Undeniable Attraction

LiMei enters the ladies’ room she can feel the effects of the wine glancing around she giggles, wow..even the bathroom is luxurious! She turns to the left there is even a sitting area to the side with full length mirrors, why would women sit around a bathroom? Well, maybe while they are fixing their dresses or waiting for a friend ..I dunno..

   Suddenly she is reminded why she came to the ladies’ room she hurries into a stall. She shuts the door sighing, even this area is roomy, normally it is a tight space. Quickly pulling down her panties LiMei sits on the toilet, ahh…relief…

    She hears a woman’s laugh in the next stall…LiMei can’t help but think that is is a very creepy laugh… is she on the phone with someone? The woman now is breathing heavily saying something in a low voice, oh my god are they having sex in the stall next to me?

    When she is at the sink washing her hands she hears the woman crying, what is going on in there? LiMei hesitates looking around no one else is in the bathroom, should I see if the woman is alright?

   While she was visiting Father Lam she was reminded she should do good deeds to improve her karma..but what if the woman isn’t alone in there how embarrassing!

   LiMei dries her hands then walks over to the stall, she hesitates then lightly knocks on the door. “Are you okay?”

   Wang Rebecca recognizes LiMei’s voice, she will never forget hearing the little bitch in the lobby of the Crescent Moon Hotel that day, her sickeningly sweet voice, ‘Rui, people are looking at us..’ Then the bastard bent down and kissed the little slut in front of everyone!

   Rebecca sinisterly plays with the scissors in her hand, fate has delivered the fox girl right to me!

   LiMei considers what she should do… I will knock one more time if she doesn’t answer me I will tell the man outside if he is still standing there.

   Rebecca’s mind races picturing the scene, I could charge right at her if she is right outside the door… she wouldn’t know what happened. The little bitch will fall to the ground clutching her ugly bloody face crying then I will stomp her to death with my heels. Yes!

   LiMei knocks again, “Do you need help?”

   Rebecca has an evil smile, no I just need you to die bitch! She sounds as though she is in pain straining her voice, “I’m pregnant my stomach is cramping and I am bleeding. My husband is waiting outside the door I don’t want him to know.” 

   “…” Oh shit!  “Open the door I can help you!” LiMei fumbles in her purse taking a silver needle out, I can at least stop the bleeding then she needs to tell her husband.

   Rebecca grips the sharp scissors ready to pounce when she opens the door, clutching the handle she opens the door quickly lunging forward towards LiMei. Closing her purse LiMei looks up startled seeing the woman out of the corner of her eye coming towards her with the scissors.

      LiMei’s reflexes are slower than normal from the wine, she barely reacts in time pushing Rebecca away, dropping the silver needle that was in her hand..holy shit!

    Rebecca stumbles but grabs onto LiMei’s skirt pulling her down with her onto the floor, stabbing the scissors towards LiMei’s face. 

     Rebecca lands on LiMei the scissors graze LiMei’s arm tearing the thin fabric. LIMei is really angry this woman ripped her dress and the cow is crushing her with her large chest.

   She grabs the scissors away with her left hand then swiftly hits Rebecca with a palm strike to the neck using all her strength to push Rebecca off of her body at the same time. LiMei winces from the pain radiating down her right arm from her wound…Oh my God that hurt, a few teardrops form at the side of her eyes from the pain.

   Rebecca dazed from the blow rolls onto the floor with her eyes closed as LiMei reaches for the silver needle that is on the floor by the woman’s arm. It is at this moment she gets a close look at the woman’s face…Wang Rebecca? What the hell! 

     LiMei’s face pales as she shakes her head, what kind of messed up shit is this? LiMei isn’t sure what to do right now she can’t think clearly from the wine.

   Did seeing me here tonight with Rui drive Wang Rebecca over the edge? She looks at Rebecca sprawled on the floor, what if someone walks in here it looks as if  I attacked her because of Rui.

    The board meeting is tomorrow Rui can’t have a scandal. Dammit what am I going to do? LiMei paces around Rebecca’s body, she has no idea the marriage has just been exposed as fake and Rebecca came for revenge.

    LiMei gathers her wits deciding to put Rebecca into the stall behind them. She apprehensively has her sight locked on the door…please no one come in to the ladies’ room right now. 

