No Visitors Allowed

LiMei eats the pieces of apple waiting for Leng Shuai to come out of the bathroom she is beginning to feel a chill from the wet gown, what could he be doing in there for so long?

     Well, I can’t wait I will get a fresh gown and put it on while he is in the bathroom. She slowly walks over to the cupboard and takes out a hospital gown then tries to take off the wet one she is wearing. 

     Trying to remove it using her left hand with some difficulty the gown is partially hanging from her body. Seeing how she has twisted the left sleeve LiMei thinks maybe I should have waited. Slightly lifting her right arm she screams, “ OH MY GOD!..OWWWW!” as her injured arm gets  tangled in cloth. A sharp pain radiates down her arm.

    Beji Gabriel can hear LiMei but was instructed not to enter the room what is going on in there? 

    Leng Shuai is washing his hands after finishing taking care of his problem when he hears LiMei screaming he rushes out to see her half naked with the gown hanging off her arm and another gown crumpled on the floor. 

     “WHAT ARE YOU DOING LET ME TAKE IT OUT!” He takes her left arm gently out of the sleeve.



     She stands there shivering in bare feet, Leng Shuai doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry at her appearance.

    “…” Beji Gabriel

    Leng Shuai picks her up carrying her to the bed, “Don’t walk around in bare feet you will get sick. Stay in the bed.I will get you another gown…and  don’t move around you could injure yourself.” He can see some blood seeping through her bandage.

    Tears are forming in LiMei’s eyes she needs to use her silver needles to relieve the excrutiating  pain.

   Leng Shuai walks back to the bed, “After the nurse changes your gown someone needs to check your wound. What were you thinking! Are you stupid!”

   “Stupid? You are stupid! Your whole family is stupid!” LiMei starts crying uncontrollably unable to contain her tears looking at the gown halfway on her body. So painful just to try to move my arm a little, unable to even change my clothes.I’m pathetic!

    Leng Shuai sits on the edge of the bed then gently holds her shaking body to his chest, “I’m sorry.” He tenderly puts her hair behind her ear, his chest tightens she must be in terrible pain right now her delicate face is very pale. “I will have the nurse come help you change your gown then the doctor can give you some pain medication.”

   LiMei looks up at him with misty eyes, she isn’t used to the him speaking to her in a gentle tone, she sniffles, “Thank you.”

   Leng Shuai strokes her soft black hair with his hand feeling guilty… why is she thanking me she got shot because of me. “Can you sit up?” He smiles his eyes gazing at her affectionately. 

    After she calms down he takes a closer look somewhat confused seeing how the gown is twisted around her body, how did she even do that? He wants to help her change but that would be awkward.


   He presses the buzzer for the nurse. Nurse Ding comes immediately pushing the door open she smiles, “You need something Miss Feng?” Then she sees the hospital gown twisted around her and Leng Shuai sitting on the edge of the bed. 

     She wants to ask how that happened when Leng Shuai says, “ She spilled water on herself, change her gown”, handing her the blue and white hospital gown in his hands, “I will be back.”

   “…” Watching him shift the blame onto her LiMei furrows her brows… you spilled it on me! So much for momentarily thinking you had changed!

    DuoDuo sees the blood soaked bandage, “Miss Feng are you in pain? I will call Dr. Qiao your arm needs to be examined.”

   “Is there another doctor who can change the bandage?”

    “Dr. Qiao needs to be informed because you are his patient.”

   DuoDuo carefully lifts LiMei’s left arm sliding the gown down her arm. “Miss Feng I will be right back I need to cut the gown so you won’t have to move your injured arm it is rather twisted there.”

   LiMei smiles and nods, “Could you hand me my purse?”


   DuoDuo sets the purse on the bed on her left side, then leaves to get the scissors. She passes Leng Shuai outside the door talking to the bodyguard. What were they doing in there the gown got so twisted around Feng LiMei are they in an intimate relationship? Well if they are wouldn’t he have helped her with the gown?

    DuoDuo uses the phone in the nurse’s station to call Rui, he is walking into the mansion, “Yes Nurse Ding?”

   “Dr. Qiao, Miss Feng somehow…well..her wound started to bleed it has stopped but I wasn’t sure if I should change the dressing.”

    Rui tightens the grip on his phone his knuckles turning white, his voice is full of worry,“What? How did that happen?”

  “I’m not sure she had a visitor then he buzzed me.”

   “Who is the visitor?” Could it be the man she was with last night?

   DuoDuo never heard his name, “I don’t know, he brought her lunch then sent me out of the room.”

