Hamid Comes For Rebecca

Rebecca slowly sits up trying to focus on the two people staring at her, who the hell are they? Where am I? She props herself up on the couch rubbing her neck, that’s right the little slut knocked me out!

   Glaring at Raymond and Lois she snarls, “I want that little bitch Feng LiMei arrested for assault! She attacked me when I came into the bathroom!”

   Raymond quickly responds, “Miss Wang if you would like me to call the police..well..there is the matter of the drugs that fell out of your purse.”

   She frantically reaches into her purse,thank God my precious pills are still there and the cocaine. “She must have put them there to frame me.”

    “In that case you can explain it to the police but they will want to drug test you.”No way am I going to let this crazy woman cause more of a problem for me. How could a tiny girl like Feng LiMei attack a tall big boned woman like Wang Rebecca.

    “Hmmph..you will be hearing from my lawyers.” Her clothes are disheveled and her hair is messy, she can barely stand up to leave.

    “Miss Wang, sit back down, your brother sent a driver for you he should be here soon.”

    When she hears what he says  Rebecca nervously asks,“Wang Kai knows I am here?” She is supposed to be on her way to the mansion to deal with the fake marriage news. He must be angry. “No, no… I will call my own driver.”

    Hamid walks into the Flamingo the bartender who is watching the front immediately refuses him entry. He is wearing a designer suit but no tie, the Flamingo has a strict dress code. “I’m sorry Sir but you can’t enter.” Hamid wants to say ‘why the fuck not asshole’ but he restrains himself. Rashid said to get the whore and not cause a scene. “I’m here to pick up Wang Rebecca not to dine in your stinking restaurant.”

       Listening to his thick accent and crude remark  the bartender wonders why a socialite like Wang Rebecca would hire a foreigner who looks like a gangster for a driver, but it is none of his business. He rolls his eyes, “Let me call the Boss.”

   Raymond’s phone rings, “Miss Wang’s driver is here.”

   “Send him back.”

   “Go straight down that hallway she is in the restroom at the end.”

   Hamid walks past the bar area down to where a muscular man is standing. He sees the sign on the door, “I’m here for Wang Rebecca.”

   Tang Ge opens the door, when Hamid enters all three of the people inside stare at him. Rebecca is happy to see Hamid but how does he know Wang Kai, Raymond told her he sent a driver for her. Well, she can convince him not to go to her father’s mansion, no way does she want to deal with that tonight.

   Raymond is just happy to get rid of Wang Rebecca,“Listen when you leave go through the kitchen there is a back door that leads out to the hallway. Walk down to the left and you will see an elevator.”

   Out on the patio Rui bends down kissing LiMei as he tenderly holds her hand with the ring on it. LiMei’s hand feels warm inside his large palm, she is conflicted wanting to say yes but knowing it is an impossible dream. Her beautiful green eyes are misty and her heart skips a beat, “Rui I..” before she says another word he puts his slender finger on her soft pink lips, “Shhh..don’t say anything. Just know I only love you LiMei and I want you by my side for always.”

   He picks her up in his arms and kisses her forehead, “Let’s go home.”

   Surprised by his sudden action LiMei squirms in his arms,“Rui put me down.”

   He smiles down at her teasing, “No.”

    LiMei loves his masculine scent and snuggles into his chest hiding her head. They walk through the restaurant the crowd has thinned out but the remaining people stare at them as he weaves through the tables to the front. 

     LiMei can feel their gazes on them and her face heats up in embarrassment, when they arrive at the elevator he puts her down holding her hand. He notices her gazing down at the ring on her finger with an admiring look , barely audible she mutters, “So beautiful.” It makes him happy to see his mother’s treasured ring on her hand, he brushes her hair behind her ear then whispers in her ear, “Not as beautiful as you.”

   LiMei blushes as the door to the elevator opens. They get inside and Rui kisses her, as the door shuts a large hand reaches in to stop it from closing. Hamid and Rebecca enter, she sees Rui and LiMei and wildly lunges forward, “It’s you!”

   Rui quickly pushes LiMei behind him glaring at Rebecca, Wang Kai sent a gangster to pick the bitch up? The man has a large tattoo on his chest and a dangerous aura. Rui warns Rebecca“If you dare say another word I will destroy your entire family.”

