Leaving For Cambodia

LiMei puffs out her cheeks as she hangs up the phone resisting the urge to throw her phone at the tiled wall. Damn you Leng Shuai I know you did something to make Rui angry. Why do you persist in trying to screw up my relationship with him. Is it fun to toy with my life you stupid tyrant!  I am going to confront him, he can’t avoid me!

    When she walks into the bedroom Rui looks sound asleep, I can hurry up to the stupid tyrant’s suite and find out what mischief he caused at the banquet tonight.

     She throws on the red qipao that is still on the floor by the bed,  this will be easier than putting on my sweater and pants they are over by Rui’s side of the bed on the table.

     Leng Shuai’s throat feels dry. He coughs then picks up the phone with a devilish grin on his face the little thing sounded upset. I wonder what happened after Qiao Rui took her from the suite, Su Ryan said she was still unconscious. 

     He stands up wondering what he should tell LiMei I can’t admit I had her kidnapped for my amusement.  He decides to drink some water to quench his thirst then call LeMei back. He is curious  as to what the good doctor told LiMei when she woke up.

    Well whatever he told her I’ll just deny it. Standing at the counter he grabs a bottle of mineral water trying to wake up. How did the fucker find out where she was anyway… he must have gone to the security room to look at the tapes. Well,he isn’t stupid I’ll give him that. I just don’t see what the little thing sees in him. He takes a big gulp of water.

     Fucking Qiao Rui  is an arrogant bastard she can’t possibly have a future with him. Feng LiMei is deluding herself if she thinks he will marry her, his family will never allow it. Little idiot is living in a dream world she created thinking he is some kind of Prince Charming..what a joke. Qiao Rui is a scheming cold bastard underneath his gentlemanly facade, the little idiot is just too naive to realize what he is capable of doing in order to get what he wants.

    He thinks about the recent chaos in his company in Hirachi City his face darkens recalling being summoned by his grandfather. That ruthless  fucker kept his ability hidden then struck without warning almsot derailing a project that LE had been working on for six months. Delaying the construction materials took some maneuvering on his part, Fang Group isn’t easily controlled. If I wasn’t able to handle it in an expedited manner the company would have lost millions. 

   After finishing his water he picks up the phone to call LiMei well Qiao Rui you may have Feng LiMei for now but I don’t plan on giving up my pursuit.  He dials her number but Li Mei  turned off her phone when he did not answer. Dammit! The little idiot woke me up out of a sound sleep  she could have kept her phone on for five fucking more minutes! He calls Su Ryan, “Get me some Hangover Soup.”

    Su Ryan went to his girlfriend DuoDuo’s apartment from the hotel after she insisted. They were supposed to go on a date but he had to work. DuoDuo couldn’t contain her jealousy thinking he was with another woman so she  threatened if he didn’t at least stop by she wouldn’t see him anymore. 

     He was reluctant because of his injuries but came to the apartment for some reason he can’t say no to his little sweetheart.

   He  is asleep on her couch when he gets the call from Leng Shuai..  DuoDuo hears him getting up, “Honey what’s wrong where are you going now it is the middle of the night! You might have a concussion!” She hurries out in a pink nightgown and pink slippers, her short curly hair falling onto her delicate face. 

     DuoDuo touches his chest with her tiny hands pushing him back down onto the couch. Her doe like brown eyes widen as she gazes at his bruised face complaining, “Why do you work for that man… look at you… I don’t know what happened but  these injuries need time to heal.” 

     She gently touches his ruggedly handsome face,” You should have gone to the hospital… now the selfish asshole calls you up in the middle of the night for whatever reason. ” Ever since DuoDuo has been seeing Su Ryan she worries about him knowing his job can be dangerous. 

    She fell in love with him at first sight when he defended her from some troublesome women bullying her when he was guarding Feng LiMei at the hospital.

    Half asleep he smiles affectionately she looks so cute when she is angry and worried about me.  He has an affectionate expression as he brushes her brown curly hair behind her ear, “DuoDuo I’m fine this is nothing, don’t worry.The Boss just needs some Hangover Soup.” 

    She can’t believe how he needs to be on call twenty four hours, “At 3:30 in the morning why is that your job? You are a highly trained bodyguard not a babysitter.”

     Su Ryan laughs thinking the Boss needs me to be both, “DuoDuo go back to bed.” 

   “Where are you even going to find Hangover Soup this time of the night?”

   “There is a little restaurant by the Black Lotus Club that stays open 24 hours for the people leaving the club. “

   “I don’t want you going over there!” Her mind is filled with images of scantily dressed women leaving the club drooling looking at his muscular body and handsome face. Giving him their phone number. Panicking she quickly says, “ I’ll just make some it’ll be much faster.”