     LiMei holds Rebecca under her arms dragging her body over into the stall, oh this hurts..really hurts..how much does this woman weigh..well her boobs and ass probably alot! Rebecca’s purse is open on the floor LiMei can see the bag of purple pills and the cocaine, what a crazy woman!

     She tosses her purse inside then goes to the sink to wash her hands.Two middle aged women enter as LIMei turns off the water in the sink, looking in the mirror to fix her hair she can see Wang Rebecca’s feet sticking out from under the stall. Oh no! Trying not to look suspicious LiMei nods and smiles at them then hurries out of the ladies room. 

     When she exits she bumps into the man outside the door, keeping her head down she mutters, “Sorry.” Then keeps walking her heart pounding at the thought she could be implicated by Wang Rebecca when she wakes up.  

  When LiMei goes down the hallway LiMei Tang Ge decides after the two old ladies come out he will check on Wang Rebecca.

   LiMei rushes through the restaurant wanting to quickly return to the table, after she sits down she picks up her wine glass chugging the wine trying to calm herself from the scare. 

     After seeing the way Raymond handled the fat woman earlier he probably told the cold faced man to wait for Rebecca outside the restroom so Rebecca wouldn’t pester Rui. I hope he didn’t recognize me.

     What terrible timing LiMei going to the bathroom while she was in there! 

     Rui watches her gulping the wine then holds her hand clutching the wine glass. “LiMei slow down, you have already drank a lot of wine.”

   LiMei stares at Rui her face full of a variety of emotions, should she tell him? Suddenly she blurts out, “Rui let’s leave.”

   What is with that expression on her face, she was fine when she went to the restroom, “Is something the matter?”

   “No..no.” LiMei looks the direction of the restroom wondering if anyone found Rebecca yet.

   Rui notices her torn sleeve his face darkens, with a serious expression he sharply looks into her eyes. “LiMei did something happen when you went to the restroom.”

   She sees his dark expression as he touches her exposed arm where the material is ripped, is he angry because I ruined the expensive dress? “Oh my sleeve? I was careless and caught it on something. I’m so sorry.”

   Rui impulsively grabs her over putting her on his lap kissing her, “LiMei don’t worry me ok? I don’t care about the damn dress I care about the woman who is wearing it.”

   LiMei blushes and puts her arms around his neck staring into his dark Phoenix eyes, “Rui, why are you so good to me?”

   He gazes lovingly at her beautiful face caressing her cheek he whispers in her ear, “Because you are mine LiMei.” He nibbles on her ear then kisses her neck sucking her sweet skin leaving his mark.

   LiMei’s heart flutters, she snuggles against him burying her head in his chest. A warm feeling comes over her, he really does care about me and I feel safe when I am with him. I need to tell him the truth he will believe me.

     “Do you want to go look at the stars on the patio now?” She doesn’t want to be in the restaurant area when they find Wang Rebecca.

  “You didn’t eat much is it because the food got cold? I can order you something else.” Usually the little girl eats her food and whatever is on my plate too.

   “No, I’m full. Could we have dessert outside on the patio?”

   “If that is what you want to do.”

   He motions for the waiter to come to the table, “I would like two of the raspberry chocolate mousse cakes and two Kioki coffees one with extra whip cream, served on the patio.”

   LiMei gets off his lap furtively looking around, the restaurant is quiet without any sign of Wang Rebecca. No one will see us on the patio.

   Rui takes her hand as they walk to the patio door, he is going to explain everything to LiMei then ask her to marry him.

   LiMei points to a table in the corner, “Let’s sit there.”

   They walk over to the dimly lit table as the waiter brings their after dinner coffees. He gives LiMei the one with extra whip cream she teases, “How did you know this one was mine? Haha..” She feels a little more relaxed now that they are outside and hidden away in the corner of the spacious patio. 

     The waiter can see Rui’s face doesn’t look good as LiMei teases him, he must be a very jealous man. He politely replies, “A gentleman always orders his girlfriend’s drink first.”

  Rui possesively places LiMei on his lap his hand on her thigh, after LiMei takes a sip of the coffee a little whip cream is on her lips, Rui seductively leans down licking her pink lips, “Very sweet.”

