Saving LiMei

Hamid waves his gun at Rui, “Let’s go unless you want to go up and watch my brother rape your little girlfriend, his methods are unique.” He has a lecherous grin, “I wouldn’t mind tasting that sweet young body with him, watching would be satisfying also.” 

    Rui’s temper boils when he hears Hamid’s provoking remark about LiMei, condensing his blood and qi his internal energy increases, his eyes are red with rage. Faster than the unprepared Hamid can react Rui flies forward kicking him in his chest. Blood spurts out Hamid’s mouth as he reels backwards from the blow, stumbling he drops his gun yelling, “Bastard!”

      He rushes him attempting to punch Rui in the face but Rui dodges and Hamid’s fist lands on his shoulder. Rui grabs at him catching his arm bending it backwards the sound of bones cracking can be heard. 

     Suppressing the pain in his left arm Hamid jumps sideways kicking towards Rui’s chest, before Rui can move away his foot lands on Rui’s rock hard abs, unfazed Rui takes Hamid’s leg that is suspended in the air and flips him backwards.

      Hamid quickly rebounds charging at Rui ignoring the throbbing pain in his arm he sends a flurry of blows towards Rui who lifts his arms blocking Hamid’s fists. One stray punch lands on Rui’s jaw another cuts his face below his right eye from the gold snake ring on Hamid’s finger.

     Rui kicks Hamid’s leg, the explosive force instantly snapping his fibula, in extreme agony Hamid screams in pain clutching onto Rui’s pants as he falls to the ground bringing Rui down with him.

     They roll on the ground, Rui ends up on top of Hamid. Rui’s black eyes have bloodlust in them,  filled with hate he looks like the devil as he punches Hamid in his mouth splitting his lip, I will silence the dirty mouth of his that had LiMei’s name on its lips a moment ago. Hamid grabs Rui’s hair and jerks his head backwards pushing him off of him. 

    Grimacing in pain Hamid  scrambles to his feet trying to not put weight on his broken leg, his face pounded into a bloody mess. One eye swollen shut he rages, “Arghhh… ” Spitting out mouthfuls of blood he continues to attack Rui as he gets to his feet. 

     Both men are bloody as Hamid throws another punch, this time Rui leans to the right and swings his leg around kicking Hamid in his temple, he immediately crumples to the ground from the kick lying unconscious on the concrete by some shrubbery.

    Rui takes his phone out to call his man, “Get to the parking lot, there is a man unconscious by the bushes to the left with a gun by him. Call Dong He at the 134th st police station, tell him this man jumped you from behind attempting to rob you then you subdued him.” He pulls out Hamid’s wallet and sticks it in his pocket, my revenge isn’t over yet you son of a bitch…

   He quickly rushes towards the hotel entrance, that fucking pig better not have touched LiMei or I will make him suffer excrutiating pain before I kill him. Wang Rebecca, I am sending you to Su Wan. Since you enjoy doing drugs and getting fucked you should enjoy your stay there.

   Rashid strides into the Night Sky looking for Amir, he sees him on the patio with Henri Armand. He has no idea the depth of Amir’s anger and casually walks over to them.

   Chewing on a toothpick he says,“Boss, you were looking for me?”

   Amir really hates this asshole’s lack of respect right now, he angrily stands up and without warning slams Rashid’s face down on the glass table. Rashid’s face is pressed against it as Amir holds him down with one arm. “Who the fuck do you think you are punk?”

   Rashid can’t respond because his mouth is being held tightly against the glass and his face is squished down. He is almost choking on the toothpick that was pushed into his mouth by the impact.

   Henri has a faint smile, you gotta love Amir not caring several patrons of the bar are wide eyed watching the scene. Of course with Amir’s signature look of designer clothes worn like a gangster, no one will interfere or say anything. Most people are afraid of a powerful gangster with money to burn.

   Rashid is coughing, if Amir doesn’t let me up soon the toothpick wedged in my throat is going to cut the shit out of it or choke me to death. He mumbles, “B..b..boss.”

   Amir loosens his grip so he can get up, Rashid coughs some more trying to dislodge the toothpick, spitting pieces of it out on the ground along with a great deal of splattering blood and saliva. 

    A woman sitting at the next table gags as his spit flies onto her Manolo Blahnik heels she is wearing. Afraid to even move she suffers the indignity as her friends stifle their laughter.

   Amir grabs Rashid by the collar flinging him into the seat next to him, “Speak if I don’t like what I hear you know the consequences.”

   Rashid motions towards the server at the next table, “Waaater..”

