of the suite like a little tail, happy she convinced him to let her travel to Cambodia. She doesn’t plan to let anything happen to him while they are there.

    He holds her small hand as they walk down the hallway to the elevator, ” Don’t forget LiMei you promised you’ll need to stay in the hotel until I get back after the surgery “

   She looks up at him her words full of sincerity. “ I promise I won’t do anything to make you worry about me, I know you are only thinking of my safety. ” And I will worry about your safety.

    They get into the elevator then Rui leans down to kiss LiMei as he does the elevator opens and two women wearing evening dresses enter staring at Rui and LiMei. 

     One of the women tugs on her friend’s sleeve. whispering in her ear she says, “Isn’t that Qiao Rui the new CEO of Qiao Corporation?” Her friend Is Qiao Xiatong’s secretary, the two women have been partying all night  with two executives from the Zangwa Corporation. Both women reek of alcohol and heavy perfume, disgusted by the women’s smell  Rui grimaces  pulling LiMei to the other side of the elevator.

    The woman  knits her eyebrows,  the cold and aloof looking man does have a slight resemblance to Qiao Xiatong but is much more handsome and refined looking. Curious  she casually turns her head to look closer, the girl looks very young.She sees their suitcases, it looks like they are going somewhere

     Stepping back a little so she can observe them better, I wish I could take a picture but it would be too obvious if I took out my phone. maybe when we get to the lobby I can. Qiao Xiatong  would definitely be interested and seeing a picture of his brother with an underage girl.. 

    When the elevator door opens at the lobby the two women  exit with Rui and LiMei walking out with their suitcases.  Rui calls his driver To make sure he is outside of the hotel the rain it’s still pouring down. He opens an umbrella holding it over LiMei’s head. they hurry to the  black Maybach, the driver steps out opening the back door for them. Rui helps get into the back seat, Andy the umbrella  to his driver he enters the car.

   Nervous when she sees the downpour she questions Rui,”Can a plane fly in this weather? “

   “It shouldn’t be a problem.” He pulls her over into his lap,  “Are you nervous  about flying?”

  ” No… well a little bit.” She snuggles into his warm chest. “I have flown a few times just never during a thunderstorm.”

   Rui hugs her thinking she looks adorable like a scared little bunny in her white fur jacket. He kisses her forehead,”Once we reach the sky you won’t even feel as though you are in the air. The interior of the plane is spacious and comfortable, much different from flying on a commercial plane.” He caresses her cheek then tilts her chin up, “ I told you there is a bed you can even go back to sleep. When you wake up we will be in Phnom Penh.”

    LiMei relaxes a little leaning on his chest, she remembers she still has her bunny charm necklace in her purse. Reaching over she picks up her purse looking through it she remembers the necklace is in the side pocket.

     Rui thinks she is going to check her phone but has a look of surprise on his face when she holds the necklace in her palm. LiMei  asks  Rui to help her fasten the clasp as she puts it around her swan-like neck. He moves her ponytail to the side then hooks the gold chain.

   She holds the small gold bunny lovingly in her hands stroking it, by her action Rui can tell the necklace holds a special meaning. He wonders who gave the necklace to LiMei, maybe a boyfriend in high school?  If that is the case she can’t wear it anymore.

   Controlling his  turbulent emotions he calmly asks, ” The necklace… who gave it to you? ” He stares at the green gems in the bunny’s eyes. It is perfect for her, a cute little bunny with bright green eyes.

   Rui tenses up watching her beautiful green eyes sparkle as her slender finger plays with the charm on the gold chain. LiMei says,This gold bunny is my lucky charm, originally it wasn’t a necklace the bunny was on a charm bracelet my mother gave me.Her eyes sparkle as she tells him, “It is my lucky charm.” 

     LiMei doesn’t want to tell him the whole story about her step-sister stealing the treasured bracelet when she first arrived at her father’s house. The little bunny was the only charm she could retrieve off of it. 

   “This charm.” She touches the white jade hair ornament, “and my white jade hairpin, my set of silver needles are all I have left from my grandmother and mother.” 

   That explains why she has a strong attachment to the necklace, he relaxes holding her close to him. “You said your grandmother was a doctor?”

   “ Yes she was the village doctor she studied  Western medicine in England when she was young and then traditional Chinese medicine.” 


  “Uh huh, she was actually quite famous when she was younger according to my mother. My mom said my grandmother was betrayed by a colleague who she trusted, I don’t know the whole story, I just heard bits and pieces. She was discussing it with a man in the living room when I came home from school one day. I knew she came back to the mountain village to marry my grandfather but I was unaware of the reason.  I was curious but never got a chance to ask any questions because the next she and my mom died in an accident.”

   “What accident?”

   LiMei’s eyes are misty and she buries herself in Rui’s chest, “I don’t want to talk about it.”

   He tenderly pats her head, “If you change your mind I am here for you.”

