Rui Remembers

DuoDuo returns with the chamomile tea while LiMei is laying on the pillow wondering who was snooping around her apartment. There is no way anyone would lift the mattress and find the gun from when she was kidnapped with Chen Jianyu would they? Why didn’t I get rid of that! My ID’s etc. definitely are safe in the coffee can. Who could it have been?

    LiMei frowns contemplating the possibilities if anyone saw her with the Golden Dragon, no that isn’t possible, DuoDuo interrupts her thoughts, “Miss Feng your tea.”

   “You are awesome Nurse Ding! I’m sorry about all the trouble I have caused you.”

   “Miss Feng you are no trouble at all!” If she only knew the demands of some of the other VIP patients then when you do what they want never a thank you or a smile. “I like taking care of you.” {I met the man of my are surrounded by handsome men..}

    “I have a favor to ask of you.”

    “If I can do it I will.”

   “Don’t tell Dr. Qiao about Leng Shaui.” LiMei feels foolish asking her but if she can avoid any confrontation between them she needs to rely on Nurse Ding keeping the information to herself.

   “Well…I did already inform him that you had a visitor.” DuoDuo can see the dejected look on Feng LiMei’s face now it really does seem to be a love triangle.

    “Did you say his name by chance?” LiMei asks nervous that his name might trigger a memory for Rui.

    She waves her hands,“No, I think that would be too personal. Really none of my business.”

   LiMei breathes a sigh of relief, “Good, please don’t mention him even if he asks you his name. I have my reasons.”

   DuoDuo thinks LiMei’s life must be very complicated the way she was apologizing to her boss, then lying not saying she is in the hospital wounded, now her wanting to keep the handsome visitor a secret from Dr. Qiao. “Certainly Miss Feng. I won’t say a word.”

    LiMei sips her tea, thinking the sooner she leaves Pushong City the better. Chang telling her about the man coming out of her apartment reminded her she could be discovered living here by Kuang Fu at any time. 

     When she finishes the tea she says, “Could you take the cup away and push the table back, then walk with me over to the bathroom just in case I stumble, my legs still feel weak.”

    DuoDuo takes the teacup and pushes the table over to the side, then helps LiMei out of bed holding onto her arm as she walks to the bathroom. LiMei washes her face, with the bandage she wonders how she will take a bath. Well, maybe later Nurse Ding can help me.

    She takes the toothbrush out of the packaging and brushes her teeth, looking in the mirror she sees her face looks very pale. Wow Daiyu you look terrible!

      She forgot to bring the brush from her purse so she runs her fingers through her hair  then opens the door of the bathroom when she does Rui is standing there. LiMei is startled, “Dr. Qiao you are back!” He stares at her messy hair and her pale face she looks very fragile. He doesn’t hesitate picking her body up into his arms then carrying her to the bed. “Dr. Qiao!”

    “You shouldn’t be walking around what if you fell?”

   LiMei looks around the room, “Where is Nurse Ding?”

   He gently lays her on the bed then covers her with the quilt.“She went to get me the supplies to clean your wound.” He gently lifts her arm to see the bloody area, Rui winces as he examines her arm,” How did it get like this?”

   “I spilled water on my gown and was trying to take it off.”

   Rui’s voice shows his irritation she was left alone in the room, “Where was Nurse Ding?”

   “Dr. Qiao I was hungry, Nurse Ding went to get me a snack I asked her to get. It was my fault.”

   “You need to rest and not move your arm. Don’t try to do anything on your own.”

    LiMei acts like an obedient child she likes DuoDuo and he looks angry about her leaving. “I won’t Doctor.”

   When DuoDuo comes in with the supplies he requested he tells her, “Nurse you can go now I will take care of Miss Feng.”

    Both DuoDuo and LiMei stare at him his voice has a very gentle pampering tone, Nurse Ding snaps out of her trance, “Yes Doctor.”

    Rui takes a silver needle out and inserts it into her arm below the bandage, “ You might feel a slight discomfort as I remove the gauze but the needle should numb the area.” 