   Rui is extremely angry and his tone is intimidating, “Nurse Ding didn’t I tell you to monitor Miss Feng! Not to leave her side! If the bleeding stopped no need to change immediately I will do it when I get there.”

   DuoDuo is afraid she will be in big trouble, her voice is apologetic, “Miss Feng told me to leave. I was only at the nurse’s station she said she would buzz me if she needed me. I’m sorry Dr. Qiao.” Her hand is trembling holding the phone he sounds scary mad!

   Rui tries to calm down to sound professional,“Listen to me tell the visitor he needs to leave she isn’t allowed any visitors until I reexamine her injury. I am coming back to the hospital now.”

   “Yes Dr. Qiao.”

   He sees his grandfather, Wang Che and Wang Kai in a heated discussion in the living room. Shit! I don’t have time for this I need to get back to the hospital and treat Feng LiMei! He walks into the room not giving anyone time to react he walks to Wang Kai he demands, “Come outside with me now.”

   All three of the men stare at him his grandfather is shocked by his lack of respect towards him and Wang Che not even a bow or a hello, “Rui!”

   Rui glares at Wang Kai, “Now or you will regret it!”

   Wang Kai casually says, “Father, Chairman, I will be right back.” He can feel the oppressive aura surrounding Qiao Rui and he is curious. He thought he would come into the room somewhat worried since the board meeting is Friday. He wants to see him sweat now that he has the power to sway the vote towards Qiao Xiaotong his stepbrother.

    Once they are in the hallway Rui grabs his collar, “Bastard I don’t know why you and your father are here but I can assume Xiaotong promised you something.” Wang Kai takes Rui’s hand pulling it away from his shirt, “I knew you would easily draw that conclusion, you are a smart man.”

   Rui narrows his eyes his tone low as he sneers, “I’m glad you realize that because…” leaning in by his ear, “If you don’t roll back whatever plans you have to derail my becoming CEO a few nice little shots of you french kissing your meimei will be all over the internet tonight.”

   Stunned by his threat Wang Kai goes to punch Rui, he grasps Wang Kai’s wrist preventing him from striking his face. Wang Kai’s veins are bulging on his forehead, “You fucking bastard!”

   “When I am CEO you can have the photos and Wang Rebecca. I’m not a petty person even though you were going to stab me in the back I won’t cancel the original contract with Wang Electronics, but you will give me a kickback of twenty per cent.”

   Wang Kai sees Chairman Qiao walking out of the living room to see what is going on, Wang Kai wants to vomit blood as he says through clenched teeth, “Agreed.”

   “Agreed to what?” Rui’s grandfather wants Xiaotong to take over as CEO and has diligently been working behind the scenes to make it happen using Wang Kai.

    “To a tee time, Rui and are going golfing next Saturday.”

    Rui’s grandfather is not stupid but has no choice but to accept his answer, “ Come, let’s finish in the living room.”

   “Grandfather I will be leaving I have an emergency at the hospital.” Rui walks towards the door.

   Rui’s grandfathers eyes are red and bulging from anger, “Get back here! You have enough doctors at that damn hospital to cover any emergency.”

   Rui has a faint smile as he responds, “Sorry I am not your chess piece anymore I have grown up.” He continues towards the door thinking about LiMei.

    Watching Rui’s straight back as he leaves the mansion his grandfather regains his imposing demeanor saying,“ I was going to give him a chance to step aside gracefully but now Wang Kai we proceed as we discussed!”

    “Yes, Chairman.” Wang Kai knows he is out of options if those photos are released he will lose everything he has built up these past few years. How is he going to deal with Rebecca? I need to convince her to go back to America I am getting bored with her anyway. Now that I have Ning’er in my bed and Dandan is finally being trained with the purple pills I don’t need Rebecca’s spoiled ass.

    They walk back into the living room Wang Kai tells the two old men he will follow their instructions on Friday. He looks at his watch, “Father, Chairman Qiao I have an appointment at the company I need to leave, rest assured I know what to do at the board meeting.”{Yeah cover my own ass and get those pictures from Qiao Rui.}

    Rui’s black Porsche speeds out of the driveway he hits the steering wheel with his hand thinking about that man having the nerve to come to LiMei’s hospital room.

    DuoDuo walks back to LiMei’s room,  Leng Shuai is no longer standing outside talking to the bodyguard, where did he go? Did he leave? That would be great! 

     She opens the door hoping not to see him in the room, closing her eyes she says a little prayer he is is gone. She shivers at the thought of telling that imposing man Feng LiMei isn’t allowed any visitors.

   Opening her eyes she breathes a sigh of relief as she glances around the room, “Did your visitor leave?”

   “Why…he isn’t outside?”

