Leng Shuai Shows Up

Rui leaves his office to return to LiMei’s room.  He is waiting at the elevator when the door opens, his face darkens, “What are you doing here?”

    Wang Rebecca smiles at him coquettishly,“I came to see my husband of course.” She seductively pulls on his tie, he knocks her hand away immediately with a look of disgust on his face. “I’m busy.”

    She is seething thinking do you think I am going to let you humiliate me with your relationship with that slut! Wang Rebecca had finally recovered from being tossed by Hamid and Rashid planning to sleep all day when Nurse Fu called.

   According to Nurse Fu, Feng LiMei was admitted and Rui was taking care of her personally. “Well you need to make time for me now if you want to be the CEO of Qiao Corporation, my father is meeting with the Chairman now.”

   Rui glares at her smug expression, he sarcastically replies, “Do you think you have any power over me? Your threats mean nothing so leave.” 

     He wants to tell her he is exposing their marriage as a sham on Saturday but needs to wait. He is annoyed that he realized too late he didn’t need the Wang’s support but now if a scandal breaks before the Board Meeting it could prove to be detrimental.

   She pokes her long slender finger on his chest then waves a large manila envelope. She has pictures of LiMei entering his house twice  and Nurse Fu bribed the security at the hospital to get the pictures of him carrying Feng LiMei into the hospital. “I think when you see these pictures you will change your mind about listening to me.”

   “Come into my office.”

   Wang Rebecca has a sinister smile as she follows him. When they reach his office he grabs her arm throwing her onto the couch. “Listen you scheming bitch whatever is in that envelope won’t change the fact you are my wife in name only. I want nothing to do with you.”

   She rubs her arm as she glares at him, “ If you think you can hook up with that little slut Feng LiMei again you are wrong! I’m not going to be humiliated by you and your little mistress!”

   Rui has a complicated look on his face, “What nonsense are you spouting, she is a patient nothing more.”

   “Oh really? So you aren’t seeing her again?”

   “What do you fucking mean again? Are you crazy trying to create a scandal right before the board meeting? I barely know Feng LiMei.”

   “Do you think I don’t know you went to Shingu Island to meet up with her right after I made the announcement we were vacationing there together? You said you wouldn’t see her again when we got married then last night you personally carried her into the hospital in the middle of the night.”

   Rui’s head begins to pound, he can’t think…my mistress? What is she talking about I never knew Feng LiMei before two nights ago when she was covered in blood leaving the Black Lotus Club.

   “Get out!” His head is throbbing and he is out of patience, he should put this crazy whore in her place now, “Do you think I don’t know about your relationship with your own brother?” The sight of her makes him sick to think he was forced to even pretend to marry to such a woman. 

     “Whatever you think you know or don’t it doesn’t matter you won’t be exposing anything unless you would like your relationship with Wang Kai all over the internet. How do you think Wang Electronics stock would fair after the tabloids get wind of your incestuous relationship. 

     Don’t ever try to blackmail me again. I’m only going to say it one more time, leave.”

   Wang Rebecca stands up shaking  listening to him. How could he possibly know about me and Kai?  “What kind of vicious rumor is that! Where did you hear such a terrible lie?”

   Rui grabs her hand she has raised to slap him then starts laughing, “Your acting skills are impressive.”

   “You bastard!” She throws the envelope at him, “If you try to smear my brother’s reputation he will kill you.”

   “Before or after he kills you?”

   “…” Wang Rebecca is more afraid of Wang Kai finding out they have been exposed he would sever his relationship with her and she just got the new supply of the purple pills. “Qiao Rui I am telling you whatever photos you have they were photoshopped.”

   Rui thinks if the day they went to get the marriage license she and her brother weren’t discovered in an intimate encounter out by the garden he wouldn’t have the leverage he has now. 

     It was worth paying the photographer 100,000 dollars for those pictures when he contacted him.

      I was going to save the information but… she had to come cause a disturbance today and I am  in no mood.

   “I think the content can be easily verified. I’m done talking to you, leave before I throw you out and I don’t want to see your face in front of me again.”

   She came to threaten him with the pictures so he would attend the Leng Enterprise party with her now what is she going to tell her father. Of course now that is the least of her problems if he exposes her taboo relationship with Kai the consequences could be devastating.

