LiMei Wakes Up

Leng Shuai is pissed as he stares at his phone the fucking nerve of Feng LiMei to stand him up after he arranged a special dinner with her friend from High School. 

     He can’t remember the last time he tried to please a woman…that’s right never!

     The temperature in the car is freezing Shen Boyin is afraid to ask the CEO where he wants to go, where should he start driving to the hotel?

    Calling Jason his voice is still full of anger, ‘Phoebe got the bracelet?”

    Jason is having dinner with Han Weisheng who is in town for the auction tonight at the Black Lotus Club he is investigating two of the attendees for smuggling. 

   Han Weisheng  knows Xiabo wouldn’t deal with smugglers but there is a rumor circulating one of the items is priceless and a rare artifact. 

     He is having dinner with Jason until he has to head over to the Club. Han Weisheng  is using the fact he is the Young Master of the Han Family to attend.

Jason replies. “She is over Germany now she will be here by eleven thirty.”

    “Did you get the locator chip?”


   “Where are you?”

   “I am having dinner with Commander..I mean Han Weisheng.”

   “Why is he in town?”

   The server comes to the table would you like to order?” Jason waves her away, “For the auction.”

   “What auction?”

    “…” Jason gave him the invitation Friday he tossed it onto the desk saying, “I’m not going too many low lifes.”

    “You said you didn’t want to attend, it is at the Black Lotus Club tonight at midnight.”

   “I’m going where are you and Weisheng I will meet you.”

   “We are at the Crystal Palace on the second floor, third private room down on left.”

   “I’m coming now did you order?”

   “…” Working for CEO Leng sometimes is like babysitting a small child. “No we haven’t ordered yet.”

    “Order me the Peking Duck, stir fried spring vegetables and no rice tonight I will have their spicy noodles.” He has been craving noodles today after eating the ones Qiao Delun made. He has to admit he is a talented chef.

   “Will do, any wine?”

   “What are you having?”

   “We aren’t drinking.”

   “Order a bottle of the wine from Xiaobo’s vineyard I forget the name.”

   “I think that wine is exclusive to the Black Lotus Club.”

   “Then order whatever, make it a Red.”

   Leng Shuai hangs up that is right…dinner…Jin..he needs to call and cancel. He dials his cell, Kang Jin is wondering where he is usually he arrives early.

    Kang Jin answers, “Shuai where are you we are at the Crescent Moon.”

   “Sorry Jin, Feng LiMei couldn’t make it so I will have to cancel. You and Meng QiQi eat whatever you want on me, we will have to meet another day.”

    He isn’t going to explain further, that damn girl will pay for not answering her phone. Knowing her she probably lost it again. Stupid girl! Well Little Trouble you  won’t be able to remove the pink diamond bracelet so see if you can hide from me then little girl!

    When Kang Jin hangs up he looks at Meng QiQi, “Oh for your question, weren’t you friends, good friends with Feng LiMei in High School?” He is thinking if not this was a big waste of time.

    She gives him a quizzical look, “I don’t remember a Feng LiMei was she in my grade or yours?”

    The waiter comes back to see what they want to eat. Kang Jin doesn’t want to stay with only Meng QiQi he didn’t realize how annoying she is when he saw her after the play.

   He did invite her to dinner so he doesn’t want to be rude. “Meng QiQi what would you like to eat CEO Leng had to cancel Feng LiMei was unavailable this evening.”

    Meng QiQi is thinking who the hell is this slut? Now even CEO Leng isn’t going to be here and I spent three hours at the salon to meet a rich CEO. Kang Jin must not be as big of a star as she thought if these CEO’s don’t put him in their eyes.

    “Meng QiQi? Did you want to order?”

    “Yes, well order me whatever you are having”, she just totally lost her appetite. What a waste of wearing this dress. 

     She should have selected the other dress and at least got diamonds. Dammit my luck sucks! “Anyway I don’t know a Feng LiMei. Is she an actress?”

    “No a friend of mine. I recall seeing you at the High School with her the day she was surrounded by several girls who kicked her to the ground.”

    Meng QiQi takes a sip of water tapping her glass that was awhile ago, “You mean Qin Daiyu?”

   “Qin Daiyu?”

    “That was my friend who almost got beat up that day, that’s right you saved her as I recall. They said she stole that fat girl’s boyfriend…I forget his name now.”

    Kang Jin stares at Meng QiQi it must be the same person but why would she change her name? She isn’t in the Entertainment industry she is a secretary.

   “That must be her…she has a beautiful face, long legs flawless beauty.”