    Before she can turn to go to the kitchen he grabs her waist pulling her onto his lap and kisses her as she pouts, “ You’re being silly it will be much faster just to pick some up you would have to simmer the soup for 3 hours.” 

   Pouting she kisses him then says, “Well come back after you deliver the soup  I want to check your injuries.”

   “DuoDuo Baby, don’t you have to work at the hospital this morning I don’t want you being late because of me. I promise I will deliever the soup to CEO Leng then directly go to my apartment to sleep. I’m sorry we weren’t able to go out last night but today is my day off. I can meet you  for lunch at the hospital.” He sets her down on the couch then stands up, “Go back to bed.”

    He has never coaxed a woman before but he is happy when she she dotes on him. He thinks DuoDuo’s  sweet and honest personality is refreshing, most of the women he comes into contact with are either haughty socialites or the other end of the spectrum, working girls. 

     So when he met DuoDuo at the hospital he thought she was sexy with her big breasts trying to burst out of her nurse’s uniform and her doelike brown eyes and all the pink.. pink sweater..pink purse..pink phone.. first he was hesitant to get involved with her but she wouldn’t stop pursuing him calling him for help with this or that. 

     After spending time with the little nurse he couldn’t help but want to be around her whenever he wasn’t working. 

    DuoDuo gets off the couch then stands on her tiptoes putting her arms around his neck,” Will you get checked out when you come to the hospital?”

    He tenderly kisses her lips then removes her slender arms from around his neck. I told Ming Jian not to hit my face..fucker! I knew the little nurse would be upset! If it will make her happy I will agree to a checkup. “All right I will have a check up. Lock up when I leave and don’t forget to lock the third dead bolt I installed for you last week then go back to bed.”

  “Su Ryan you don’t forget to call me when you get to your apartment I should be getting up for work then.”

   “…”  He lifts her chin then kisses her turned up nose,”Lock the door.” Smiling as he leaves her apartment, so cute in her pink nightgown hugging onto me so I wouldn’t leave. He laughs, she is like a nagging  little wife.

   Su Ryan lights a cigarette as he walks down the dimly-lit sidewalk to his parked car down the street. Glancing around at the rundown neighborhood he thinks he should find a better apartment for Duo Duo,  this area isn’t safe for a vulnerable girl, half the street lights aren’t even working.  He finishes his cigarette  tossing it on to the ground  then stepping on it as he reaches his Black Land Rover. 

    Speeding off onto the main street it begins to rain heavily, as the giant raindrops pelt the windshield he turns on the wipers dammit I can’t see the road ahead. Forced to slow down he lights another cigarette, looking at his watch he decides to call ahead to order the soup.

   Leng Shuai stands at the floor to ceiling window looking out at the storm raging outside  wondering when Su Ryan will arrive with the soup. Since I will be staying in Pushong for a few months I should look for a villa, living in this hotel isn’t convenient. If I had my own cook I would be eating soup now. 

   He hears a knock at the door. His empty stomach rumbling he thinks Thank God he is here with my food.Opening the door, he growls, “What took you so damn long!” When he sees LiMei his expression changes, what is the little thing doing here shouldn’t she be with the good doctor. 

   LiMei pushes her way past him into the room, “I don’t have much time”.  She needs to find out what happened between Rui and Leng Shuai and the missing time in her memory tonight or she won’t be at ease. Obviously Rui isn’t saying for some reason so she brought her silver needles and if Leng Shuai won’t tell her she will use a technique she knows to get the truth from him.

   Looking like a cheetah staring at its prey Leng Shuai leans over LiMei his hot breath spraying in her face, “What brings you here this time of night? Did you miss me?”

  LiMei moves away from him, “Right.. in your dreams! Tell me what you had to do with my missing memory tonight. Don’t lie I know you have something to do with it.”

   He languidly strides towards the couch, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

   Irritated by at his cavalier attitude LiMei confronts him as he sits on the couch drinking his mineral water,“ Don’t lie to me Leng Shuai I know you and Rui were arguing.”

  “What makes you think the argument was about you… we were on opposite sides of a business deal recently and he confronted me about it at the banquet.” He teases her while he lazily crosses his long legs. “Your name never came up in our conversation..disappointed?” Taking a cigarette out of his pack he lights it trying to calm down, I can’t let it slip I had her kidnapped, “ Anything else.”

   LiMei takes a good look at his appearance. It looks like he was sleeping in his clothes did he get drunk at the banquet? I wonder who is expecting at this time of night? Maybe a prostitute?   “So you didn’t tell him you were in the storage room with me.” 

   “Of course not, I told you I wouldn’t… which reminds me you owe me a favor.” Actually I did tell him and I thoroughly enjoyed the stunned and jealous look on his fucking arrogant face!