   “Rui..” LiMei sets down her coffee she has the urge to kiss him. Taking the initiative she presses her lips on his then surprises him by putting her tongue into his mouth entangling their tongues together. 

     Rui loves the feeling of LiMei’s soft lips against his and her sweet taste, his body heats up as he touches her thigh under her dress. They kiss until LiMei is breathless, her heart is pounding. Rui breathes heavily as he tightens his embrace pressing her body into his chest.

     LiMei tries to catch her breath she can’t deny the attraction between them. Every time he touches her she feels overwhelmed by her desire and forgets all the reasons why it won’t work.

   She rests her head on his shoulder,  I can’t hide what happened with Wang Rebecca, I need to trust he will believe me.

  Lifting her head she softly says,  “Rui, I need to tell you something.” 

   Rui doesn’t like her serious tone, if she says she is leaving he is going to freak the fuck out. He needs to tell her first about his fake marriage. “Wait LiMei first I need to explain some things to you.

  It is all over the news so everyone knows now but I want to explain the situation to you. I was never married to Wang Rebecca.”

   LiMei sips her coffee not surprised,“Rui I know it is a business marriage.”

   “No it isn’t a business marriage I was never married to her in the first place. It was a fake marriage.”

   “What?” That might explain Wang Rebecca going insane. “So it is all over the news about the fake marriage?”

   “Yes at the time it seemed like a good idea, I thought I could wait to be with you until after the board meeting. I was going to explain it to you then, it is a little inconvenient to reveal it now to the public but I’m sure it won’t affect the vote tomorrow. I don’t want you to continue believing I am a married man. I want you to know you are the only woman for me.”

   LiMei sips the warm coffee trying to understand what he is saying. No wonder Wang Rebecca wanted to kill me.

   The waiter brings their dessert. LiMei has lost her appetite, thinking about how desperate Wang Rebecca must have been to be humiliated by the fake marriage being exposed and blamed me.

   Rui hugs LiMei, “Now that everyone knows the truth we don’t need to hide our relationship.”

   LiMei’s expression isn’t good, her face is pale and she looks worried. He knows her beautiful eyes always turn a dark green when she is upset. “What’s wrong, I thought you would be happy.”

   LiMei considers their situation concluding there are a few reasons not to reveal the relationship, Wang Rebecca is only one. If my face shows up in the newspaper there is a very good chance my whereabouts could get back to Kuang Fu.

   She hugs him tightly burying her head in his chest, “Of course I’m happy it was a fake marriage but I don’t think we should rush into anything.”

   Rui black eyes deepen as he gently lifts her chin staring into her eyes with a concerned expression, “LiMei, I want everyone to know how much you mean to me.”

  “Rui, I’m not sure it would be good for you to reveal our relationship. I am just a working girl without any family.” 

   He brushes her hair behind her ear, after he kisses the top of her head Rui lovingly hugs her, “I will be your family LiMei. You are all I want.”

   LiMei’s heart flutters when he says those tender words but it is just a dream, she isn’t Feng LiMei she is Qin Daiyu.

   LiMei looks up at the sky and happens to see a falling star, she closes her eyes quickly making a wish, please don’t let Rui ever find out my real identity.

   She holds onto him, giving in to his request from earlier, “Rui please don’t reveal our relationship right now. I will go away with you after Leng Enterprise’s banquet. Where do you want to go? ”

   Rui kisses her passionately embracing her body then declares, ” We can go any place where I can have you to myself. I want to make you happy LiMei, as happy as you make me.” He gazes at LiMei with undisguised desire, he wants to press her down under his body and make her completely his woman. He wants to hold and cherish her his entire lifetime.

   LiMei  puts her slender arms around his neck, her face flushed red as she looks up at his flawless face, everything about him is absolutely god like.  The perfectly tailored black suit with the black shirt make him look both sexy and elegant. 

   Her sweet voice stirs his soul as she confesses, “I am always happy when I am with you Rui.” 

     She loves his manly scent and how he makes her feel lightheaded when he kisses her taking her to another world. The powerful magnetism he exudes always makes her legs weak as she clings onto him,  her body wantonly reacting to his feverish kisses. 

    Gazing at her eyes reflecting her deep feelings for him his broad smile reflects his happiness, “LiMei..” He puts his eager lips onto hers as his heart beats rapidly , I never want to let you out of my arms. I have to make sure you never leave my side. Rui breathes in her intoxicating fragrance bewitched by her natural beauty.