    “…” He looks as though he is interested in Daiyu. “Yes that describes my friend Daiyu.” Meng QiQi stares at his face he really does have an infatuated look describing Qin Daiyu. 

     Does he like the stupid girl? She is curious about her though, “Why did she change her name?”

    “Personal reasons I guess I don’t know.”

    Meng QiQi thinks about it Qin Daiyu left school to live with her father Junior year no one heard of her after that. “So she was coming with CEO Leng tonight?”


   Meng QiQi thinks if Feng LiMei is friends with Kang Jin and was accompanying CEO Leng tonight she should get close to her again.

    She was friends with her in High School because she attracted all the boys and they would be nice to her to get close to Daiyu. So she is still attracting the bees and butterflies..only richer ones!

   “Oh I’m sorry Daiyu…I mean LiMei couldn’t make it that is a shame I would love to see her again and catch up we were like sisters.”

    Looking at the girl across from him he wonders how they were friends, maybe Meng QiQi changed since High School. They are so different.

   “Could you give me her number?” If she calls her maybe she will get to meet Leng Shuai another golden turtle.

   “Well no, I think I would need to ask her first. Maybe I can arrange another meeting with her.”

   “I don’t think she would mind you giving me her number we were close since Middle School. It’s true although we lost touch after her father took her away I think she would like to see me.”

    “I will talk to her tomorrow.”

    Meng QiQi knows not to be too pushy, if Qin Daiyu has these connections she will find some way to meet up with her to use her to rise to the top.

    The food arrives and they eat silently, Kang Jin was hoping to see Feng LiMei. He didn’t get a chance to ask if she would like to be his assistant when she came into the private room last night. He had to leave to meet Chen Huan.

    Now he has an excuse to call her since Meng QiQi is in town and he is helping her audition for his next drama. CEO Leng is a major investor in the production.

    When they finish eating Kang Jin looks at his watch, “Meng QiQi I will have my driver take you home I have another appointment.” 

    He calls downstairs and a man in a black suit comes to the room, “Mr. Kang?”

    “Please take Miss Meng home. Go through the VIP exit.”

    “Yes Mr. Kang.”

   Meng QiQi looks at Kang Jin she can see his dismissive attitude it is infuriating but all she can say is thank you if she wants his help with her career. “Thank you Kang Jin, please tell Daiyu I miss her!”

    “I will. Good night.” He puts on his mask and hat pushing the hat down to this eyes then he turns and leaves. 

    Taking the VIP elevator to the Underground garage  he grabs a key from his pocket, pushing the alarm button a red Lamborghini flashes its lights. 

   He keeps this car here for when he stays at the hotel and wants to go out on his own. Now  he is going to the Black Lotus Club to their auction.

    After Kang Jin disappears from her sight Meng QiQi stomps her feet she spent two hours being styled to meet Chen Huan now she is even blown off by Kang Jin. Damn Daiyu why didn’t you come, I could have at least met Leng Shuai!

    The driver looks at her throwing a fit his face showing disgust, is she an escort? When did Kang Jin develop such a heavy taste.

    LiMei is sleeping peacefully in Rui’s arms then wakes up her mouth is dry and she has a bad taste in it from drinking.

    Rui doesn’t react as she wiggles out from under his arm that is wrapped around her waist, sliding off the bed. 

     LiMei glances over at him sleeping. Oh shit, she was drunk at the bar, she vaguely recalls him putting her in the bath…I need to get out of here! I was supposed to go to dinner with that stupid Leng Shuai. What time is it now? 

    She tiptoes over to her clothes slipping them on as she glances towards Rui asleep on the bed. Where is her purse? Shit is it still in his car?

    LiMei’s head is spinning this isn’t good. Rushing out of his bedroom she runs downstairs looking for Delun wondering what the time it is now. If Leng Shuai is angry with her, there is no telling if he will give her jade necklace back to her. 

    She needs to text him a good excuse at least.

   LiMei runs downstairs she glances around, what if Delun isn’t even here? 

     She has her shoes in her hand as she searches around, where is his room? While she is looking around she hears a noise in the back of the hallway, good that must be his room. She knocks loudly on the door, “Hurry! Open up”

   A white haired man in a striped blue robe answers the door rubbing his eyes, “Young Master?” He opens his eyes, both LiMei and him stare at each other, LiMei quickly apologizes , “I’m very sorry to have awakened you I am looking for Qiao Delun’s room.”

   “…” He takes a moment to look at the young girl in front of him thinking Young Master Delun brought a woman to his brother’s house? 