   Rebecca pushes on Hamid’s arm, “Kill them!”

   Hamid shoves her hand off of him,“We need to meet my brother I don’t have time for this shit.” He can’t believe the shitty luck of getting into the elevator with these two. Rashid told him to take her to the room so he ignores her, annoyed she whispers something in his ear that changes his mind.

   He pulls out his gun aiming at Rui and LiMei, “Looks like plans changed.” Hamid didn’t like the arrogant expression on Rui’s face anyway so if there is a huge profit in killing him why not.

   Rebecca has a smug expression after Hamid agrees, see if you can do anything to me when you are dead.

   Rui knows with his martial arts skill  he could easily disarm the man in front of him,judging by his dilated pupils and his movements he has been drinking and doing drugs. His reaction time would be slower than normal, also he wouldn’t expect me to attempt to fight him. I can feel LiMei leaning into my back she must be terrified her tiny hands are clinging to my jacketI can’t be hasty I need to wait and see, he won’t try to kill us in the hotel. When we get outside I can determine the best course of action so LiMei doesn’t get hurt. 

     His eyes narrow and he clenches his fist, Wang Rebecca I will make you wish you were never born for frightening LiMei.

    LiMei standing behind Rui recognizes Hamid so she is burying her head in his back so as not to show her face, doesn’t that guy and his brother work for Amir Malouf? I hope he doesn’t recognize me as Qin Daiyu. I met him in Angola when I was with Kuang Bo on assignment, although it was his brother who interacted with us he was over to the side by a tent. What are they doing in Pushong City and how does Wang Rebecca know him?

   When the elevator reaches the lobby Hamid motions for them to walk outside. Rui holds LiMei’s hand he wants to reassure her but knowing the type of man he is dealing with any sort of dialog could trigger him. When the three of them get to the parking lot Rashid is pulling in to park, his headlights shine on them. What the fuck is Hamid doing!

    Rashid puts out his cigarette and angrily takes long strides over to them, he speaks to his brother in Arabic, “What the fuck Hamid, I told you to take the whore to the room. How did she talk you into this?” He throws his cigarette on the ground crushing it with his shoe.

     “If Amir finds out he will be pissed off, you can’t act on your own.” He glares at Rebecca knowing she somehow convinced his idiot of a younger brother to take care of the little slut, by why is Qiao Rui here?

   Hamid knows how greedy his brother is and what the crazy whore offered is worth the risk. He answers in Arabic telling him what Rebecca can give them. Rashid’s eyes light up, he pulls Rebecca over to him, she is shaking and her eyes are wide, what is the bastard going to do? Hamid seemed happy with my offer.

    He growls as he tightly squeezes her chin making her look up at him waiting for confirmation, “Is what my brother said true?”

   Frightened by the dangerous glint in his eyes Rebecca stutters, “I..I wouldn’t lie. I swear I can deliver it to you!”

    Rashid tells Hamid in Arabic, “Don’t kill him take him to Chang’s place,  killing someone like him would bring too much trouble to us, I will take care of the girl. Tell Chang to let the bastard go after we leave the country tomorrow. ” He lustfully looks at LiMei with dark desire reflecting in his eyes, this young girl has an innocent look on her delicate face and is beautiful like a fairy. She is stunning, her creamy white skin I can’t wait to ruin her and mark that jade like skin. I can see why the fat whore is jealous of Qiao Rui’s woman she can’ t compare to the little fairy girl,  no wonder he wanted nothing to do with the the fat bitch.

    Glancing over at Rebecca gloating looking at the fairy girl he doesn’t like the satisfied look on her face, I will punish the whore by making her watch as I pleasure the little bunny until she screams my name. He smirks as he looks at Rui,too bad I can’t torture this arrogant bastard by having him watch too. “Hamid, give me the room card, what is the room number?

   Rui tightens his hold on LiMei’s hand he doesn’t understand Arabic but catches the room number. He will take care of the man with the gun then afterwards rush to save LiMei. Rashid motions for LiMei to come to him, Rui lowers his head his eyes full of killing intent, brushing her hair back he whispers, “Don’t worry I will come for you.”