     LiMei can feel her heart beating fast his gentle tone and his handsome face so close to her is almost unbearable. He takes the scissors and cuts the bloody gauze, then moistens the area to loosen the dried blood where the gauze is stuck to her skin. 

     His eyes are lowered and his long eyelashes are covering his eyes as he looks down. LiMei continues to gaze adoringly at him, his serious expression is warming her heart as he carefully takes the gauze from the wound. He glances up feeling her eyes focused on him, he has a devilish grin, “Miss Feng am I that handsome?”

   LiMei blushes as she looks away from him to block her embarrassed expression from his view, “I was just …just watching you so you didn’t yank it off!”

   Rui starts laughing she looks very cute being shy, “I’m a doctor I’m not going to rip it off ha..ha..” When he removes the gauze from the wound his expression changes, two of the stitches have been pulled stretching the skin which caused the bleeding. “You need to be more careful.”

      He cleans the area then wraps it in gauze. “If you were to pull the stitches again the wound could get infected.” He holds onto her slender arm her skin is like white tofu, so soft and tender. He looks deeply into her eyes as he lectures her, “Feng LiMei don’t put yourself in dangerous positions anymore. You should think about the people who care about you, your parents, your cousin.” {Me.}

   LiMei doesn’t know what to say, “Thank you doctor for your care.” She looks at the neat white bandage on her arm, he had a nice skilled touch she barely felt any discomfort at all as he changed the bandage. 

   Rui stares at her with a penetrating gaze, what kind of response is that! She should say no I won’t! He shakes his head unable to restrain his frustration, “Feng LiMei are you going to continue to see the man who got you shot?”

   “Huh?” Why is he talking about what happened again, is he actually jealous?

   “It is obvious you are involved with a dangerous man since your cousin Xixin isn’t here to instruct you I feel as your doctor I must. You are too young to be involved with whoever this man is, aren’t you afraid next time you could be more seriously injured?”

   “Dr. Qiao it wasn’t his fault.”

   Rui is furious at her response black lines are forming on his forehead now she is making excuses for her lover, “How can you say it wasn’t his fault! Are you that blindly in love?” He wants to grab hold of her and shake some sense into her head.

   “…” LiMei has no clue what Rui thinks happened. “I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I can’t really say any more than that.”

   There is no getting through to this girl! Rui paces around the room he will need to take care of this man himself she isn’t going to leave him obviously she is in denial.

 He takes two long strides to reach  her bedside, “Miss Feng your cousin Woo Xixin is both my mentor and close friend since he isn’t here I will take responsibility for you until he returns from Cambodia.”

   “Cambodia? Dr. Woo..I mean cousin Xixin is in Cambodia?”


   “Why is he there?”

   “Don’t try to change the subject, until he returns next week I will take charge of you.”

   LiMei doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry, ‘take charge of me’?  “Dr. Qiao you don’t have to do that, I have no plans of getting into any trouble.”

   “So you aren’t going to see that man anymore?”


   “I don’t believe you.”

   LiMei is at a loss for words Rui really is acting jealous, “Honestly I want to recover and return to work I have no plans on seeing him. {Unless of course he won’t leave me alone.}

   “Still I won’t feel at ease until your cousin returns.”

   “Could you hand me a cup of water?”

   Rui pours her a glass then walks to her left side sitting on the bed holding the glass to her mouth.

   “I can hold it.” She reaches for the glass, he touches her hand holding onto it, “Let me.” He places the glass to her lips, she takes a sip. He is still holding her small hand on the bed he doesn’t want to let it go, could it be true he knew her before? Why doesn’t he remember? “Miss Feng did we know each other before we met at the Black Lotus Club?” He needs to know why he is obsessed with this girl.

   LiMei does her best not to spit out the water in her mouth, she swallows it down coughing a little, “I would remember if we met. Why do you ask?”

   He doesn’t want to say Wang Rebecca told him it would only remind her that he is a married man even though he never actually married that bitch. “Just a feeling.”