   Wang Rebecca composes herself straightening out her designer dress and smoothing her hair, “I’m telling you those pictures are fake but it is true even the hint of a scandal wouldn’t be good for either of us. I will leave we seem to be at a stalemate.” She hits him in his chest with the manila envelope, “If I go down you go with me, that little bitch has some dark secrets and I will uncover them soon.” She sways her hips and her skirt flutters as she struts out the door. After she leaves she turns back muttering, “Soon…soon I will pay you back for your treatment of me.”

   Rui sits down on the couch thinking about what she said could it be true, did he and Feng LiMei have a relationship? Is that why he feels such a connection to her that he can’t ignore… but why would she act like she doesn’t know me, I am going to find out now! 

     He stands up then hurries to the elevator as he pushes the button his phone starts ringing, “Delun are you coming to the hospital?”

   “Rui you need to come to the mansion the Chairman just returned, it is urgent.”

   “I don’t want to see that old fart.”

   “Old Man Wang is furious he is going to pull his support because of Wang Rebecca.”

   “I don’t need him.”

   “Come to the mansion.”

   “What the fuck! Wang Rebecca was just here she won’t make any complaints about me.”

   “Rui it is because of Wang Kai pressuring Old Man Wang. I will explain when you get here.”

   “Wang Kai?” What trouble can he make now, but then again he doesn’t know I have the photographs and of course Wang Rebecca won’t tell him. “I’m on my way. Don’t worry Wang Kai can’t interfere with my becoming CEO.”

    Delun hangs up how can Rui sound so confident there is a shit storm in the living room right now. He looks at his watch he wants to go visit LiMei this afternoon. He walks back into the living room you could cut the tension in the room with a knife, “I called him he will be here in a half hour.”

    At the hospital the atmosphere is strange in LiMei’s room as she stares incredulously at Beji Gabriel, never did she think she would meet him again. Su Ryan breaks the silence, “Gabriel you know Feng LiMei?”

   LiMei quickly says, “No…I think Mr. Beji has me confused with someone else.” She smiles sweetly as she denies knowing him. ” I have never met him before I would remember such a handsome man.” She doesn’t want to explain she met him in France and she doesn’t remember if she told him her name at the time. He might know her as Qin Daiyu.

   “…” Beji Gabriel wonders why she said that, her eyes told him she recognized him immediately. “My mistake mademoiselle.”

   Su Ryan wants to leave the hospital before Rui comes back or Leng Shuai arrives, “Well he will be guarding you until I finish my urgent business. Leng Shuai is coming over later.”

   “Why is the stup…I mean Leng Shuai coming here?”

   Su Ryan gives her an annoyed look, “He is worried about you.” {Shouldn’t you be happy an outstanding man like Leng Shuai cares about you. He jeopardized his identity to avenge you for fuck’s sake. How about a little gratitude?}

   LiMei ignores his obviously irritated expression,“Doesn’t your boss have work for him with the move of Leng Enterprise Entertainment Division to Pushong City. Just tell him I’m fine, I don’t want to interrupt his work schedule.”

   “…” I am really glad I am leaving before the Boss gets here. “I’m leaving, Gabriel come outside I have a few instructions for you.”


   DuoDuo could tell by LiMei’s stunned expression she recognized the handsome Frenchman why did she act like she didn’t know him. Why doesn’t she want this man Leng Shuai to visit is he Su Ryan’s boss? DuoDuo wants to see Su Ryan before he leaves to remind him to call after he has his suit cleaned. Also, one more look at him would be nice.

   “Miss Feng I am going to bring your lunch I will be right back.”


   DuoDuo quickly leaves she sees Su Ryan waiting at the elevator she rushes over, “Hold the elevator!”

   He turns around to see the little nurse running towards him, he holds the door with his large hand.

   Gasping for air she says,“Thank you I need to bring Miss Feng her lunch.” She shyly gazes up at him as she enters the elevator.” She only needs to go to the third floor but decides she will ride down to the lobby with him.

   He glances down at her she is twirling her hair with her finger and her cute pink lips are pursed like she wants to say something to him. He abruptly says, “I would like to take you to dinner to thank you for your help earlier.” {Where did that come from? Didn’t I decide she is too innocent!}

   She looks up at him with her sparkling brown eyes, blushing she eagerly says, “Really? Sure! Anytime!”

He can’t help but grin… answering in that excited voice she is asking to be eaten up… shouldn’t she act a little more restrained? “I have your number I will call you.” Su Ryan is glad when the elevator door opens several nurses and a doctor enter he wants to kiss the little nurse.