    LiMei is more worried about Rui and doesn’t want to leave himshould I let him see the real me.. show him what I am and throw my needles at the two men? Oh my God what should I do! 

     Rashid sees her worried look, he sneers,“You should worry more about yourself little girl my brother won’t kill him. I can’t say the same for you. If you please me I will let you live after I ruin you.. and only slice your face..if not..”

    Rebecca grins knowing Rashid’s sadistic methods the girl won’t survive after he tosses her around in the bed.

   LiMei breathes a sigh of relief, they don’t plan on killing Rui.I can escape easily after we are in the hotel. If I do now they might harm Rui or recognize me as Qin Daiyu.

    Rashid can’t help feeling he has met this little beauty somehwere, “Beauty have we met before?”

    LiMei quickly looks down and disguising her voice quietly says, “I’m sure we haven’t.”

   Rashid lifts her chin looking into her sparkling green eyes, they are mesmerizing, “I will remember.. I’m sure we have met.”

    He lets her chin go and LiMei gulps, damn why didn’t I get a face mask from Uncle Xinghe or the Old Man!

     Amir is in the Night Sky at the bar he has two women hanging on his arms. When he sees Henri Armand enter he waves him over, “Henri this black haired beauty is for you, I like the blonde.” He pulls the blonde woman onto his lap and fondles her breast.

   Henri has a disgusted look on his face after dealing with Zhou Vicki he has not appetite for a woman tonight. “Not tonight and I have something to discuss with you. Let’s go out on the patio.”

   Seeing the serious expression on Henri’s face Amir pushes the woman off his lap, “Scram!”

   The dark haired woman glares at Henri, isn’t he the famous fashion designer Henri Armand? He is more handsome than in his pictures but he must be gay, no man can resist me. She says to the blonde woman as she grabs her drink from the bar,”Fucking gay bastard!” 

   Henri lights a cigarette as they walk outside what he heard better not be true. Tense and worried about Daiyu he motions to a cocktail server to come over, “I will have a double gin and tonic with two limes. What do you want Amir?”

   “I will have a Cognac.”

   When the cocktail server leaves Amir is curious, “What is so important you made me throw that tempting piece of ass away.”

   “I believe you will think it is important since it involves your life and the annihilation of your entire family.”

   Amir reaches across the table to grab Henri’s shirt, “What did you say Motherf****r?”

   Henri easily blocks his hand, “I heard your man Rashid is involved with a woman named Wang Rebecca and she wants him to kill Qiao Rui’s girlfriend Feng LiMei.”

   Amir wonders why that woman’s name sounds familiar…Wang Rebecca.. That’s right she was the woman in Shingu Island that I gave the aphrodisiac pills, then at the Black Lotus Club when she wanted more I sent her with Rashid and his stupid younger brother.

   He calms down confidently responding, “My men won’t kill anyone without my permission.”

    “I hope not for you and your family’s sake. She isn’t an ordinary girl she is very special to Xinghe. If anyone harmed a hair on her head they would die without knowing how and so would their entire family.”

   Amir’s confidence dissapears with the mention of Xinghe, his face loses it’s color, Xinghe is insane and a genius with poisons. I once saw a man who simply inhaled a poison made by him literally disintegrate in front of me while screaming in agony. He suffered painfully for days unable to see or hear as the poison devoured every cell in his body.

    He shakes his head to get the graphic image of the poisoned man out of his head. He gulps down his brandy, “How could a little bitch from Pushong know someone like Xinghe, no one even knows what he looks like. His compound is in the remote area of Cambodia and they say he killed his own family so he would have no weaknesses.”

   Henri takes a drag on his cigarette,“Have I ever given you any misinformation Amir?”

   Amir swirls what is left of his Cognac considering the possibility,“Why would my man disobey my orders and kill this woman?”

   “Rashid and his brother have been doing drugs and fucking Wang Rebecca for three days straight who knows what she promised them, she is the heiress to Wang Electronics and for now has access to millions. After tomorrow who knows, but your men aren’t that smart.”

   Amir takes out his phone furious at the thought those two morons could bring this down on him. Rashid doesn’t answer, Amir looks at his watch the asshole should be here by now. He tries Hamid’s phone and it rings and rings. He slams his hand down on the table, he dials Najib speaking in Arabic he angrily growls, “Where the fuck are the Hamid brothers!”

