Auction Part 1

The crowd inside the Black Lotus Club bar area is thinning out with people heading towards the room where the auction will be held. Henri Armand is surprised that Wang Rebecca is ignoring him looking at her phone.

     Most women try to get close to him to discuss fashion, he hasn’t had a chance to find much out about Qiao Rui.

   While he considers how to inconspicuously get some information from her   Henri Armand watches  his friend Reggie making progress with Chen Hua. Could she be Chen Huan’s sister?

    He might need to protect her from Reggie Henri likes Chen Huan and has a good working relationship with Hushang Entertainment,  if she is his sister he can’t let her fall into Reggie’s trap.

    Deciding to see who he knows in the bar waiting for the auction he stands up. He wants to say hello to an art dealer he notices towards the back of the room. As he is about to leave he says, “Reggie I see an old friend I will be right back”, when Amir Malouf approaches his table.

   “Henri!” he hugs him kissing both his cheeks in greeting. “Amir, walk with me.” He doesn’t want the women to hear them.

    Wang Rebecca’s eyes light up when she recognizes him, that is Amir from Shingu island!

     Before they walk away from the table she smiles at Amir Malouf, “Amir!..I apologize I don’t know your last name, How are you?” He looks her body up and down has he had this woman before at the Club?


  “ I am Wang Rebecca…I met you on Shignu Island at the hotel.”

   “Right.” he starts to walk away with Henri, she grabs his arm, “Wait!” his black glassy eyes shoot daggers at her as he removes her hand from his arm. 

     He growls in a threatening tone, “If you would like to keep that hand don’t fucking touch me again.” 

     Amir is so fucking high right now and doesn’t want to be bothered  a cow woman like her isn’t his type.

   Wang Rebecca’s face loses its color, “Ah..I’m sorry..” She is frightened but she wants the purple pills.

   Henri and Amir walk away, Amir looks at Henri, “You know that woman?”

   “No, Reggie wants her friend she came to the table with her fifteen minutes ago.”

   “Amir how do you know her?” Henri is curious how Wang Rebecca would know someone like Amir Malouf.

   “I don’t.”

   Henri studies his face he doesn’t seem to be lying, “So this auction what are you here to buy?”

   “I’m not here for the auction actually I am here to kill a man attending the auction.”

   Kuang Bo laughs,“Amir how fucking high are you? The security at the club is ex military when they have an auction.”

   “So what, when has that stopped me?” He sniffles then rubs his nose with his handkerchief. Snorting that last line of coke before he came into the bar is still irritating it.

   Henri smirks, “What did you want to discuss with me?”

  ” The drug I was talking to you about”, he starts to take a pill out of his pocket, Henri shoves his hand back his body is emitting a suffocating killing intent. Black lines form on his forehead with a menacing low voice he whispers, “If you hand me a pill here you are a dead man.”

    Amir sneers at him as he puts his hand back in his pocket, “You don’t know what ecstasy is until you have sex on one of these pills.”

   “I will take your word for it you pervert  so that is what you were trying to find a connection to distribute?

   “Originally that is why I contacted you but I found someone. Why are you in this boring city?”

   “I have my reasons.”

   “Did you like the woman at my table” Henri wants to know why Wang Rebecca was visibly excited when she saw him.

   “No. She is too fat she would crush me if she was on top. I do remember her now, I met her on Shingu island she wanted aphrodisiac for her man. The pills I told you about they are strong, cut with a hallucinogen. She said he had a woman on the side and was unwilling.”

   “…” Her man? Qiao Rui? Hearing that it takes away any doubts about my decision.She is an unscrupulous woman so I don’t need to be polite.

    “Well I need you to give her one or two of your pills have sex with her get pictures. You still owe me for hooking you up with the Russians.”

    “Fuck you Henri no matter how fucked up I am right now she doesn’t appeal to me, too much makeup, too much perfume and a fat ass. I doubt I could even get Little Amir up to do her.”

    “Then get one of your bodyguards to do it.”