   She sniffles holding back her tears,”I really miss them.” 

   Rui holds her tight, “Don’t cry you have me now.” Wiping her tears away with his finger he feels his heart tighten seeing her cry, I shouldn’t have asked about the necklace. I knew she was an orphan recalling her mother and grandmother must be hard for LiMei.

   The driver pulls into the airport to where the private planes are located once he opens the door he hands Rui an umbrella. 

    He gets their luggage out of the trunk then carries it onto the plane with Qiao Corp Logo painted on the side.

   Rui  holds LiMei’s hand as they walk up to the plane while rain pelts the umbrella, when they are on the plane LiMei’s mouth drops open, she has been in a few private planes when she was with the Black Sky Organization but this one is by far the most luxurious.

    Watching her reaction as she glances around the plane Rui can’t help but smile. “We will be taking off soon so come sit here.” 

    The middle-aged captain steps into the cabin when the private flight attendant informs him Qiao Rui has boarded the plane, “CEO Qiao we are authorized to take off in eight minutes.”


   LiMei sits on the leather couch, Rui was right this is no different than sitting in a luxurious living room. Sitting down next to her on the couch he puts his arm around her shoulders. “After we take off there is a master bedroom in the back of the plane if you are tired or if you want to watch a movie we can, whichever you would like to do. I just want you to relax and not worry about the trip.”

    She leans into his chest, “I am pretty tired I think we should both lay down. You didn’t get much sleep either so you must be tired too.” She wraps her small hand around his, when she does, he lifts the hand kissing it, “Baby I’m not sure if that’s a good idea..” He has a faint smile, I don’t know if I could resist eating you and your body needs to heal. 

   LiMei blushes when she thinks about his meaning, “I don’t need to sleep. I will watch a movie… you should sleep before you go to the hospital to perform surgery. “

   She is about to ask him about the patient when he leans over to buckle her into her seat,” We are going to be taking off now.”

   Looking out the window at the pouring rain she convinces herself they wouldn’t fly if it is dangerous. LiMei smiles nervously at him, “Okay.”

   Seeing the anxious look on LiMei’s face he holds her hand as the plane moves down the runway to take off. Once they are safely in the air the beautiful woman LiMei saw when they first boarded walks over asking if they would like something to drink. Wow he even has his own gorgeous flight attendant, When LiMei doesn’t answer she politely asks, “ Do you want some juice or water, tea?

    “I will have orange juice if you have it.”

    The woman smiles at Rui, ““CEO Qiao..for you?”

   “Orange juice.”

    Cui Liquin hides her emotions as she walks to the small refrigerator to get the orange juice. Dammit! I paid half a month’s pay to  work this flight when I found out the new handsome CEO was scheduled to fly to Phnom Penh, no one said he was bringing some  little slut with him.  Who is the wench?  Well I need to be professional. I heard he has no patience for women coming on to him. I planned on trying to get close to him during the flight now what should I do.

   She carries the two glasses of orange juice to them, reaching over Rui she hands LiMei a glass of orange juice. Cui Liquin then pretends to trip as she gives Rui the other glass. He has no choice but to grab her arm or she will land in his lap. Frowning as her breasts brush across his chest he pushes her backwards and she stumbles. Annoyed he says, “Leave..”

   LiMei  was sipping her orange juice while looking at a popular web novel when she heard Rui’s irritated tone speaking to the flight attendant, he sounded tired and cranky. She holds his hand, “ You need to relax, why don’t you go lay down. ” 

   “I will if you join me.” He leans over kissing her then licks her lips, “You taste like oranges.” Taking her hand, “Let’s go.”

   “Okay but you need to sleep.” LiMei follows him to the back of the plane, she exclaims, “You weren’t kidding, this looks like a hotel suite.”

   He hugs her from behind, then starts to unzip her dress.

   “What are you doing?”

   “You won’t be comfortable laying down in this dress.”


   Rui lifts her hair kissing the back of her neck. LiMei can feel an electric current running through her body as his lips touch her skin. He slips the dress off of her shoulders and it falls to the floor. Then he turns her body around kissing her lips, she pushes his chest, “Rui!”

   “LiMei there is plenty of time before we arrive.” He lifts her up then lays her down on the bed, his body suspended over her he seductively says,“Unbutton my shirt.” He likes the feel of her fingers on his chest as she takes his shirt off.

   “No. You need to get some sleep.”

   He takes her hand placing it on his crotch, “But Baby I can’t go to sleep like this.”

   LiMei blushes thinking Rui has become too shameless…she tries to pull her hand away and he holds it there. Rui presses her body underneath him kissing her lips as his hand roams over her chest. He whispers, “Don’t you want me to relax?” Unhooking her bra he tosses it onto the floor, “Take off my shirt.”