    While Rui and LiMei are lost in their own world in the back of the restaurant…

   Tang Ge walks into the restroom after the two women leave he sees Wang Rebecca’s feet sticking out from under the third stall, what the fuck! He takes out his cell calling the front, “Lois, get the Boss and I need you to come to the ladies’ room we have a problem.”

   Raymond gets on the phone, “What is going on?”

   “Boss when Wang Rebecca didn’t come out of the bathroom I went in she is sprawled passed out inside one of the stalls.”

   “I’m sending Lois, put an out of order sign on the door.” After he hangs up he tells his manager Lois the situation and to go the the bathroom. Why didn’t he kick that crazy woman out when she first came to the door! He motions to the bartender, “Come watch the front, I need to do something.”

   He hurriedly walks to the patio when he sees Rui and LiMei aren’t at their table in the dining room, he needs to alert Rui and find out what he wants to do. 

Raymond sees Rui with LiMei sitting on his lap, he tries not to alarm LiMei.  “Excuse me, Rui could I speak to you privately for a minute.”

   Black lines form on Rui’s forehead as he wonders why Raymond would disturb him right now. He sees Raymond’s pleading expression it must be important.

      LiMei gets off his lap then Rui walks with Raymond a short distance away from the table, “Rui I don’t know how to tell you but Wang Rebecca came here a short while ago looking for you. I told her you weren’t here but she insisted on using the restroom before she left. I couldn’t refuse and I had Tang Ge follow her to make sure she didn’t disturb you. Tang Ge just called me she is passed out in the bathroom. I sent Lois to check out the situation.” His palms are sweaty as he feels the pressure from Rui’s body language, he appears ready to explode in anger.

   Rui’s aura becomes extremely cold… what kind of tricks is that stupid woman playing now! He clenches his fists at his side, as a doctor he can’t ignore her condition but why the fuck did Raymond let her come into the restaurant in the first place.

   Unwillingly he takes two long strides over to LiMei, “There is a medical emergency I will be back as soon as I check on the person.” He leans down gently kissing her, “I won’t be long.” He doesn’t want to ruin the atmosphere by saying the person is Wang Rebecca. 

   “En.” LiMei’s eyes widen, is it Wang Rebecca? She should have awakened by now it was a light hit..a light hit! She nervously stammers,“I…I will wait here for you.”

   She fidgets after she sits down sweat beads forming on her forehead, previously she wouldn’t have cared about hurting someone who attacked her but she is trying to change. Not to mention the lunatic is Wang Rebecca!

    I don’t want Rui to think I am a violent person. She sees the waiter at another table she calls him over, “Can I have a double gin and tonic and bring one for Dr. Qiao.” 

     LiMei plans on drinking both of them and then leaving. I don’t want to see Rui’s look of disappointment after Wang Rebecca accuses me of attacking her in the restroom. I know she won’t tell the truth and I did lie about how my sleeve was torn.

   “…” The server is hesitant to serve LiMei any more alcohol. She is a petite woman and she has already had several glasses of wine and the Kioki coffee. He looks at her flushed face and her eyes are very glassy, it isn’t my place to say anything but the girl did help me out earlier, “Miss, I think you should wait until the gentleman returns.”

   “No I need it now! Hurry, add two limes, have the bartender make it short ..not tall. Both of them that is the way he likes it also” She waves at him.. “Go..Hurry!”

   I’m going to drink and calm down then leave, I can’t face Rui after she tells him I knocked her out. Yes, it was self defense but she won’t say she attacked me first.

   The waiter comes back with the drinks LiMei smiles grateful he brought them quickly she takes a gulp, “Ahh, that tastes good.” She swirls the ice cubes around in the glass and squeezes the lime into it then gulps it down.

   After she finishes the first drink she takes the other one over to the railing, leaning on it she looks up at the starry sky, so beautiful. Dammit why can’t my life be simple! Tonight would have been perfect if it weren’t for that wench Wang Rebecca!

    She takes a gulp of the gin and tonic…whew..she looks down over the railing this is high… she feels a little dizzy. Finishing her drink she makes up her mind, I need to leave before he gets back I can’t face him.