   LiMei can feel the warmth of his strong hand holding hers, what am I going to do? Is he attracted to me again? She nervously pulls her hand away from his, “Dr. Qiao I thank you for your concern but I don’t want you interfering with my affairs. People could misunderstand your kind intentions and I don’t want you to face any problems because of me.”  

     This is torture for me you being so near and I can’t have you!

   Rui doesn’t like LiMei taking her soft hand back, his tone is firm,“Miss Feng, I am not a person who cares what others think. ” His obsidian eyes are riveted on her flawless face looking for any sign she is hiding something from him. 

   “Qiao Delun told me it has been your dream to become the CEO of Qiao Corporation so it would be bad for you to be involved in any scandal right now. You are a married man you shouldn’t attract unwanted speculation by taking care of me, although I know it is only out of respect for my cousin. I think another doctor should be assigned to me. ” 

     There I said it! If he stays this close to me there is no way I will be able to resist him.

   “As you said it is because of my respect for Woo Xixin so let people think what they want. You are my patient I won’t turn you over to another doctor.”

   Rui’s eyes are burning with a passionate flame as he intensely stares at her pushing him away with her words. No! I want you and I don’t care what anyone thinks! But, I need to restrain myself not to scare you away. First, I need to find out who the man is from Xiaobo and end your relationship with him then once I reveal my marriage is fake I can pursue you. Rui’s mind is filled with jealous thoughts now she even wants a different doctor? That isn’t happening!

   “…” LiMei doesn’t know what else to say to convince him to distance himself from her for his own welfare. There is no reasoning with him. “I’m tired I am going to sleep.”

   “I will put a sedative in a drip for you so you have a deep sleep, I don’t want you moving your arm if you should have a restless sleep”

   “No, I don’t like to take medication.” {I have seen men reveal secrets when they are sedated, that wouldn’t be good if I talked in my sleep.}

   “Miss Feng would you rather I use acupuncture?”

   LiMei thinks I could do it myself but..”Alright.”

   Rui takes out his silver needles then inserts them, touching her exposed skin he wants to caress her soft body. If I use the silver needles I could make her forget about that man, no that wouldn’t be right.

   He manipulates the needles as he does LiMei’s eyes begin to close her long black eyelashes are fluttering as she drifts off to sleep, her pink lips are slightly parted as she softly breathes. When Rui sees she is deep in sleep he removes the needles then sits on the edge of the bed, lifting her head he fixes the pillows then gently lays her head down unable to take his eyes off of her perfect lips.

   Rui makes a decision he needs to be close to her for awhile to calm his heart down the strange addiction to her is driving him crazy. She is in a deep sleep and won’t be aware of my actions maybe by touching her my memories will return if what Wang Rebecca said is true.

   He walks out of the room going to the nurse’s station, “Nurse Ding as I told you no visitors for Miss Feng, not even my brother. I will call you if you are needed I am going to monitor her condition. 

     When I checked right now her heartbeat is irregular and her blood presure is elevated. I am going to do some work from her room until her condition stabilizes, I don’t want to be disturbed.”

   “Yes Dr. Qiao. I am off in an hour but I will let my relief know when she gets here at three o’clock.”

   Rui walks back to the room past Beji Gabriel, “What happened to the other bodyguard?”

   Beji Gabriel was told by Su Ryan about Qiao Rui, he is Feng LiMei’s doctor and not to reveal too much information. “I am his relief.”

   “Who employed you?” This muscular bodyguard is wearing a designer suit similar to the man earlier. Also,this Frenchman exudes a very powerful dark aura and looks to be ex military. 

     What a joke I am supposed to believe they are from the police force, not to mention this bastard is French. Obviously the man she is involved with sent them to protect her while she is in the hospital.

   Beji Gabriel isn’t going to say he is from the police with his French accent it would be an obvious lie. “ Miss Feng.”

  Rui sarcastically replies,  “Right Miss Feng sure..Don’t let anyone enter the room not even your Boss.”

