Rui Only Loves Me

Leng Shuai arrives at Feng LiMei’s to pick her up for dinner he knocks on the door there is no answer. He looks at his watch it is seven thirty that is when he told her to be ready. Women… she is probably still getting ready he knocks again louder.

    What the fuck, her apartment is the size of a matchbox surely she can hear the knock at the door. He leans against the wall calling her number, LiMei’s phone on the floor of Rui’s car is ringing, Leng Shuai gets her voicemail. What is she doing. Maybe she is in the shower he waits a few more minutes then tries her phone again no answer.

     He clenches his jaw he made it clear if she didn’t come to dinner there would be consequences, he calls down to his driver, “Get up here.”

    His driver runs up the stairs the CEO sounds very angry, “CEO?”

    “Open the door.”

    Shen Boyin looks at Leng Shuai what if the girl is getting ready shouldn’t you wait more than five minutes before breaking and entering Boss? “Okay.”, he uses a small tool to open the door.

    Leng Shuai walks into the apartment there is no sign she has been here since the dinner last night the bed still has the few clothes strewn across it that were on it when he was here then. “Let’s go.”

    She must still be with the man from this afternoon. I warned her not to disobey me. He texts her last time he called she told him to text, [Little thing you dare disobey me call me within five minutes or the white jade necklace is history.]

    He leans back in the seat looking at his phone waiting for her frantic response, that threat should work.

    LiMei has no idea Leng Shuai is trying to get a hold of her as she lies in Rui’s arms. He holds her tightly his hand resting on her back while she is crying. 

     Rui knits his brows together as he brushes her soft hair that is damp from her tears behind her ears. What is she so worried about? Who does she need to meet ?

    He is about to question her when he notices her eyes are closed, she fell asleep nestled in his arms. Smiling he continues to embrace her soft body while breathing in her light floral scent, he holds her close to his chest.

    Kissing the top of her head his dark eyes filled with deep emotion as he listens to the sound of her light breathing then whispers, “What am I going to do with you Feng LiMei? You are a little troublemaker.”

    Rui leans back on the couch enjoying LiMei laying like a docile little kitten in his arms. So different from the little wildcat earlier as he was trying to get her into the house.  He grins thinking about when she said with a dazed look, “Where is the oak tree?”, he chuckles she is a cute drunk. Well not when she was flirting with the bartender but when she thought he was a cab driver.

    He gazes affectionately at her flawless face she looks beautiful as she sleeps her long black eyelashes and her pink lips parted as she breathes.

     Her skin still flushed from drinking he touches her cheek with his hand he has never felt such soft skin, it is like a baby’s skin soft and tender.

    Rui  lightly runs his finger across her lips wanting to kiss them he can’t resist giving her a feathery kiss so as not to wake her up.

    He decides he will take her into the bath and wash her then put her to bed everything can be dealt with in the morning. 

      Carefully lifting her off his lap he places her onto the couch, then he goes into the bathroom to run the bathwater sprinkling some herbs into the water to help her body rejuvenate. After the bath is full of warm water he does he goes to his closet and pulls out a black silk pajama top for her to wear.

    He didn’t think she would be spending the night here again but he feels inexplicably happy she is with him again. Is there such a thing as love at first sight?

    I am  undeniably drawn to her and I can admit I was jealous earlier when she was talking to those other men, laughing, teasing them.

    When he witnessed the flames of desire in the other men’s eyes he wanted to kill them on the spot. It took all he had definitely not to punch the arrogant French man. 

     As a man he knows what they were imagining as they looked at LiMei. Who wouldn’t want to possess such a little beauty.

    When the bath is ready he takes LiMei’s clothes off unbuttoning her white silk blouse then slipping her beige skirt down over her slender legs. He then removes her bra and underwear tossing them to the end of the couch.

    He is still shocked at the sight of the  dark tattoo on her hip he would like to find out why she tainted her perfectly flawless skin with a distubing image.

     When  he picks her up she puts her slender white arms around his neck clinging onto him with her head resting on his chest, she whispers, “My love…” She is half awake opening her eyes slightly she sees Rui’s handsome face, the man she loves.

    She tightens her arms around his neck snuggling her bare body into his chest. Rui feels his heart tighten up who is she dreaming of? The man from last night, the man she was to meet tonight?

      He leans down and kisses her his feverish lips wanting to erase the the man in her dreams existence in her mind.

    LiMei instinctively opens her mouth allowing him to entangle his tongue with hers as she softly moans. Rui can’t take it he wants her badly he is finding it hard to control himself. 

   She has been teasing him all day not even being aware of the effect she was having on him.

    It as though the taste of her lips and sweetness of her tongue is like a drug I am addicted to the feeling.

    He gently lays her in the warm fragrant  bathwater leaning over kissing her again he then impulsively tears off his clothes  joining her in the luxurious bathtub.

      He rationalizes his behavior telling himself he won’t let it go too far he just wants to hold her in his arms as he washes her body.