   He can barely talk, holding his finger up to Amir, “ Just a ..Ahh.” When the server comes with the water he grabs it out of her hand gulping it down his throat raw, his voice is hoarse,“I was on my way here when Najib told me you tried to call I had my phone on vibrate, sorry Boss.”

   “What is this hear about you and some slut Wang Rebecca.”

   “Huh?” He stops drinking the water, how does the Boss know.

   Amir’s eyes have killing intent swirling around in them, “Bastard don’t act dumb if you want to keep that d**k of yours, I’m not fucking around.”

   Rashid quivers thinking about losing his most precious little brother and he knows Amir would do it. ”Yeah me and Hamid have been banging her, but Boss what is the problem? She is just a bitch hooked on those fucking aphrodisiac pills.”

     “I don’t care so much about you fucking the fat bitch as much as I heard she asked you to kill a woman.”

   Rashid can feel is face losing its color, how the fuck did Amir find out about that so quickly. This is bad..really bad. “I don’t know anything about that. You know without your permission we wouldn’t accept any outside jobs.”

      He keeps his voice level normal although inside he is scared shitless, “She never said anything about killing anyone but with little Hamid in her mouth and me fucking her she didn’t get a chance to talk much.”

    Henri can tell by Rashid’s body language he is lying through his teeth. She asked..but did he agree?

    Rashid really wants to know how the boss found out and why he cares. I can tell it is more than us accepting a side job.

    Amir has had some drinks and his perception isn’t as keen as usual,“I guess you aren’t aware the little bitch the crazy whore wants you to kill is Xinghe’s god daughter.” He takes a sip of his Cognac waiting to see Rashid’s reaction.

    Underneath the table Rashid is clenching his fist as sweat beads are forming on his forehead and his hands are clammy I knew that chick looked familiar did I see her in Cambodia at that lunatic’s compound? No, I waited outside and didn’t see anyone …some men from his private army. But I know I saw her somewhere..fuck..where.. I’m going to kill that fat whore for getting me involved. The only good thing is we haven’t done anything to the little fairy yet. I need to call Hamid!  “I don’t know who you mean.” if I act like I know the woman in question is Feng LiMei it will give me away.

    “So Wang Rebecca never mentioned a woman she wants revenge on to you?”


       Amir makes a decision seeing the expression on Rashid’s face, “I think it would be best for you to get rid of the bitch. I don’t need any connection to her, you got it!”

   In the hotel room Najib is wondering what is taking Hamid so long to return, Amir is probably bitching at Rashid still. He sits on the couch, “Fatty you sit in the chair and fairy girl you come sit over here by me.” He pats the couch by him.

   Rebecca glares at the pretty boy, “Who the hell are you calling fat? I have a sensuous body unlike that bony girl.”

   LiMei can tell by Najib’s facial expression and attitude he won’t bother her so she obediently comes over to the couch, the farther away from that crazy Wang Rebecca the better and now  I can easily knock this man unconscious and go see about Rui.

   Najib stares at LiMei, “Fairy girl how did you get caught by those perverts? A pretty young girl like you shouldn’t be out by yourself at night.”

   “…” LiMei has no idea how to respond to that. I need to hurry, he seems reasonable,“May I get some tissue out of my purse?”

    “Sure, but open it wide so I can see what you are grabbing out.” He chuckles to himself what could she possible have in there that could harm me.

   LiMei smiles at him he is momentarily blinded by how beautiful she is, he is still gazing at her when the door bursts open and Rui rushes into the room. 

   He angrily pulls up Najib and punches him in the face looking around for the other man. LiMei’s mouth drops open watching him, how did he escape from Hamid?  Najib doesn’t want any part of this if it was a kidnapping. The man is dressed in an Armani suit and has a domineering aura, he must be the little fairy’s man come to rescue her. 

     Najib puts his hands up then wipes the blood on his mouth with his finger, “Hey Bro! I have nothing to do with this, take her.”

   “Where is the other bastard?”

    “He told me to watch the two women until he got back he threatened to kill me if I didn’t.” A bit of an exaggeration but he did say he would chop off my balls and make me a eunuch.

   Wang Rebecca is stunned by Rui’s sudden appearance where is Hamid what happened to him? She stands up stomping her foot, “Idiot! Stop him! Don’t let him take her, Rashid told you to watch her until he gets back!”

   Rui doesn’t want LiMei to see him being ruthless, “LiMei wait in the bathroom.” LiMei nods not asking any questions. After he is sure LiMe won’t be able to witness the scene he walks over and forcefully slaps Rebecca’s face, his eyes have a murderous gleam, “I told you not to mess with me.” He then  hits her with a palm strike on her neck knocking her unconscious. He turns to look at Najib who is sitting on the couch not saying anything, he can figure out his own situation. Rui takes out his phone, “Come get Wang Rebecca in Room 3590 take her to Su Wan’s.