   “That I could do…only one?”

   Kuang Bo laughs Amir is definitely a fucking pervert. “That might be interesting..I don’t want her damaged… nothing too rough I need pictures for blackmail purposes.”

  “That doesn’t sound like fun.”

   “…” Kuang Bo wants the pictures to protect Qin Daiyu, if she is really in a relationship with Qiao Rui he doesn’t want her to be hurt by Wang Rebecca. These pictures will keep the bitch in line, then he can take her away from Qiao Rui. They didn’t look at lunch as though they are in an intimate relationship yet.

   “Wang Rebecca won’t just go with anyone you will need to approach her she seems to be interested in you.”

    “More like interested in the drug. I wonder if she used it on that man? Before the auction I will take her to the private room I booked then leave her to my men.

    I think I should warn the assasination is to send a message so be aware there could be some collateral damage in the room. You might not want to attend.”

    “Are you insane Amir?”

     He has a sinister laugh his eyes are wide and his pupils are dilated making his eyes have a frightening sparkle to them, “ Insane? Yes I am, but what I am getting paid for this will be well worth a little drama. 

     Let’s go back to the table she will need to ingest the pill it takes about a half hour to start to work.”


    They walk back to the table, “Reggie you know Amir right he will be joining us for a drink.”

    Wang Rebecca is excited after they walked away and Amir Malouf’s frightening comment she thought her chance to get the pills was gone. She isn’t going to aggravate him she will wait until he has a couple drinks.

    She ignores the men while they are talking and pulls Chen Hua towards her, “I’m going to the ladies room I will be right back.” Chen Hua is bored Henri Armand hasn’t spoken one word to her and the other man keeps grabbing her under the table.

    At first it was just flirtatious his hand on her thigh but then he put his hand right up into her panties. She comes from an elite family she doesn’t need to prostitute herself to get work. “I will go with you.”

   “We can’t both go at the same time what if they leave.” 

     Chen Hua whispers, “Then they leave who cares.” She has had a couple glasses of wine and feels brave as she talks back to her domineering friend.

   “Hmmph..okay come with me.”

   Wang Rebecca stands up, “We are going to the ladies room we will be right back.”

   When they leave Amir winks at Henri then drops the pill into Wang Rebecca’s wine glass, He watches the women walk away,the other woman isn’t bad, slimmer and delicate he might have a taste of her when he finishes the job.

    He is about to drop one in Chen Hua’s glass when Henri grabs his hand shaking his head no. If she is related to Chen Huan he doesn’t want her falling into Amir’s dirty hands.

   Amir looks at his watch the auction should start soon he can ask Wang Rebecca to wait in his room for him. 

     After they are in the elevator he will have two of his men escort her to the room.Once she is inside then they can play with her for awhile, he needs to tell them to get good pictures.

    Reggie is talking to Henri and doesn’t notice what Amir is doing. “Henri, do you think it s true they are auctioning off the Sacred Stone of the Higari Tribe?”

    “I don’t know but I was bored and thought I would see if it is true.”

    “Do you know how many people in the Underworld want to possess it? Whoever walks away with it is a dead man.”


   “You don’t seem concerned.”

   “Because I don’t want it. I’m here for the show and another item.”

   “What is it you want?”

   “You will see.”

     He shakes his head Henri Armand never loses his cool which is why he admires him.

      Reggie was sent here to kill whoever buys the Sacred Stone, but with Xiaobo’s tight security that won’t be an easy task. He has no idea why Boss Fu wants the man dead before he actually picks up the Sacred Stone.

    He has never seen even a picture but he heard it is just a piece of fucking rock. It was stolen from the Higari tribe five years ago, there has been a rumor whoever returns it to the tribe will be allowed to exclusively mine the diamonds on their sacred  land in Angola.

    While Wang Rebecca and Chen Hua are in the bathroom they are talking about the men at the table. “Did you put the aphrodisiac in Henri Armand’s drink?”