   Lifting her across his lap he kisses her lips, her eyes all the way down her neck, LiMei moans as the heat rises in her. A pleasurable sensation is making her body tingle as he kisses her with his overbearing lips. 

     Sucking and biting her lips before he slips his tongue inside her mouth, then gently teasing her as his tongue plays with hers until she can’t breathe.

    Rui stops himself from kissing her any furtheras she gasps for air. He then takes the soft cloth gently wiping her body lingering on her breasts, then moving the cloth down below rubbing and teasing her sensitive area.

     Slowly then a little more roughly stimulating LiMei as he caresses between her legs with the cloth in his palm. She quivers as her body moves towards his hand craving his touch.

     LiMei reacts arching her back letting out a soft moan, he smiles looking at her beautiful body responding to his hand’s movements. He caresses her soft thigh with his other hand as his hardness presses on her wanting  to enter her body.

     Rui restrains himself taking his hands away. She is too weak to grab his hands to prevent him from taking them off her body But she wants more ..for him to continue … she turns slightly moving  her willing  body  into him further but he stops her not wanting to take her under these circumstances.

      She opens her eyes slighty as her body is soaring through the clouds from his skilled touch then closes them unable to keep them open.

    Taking the shampoo he squeezes some into his hand then rubs it tenderly into her hair washing her beautiful long black hair. Grabbing the shower spray he rinses the shampoo from her hair then continues to wash her body .

      As he rinses the soap off with the spray he watches the bubbles run down the curves of her body. His body tightens as he is becoming even harder at the sight of the path of the bubbles leading him to look at her small triangle below the water’s surface.

    He knows he is obsessed with LiMei  but he can’t stop the desire he has inside,  the crazy desire to devour her body is uncontrollable. Staring at her petite body he tries to calm himself by diverting his thoughts. 

     He suddenly thinks how can such a little girl have such an appetite, today at the restaurant he actually thought she was unwell from overeating. 

     Rui smiles  picturing her with grease on her lips from the pork filled dumpling at Chen Huan’s restaurant,  how did she eat more after she devoured three plate of food earlier.   

    The diversion tactic doesn’t last long when he is done washing every inch of her body he lifts her up onto his lap facing him placing her creamy white legs  around his waist.

      His hardness is growing but he suppresses the burning fire within him  using his internal energy… he will wait for the day only he is in her eyes.

    His breathing is uneven and he groans as he leans her back a little in his lap supporting her with his arm as he plays with her perfect breasts with his handma

    Still not satisfied he begins swirling his tongue around her hard pinkness softly biting then  licking and sucking her breasts. His mind and body are consumed with her taste and the feel of her alluring soft  body in his arms.

      He has wanted to do this all day he could hardly maintain his concentration at the construction site. Stealing glances at her constantly her blouse slightly revealing the top of her bra as she was playing on her phone.

    Rui leaves his marks all over her upper body from her neck past her collarbone to her alluring breasts savoring the sweetness of her tender skin. 

     When he looks up she is staring down at him with a seductive look on her beautiful face. Her pink lips parted and her long black eyelashes are fluttering. Her wet hair is tangled falling down onto her creamy white shoulders, he is mesmerized by her breathtaking beauty.

      LiMei’s  green eyes are slightly open but hazy,  he hugs her to into his strong chest and her head is on his shoulder. LiMei can feel Rui’s naked body pressed onto hers and she whispers sweetly , “I love you..”

   He lifts her chin up, “Who am I?”

   LiMei had her face buried in his neck her hot breath exciting him even more when she said those words.

     For a moment he thought she meant him then the thought quickly disappeared replaced with doubt fueled by his jealousy. 

     He repeats himself with a tinge of anger in his voice,“Who am I?”

   Her voice is soft and low, “My love..”

    Rui can’t stand it any longer he roughly pinches her chin as he lifts her face up looking into her dazed eyes, “What is my name? Say my name!”

    LiMei has a blinding smile as she squints looking at his handsome face,” You?..You are Dr. Qiao silly.” She giggles then closes her eyes again leaning on him.

    Rui doesn’t know what to make of that answer but he doesn’t care who she is thinking about. 

     He holds onto the back of her head fiercely kissing her then sucking and biting on her lips he wants to crush her small body into his until she cries out his name.

      Suddenly as she whimpers from the pain of him biting her lip he lets her go. Dammit, this little seductress turns him into a beast!

    He wipes her bleeding lip with his finger then lifts her out of the bathtub holding her naked body next to his, why does she drive him insane with lust…with jealousy… and make him act like this! 

     Both their bodies are dripping water everywhere. He angrily grabs a towel wrapping her tiny body in it then lays her on the couch. He goes back in the bathroom drying himself off  then bending over holding onto the sink he mutters to himself, “Why can’t you fucking control yourself!”

    Wrapping a towel around his waist he walks into the walking closet then puts on a white cashmere sweater and gray athletic pants. He walks over to the couch and  gently dries LiMei off then slips the pajama top on her. 

