Rui’s Nightmare Part 1

While Rui sleeps they safely fly through the storm, LiMei doesn’t want to wake him up so she amuses herself  on her phone. The internet begins working so she flips through the latest entertainment news about Kang Jin. There are pictures of him at the LE banquet with Leng Shuai’s cousin. I wish I had thought to take pictures of him while I was working at the banquet. I could have posted them to my fan site. Wait… Is that Meng QiQi standing with Leng Shuai and Kang Jin?

     She continues to read the article then laughs when she sees Leng Shuai scowling looking at Meng QiQi..that arrogant man is such a weirdo! Scrolling she sees more pictures from the LE banquet, who is that man talking to Rui? Well none of my business…but Rui looks angry in the picture, that isn’t good  since he just took over Qiao Corporation. I should call Delun, I didn’t have a chance when I got up this morning before we left… I will call when we get to the hotel.

    LiMei wants to use the bathroom she unbuckles and gets up from her seat trying not to wake up Rui. She passes Cui Liquin as she goes to the toilet, “How long before we arrive?”

    Cui Liquin is reading a magazine sitting with her legs up she quickly puts them down tossing the magazine to the side. Looking at her watch she answers, “An hour.”

   LiMei smiles, “Thanks.” When she goes into the bathroom she runs her hand over the marble counter this is not like any plane I have been on before, I think it’s bigger than my apartment. After she finishes she washes her hands looking in the mirror, I can’t believe Rui didn’t tell me my hair looks like a bird’s nest. She picks up a brush and fixes her hair then washes her face, ahh..that feels good, looking at her neck she smiles touching the love bites. 

    It is a good thing I have the ointment Rui gave me, taking it out of her purse applying some to each of the red marks her lips curl up, although I have no man to compare Rui with… haha.. every time he touches me I am on fire and can’t resist.

    I really want to go see Uncle Xhinghi while I am in Cambodia,  his Compound is only about an hour from Phnom Penh in the mountains. I can sneak by Rui’s bodyguards and then be back before Rui finishes his operation if I rent a Jeep. 

     She holds a broken piece of rare black jade in her hand that will allow her to enter the Compound without any questions about her identity. Tossing the small piece of jade around in her hand she thinks about the last time she was at Xinghi’s Compound. 

  …Kuang Bo was recovering from the near fatal gunshot wounds and Kuang Fu alled LiMei to stay with him. If I hadn’t found that doctor in the mountains Bo would not have survived. She shivers recalling the memory of him covered in blood in the snow, her long white fox fur coat stained with his blood. 

     Then after he was transported to the Compound it took over a month under Uncle Xinghi’s care for him to fully recuperate. Shaking her head her face pales thinking about  how afraid she was he was going to die. It was freezing cold and the snow was very deep as she dragged him after the sniper shot him. 

     She snaps out of her memories putting the broken black jade back in the hidden compartment on the bottom of her purse, I miss Uncle and Kuang Bo. I wonder what  Bo is doing in Pushong? I hope he has left the city by the time we return on Monday.

    She leaves the bathroom passing Cui Liquin then turns around, “Miss Cui are there any snacks, I’m a little hungry.”

    Cui Liquin frowns being interrupted from reading about the upcoming Fashion Week in Milan. She has a flight scheduled with a private plane taking Henri Armand and his entourage. 

     LiMei sees the magazine as Cui Liquin tosses it down to get her the snacks. Curious LiMei picks up the magazine, Henri Armand is featured in the interview section.

  … Staring at his picture on the cover she asks herself why do I always feel his peach blossom eyes look familiar. I know I have read he is part Chinese but there is something…  While she stares at his picture Cui Liquin hands her some peanuts snatching back the magazine. “This is all we have in the way of snacks.” Didn’t you eat a huge meal earlier the French chef made? She stares at LiMei’s thin body, how can she eat that much?

  She can tell Cui Liquin is annoyed,“Oh sorry I was looking at Henri Armand, he is much more handsome in person.”