   “No, I didn’t see him. Let me cut this gown off you.” She cuts the gown and it falls off onto the bed. DuoDuo gently puts the clean hospital gown on LiMei careful not to touch the wound area. “Dr. Qiao will be here soon to check your wound.”

   “I thought you said he wasn’t in the hospital.”

   “Miss Feng I had to call him.” I won’t mention he seems to be furious about your visitor.

   LiMei wants to avoid any confrontation between Rui and Leng Shuai. “Could you ask the bodyguard outside the door to come inside?”

   “Sure. Then I need to take your vitals.”

   Beji Gabriel comes into the room, “You wanted to talk to me?”

   LiMei loves his French accent when he speaks English, “Did Leng Shuai leave?”

    “I don’t know he said he was going outside for a cigarette.”

   LiMei wrinkles her nose should she call him and ask him to leave? “Thank you.”

   “Anything else Mademoiselle?”

   “No I guess not.”

   “I will be outside.”


   DuoDuo sighs damn I was hoping he left. “Miss Feng I need this on your finger and I’m going to take your blood pressure.”

   LiMei is exhausted while DuoDuo went to get the scissors she used acupuncture to relieve the pain but she feels drowsy. After DuoDuo is finishes she says, “Nurse I am tired I’m going to go to sleep, if Mr. Leng comes back tell him I am resting.”

    “Alright.” She sits on the chair by the bed.

   LiMei looks over at her sitting on the chair, “Nurse you don’t need to stay.”

   “Dr. Qiao told me to stay with you until he arrives.”{ I am definitely not going anywhere.}

    Outside the hospital while Leng Shuai smokes a cigarette his phone rings, “Jason, did you find his location?”

    “He is at his wife’s apartment being treated by a doctor.”

   “Keep two men watching for any movement I want to see who comes and goes. Take note if anyone delivers a parcel, call me immediately with that information.”

   “Will do.”

  He takes a puff on the cigarette thinking about staying with LiMei this afternoon, “Jason also cancel the meeting at the new LE building at four o’clock I’m not going to be available, I will reschedule.”

“Boss, your brother said he hasn’t been able to get in touch with you and wanted me to relay a message to you, your sister Momo is coming to town on her holiday break.”

  “Forget it! Call Momo and say I will be too busy with the relocating the Entertainment Division here.”

   “Your mother gave her permission and said for you to take good care of your little sister.” Jason didn’t want to be the one to pass on this news, the CEO’s little sister is a spoiled nuisance.

   “I will call my mother. Tell my brother to make sure all the preparations for the banquet are completed by tomorrow.”

   “Anything else?”

   “No, make sure Yun Shi is monitored 24/7  I need that Golden Dragon.”

   Leng Shuai takes one more drag off the cigarette then throws it on the ground stepping on it with his shoe, what is mother thinking sending Momo to Pushong City right now!

       I will need to have Fan Nuan babysit that brat I don’t have time. He is walking towards the entrance to the hospital when his phone rings again it is Chen Jianyu what the hell does he want, isn’t Fan Nuan handling the collaboration right now. “Yes?”

   “Leng Shuai, Feng LiMei didn’t show up for work and neither did she call I need to fire her and find a replacement. The work is piling up and Han Nuying is on Shingu Isand. 

     I’m informing you first because you said I can’t fire her as a stipulation in the contract. I think failure to report or call in is fair enough reason to let her go, she isn’t answering her phone either.” {I personally called to see if she was feeling better and she dared to ignore my call!}

   “You can’t fire her she will return to work on Monday, Jason was supposed to call you she has been working for me the past two days. I replaced her old phone with a new model that is why she didn’t see your calls.”

   “Why was my assistant working for you without my knowledge!”

   “It has nothing to do with the Shingu Resort Project, my assistant had to return to her hometown for an emergency I called Feng LiMei to assist me with some paperwork for Leng Entertainment. I told her I would inform you.”{What a pain in the ass this guy is!}

   Chen Jianyu is steaming at being disrespected by Leng Shuai, taking his assistant without asking, Feng LiMei not requesting leave personally. Who do they think they are dealing with…some low level company manager! I am the CEO of Hushang Group! Keeping his voice calm he says, “Have Feng LiMei call me if she wants to keep her job at Hushang Group.” He hangs up the phone throwing a book at Feng LiMei’s desk.

   Leng Shuai didn’t think about LiMei’s job at Hushang Group she seems to like it if she gets fired she will be angry at me. He knocks on LiMei’s door DuoDuo opens it whispering, “Feng LiMei is sleeping.” Maybe he will leave so she doesn’t need to tell him Dr.Qiao said no visitors. Please…please leave.