   “…” I thought he would question me more. If Leng Shuai comes back what should I do? He looks at his watch, Shen Yi should relieve me by four o’clock so I can attend the meeting I doubt he will return before that.

   Rui opens the door and enters LiMei’s room then locks the door. He walks over to the bed she is in a deep sleep from the acupuncture, he touches her beautiful face running his slender finger down her cheek. 

     His deep voice is low with a tinge of longing,“Were we lovers like Wang Rebecca said?” He sits on the edge of the bed knowing LiMei won’t wake up he wants to taste her lips, leaning over her delicate face he knows what he is doing is wrong but he can’t resist his pent up desire.

      Rui licks her lips then he presses his lips onto hers tasting her sweet flavor. His mind is in chaos his reason is telling him to stop now but he can’t, he has been thinking about her constantly for two days since he found her standing in the stairwell at the Black Lotus Club. 

   He has his arms on both sides of her pillow as he kisses her more intensely prying her lips open and swirling his tongue around hers. His heart is beating erratically as he plunders her mouth tasting all her sweetness.

   The unique light fragrance on her soft body smells familiar to him as he buries his head into her tender creamy white neck licking and biting it.

      Rui’s fingers are entwined with her  silky black hair as he can’t get enough of her taste.. LiMei is dreaming of her and Rui in his bed she moans feeling his lips on her neck sucking and biting stirring her emotions. 

     She wants to hold him but for some reason she can’t lift her arms, her heart is pounding as her body responds to his kisses. His body is heating up as he moves his lips down her neck leaving a trail of red marks, his hand is on her breast as she seductively moans, whispering “Rui…Rui…”

    When he hears her whispering his name his head begins throbbing he pulls away  intensely staring at her pink lips as they say his name again, “Rui…I…” His mind is suddenly full of images this time the face of the smiling girl  is clear it is Feng LiMei. She is sitting on his lap in the garden of the resort laughing… teasing him… How can it be? How could he forget and why would she lie to him pretending not to know him.

    She is mumbling in her sleep he can’t make out what she is saying, he wants to wake her up and ask her why she lied to him. They were together and very happy. Rui is very angry and wants answers. LiMei is smiling in her sleep she and Rui are kissing what a good dream. She mumbles, “ Rui..don’t stop…”

    Very good Feng LiMei you want me to keep going…very well.. Rui leans down on her body  fiercely kissing her lips as the memories rush back to him. 

     He sucks her lips and is surprised when she opens her mouth willingly then entangles her small tongue with his twirling it around lightly. Her wet tongue is enticing him to continue as she plays with his tongue . 

     He can feel her heartbeat pounding next to his reminding him of how right they were together. His breathing is becoming ragged and he is getting hard as their kisses become more passionate.

     Rui’s mind is overwhelmed by his desire now he knows what Wang Rebecca said was true.  His headache is worsening with this revelation and his actions are becoming more unrestrained. He is feeling lust…anger..a sense of betrayal..jealousy..

  He licks then nibbles on her ear whispering . “Little seductress why are you playing games with me… LiMei you think you can be with another man? Never…”

      He sucks her neck then bites it leaving another mark. You can  only be mine! He moves his lips down past her collarbone leaving a trail of red marks on her jade like skin. 

     LiMei in her dream is eating cake on Rui’s patio at his house,she is smacking her lips , so sweet… when he sees her seductively licking her luscious lips Rui feels he is going to go crazy if he doesn’t completely have her to himself.

    His head is throbbing as he caresses her delicate face kissing her lips one more time his rationality about to  leave him. “I want to strip you naked and have my hands all over your slender body right now you are driving me insane.”

     As he is about to take full advantage of her lifting her gown with his hand, the image of LiMei feeding him cake smiling up at him with her beautiful green eyes sparkling comes into his mind. He stops… What the hell am I doing she is not even awake…

   Coming back to his senses he lays next to LiMei with his arm resting across her thin waist trying to calm his emotional state down.

  He tightens his  arm on her waist possessively, now I know the truth… we were together and happy… I will get you back whatever it takes.  You are mine Feng LiMei…only mine…

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