  Excited to hear some gossip about her favorite designer she eagerly asks, “You know Henri Armand?”

  “Yeah I have met him a few times.” She laughs to herself wondering if anyone ‘knows’ him. She can tell his persona is probably much different than the real person.

   Cui Liquin has a celebrity crush on him, “What is he like?” 

   LiMei laughs, “ He is very French! Handsome, charming, funny, I would say kind and generous also.” She eats a few peanuts then recalls him buying her groceries because he thought she was too thin and poor. Her voice sounds muffled she has a mouth full of peanuts,  “Oh and his French accent is very sexy.”

     LiMei laughs again thinking about eating with him after she had been to the Black Lotus Club.” She waves the bag of peanuts at the magazine as her tiny hand is still inside the bag. ” Seriously that picture doesn’t capture the mischievous twinkle he always has in his eyes.”

   Cui Liquin looks behind LiMei, Qiao Rui is standing there with a dark expression listening to LiMei compliment Henri Armand. Suddenly he holds her from behind tightening his arms around her waist. LiMei almost chokes on her peanuts, he didn’t hear me did he? “Rui you woke up?”

“…” Obviously and just in time to hear you drooling over Henri Armand! He picks up the magazine takes a short look then sneers as he throws it into the wastebasket. I need to make sure that French bastard is too busy in Paris to come to Pushong in the future!

  LiMei’s eyes widen that was the flight attendant’s magazine! She glances over towards Cui Liquin giving her an apologetic look then turns towards Rui. Holding up the half full bag of peanuts she says, “ Are you hungry?”

  Cui Liquin starts straightening the counter in front of her trying to be invisible as Rui drags LiMei back to the bedroom.Wanting to vent his anger on her body for praising another man, he kisses her lips fiercely forcing  her small mouth open with his tongue. 

     LiMei pushes him she doesn’t like his tyrannical kiss when he is angry for no reason. Why doesn’t he trust me..always getting jealous at the slightest thing!  Irritated by his behavior in front of Cui Liquin she says breathlessly, “I..I.. don’t think we have time… we are landing soon.”

   He presses her body into his as his hand slides under her dress up her smooth thigh. His dark eyes full of jealousy and lust he growls, “We have time.”

   LiMei moans, his kisses moving down her neck as he backs her up to the wall. He rips her dress then ruthlessly begins to bite her collarbone, LiMei can feel his teeth piercing her skin, “Ahh..Rui..that hurts!” He licks the blood leaving teeth marks then whispers in her ear as his hand slips under her  silk panties, “Baby, do you know how much it hurts me when you think of other men?” He woke up in a sweat because he had a nightmare LiMei left him andwas with another man whose face he couldn’t make out. searching everywhere he couldn’t find even a trace of her after she disappeared in Phnom Penh.

  “Rui..stop..don’t be like this.” She puts her soft hands on his face turning him to face her, “Rui..I want you..only you.”

   He looks into her misty green eyes, hugging her tightly around her slim waist, his anger diminishes but his hoarse voice can’t hide his emotions as he leans into her ear saying,”LiMei…don’t ever think of leaving me. You are mine..only mine.” His kisses become more gentle as he kisses her face, licking the salty tears then lovingly kissing her lips. Looking at her ripped dress he regrets his impulsive action, it was that fucking dream! It was too realistic! 

   Rui didn’t shut the door in his haste to punish LiMei and Cui Liquin has been watching the scene as she stands concealed by the half opened door.  Leaning up against the wall watching and listening to the lewd sounds coming from the two people tangled on the bed she gets excited…Qiao Rui not only is rich and incredibly handsome but is a very passionate man in bed. 

     Cui Liqui’s face turns crimson red and her body arches as she uses her hands to satisfy her desire imagining being naked in bed with Rui. I need to get rid of the little bitch and climb into his bed, I wonder if Uncle Shi has any men in Phnom Penh? 

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