    The old butler  doesn’t want to get involved he points towards the other end of the hallway, “ Go out the glass doors, that is Young Master Delun’s room.”

    LiMei bows slightly, “Thank you, sorry for disturbing your sleep.”

    The butler looks down the hallway as she disappears, thinking Qiao Rui won’t be happy his  brother brought a young woman to his house. 

   But it is not his worry, he goes back into his bed looking at the clock it is ten thirty.

   She runs down the hallway there is the glass doors then a walkway to a separate room, that must be his room. She knocks on the door, “Delun it’s LiMei open the door.”

   Delun is on the phone with Siyue.”Hold on a minute Rui is knocking on my door.”

   He walks over opening the door, “What are you doing here?”

  “You need to help me.” LiMei’s face is panic stricken, if she doesn’t get the necklace back she will have no money to leave Pushong City. Knowing Leng Shuai it will be hard to convince him to return it to her now.

   “Just a minute.”

   “Siyue I need to go I will talk to you tomorrow.” He abruptly hangs up the phone. “LiMei what are you doing here?”

   “Delun it is a long story but I need to find my purse I think it is in Rui’s car …the sports car. Then I need a taxi right away.”

    “…” Why is Feng LiMei here again. “What is going on with you?” He saw her this morning when Rui whisked her off now she is back and seems frantic.

    “Delun I really don’t have time to explain but my purse is in his car and I need to be somewhere.”

    “LiMei it is late no taxis will come out here now.”

    “What am I going to do I can’t lose it!”

    “Lose what?”

   She pulls on his arm, “Can you drive me home?” her eyes are pleading with him he can’t resist. “I guess I can take one of Rui’s cars, but where is he?”

   “He is sleeping, do not… wake him up!”

   “We need to hurry let’s go.” LiMei drags him out of his room, “Which way to the garage?”

   “Follow me, calm down.”

    “Delun if I don’t get that necklace back I’m screwed!”

   “What necklace?”

   “The white jade necklace Rui gave me. It is a long story but Leng Shuai has it.”

   They are walking towards the garage, “Why does he have it?” He saw her wearing it the night they had dinner a couple weeks ago at Rui’s before all this happened. How did Leng Shuai get it from LiMei.

    “It don’t have time now to explain, I will tell you later, but I need to get it back from him.”

    They arrive at the garage, he gets the spare keys for the Porsche but he doesn’t see the car. It must be in the driveway but no way will he drive that car if anything happened to it Rui would kill him.

    He takes the keys for a black Maybach. “I will go get your purse from the Porsche then I will drive you back in this car.” He opens the passenger door of the Maybach for her ,LiMei sits down nervously

    “Okay just hurry!”

    He opens the garage door and walks to the circular driveway, it is odd Rui didn’t pull the Porsche into the garage it is his favorite car.

    Putting the key in the the passenger door lock he opens the door immediately seeing the tan purse with several items scattered on the floor, the phone, her ID, a lipstick. He puts them into the purse and walks back to the garage, “Here you go.”

    “Thanks Delun let’s go.”

    Delun starts the car turning to look at her,“LiMei what is going on with you and Rui? Did he remember you?”

   “Can I tell you in a minute I need to text that stupid Leng Shuai.”

    “Sure.” He glances over at LiMei as he pulls out of the garage what is going on with her and Rui.

    How does she know that asshole Leng Shuai in the first place and why does he have the necklace Rui gave to her?

    He steps on the gas heading out down the road. He has a strange feeling she is in over her head with these men.

    LiMei scrunches up her nose she looks at the time on her phone ten thirty,shit! Her phone has only 20% battery left too. She looks in her purse,“Delun was there a charger on the floor of Rui’s car?”

    “I didn’t see one.”

    Well this should be enough until she gets home to contact him. What is she going to say? Why wasn’t she at home waiting for him?

   She hesitates then texts him, [I had an emergency where are you?] No… she doesn’t send it she should call him, but Delun will hear her conversation. So what she will explain it to him

    Leng Shuai is finishing his Peking Chicken when his phone rings. He glances down seeing the name Little Trouble he doesn’t answer. “So Weisheng you are going to the auction why don’t we ride together?”

    His phone rings again with the name Little Trouble he smirks thinking I wonder what excuse she will have, let her worry for a few minutes. I drove all the way to her dumpy apartment to pick her up then had to cancel dinner.

   Jason wonders why the CEO isn’t answering his phone, it rings again, he sets down his chopsticks, “CEO do you want me to take that call for you?”

    “No need.” He continues to finish his chicken but the taste suddenly is more appetizing. He smiles, she must be frantic next will be a text message.