   A beautiful nurse steps into the elevator with the crowd standing next to Su Ryan while DuoDuo gets pushed to the back. DuoDuo tries to stand on her tiptoes to see Su Ryan as the nurse she recognizes smiles at him striking up a conversation. 

     She thinks sure enough he only said he would take her to dinner as a repayment, Nurse Collins is more his type. Dejected she leans up against the elevator as the people exit on the first floor, dazed she suddenly hears a deep familiar voice, “Nurse Ding don’t you need to get Miss Feng’s lunch?” He is holding the door smiling, her face can’t hide her emotions she must be bothered that pretty nurse was talking to him.

   He wants to tease her to see her reaction, “Do you know Nurse Collins?”

   DuoDuo glares at him, “Yes why?”

   “She gave me her WeChat.”

   “ Well she is beautiful and has a good personality too so you should…”

   He grabs her pushing her up against the wall, his voice is low,“Ding DuoDuo do you really want me to contact her?”

   Duoduo feels like she can’t breathe her heart is racing with his handsome face  so close. She whispers, “No..I don’t want you to..but..”

   Lifting her chin he stares into her misty brown eyes then in an amused tone he tells her, “Don’t worry she isn’t my type. I need to go I will call you.” 

   “Ah..okay.” She watches him leave then walks back to the elevator to get LiMei’s lunch. She is blushing thinking about him,”Does he really like me?”

    While DuoDuo is getting her lunch LiMei gets out of bed her legs a little wobbly and walks to the door peeking her head out, “Monsieur Beji could I speak to you before the nurse returns?”

   He saunters into the room thinking she looks very fragile compared to when they met at the cafe in France. As she walks her slender legs are too weak from the sedative that was in her drip earlier, she begins to fall, he quickly picks her up carrying her to the bed carefully laying her on it. “You shouldn’t get out of bed.”

   “I want to talk to you before anyone comes back. I’m sorry of course I remember you that is a very special memory the afternoon we spent at the cafe, but my situation is different now. I don’t want my past brought up because I would have to explain why I was in France.”

   “You are not still with that man?”

   “What man?”

   “The man who was watching you across the street from the cafe.”

   He must mean Kuang Bo I didn’t realize at the time he noticed him.“No. I haven’t seen him in awhile.”

   Beji Gabriel would like to ask her a few questions but now is not the time. “Miss Feng you should rest.” She is still the breathtakingly beautiful girl I remember but she is too thin now making her appear fragile. 

     How did she leave the Black Sky Organization and become entangled with Leng Shuai? It has become clear over the last year that bastard is more dangerous than the Kuang brothers.

   Nurse Ding comes into the room with a tray of food, “Miss Feng I brought some porridge and fruit the doctor’s instructions are for you to eat light until you heal completely.”

    Beji Gabriel politely says, “I will be outside the door.”


   DuoDuo slides the little table attached to the bed in front of Feng LiMei setting down the tray of food. LiMei grimaces it really doesn’t look good at all and the aroma is not pleasant. 

     She doesn’t want to complain but she can’t eat something that doesn’t appeal to her. “Nurse Ding..I” before she can say anything else the door opens to the room. Nurse Ding looks up to see a very tall handsome man in the doorway holding a bag with the Flame Phoenix Restaurant Logo on it. He says, “Nurse you can leave, take that garbage away, I brought Feng LiMei lunch.”

   “…” Nurse Ding stops as she is handing LiMei the chopsticks, this man’s voice is even colder and his aura is more intimidating than Dr. Qiao’s can be. DuoDuo admires Feng LiMei she really attracts handsome men! 

     He is wearing a navy blue designer suit with a crisp white shirt, the top two buttons are undone giving him a languid appearance. His black hair is styled back and his chiseled features are very eye catching. DuoDuo stares at Feng LiMei who is scowling at the man, “Leng Shuai what makes you think I would want to see you?”

   “Want to or not here I am.” He smiles at her as he pulls up a chair by her bed. “Nurse I will feed Miss Feng, leave.”

   “But..the doctor said she needs to eat this nutritionally balanced meal”

    “Feng LiMei tell her to go, I had the chef personally make you abalone porridge, his signature chicken dish, and a variety of fresh fruits wouldn’t you rather have this for lunch?”

   The aroma from the bag Leng Shuai is waving in his hand is making LiMei salivate she hasn’t eaten since yesterday.“Nurse Ding porridge is porridge I will eat the one Mr. Leng brought so as not to insult him. If you would take the tray away I will buzz you if I need you. Thank you.”