   LiMei stares at his sexy appearance, his messy ink black hair falling onto his forehead, his deep dark eyes, devilish smile as he seductively  coaxes her in a raspy voice, dammit what woman could resist this man. She obediently reaches up and starts to unbutton his crisp white shirt, as she does she runs her fingers across his chest then slides his shirt off exposing his muscular arms. Once his shirt comes off he points, “Pants.” LiMei’s face turns bright red, his eyes darken with desire, I love that innocent look she has when I tell her to undress me. 

   She unbuckles his belt noticing the huge bulge in his pants, too embarrassing I can’t…I can’t. Hesitating she smiles up at him shyly,, “Rui…”

   He can feel her fingers trembling, his eyes light up, you are adorable my little bunny. He can’t resist  kissing her pouty pink lips then teases, “What?”


   He wants to laugh but he takes his pants off then hugs her body rolling over so she is now on top of him. He begins to kiss her neck then moves his lips down leaving a trail of love bites until his hot kisses fall on her jade like breasts. LiMei begins to moan as he licks and nibbles her pink bud. His breathing becomes heavy as he squeezes her round bottom, kneading it in his hands getting more turned on as he growls, “Baby, nnnngh…”

   The position they are in she can feel his lower body pushing up on her, does he want to do it with me on top? No, he said we would wait until tonight.  

  Rui can feel his body heating up addicted to her sweet taste he continues to bury his head in her breasts.  The feel of her soft warm body rubbing against his as she writhes on top of him in pleasure excites him further. I need to have LiMei now, reluctant, not sure if he should, he can barely resist the urge to put his throbbing hardness inside of her body. He has his hands on her hips when there is a loud knock at the door, What the fuck!

   Outside the door Cui Liquin smirks happy to interrupt them she could hear lewd sounds coming from the room when she approached. “CEO Qiao we are heading into turbulence from the storm over the mountains. You and Miss Feng need to come to the forward cabin to get buckled into your seats.”

   When she doesn’t hear a response she says louder, “CEO Qiao it is urgent for your safety.”

   LiMei looks down at Rui with a worried expression, “Rui! Did you hear that?”

   He puts LiMei onto the bed then sits up, “I heard.” He cradles her face in his hands then kisses the tip of her nose, his voice calm he reassures LiMei, “Don’t worry flying over this mountain range there always is turbulence.”

   “ But we are traveling through a thunderstorm too.” She rests her cheek on his warm chest as he strokes her hair. 

   Rui tightens his arms around her , “Once we are over the mountains the weather should clear up, the storm is moving South.” 

   Afraid, LiMei wiggles out of his embrace, “We should get dressed and go to our seats.” Getting off the bed she hurries putting on her dress. Rui sits on the bed smiling watching her, she looks like a frightened bunny jumping around getting dressed. LiMei sees he isn’t getting off the bed, she tosses him his pants, “Hurry up I feel the plane shaking!” 

   Rui starts laughing, there is no unusual movement, she is panicking. He stands up pulling on his pants, looking down he frowns.

   LiMei takes his shirt to him, “Lift your arms.” She quickly puts on his shirt then buttons it.

   “LiMei how is it you can put my shirt on with lightning speed but it took you so long to take it off.”

   She blushes and grabs his hand heading for the door. ‘Such a shameless man!

    He follows her out to the forward cabin once she is seated he buckles her strap, then holds her hand, her palm has a thin layer of moisture. He squeezes her tiny hand, “There is nothing to worry about. If the pilot thought it would present a problem he wouldn’t fly through these mountains.”

   She looks at his calm expression, Easy for him to say with his personality, I don’t know what it would take to make this guy panic. {anything to do with losing you}

   LiMei takes out her phone to read the web novel hoping getting into a fantasy world will distract her from worrying about the storm outside the window. After she reads for a few minutes she sighs, not working I’m still nervous. “Rui?”


   “Tell me about the operation you need to perform.”

   “You wouldn’t be interested.”

   “I would. I need to get my mind off of the weather.” Everytime she can feel the plane’s movements she feels she might throw up from anxiety.

  “Why don’t you read your book?” He saw her looking at some novel when he glanced over a moment ago.

   “I know where the plot is headed right now and I am angry at the author for her treatment of the second ML.”


  “Male lead.”

   “Oh, why is that?.” I don’t want to talk about the operation or the eccentric patient who needs the surgery.

   “Well he loves the MC who has a beauty system she uses to seduce him. Everytime he kills one of her enemies she gets points to buy more cheats to increase her cultivation level. Her ultimate goal is to become the leader of the Mist Dragon Sect. Once she accomplishes that then the ML will fall in love with her because of the power of the Seven Lights she will possess.  ”

   “That sounds interesting.” What is she reading haha.. .

   “ I thought so at first but there is too much dog blood drama.”

   ‘…” Dog blood drama.

 LiMei continues to recount the story so far then says,“Now you can understand why I am dropping it. Tell me about the patient and the operation.”

  When he doesn’t respond she looks over at him, Rui’s eyes are closed as he leans back on the seat.


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