   Rui examines Wang Rebecca on the couch, Lois told him drugs were on the floor in the stall where she passed out. “She doesn’t appear to be in immediate danger her breathing is only slightly accelerated and so is her pulse.” Normally if a person is in immediate distress their heart rate is erratic and pulse slow.”Let me see the drugs she has in her possession.”

   Lois hands him Rebecca’s purse, she had hastily shoved everything on the floor of the stall back into it. Rui looks at the purple pills in the plastic bag they are the latest aphrodisiac from Morocco, and there are two small bags of a white powder which looks like cocaine.

   Rebecca begins to stir on the couch, moaning while holding her neck. Rui has a disgusted look on his face as he watches her open her bloodshot eyes, good at least she is waking up I won’t need to monitor her condition any longer.

   So she did drugs then decided to come cause a scene… what a stupid bitch! Well, I’m not going to deal with it, her condition has improved it appears she passed out from the drugs and is waking up now. Rebecca is mumbling something incoherently, it is hard to understand what she is saying. 

   He dials a number, “Wang Kai this is Qiao Rui you need to come pick up your sister from the Flamingo Restaurant she needs to be sent to the hospital. It appears she passed out from a combination of drugs.”

  Wang Kai is out to dinner with Zhou Dandan, he looks across the table as he responds, “She is with you?”

   “Your drugged up sister must have come to confront me while I was dining but passed out in the ladies room, the manager asked me to check on her condition. She is waking up now, I don’t want to complicate the situation any further so I suggest you get your ass over here.”

  “I will send someone.” He saw the news earlier about the fake marriage being revealed and tried to call Rebecca but her phone was turned off. He lifts his eyebrow, who knew she would do something so impulsive. I thought she would have the sense to wait until the family could formulate a plan to deal with the scandal. Wang Che called him and said she was coming to the mansion after the news was released.

  Rui scoffs so much for ‘brotherly’ love. “Whatever. Don’t forget my warning when I saw you at my father’s mansion.”

   Wang Kai wants to kill that stupid bitch, if she didn’t antagonize Qiao Rui he wouldn’t have released the information about the fake marriage until the contract was secured.

   “Dandan, I need to make a business call I will be right back.”

   Rui turns to Chou Raymond his voice cold and intimidating, “Her brother is sending someone to pick her up, you can handle the situation from here since you made the mistake of allowing her into the restaurant.”

   Raymond starts bowing frantically towards Rui, “Rui, please accept my apologies. I should have turned her away at the door.” {QiaoRui is one of my biggest investors why didn’t I kick her out immediately!} 

   Still angry about the situation Rui doesn’t respond he was enjoying holding LiMei on his lap and the romantic atmosphere on the patio. 

     Rui exits the ladies room anxious to get back to LiMei.

   Unable to leave yet as she contemplates her decision LiMei is leaning on the railing mesmerized by the city lights and the beautiful night sky. 

     She is conflicted wondering what she should do when Rui silently comes up behind her grabbing her around her tiny waist and putting his chin on her head.

   She is startled and turns around, before she can say anything he kisses her tenderly, embracing her body tightly onto his firm chest. LiMei can’t resist responding to his touch with her heart pounding, her mind goes blank as their tongues entangle she feels the heat from his body. 

     Rui’s  kisses move down her neck as he sucks and licks her tender soft skin enchanted by how beautiful she looks in the moonlight.

   LiMei is very drunk from the combination of drinks she has consumed instantly forgetting her plan to run away, overcome with the familiar heat rising in her body. 

     She has her slender arms around his neck softly moaning as he teases her with his hot and demanding kisses making her skin tingle. The attraction she is feeling is too much to handle and think clearly.

   Breathless when he lets her go, her green eyes are sparkling as she gazes into Rui’s obsidian eyes feeling as though he can see into her soul. 

      She sighs as she admires Rui, he is the most handsome man she has ever seen. Caught up in her emotions she completely disregards the fact a few moments ago she was planning on running away from him.

   While LiMei gazes at him lovingly Rui takes his mother’s treasured ring out of his pocket, gently holding her small hand his voice is low and seductive,  “LiMei … marry me.”

     LiMei’s hand trembles as Rui slips the delicate diamond ring onto her slender finger.

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