    “No I couldn’t he kept his drink right in front of him with his hand on it the entire time then when he walked away he took the drink with him.”

    “I told you Hua Henri Armand is a smart man, do you know how many women would like to crawl into his bed?”

    She is fixing her lipstick looking in the mirror. “What about the other man he seems to like you.”

   “Becca I’m not here for a hookup! I only want Henri Armand now that I saw him. He is very handsome and he can help me with my career.”

    “Becca, you know the scary man who came over to the table, Amir Malouf?”

    “No not really I met him once.” She wonders if she should tell Hua about the purple pills. No what if she wants one she only has a few left.

    “Seriously he looks like he is out of a spy movie as the villain. The way his black hair was slicked back, his tanned complexion and hard body. The outfit he is wearing says I am a gangster all over it, shiny black suit with the diamond encrusted watch.

    Also, the look in his eyes when he took your hand off him was terrifying. I hope he isn’t still at the table when we get back if he is I’m leaving. He scares me.”

    The glazed empty look in Amir’s eyes did make Rebecca shiver but maybe that is because he didn’t remember her. When they were at the bar on Shingu Island seemed pleasant.{ Little does she know he had just done several lines of cocaine and was in a very good mood.}

   “Don’t be ridiculous do you think a well renowned designer would hang around with a gangster? You watch too many Western movies.”

    She smooths her black dress then touches up her hair.“Anyway, I wanted him to ask him something that is all. Are you ready let’s go back.”


   When they get back to the table Amir Malouf is still there, Chen Hua frowns when she sees him. This doesn’t go unnoticed by him. He thinks so you don’t like me little girl I think I can change your attitude. He smiles at Wang Rebecca, “I ordered you a glass of wine I apologize it took me awhile to recall you, it was at the Grand Reef Hotel correct?”

    She smiles at him he does remember me, great! “Yes it was.”

   “And who is your friend?” He looks at Chen Hua with a lustful gaze. When Henri notices he kicks him under the table. If it was anyone else Amir would kill him instantly. Henri must have an interest in her so I won’t bother trying to talk to her any further.

   “She is Chen Hua. an actress with Hushang Entertainment.”

    She must be related to the Chen family he will need to watch out for her then if any harm came to her while she was seen with him that would be disastrous. He decides to call Chen Huan and get her out of her before the shit hits.

    He texts Chen Huan,[I am at the Black Lotus Club and I met your sister Chen Hua I don’t think this is a good atmosphere for her here you should send someone to pick her up] He is taking a guess she is his sister they have similar facial features.

   Chen Huan was coming for the auction so he can’t take her away he will need to send his assistant. Mo Guizho. {Thank you Henri I will send my assistant Mo immediately. Please watch her until he arrives. I will owe you a favor] Kuang Bo smiles perfect it is always good to have someone you owe you a debt. He looks at his watch there is still time before the auction.

    Wang Rebecca has finished her glass of wine when Amir Malouf says to her, “Miss Wang I do have some of the herbal supplements you were interested in on the island if you would like to come I will show you.”

    Chen Hua stares at Rebecca, Herbal supplements? He doesn’t look like an herbalist.More like a drug dealer.

    “I would love to see what you have to offer Mr. Malouf.”

    Chen Hua pulls her down and says in her ear, “Becca don’t go anywhere with that man he looks dangerous not like an herbalist at all.”

   Wang Rebecca in a low voice says,“Chen Hua! Let go of me and wait here I will be right back.”

    Kuang Bo says quickly, “Miss Chen you are an actress do you do any modeling?”

    Chen Hua is surprised he said something to her he has ignored her all evening, “I have done some modeling.” She smiles at him thinking maybe he was too busy earlier talking with the pervert.

   Amir stands up, “Miss Wang come with me and I will show you what I brought.”

   “Hua I will be back stay and talk to Mr. Armand.”

    “But..” Chen Hua gets a bad feeling as Rebecca and Amir leave.

   Wang Rebecca turns and reassures her with an air of confidence,“ Don’t worry Hua I will be right back.”

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