   LiMei studies him , he sounds convincing and his body language doesn’t indicate that he is lying, his pupils didn’t dilate,  his body appears relaxed but I don’t know whether to believe him or not. “Well the favor will have to wait. I’m going to Cambodia this weekend with Rui.”

    “Why are you going to Cambodia with him?”

   “Well that’s really none of your business okay I need to get back.”

   “What’s the rush? Are you hungry?  I’m having some food brought to my suite.”

     “ I only came to get some answers.” 

   Su Ryan gets out of the elevator as LiMei opens the door of Leng Shuai’s suite, he quickly turns back down the hallway to wait for her to leave. Damn what is she doing at the boss’ suite?

    LiMei rushes down to the elevator realizing it was impulsive for her to leave Rui’s suite what if he woke up, how would I explain not being in the bed. 

    Leng Shuai leans back on the couch what is Qiao Rui going to do in Cambodia this weekend.

   After he sees LiMei get into the elevator Su Ryan walks down the hallway to Leng Shuai’s suite. He knocks on the door. “Boss, I got your soup.”

    Leng Shuai opens the door, “What took you so fucking long?”

   “Sorry Boss it is pouring rain outside and there was an accident on the highway. Hey was that Feng LiMei leaving your suite right now?”

   He takes the brown bag from Sue Ryan,“Yeah she didn’t see you did she?”

   “No I saw her leaving when I got out of the elevator and waited.”

   “I need you to find out why Qiao Rui is going to Cambodia this weekend.”

   “Will do.” 

    LiMei rushes back to Rui’s quietly entering the suite using the room card she took from his pants. Good.. he is sleeping. LiMei goes into the bathroom where she left her nightgown. Once she has changed she slips back into the bed, carefully pulling the cover over her body.

   Facing away from Rui she breathes a sigh of relief he hasn’t awakened Mei holds on tight to the cover, Once we are on the plane I am going to  ask Rui what happened to me last night… Exhausted she closes her eyes drifting off to sleep. She is awakened before the sun comes up by Rui leaning down kissing her parted lips, the clean smell of his bath gel makes her smile, half asleep she puts her arms around him, “Mmm you smell so good.”

    Rui is all ready to go and has ordered some room service, “LiMei need to get up and bathe we need to leave in forty minutes.”

   She squints her eyes as she looks towards the window it is still dark outside… so early I feel like I barely closed my eyes to go to sleep.

   He laughs at her lazy posture curled up like a little kitten when he woke her up.” You can go back to sleep on the plane.” He pulls her up “But you need to hurry now.”  He waited till the last minute to wake her up she looked so peaceful sleeping

 If I must she stretches her arms like a kitten scratching her head she looks at him how handsome! he is wearing a dark blue designer suit perfectly tailored on his long and lean body, the dark blue shirt with his tie loosened Rui looks so damn sexy

   She can’t resist and pulls him down by his tie, he grins as she kisses him lightly on his lips then softly pleads, “ Can I sleep a little longer. Pleassse?”

   He kisses her forehead,”No Baby, the operation is set for 4:30 and the flight time is seven hours, the patient is located outside Phnom Penh and I will need prep time before I operate. Don’t worry the private plane is comfortable and equipped with a bed.”

   Rui sits on the edge of the bed then takes off her nightgown, he traces his finger over the marks he left last night and his eyes have a satisfied gleam, “I added some extra medicinal herbs to the bath.” He lifts her out of bed carrying her into the bathroom, “ When you finish with your bath I ordered  breakfast, there will be more food on the plane.” I know what a big appetite my little bunny has..

  LiMei’s cheeks turn red. Does Rui think I’m a little piggy?

   While she soaks in the bath Rui gathers his computer, luggage and double-checks he has everything he needs.He has never been apprehensive about a surgery for some reason he has a suspicion there is more to the situation then Woo Xixin told him. I guess I won’t know until I get to the compound. I know his Hospital  has top-of-the-line equipment and with Xixin assisting the surgery should be a success unfortunately from the information I gathered his Compound it’s not as safe as he  led me to believe. 

     After the email just received I’m hesitant to bring LiMei with me. But,  I think as long as she remains in the hotel in Phnom Penh I can guarantee her safety with two elite bodyguards, Morgan and Cheng are both ex military with have extraordinary skills.

   Rui can hear LiMei singing a song while she bathes, her soft and melodious voice calms his soul. When I am around LiMei I forget all the shit that I have been through in the past, I hope she never finds out about my dark side. 

    He knocks on the bathroom door, “Breakfast is here, hurry and dress.”

   LiMei dries her waist length hair then slips into a Chloe Design dress that Rui bought when Chen Jianyu told her the clothes she wore to work weren’t suitable. It is a simple dark green dress with cap sleeves that accentuates her small waist,  the full skirt has multicolored butterflies embroidered on it.