    Najib is sitting on the couch in the hotel room waiting for Hamid, “Boss I thought Rashid was meeting you and Hamid is bringing Rashid’s whore to his room but isn’t here yet.” Najib has no idea the shit is about to hit.

“You better find that bastard. He didn’t say anything else to you?”


   “Fucking find them now and tell them to come to the Night Sky Bar.” I will take care of those two motherf****ing assholes if they think they can do as they want!

   Henri drinks his gin and tonic watching Amir, it looks like I put the fear of God or rather fear of Xinghe in him. It is true if anything happened to Xinghe’s goddaughter he would avenge Daiyu killing anyone involved. Since when did Amir lose his edge that a man who works for him would dare to act so rashly hooking up with a crazy bitch like Wang Rebecca. “I suggest you rein in your men in Amir, Pushong City as I told you before has Han Weisheng’s special task force. Deciding to poke Amir’s weak spot he sarcastically reminds him, “That’s right you know that since you botched his assassination the night of the auction. The same time ruining my plan to disappear. You seem to be losing your touch Amir.”

   “Fuck off Henri as soon as I get my hands on the Golden Dragon, I will become stronger than ever and my territory will expand.”

   “Is that why you are still in Pushong? I wondered why.”

   “That brings up why I asked you to meet me. I think the woman who was showing the statue to the potential buyers in the room stole it in the confusion set off by Yun Shi. You seemed rather friendly with her, who is she?”

   Henri casually sips his gin and tonic,“I have no idea, she was flirting with me but what woman doesn’t. That was the first and only time I have ever seen that woman.” Daiyu wouldn’t steal the Golden Dragon with Fu looking for her would she? Of course Amir has a point who else would have had the opportunity when Yun Shi’s men started throwing the smoke bombs she easily could have hidden it somewhere before she left with Leng Shuai and Yun Shi. Knowing Daiyu she has the ability to seize an opportunity in the midst of chaos. Where could she have hidden it though in the Black Lotus Club without it being discovered when they tore the place apart looking for it? Who would she contact to sell it on the Black market without being discovered by someone in the Black Sky? “Face it whoever stole it must be sitting on it until things calm down”

   Rashid pushes LiMei forward with his gun her eyes turn a dark green as she contemplates what she will do to him when they are out of sight. Rebecca has a smug smile as she sees LiMei being forced to go with them. Serves the little slut right for coming between me and Qiao Rui. When they get to the hotel room Rashid takes the room card out as he swipes it Najib  rushes out the door and knocks into Rebecca, she trips on his foot falling to the ground. 

     “Rashid what are you doing here where is Hamid? He stares at the little fairy girl with a gun in her back. Did this crazy bastard kidnap this girl to fuck? He and his brother usually have heavier tastes like the fat bitch on the ground, he watches as Rebecca tries to stand up. 

     “Move aside.”

     “You better hurry up and go see what the Boss wants he has been looking for you and Hamid. You have guts to turn your phone off. He called me spitting fire to go find you.”

     “Fuck! Watch these two until I get back and don’t let the fat whore hurt the little fairy.”

     “No fucking way man!” Najib looks at LiMei’s beautiful appearance, the dress looks expensive and she is wearing a diamond necklace that must have cost thousands. Someone will be looking for this chick for sure. “I don’t need to get drawn into your shit you fucking pervert. I just told Hamid I would wait for him here. I’m going back to the Red Scorpion to see if there are any rumblings about that fucking statue for the Boss.”

     “Unless you want me to cut off your balls you will stay with these two sluts until Hamid gets back. Pretty boy you act like a eunuch you might as well be one.”

     “…” Sorry asshole, I don’t kidnap women they come to me willingly because I am handsome unlike you and your ugly brother.

     “Hamid should be back soon, I’m going to see what Amir wants. Remember what I said don’t let the fat whore cause trouble.” He slaps Rebecca on the ass then pinches LiMei’s cheek. “Be good until Daddy gets back…hahaha”

  LiMei has a strange flashback, it is almost like being back in the Black Sky surrounded by these assholes. This guy Najib doesn’t seem too bad but he obviously is afraid of Rashid. It shouldn’t be too hard to escape after Rashid leaves.

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