   DuoDuo can smell the delicious aroma she can’t blame Feng LiMei for choosing lunch from a five star restaurant over the hospital cafeteria. “I will be back to take your vitals in an hour.” She picks up the tray and leaves with it, as she passes Beji Gabriel she nods at him he is on the phone with Su Ryan.

   Leng Shuai places the containers on the small table then stands up to fix her pillows. She can’t lift her arm or she would swat his hand away, in an agitated tone she snaps, “What are you doing?”

   “I’m making you comfortable.” He gently brushes her hair behind her ear then stares at the bandage on her arm. He frowns, “Does it hurt?”

   “What do you think?”

   “Are you angry with me?” He takes a spoon to feed her the porridge, LiMei uses her left hand to take the spoon from him, “I can feed myself.”

   “Suit yourself.” He reluctantly hands her the spoon. she spills the porridge as she attempts put it in her mouth. Dammit! My left hand is useless!

   Leng Shuai takes the napkin wiping her chin, “Ha..ha… are you going to wear it or eat it? Don’t be stubborn let me feed you.” His tone is pampering as he takes the spoon from her small hand.

   This is the scene Beji Gabriel witnesses as he enters the room, what the fuck..the bad ass head of the Ghost Blade is laughing as he wipes a young girl’s mouth, seriously no one would believe it. “Mr. Leng( he was told not to refer to him as CEO or Boss) Su Ryan wants you to call him at your convenience.”

   Leng Shuai nods, “Make sure no one enters the room until I leave.”

   “Will do.”

   LiMei watches Leng Shuai as he puts the spoon in the porridge, why is he being so nice? Does he feel guilty about what happened? It really wasn’t his fault I insisted on getting in the car and he tried to dissuade me. Should I say something? No! If he didn’t make me go to the Black Lotus Club I wouldn’t have needed a ride home at that hour of the morning.

   “Open your mouth.” He gives her a bite of porridge, “How is it?”

   “Really delicious.”

   Leng Shuai’s lips curl up into a smile, “I will bring all your meals while you are in the hospital.”

   LiMei thinks I would love the food but do you have to personally bring it to me? “You don’t need to do that. Isn’t your boss coming into town for the banquet on Friday? Don’t you have to prepare?”

   “No he has Jason and the Shen brothers for that.”

    “You don’t seem to do much but order people about, doesn’t your cousin expect you to do some work.”


     After LiMei has another bite of porridge Leng Shuai wipes her mouth with the napkin thinking about how much pain she must have been in when she was shot.

    LiMei is impatiently waiting for another bite, “What are you thinking about? More porridge.”

    He wants to laugh she is like a starving little kitten, he gives her another bite. “You can’t eat too fast it isn’t good for your digestion.”

   After she finishes the porridge she leans back on the pillow, “Oh that was really good! Now some of the chicken. Could you adjust the bed so I am sitting up a little more?”

   He puts the bed up then takes the chopsticks picking up a piece of chicken to feed her, LiMei chews the chicken it is lightly seasoned and tender, “What is this chicken dish called it is really different.”

    “It is the signature dish of the restaurant it is called Four Spice Lemon Chicken.”

   “The food isn’t as good as Delun’s but it is very filling.”

    “…” Why is she bringing up that brat! The chef at the Flame Phoenix is internationally renowned!

       “Could I have a drink of water?”

     Leng Shuai pours some water into a cup then holds it to her lips. He stares at her pale face in a daze thinking how beautiful she is… like a fairy, her messy black hair and creamy white skin and those perfect  pink lips…so tempting.

   “Hey! The water… what are you doing?”

   “Shit!” Water is all over the front of her hospital gown. He jumps up to get a cloth to wipe off the water, as he rubs her chest he feels he is having a reaction to touching her soft body. He drops the cloth onto her stomach, dammit! “Here you do it! Why didn’t you say something?”

    “…” I did!

   Leng Shuai goes into the bathroom leaning against the wall looking down at his lower half. What the hell! I have never had a reaction to a woman like this before! What am I going to do I can’t go back out there like this I am so fucking hard.

   LiMei uses her left hand to pick up the cloth to wipe the water from her hospital gown, what was the stupid tyrant doing letting the water spill on me like that.

      I will need to change into another gown, she picks up a piece of apple frowning as she looks at the bathroom door. What is he doing in there did the water splash on him too?

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