   “It is important she would want me to wake her up.” He walks to the bed then seeing her peaceful face he hesitates, he can’t wake her up he can deal with Chen Jianyu.

   LiMei hasn’t quite fallen asleep and she can smell Leng Shuai’s distinct scent, she opens her eyes slightly as he is leaning over her bed. “You are back?” her voice is soft and her eyes half opened have an alluring quality, he feels his heart beating faster gazing at her sleepy appearance.

   “Well, you need to call Chen Jianyu he is looking for you.”

   LiMei’s eyes open wide hearing this, “Oh my God! I forgot all about my job! Was he mad!” She can imagine him throwing a fit because she didn’t call him, all she would have had to do is say she is still sick!

   “No, I told him you would be back Monday you are doing some work for me. He was fine with it but wants you to call him.”

   “Really? He didn’t care I didn’t call him?” LiMei finds that hard to believe with his overbearing personality. She doesn’t want him to know about the gunshot wound so Leng Shuai’s explanation will work out well.

   “I told him you have a new phone so you didn’t get his call and Jason was supposed to inform him.”

   “Huh? Why did you say all that?” LiMei stares at him her face is scrunched up wondering why Chen Jianyu would call him anyway.

   “Don’t question me just call him.”

   LiMei takes her phone out of her purse dialing his number, her voice is condescending, “CEO Chen this is Feng LiMei.”

   “I know who it is, what do you want?”

   Hmmm..didn’t he say for me to call him? “I want to apologize I am so very sorry I didn’t call you personally that I wouldn’t be at work.”

   Leng Shuai stares at LiMei who is this person in front of me acting so sickeningly sweet! She has never spoken to me like that! He wants to grab the phone away from her listening to her cajole Chen Jianyu.

   Chen Jianyu taps his fingers on his desk at least she knows to apologize surprisingly. “It is good to know you realize your mistake.”

  LiMei continues,“It was sudden, I hope I didn’t inconvenience you by missing work.”

   “Suzi was able to do your work, but  I will dock your pay.”

    “Yes of course Leng Shuai should have found someone else but I guess because of our past relationship he thought he could use me.”

   Leng Shuai mutters under his breath, “That’s it hang the phone up now.” He reaches towards the phone LiMei clutches it to her chest while glaring at him.

   Chen Jianyu has softened listening to her apology she sounds sincere, it probably was because of that asshole Leng Shuai taking advantage of their past relationship. “Don’t be late Monday.”

   “I won’t thank you…thank you so much CEO Chen.” LiMei hangs up the phone. “Thank God I still have my job!”

   “You could work for Leng Enterprises you don’t need to work for that bastard.”

   “Actually he was quite reasonable considering I didn’t call into work.” LiMei asks sarcastically, “Anyway you are a small time pilot and  security, how can you say I can work for Leng Enterprises, isn’t that up to your cousin and his HR department to decide?”

   “…” Sometimes I want to strangle this little thing!

   LiMei is relieved to know she still has a job.“Nurse Ding could you possibly get me some chamomile tea?”

   “I will but Miss Feng…Dr. Qiao said you need to rest and..” She looks at Leng Shuai towering over her, “He said you shouldn’t have..” before she finishes Leng Shuai gets a call, “I will be right there!”

   “I have to leave but I will be back later with your dinner.” He rushes out the door without saying anything else

   LiMei stares at the door as it closes, “What was that all about?” Well whatever, at least Chen Jianyu accepted my apology and I still have a job at Hushang Group. I should call the hotel and tell them I am still sick so the Kitchen Manager can cover my shift tomorrow. She looks at the time he won’t be in yet I will call later.

   DuoDuo holds onto the side of the chair, oh my that call was timely I really didn’t want to tell him to leave. “Miss Feng I will go get the tea now.”

  “Thank you.”

   LiMei looks at her phone, a few missed calls from Chang I will text him [Hey Chang what’s going on?]

   [LiMei finally I have been texting you. Where are you?]

   [I had to go out of town for work. I will be back Monday]

   [That’s cool I was worried about you]

   [Sorry I should have told you]

  [Well I got worried when I saw a  man coming out of your apartment then I knocked on your door and there was no answer.]

  [When was this?]

  [Last night]

  [Are you sure he was coming out of my apartment?]


  [Maybe your Grandpa sent a repairman for some reason.]

  [Could be I guess. I could ask him.]

  [Don’t bother. I need to get to work. We can get together when I get back Monday.]

  [Ok see you then.]

   LiMei puts down her phone, who could that have been? Nothing needed repaired in the apartment I just didn’t want Chang to worry. LiMei feels a shiver down her spine thinking of the possibilities.

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