   Walking into the bathroom he picks LiMei up and says, “LiMei I am sorry, they didn’t hurt you did they?” She looks up at him and shakes her head no. Hugging her tighter into his embrace relieved he was able to get there in time, but he wonders where the other bastard is he will need to take care of that fucking piece of shit too.

   LiMei can see his face is swollen, “Rui..” She touches his face gently, “Your face.”

   “I’m fine don’t worry about me, Wang Rebecca will never bother us again.”

    Najib figures the best way to deal with this is when Hamid or Rashid return is to fake being knocked unconscious by the man that came to rescue the little girl.

    Rui’s man Wu Feng comes into the room he sees Wang Rebecca knocked out and a man who looks like he is sleeping on the couch. Who the hell is he? Well, Qiao Rui only said to dump Wang Rebecca at Su Wan’s he had no other instructions as long as the sleeping man doesn’t wake up… 

     He picks up Wang Rebecca and leaves heading for the elevator the kitchen uses, he shouldn’t have any problem leaving this way. He tries to position Rebecca over his shoulder, Damn this woman is heavy.

   Rui  carries LiMei to the elevator his voice is tender and full of concern, “Are you sure you are alright? How is your arm he didn’t hurt you did he?”

   She has her arms around his neck as she looks up at him,“I’m fine don’t worry, you came before the other man returned, he left immediately to meet someone. I was so worried about you how, did you escape from the man with the gun.”

   He kisses her to distract her from asking any more questions. When they get to his car he gently places her in the passenger seat and gets into the car. LiMei says “Is your doctor bag in the car? Let me clean the wound on your face for you.”

   Rui reaches behind the driver’s seat., “I can do it.” he gets out a bottle of antiseptic and a piece of gauze. LiMei takes them from him, “No let me take care of you for a change.” She smiles as she takes the gauze from him putting the antiseptic on it then dabs below his eye where he is cut. “Oh..does that sting?”

   Rui wants to laugh at her cute expression, “No.” Then she wipes the cut by his mouth, how did he get hurt like this did he struggle with Hamid and how did he get away. “There.”She throws the bloody gauze into a plastic bag to dispose of it. Then carefully puts a bandaid on him.

   He leans over her buckling her seatbelt if anything had happened to her he doesn’t know what he would do. Suddenly he kisses her deeply wanting to taste her, LiMei responds thinking he could have been killed by Hamid and she was unable to protect him. Breathless when Rui lets go of her she leans back in the seat staring at his perfect profile as he drives out of the parking lot. Dammit! I want to be with him so much!Why couldn’t I really be Feng LiMei? Why am I Qin Daiyu underneath this facade!

   Rui smiles still feeling the warmth of LiMei’s fingers as she gently touched his face. He has never had someone take care of his injuries before, he glances over at her and catches her lovingly gazing at his face, “Am I still handsome?”

   LiMei blushes as his lips curl up in a satisfied smile, she quickly turns towards the window. Damn, how can I be so shameless…I want him so bad! The way he kicked the door open at the hotel flying into the room to rescue me. He looked so sexy with his eyes full of so many…worry..rage… Her heart starts beating wildly picturing Rui pulling Najib off the couch and punching him in the face. She feels herself getting hot as his hand rests on her thigh while he drives, the heat from his hand on her is penetrating the thin layers of her dress.

   In the parking lot Rui’s man Ming Jian sees Dong He and his men arriving. Dong he hops out of the police car, Ming Jian what is going on?”

   Ming Jian points to Hamid on the ground in a monotone he says “I was walking to my car and he assaulted me attempting to rob me.”

     “…” Ming Jian is ex Special Forces it was this man’s bad luck to try and rob him. He turns Hamid over, “Ming Jian, at least you left him breathing.”  

     He motions for another officer to come over, take him to the Public Hospital secured area. Have him looked at then I will be there to interrogate him. I am going to get Ming Jian’s statement, put the gun in a plastic bag and place it in the evidence room when you return to the station.”

   “…”  That was my statement.

   Two officers drag Hamid into the back of the police car. He is still unconscious, one of them remarks , “Damn his face looks like a smashed watermelon.”

   After Ming Jian gives a short account of what happened Dong He closes his notebook. “Tell Qiao Rui I said hello. Ming Jian I will need you to come sign the formal statement tomorrow.”

   “En.” He watches Dong He leave then calls Rui, “Taken care of.”

   Rui ends the call, now to find the other man and make him pay. 

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