    The dark green color makes her eyes look even greener and the gold flecks seem to dance in her eyes. She applies light makeup with a little lip gloss then pulls her hair up fastening it in a ponytail inserting her favorite white jade hair ornament  a gift from her grandmother .

   I wish I had the white jade necklace Rui gave me it would look really pretty with this dress. Damn you Leng Shuai when I get back I am definitely going to make you return the necklace to me! She rubs some jasmine lotion on her arms then looks in the mirror one more time. Rui’s medicinal herbs are magical I have no red marks and my body feels great even after being tortured last night. She laughs to herself, I wouldn’t mind being tortured like that everyday by him ha..ha..

    When she walks  out of the bathroom Rui’s eyes light up looking at her delicate appearance, he hugs her tightly, “You look beautiful Baby.” He kisses her pink lips Damn I would like to rip that dress off your  body right now and devour all of you little bunny.

   LiMei blushes when he compliments her then looks at the plate on the table, “Oh Rui! Waffles! My favorite!” She sits down and begins eating, “Oh..almost as delicious as at the Morning Glory Cafe..ohhh so good!” Rui’s phone rings and he walks away to take the call, he furrows his brows, “No we can’t delay..I should be arriving by one o’clock, call me if the situation escalates.” 

     After he hangs up he glances over at LiMei her cheeks puffed out and here is a little whip cream on her lips. Maybe I should tell LiMei to stay, the situation at the Compound isn’t stable but the operation can’t be delayed. I don’t want to put her in danger because I selfishly want to spend the weekend alone with her in Cambodia.

   LiMei finishes the entire waffle and sighs as she leans back in the chair  patting her stomach, “So good! I will brush my teeth and be ready to go.”

   Rui watches her petite body as the colorful skirt sways as she walks to the bathroom and her pony tail swinging, such a delicate and beautiful girl..I can’t take a chance she might get hurt.. who knows if I will become a target once I enter the Compound, someone wants Xinghi dead. He will die without the operation so if they prevent me from going to the Compound they will succeed without having to lose men fighting Xinghi’s private army. He slams his hand on the desk, Motherf***ing assholes! then forcefully throws a crystal ashtray which shatters into pieces as it hits the wall.

LiMei hears the noise, worried she runs out of the bathroom clenching her toothbrush, “Rui! What happened?”

  “I don’t think you should accompany me to Cambodia.”

   LiMei’s eyes widen, “Why not ? What happened?” She sees the shattered glass on the floor, was it the phone call he just got?

  “There is a situation in the area where the patient lives and..”

    LiMei interrupts, throwing her arms around him,“Then I definitely want to go with you Rui!”  What kind of situation? Dangerous? His voice sounds worried.

  He smiles down at her then kisses her forehead, “I will be back on Monday.”

   LiMei looks up at him knitting her brows together, “Rui if you don’t take me with you I won’t be here on Monday!”  All I can do is threaten him with me leaving, he has to take me with him. I will protect him with my life!

   His heart starts beating erratically, would LiMei really leave town? She tried to leave the last time she was angry with me. Dammit! What the fuck should I do. I have confidence in Morgan and Cheng but Woo Xixin doesn’t even know who is targeting Xinghe or why. His vault has many rare and priceless herbs and his skill in pill making could be considered god like. What could he have developed that is worth attacking the eccentric bastard’s Compound. It would be like a fucking war zone.

   LiMei could feel Rui’s racing heartbeat when she said she would leave him, she looks up at him with a determined expression, “I mean it Rui I want to go with you.”

   He hugs her tightly, putting his head on her shoulder whispering, “LiMei I love you I don’t want to lose you… You mean everything to me. Just stay here be a good girl don’t run away while I am gone. Go back to sleep I will have Delun pick you up to take you to my house. He better keep an eye on you if you leave me I don’t know what I might do!” He kisses the top of her head as he lets go of her to go get his luggage. He can’t be late to the plane or it could screw up them leaving if other planes ae sheduled.

   LiMei grabs her suitcase, “I am going with you Rui, you promised me a romantic weekend you can’t go back on your promise!” I am not going to let anything happen to you. I have the skills to keep you safe!

   He looks back at her dragging her suitcase behind him, silly girl! When he suddenly stops and she runs into his strong back because she was looking down at the wheel on her suitcase that is sticking. She rubs her nose, “Oww..” 

    I shouldn’t have looked back seeing her beautiful face with that stupid expression, I need her in my life..  I can’t take the chance she might really leave me. He picks her up in his arms kissing her, “LiMei alright but you need to promise me you will stay in the hotel until I get back after the surgery.”Once I get back to the hotel there is no reason for us to be in any danger. I will have Morgan being a few more men for protection.  

   LiMei’s beautiful green eyes sparkle, “I promise.”

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