    She probably wanted to beg on the phone a woman’s voice pleading is hard to resist. He waits for the text message there is none.

    What the hell! That’s it… she calls only twice! His face darkens both Jason and Weisheng wonder what is going on with him. He was smiling a moment ago now he has killing intent emanating from him.

    LiMei is trying to decide if she should call him again or text, which one..”If you were angry with someone Delun would you ignore their calls? But if they sent a text would you look at it?”

   “I guess I might ignore the call but it would be hard not to look at a text I guess.”

    Leng Shuai is staring at his phone, what is she up to now.

    LiMei decides to text she doesn’t want to talk to him anyway, [If you are busy I will explain tomorrow]

     Leng Shuai looks at her text…Fuck! ..isn’t that too casual! She stood me up embarrassing me in front of Kang Jin. Not to mention I was worried about her little ass!

     He calms down, [Not busy. Explain] He has a strange half smile on his face that Jason recognizes someone is in deep trouble.

    LiMei wonders how she can feel his anger through such a simple text. [not much battery] That isn’t a lie.

    [Meet me at the Black Lotus Club half hour]

    [Can’t]  LiMei doesn’t have time to go home and change and she isn’t going to ask Delun to be her chauffeur.


   [I can’t get in with what I am wearing] LiMei squeezes the phone no way is she going back to that club and she isn’t dressed for it. 


  [I can meet you in morning to explain]


   Damn that stupid tyrant. LiMei hesitates but she can’t lose the jade necklace! I am wearing a silk camisole under the blouse could pass as a sexy top if she takes off her blouse, the skirt she could roll up into a miniskirt. Still not really Club clothes.

  [If I can’t get in then I will explain to you tomorrow.]

  [Say my name you can get in no matter what you are wearing]

  “…” Hmmph for an assistant he certainly is full of himself! I wonder if his boss knows how he throws his weight around.

  [Jason will meet you in the front]

  [Fine but my phone is almost dead if I don’t see him I’m leaving] He is always ordering his little lover Jason around too. I guess we know who is the bottom.

 [Splash…Splash..] Leng Shuai is grinning it doesn’t matter if you were wearing a sack if you are with me no one is going to stop you from entering. Ha..Ha…

  [Not funny]

  Jason looks over at Leng Shuai now the CEO is laughing, who was that on the phone.

  Leng Shuai stands up from the table, “Weisheng I will see you at the auction I need to go. Jason come with me”

  Jason takes one last bite of chicken, “See you Commander.” {Excuse me Boss I was eating with the Commander here on my day off..}

  LiMei is embarrassed she needs to tell Delun to take her to the Black Lotus Club again. “Delun could you drop me off at the Black Lotus Club I need to meet leng Shuai.”

  “LiMei why don’t you go home and deal with him tomorrow.” Why is she going there again? He is worried about her that place is dangerous. {He has no idea what happened there last night. If he did he would not take her there.}

   “It is fine I’m meeting Leng Shuai I was supposed to meet him earlier but I got drunk then Rui brought me to his house.”

   Delun sees a parking lot and swerves into it.

   “Delun what are you doing?”

   “ I want to talk some sense into you!Are you crazy LiMei?”

   “Delun it is complicated I know but I don’t have time to explain! We can have lunch tomorrow and I will explain everything to you.” {Well not everything but what I think you can handle.}

   He looks over at her with concern in his eyes,“I get a bad feeling about Leng Shuai, and the Black Lotus Club is not for someone like you to be hanging around in LiMei. There are dangerous men in there and you aren’t safe.”

   “Delun I will be with Leng Shuai nothing will happen to me. I need to get that necklace back so I can leave Pushong City.” LiMei regrets spitting that out but that is the truth she won’t find any peace if she stays in this city.


   LiMei’s voice is shaky,“Listen Delun you and Du Chang are my only friends everyone is is just trouble to me. It’s true I want to get the white jade necklace back so I can sell it and leave.

    I can’t stay in this city. I’m sorry if that sounds heartless selling the necklace Rui gave me but I have no choice I have almost spent all my savings. So please take me to the Club.”

    LiMei can feel tears welling up in her eyes she didn’t want to blurt all that out but it is the truth.

   Delun looks over at her she is shaking some tears are forming at the corner of her beautiful green eys. He leans over wiping her tears with a handkerchief, “I will take you to the Club LiMei… but you be careful. 

     We can talk tomorrow I will help you however I can. Call me if there is any problem, you can count on me.”

    She holds onto his hand that is wiping her tears, “Thank you Delun.”

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