     Running his finger down her neck he is ashamed of himself, she still has faint marks from last night and now she has new love bites from him. 

     He picks up the blowdryer he left on the table to dry her hair remembering Delun drying her hair in the morning he flinches,she is a little temptress! When her hair is dry he brushes it enjoying its softness then lifting her up he carries her to the bed then pulls the covers over her.

    Standing at the side of the bed gazing at her she looks like a sleeping angel soft strands of hair are falling on her cheeks her long black eyelashes, pink lips, exquisite would be a good word to describe her beauty. 

     He loves the way her face changes with her mood, innocent one moment, seductive and alluring the next. He sees her little hand pulling the covers up to her neck as she mumbles something he can’t make out what she is saying. but he doesn’t want to know it is probably that man again in her dreams.

    He is in a conflicted mood as he is at his desk gathering some papers to work on downstairs. Halfway down the stairs his phone rings, “Rui is Feng LiMei still with you I haven’t been able to get a hold of her. I took care of the situation at the clinic I thought she would be home by now.”

    “She got drunk at dinner and I didn’t want to leave her at her apartment alone so I brought her here to my house she is sleeping.”

    “Rui are you alright you sound tense.”

    He would like to say, Yeah I’m tense I don’t have any self control…I don’t know what is going on with me right now! But he says,  “I have been having headaches and I’m tired. Nothing to worry about I have been taking some medicine.”

    “Do you want me to come by to talk. Then if Little LiMei wakes up I can take her home.”

    Rui quickly says, “No!” Then realizes that was abrupt. “Well she can sleep here why disturb her we can go back to original plan you can pick her up in the morning. Have you spoken to her parents about returning her to their home?”

    “Not yet, she has her apartment and a job I’m not sure she would want to return to them. I have a scheduled surgery in the morning that can’t be put off have your driver send her to her apartment I will go there after the surgery.”

   “Do you have any idea what trouble this girl has got into here! I don’t think she should stay alone at her apartment! I think it would be best for her to leave Pushong City immediately”

    “…” What happened that he would sound so determined to have her leave the city.

   “Send her to her apartment I will discuss it with her tomorrow.”

    When Rui hangs up he clenches the phone, No I’m not sending her to her apartment! If I send her anywhere it will be back to the countryside with her parents. Preferably where there are no men at all!

    Woo Xixin stares at the phone after he hangs up, he has never heard of anyone recovering their memories after they have been erased with this technique.

      Obviously Rui is having fragmented memories from what Feng LiMei said and his reaction to being around her. Maybe it would be best to hypnotize him and find out exactly what he remembers, suffering from headaches and being this agitated is not good with the board meeting on Friday.

    Rui goes to the kitchen pouring himself a glass of juice, Dammit! Doesn’t Xixin understand she is obviously mixed up with a dangerous man. The best idea would be for her to go home.

    He takes the juice into the living room then sits on the couch, it is too early to go to bed he doesn’t feel like working or reading, he turns on the television. Flipping through the channels he felt restless he wanted to go check on LiMei.

    Turning off the television he returns to his bedroom. When he enters he sees her rolled up like a little eggroll in the corner of the luxurious bed, his lips curl up in a smile the only part of her body exposed is her small head. Her hair is messy covering half her face he walks over and sits on the bed stroking her soft hair.

    LiMei is smacking her lips , so thirsty, she feels his presence and she softly says, “Water…” He walks over getting a bottle and takes the cap off, he leans her forward, “Here water.”

     LiMei is still wrapped up in the down comforter and he lifts her head tenderly holding the water so she can drink, LiMei is still a little drunk and half asleep she wiggles herself out of the covers stretching her arms out to Rui, in a seductively soft voice she says, “Come to bed I had a nightmare.” Rui feels his heart racing as she lifts the covers exposing her legs “Hurry get in here… I’m cold too.”

     Smiling at the cute expression on her little face he tucks the covers back around her then gets into bed making sure to keep some distance between them. After a few moments LiMei rolls over to him encircling him with her arms and snuggles into his chest, “So warm.”

    Rui holds onto her letting her bury herself in his chest. This feels so right having her in his arms as he touches her hair and kisses the top of her head.

    He doesn’t want this feeling to end, maybe it is love at first sight. If he thinks about it even though she ran into him on the stairwell covered in blood normally he wouldn’t get involved but he instantly wanted to protect her.

    I won’t do anything tonight simply hold her  will control my desire for her until the time is right and she accepts me for who I am not a substitute for the man in her dreams

   LiMei nestles into his warm body his familiar scent and his loving embrace take away all her fears of the Black Sky, Leng Shuai, this is where she wants to stay forever wrapped in his strong arms.

    Athough she is still feeling the effects of the alcohol she was conscious of his actions in the bath and felt the heat of passion rising within herself also.

      Sighing she knows they are meant to be together…nothing can come between them again.

     LiMei  has a faint smile on her beautiful face, he only loves me I know it.

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